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  1. I simulated Curse of Years 10.000.000 times...

    @Sception yep that's what I thought, just checking 😁
  2. I simulated Curse of Years 10.000.000 times...

    @Sception are your figures based on the assumption is it successfully cast?
  3. What could the next faction be?

    Me too mate, I wouldn't stress about that too much though... I'd LOVE a new Battletome, but as several factions have shown (Seraphon, Wanderers, Fyreslayers, Free Peoples), even the GH treatment can elevate you to proper army status. If you offered me decent GH abilities now I'd bite your hand off!
  4. GH2017 - Ironjawz Review & Discussion

    I was worried about that, but in practice it wasn't a big issue - I was running the Shaman up into the wild blue yonder, to keep as close as possible. Obviously taking cover etc where I could get it. Because you can retreat the Maw Krusha, you can bring him back far enough to get back into range - once or twice I had to leave myself say a 5" charge rather than a 3" (and you don't get the IJ +1 to charge, so it is a nervous moment), but I never had to retreat so far I left myself a long 'un. The -1 to hit in all phases and 5+ Nurgle save was enough to keep the Shaman alive...along with target saturation. They have a Maw Krusha in their face ruining them, Spear Chukkas zapping them across the board, Orruks sitting on objectives and the Wolf Chariot zooming around threatening their objectives. For a 1k list that's quite a few targets to deal with and they get relatively poor value out of their attacks on the Shaman. I think the earliest he died was turn 3, and that was without really protecting him at all (other than the obvious taking cover etc). Mystic always went on the Maw Krusha. At 2k points I think he would be easier to deal with (the opponent can target him AND try to knock the Maw Krusha down a tier / target the Spear Chukkas). But at 1k they often don't have the tools to deal with everything, so his intrinsic abilities will be enough to keep him going for long enough.
  5. GH2017 - Bonesplitterz Discussion

    There is a Mierce promo on at the moment to buy one, get one free on monsters. I prefer their sculpt anyway (GW one looks pretty dated imo), and you can choose which weapon loadout. This link is the one with choppa and shield, whereas I believe the GW kit is only two choppas? Minor conversion work, but still... http://mierce-miniatures.com/index.php?act=pro&pre=mrm_blg_bnl_cha_045_000 Apparently their resin is awesome and very detailed (never bought it myself, but had it recommended by friends). I'm interested to hear what others think of Mierce resin if they have direct experience with it? They also have some very cool Orc Shamans which would make nice alternatives to multiple identical Wardokks: http://mierce-miniatures.com/index.php?act=pro&pre=mrm_blg_bnl_cha_048_000 http://mierce-miniatures.com/index.php?act=pro&pre=mrm_blg_bnl_cha_050_000 http://mierce-miniatures.com/index.php?act=pro&pre=mrm_blg_bnl_cha_011_000
  6. GH2017 - Ironjawz Review & Discussion

    I ran this one last weekend, finished 3rd at a small local event (12 player event in a Melbourne FLGS): Allegiance: DestructionLeadersFungoid Cave-Shaman (80)- General- Trait: RavagerMegaboss on Maw-Krusha (460)- Artefact: HammerbladeBattleline10 x Orruks (90)- Choppas & Shields10 x Orruks (90)- Choppas & Shields1 x Grot Wolf Chariots (40)- Gitmob Grots BattlelineWar MachinesGrot Spear Chukka (120)Grot Spear Chukka (120)Total: 1000 / 2000Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 56 The list was really drawn up to showcase the Cave Shaman and his ability. Aiming to trigger multiple charges from the Maw Krusha and chain together Destructive Bulk and On Da Rampage. The idea being that you could potentially get the charge off in the hero phase (actually using the Destruction ability to your advantage rather than it being a restriction), retreat and charge again. The Spear Chukkas being there to soften things up before that second charge, to hopefully trigger On Da Rampage and charge again! The takeaways I had were: - The Cave Shaman is definitely more durable than I expected (starting from a very, very low expectation!) - The Maw Krusha being able to retreat, run and charge is MASSIVE. He can't get bogged down at all. I think he will feel really pedestrian in a pure Ironjawz army after this - New Death stuff is good...I think you'll need to restrict their ability to respawn by zoning out the Gravesites (similar to how you block Wyldwoods) - Destruction GA Battleline is pretty weak. GH17 took the GA with the worst battleline options and made them significantly worse. Don't think this has been commented upon much (lost amongst the various other nerfs) but this really needs some attention in GH18 imo. Overall, this list was great fun to play, I will definitely use it again. In a 2k game, I would think the Cave Shaman is a good source source of Mystic Shield and viable in your Ironjawz allies.
  7. Covering The Expanding Costs Of TGA

    Not an expert, but I would think that "pay a subscription and maybe win prizes" would be at risk of falling under anti-gambling laws? As a minimum you'd probably need licences etc. My own vote would be for ads, with an optional monthly sub to turn them off. Which I would totally pay.
  8. GH2017 - Ironjawz Review & Discussion

    @svnvaldez I like that, on a 4x4 table he will cover the ground really fast. Warchanter to get him hitting on 2s, wizard to give him a 2+ save ignoring (/ reducing) rend. Also the 2x 3 Gruntas for added mobility and board control makes up for not being able to fit in the batallion. And Ironskullz Boyz for that one cheap unit to sit on a home objective rather than wasting another 100 points on Ardboyz to do the same. And a cheeky Triumph to round it all off. If there is such a thing as "the" optimum list, this would have to be pretty close for IJ at 1000 points IMO.
  9. Using the battalion: 'Great Moonclan' in 2018 ?

    Thanks for that!
  10. WTB: Shadespire Cards

    Yep, I'll take them Will DM you my address, and you can DM me your PayPal details. Now...Anybody wanna sell some Sepulchral Guard / Chosen Axes cards?
  11. Line of sight

    Does it have to be the tip though? Surely it's any part of the model, not just the part that's actually doing the shooting? Thundertusks can shoot snowballs out of their backside if that's what's poking round a wall (I said shoot!) Taking this a step further - if we are playing base to base (and if we're playing matched play, we're playing base to base) - the size and shape of the model is defined by its base, so if anywhere on the 50mm base can see the enemy model, your model can see it with "True" LOS. I think this actually gets to the heart of the issue - we are still waiting for leadership from GW on what base to base actually means. In the meantime we are all house ruling. There is a well known diagram used in the SCGT player pack amongst many others that gives instructions on how to measure distance between two models, and it uses their cylinders. So the space taken up by a model is defined as the circumference of the base, from the ground to its head (no flag poles etc). This is logical and widely accepted. Hence locking someone in "base to base" in combat for example. For some reason we as a community abandon this principle when looking for "True" LOS and go back to looking for parts of the physical model, rather than its cylinder, and citing the 4 pages for doing so. Even though this directly contradicts the base-to-base principle (a model occupies its cylinder) that we all play by in every other phase of the game, and we don't allow the 4 pages to trump that. Fundamentally, the rules that we're all playing by are a fudge, because GH17 failed properly to address the base-to-base elephant in the room. People who disagree with your point of view on this aren't dumb, or seeking complication for the sake of complication, they are seeking clarity in the still officially unresolved conflict between model-to-model (which we use in a hybrid fashion for LOS), and base-to-base (which we use for literally everything else in the game). Edit: @zedatkinszed I just read this back and I didn't mean to accuse you of calling people dumb! You definitely weren't, that part wasn't aimed at you (or any one person) specifically. More at the general tone of "don't question it, it's fine" that I've picked up in this debate when it's reared its head previously.
  12. Using the battalion: 'Great Moonclan' in 2018 ?

    Question on this - there are a lot of other batallions without points in GH17 (not all of which include obsolete unit names). I totally agree that they can't be used in Matched Play because they don't have a points cost. Is this actually specified anywhere? I seem to remember it being FAQ'd in the older GH FAQs, but I can't see it in the current FAQs. It's probably just "assumed knowledge" for most of us that no points = not matched play legal, but I'm trying to convince someone that it doesn't mean they get to use it for free!
  13. Doom Diver Crew?

    I agree with the logic, but I actually think it leads to the opposite conclusion This is only 1 Warscroll entitled "Grot Rock Lobber". There is not a separate one for the crew - there are just two separate profiles on the same Warscroll. The indications being: - There is only a single Description ("A Grot Rock Lobber consists of a catapult war machine and a unit of 4 Grot Crew") and Abilities section for both combined - There is only one Warscroll to download on the AOS app (there is no Warscroll for Grot Rock Lobber Crew) - The box around the Warscroll goes around both pages, boxing the 2 pages in together and presenting them as a single Warscroll - There is only one Warscroll to download on the AOS app (there is no Warscroll for Grot Rock Lobber Crew) - They have a single Pitched Battle profile and can only be purchased together as a single unit - The heading at the top in the standard format for a Warscroll is a single heading So everything there is pointing me towards them being a single Warscroll, not two separate Warscrolls. There is no separate Description for the war machine and its crew, only one for the combined Warscroll.
  14. WTB: Shadespire Cards

    Ok mate just let me know. If it makes any difference you can exclude the skaven- specific cards and I'll still pay the same price, I'm not really worried about them.
  15. WTB: Shadespire Cards

    I'm in Australia, but I have family in the UK and get stuff sent over regularly. So if you're UK based you could send it locally and they'll just drop it in with the next package?