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  1. PlasticCraic

    GH2017 - Bonesplitterz Discussion

    Good point on the keywords, I'm a bit more optimistic after reading that!
  2. PlasticCraic

    GH2017 - Bonesplitterz Discussion

    Or - just make him your general. You can still use the CAs from your Savage Big Boss / Wurgogg Prophet / Warboss even if they are not your general, so just make the one with the stipulation your general? I think the bigger problem is whether you can use CAs from Allies...I'm guessing not, but let's wait and see.
  3. PlasticCraic

    AoS 2 and what it means for Destruction

    Why are they looking for him though, and what will they do when they find him? Sit down for a tea party and chat about the weather? Nah, they've finally found him, and now it's krumpin' time!
  4. PlasticCraic

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    @blueshirtman it's also worth pointing out that the Thundertusk doesn't shoot with a "To Hit" roll. It's an ability that triggers on a 2+, so it would not be affected by Look Out Sir. Similarly the Blood Vulture doesn't have a To Hit roll, and those two are most of the ranged output in a lot of BCR armies. I hope BCR get some favourable points adjustments in the new book.
  5. PlasticCraic

    AoS 2 and what it means for Destruction

    @Sheriff you are correct, I just like the idea of Gordrakk being in the battalion so he gets the extra attacks himself. Your Grots are good to go! @broche the faction focus confirmed that all battalions are coming back 😁 @broche And @Richelieu I think you are right, you'd want to tease them out you create gaps (unless they deploy badly!)
  6. PlasticCraic

    AoS 2 and what it means for Destruction

    Another thing to comment on is the Chronomatic Cogs from the Tzeentch preview. That +2 to move and charge could be awesome for a combat army like Ironjawz. Stacking with the +1 to charge for being Ironjawz and a further +1 for the Bloodtoofs (and another +2 for the drummer if you're running Ardboyz) -plus the batallion move and potential Destruction move - will make them lightening quick. If you can fit Gordrakk in the Bloodtoofs batallion (with the points drop) and get 3 dice to charge, you'll realistically be turn 1 charging even with foot sloggers. You could probably send a Death Squad of Brutes straight into base to base via the Realmgate too, hitting them from the front and behind. A melee based Alpha Strike obviously has massive limitations (screening), but it's an interesting option all the same. Likewise with Bonesplitterz, the +2 to move and charge could be stacked with the +1 to run, hit and charge from the Brutal Beast Spirits spell and any musicians you have, plus potentially the Fungoid ability to run and charge. Stacked mobility buffs could be a wonderful thing 😁
  7. PlasticCraic

    AoS 2 and what it means for Destruction

    For sure, I think that's absolutely right. What I think of as the abusive builds come from combining +1s to save and Rerolls to save. So I guess my main point is that switching a source of +1s for a source of Rerolls is just kicking the can down the road when there are still units that have access to both, and now maybe even more do than before. But I absolutely agree with your point that we don't know what else is coming. For starters if it was accompanied by the removal of Staunch Defender and a points hike on the Castellant, that would be a great development (imo).
  8. PlasticCraic

    AoS 2 and what it means for Destruction

    Yeah that Banishment looks amazing, so many applications. Another one I spotted there (unfortunately not for Destruction) is the Gryph Hound. You have to set up the Banished unit >9" away from your own models, and the Gryph Hound can trigger attacks on a set up at up to 10" away. SC will be able to fling your Maw Krusha right into the firing line.
  9. PlasticCraic

    AoS 2 and what it means for Destruction

    Yep, I think that's what my concern boils down to. The units / armies that already had access to 2+ RR1s still have it. There will be other units that did not have access to 2+ RR1s that now do have it. So rather than solving the problem, it has made it worse (in the absence of any other changes we don't know about). I do like your suggestion and that of @Skabnoze that a cap on how much you can buff your save can be would be beneficial to Matched Play. The original Rule of One did exactly that (1s always fail so you always have a window), effectively limiting you to a 2+. It's the rerolls that killed that, and the rerolls that will continue to kill that.
  10. PlasticCraic

    AoS 2 and what it means for Destruction

    @Malakree I'm not trying to be facetious here by the way, I genuinely hope I've got this wrong because 2+ RR 1s are my biggest pet peeve in the whole game. So if I've missed something please do put me right! It's going to be great fun trying to kill a Bloodsecrator in cover and / or rocking a Bronzed Flesh. Those natural 1s were the only way you could hurt him previously - now he's joined the Mortals Only club. The armies that already have all the toys just have so many other ways to +1 their save (including cover saves on their non-Monster Behemoths) that they will be big beneficiaries of this change as far as I can see.
  11. PlasticCraic

    GH2017 - Bonesplitterz Discussion

    @broche unfortunately the artefact you are talking about (Mystic Waaagh! Paint) does not add 6". . It changes the range to 24". So it is strictly worse than it was before. I was thinking I might email this to the FAQ team, because otherwise I think we'll get forgotten about.
  12. PlasticCraic

    Updating Ironjawz

    @Skabnoze after posting this I read the whole discussion in the other thread, I wouldn't have doubled up here if I'd seen that first. Too late now!
  13. PlasticCraic

    AoS 2 and what it means for Destruction

    Do you think it will make their saves worse in practice though? The two I come up against a lot are Stormcast and Sylvaneth. Taking Stormcast: your Stardrake starts on a 3+. With Staunch Defender it is on a 2+. With a Castellant it is on a 1+. Facing rend -1 it is now saving on 2s, rerolling 1s...just like it always did. If anything it'll be worse because the Drakesworn Templar now gets to reroll 1s, so they get the whole shebang for cheaper. Taking Sylvaneth: your Treelord Ancient is on a 3+. Give him Oaken Armour and he is on a 2+. Give him Gnarled Warrior and he is ignoring rend -1. Now you have two choices: pop your Command Ability to get him on a 2+ rerolling 1s, or use Mystic Shield for the same effect, and save your Command Point for something else. So his armour save is exactly as broken as it always was, but now he has two ways to achieve it, and situationally he can save the Command Point to make that 30 Dryads block impossible to shift with Battleshock. So personally, I'm reading that and thinking it does nothing to fix the ridiculous saves that Order has access to, but makes things slightly worse for the Have Nots (i.e. Destruction).
  14. PlasticCraic

    Updating Ironjawz

    Yeah, looks that way from what we know. It'll be interesting to see how they do this in practice. As Chris T pointed out to me on the Magma Dragon thread, we are currently (theoretically) picking a realm for every battle already. It just doesn't come up much in Matched Play because there are only a couple of warscrolls in the game that depend upon it. A couple of ways it could go: - You always roll off for Realm in every game, and actually do it. Then you both have access to that Realm's lore for the match. Bit of a random factor! And definitely good for Beerhammer. - Event packs might say that each player can pick their own Realm as part of list submission, choose your spells from that Lore and then stick with it for the tournament? IMO this is the most likely outcome for Matched Play events. - Might end up being Narrative only in practice (unlikely imo, and I hope not! I want those gnashers). What do other people think?
  15. PlasticCraic

    Updating Ironjawz

    Do a named character version of the Megaboss! Whaddya reckon @Chris Tomlin? Any names spring to mind? 😉