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  1. Da Ghostwulfz

    Thanks for the report, a couple of very interesting snippets there, especially the thing about him charging your 5x Brutes (in order to pull in the 10x Brutes and waste a turn of theirs). I am a true believer in "learning more from defeat than victory", and it's even better when you learn from someone else's defeat Can I ask you please to post a close up of your Troggoth Hag? I'm due to start work on mine soon, and I wouldn't mind seeing how you've tackled her.
  2. Which orcs for mixed destruction

    Depends what you mean by "should"...if this is meant to be a fun and diverse army, which it is, you might not want to sink so many points into very pedestrian battleline units. If you're looking to chuck in some cheap bodies and leave more room for the fun stuff (Gargants, Spiders, etc), then the minimum cost and unit size is very relevant. Savage Orruks do have a 5+ save in combat. but you are right in what you say about their durability without the allegiance. The 2 wounds is eye catching, but they're really not that durable, especially without the allegiance.
  3. Which orcs for mixed destruction

    Yeah I'd agree with Malakree here, the Greenskinz orcs are probably better for your needs. They only have the one wound, but they have a better save (significantly better if you take the shields), and have access to rend if you want to go that way. 90 points vs 120 is actually a decent saving. And as Malakree also pointed out, the Waaagh! banner from the SC Greenskinz set is worth having, as is the chariot. With the dual Warboss kit, I personally modelled the one on Boar as having the Banner, and that's the one I actually use as a Warboss. The one on foot I just use as a unit champion. It makes your buff piece that much more mobile (and gives him a couple more attacks), there's no reason not to do it. I have a similar force that I play sometimes purely for the lulz. The Warboss can synergise quite nicely with Big Stabbas (every extra attack with them is dynamite), although it was better still when Bellowing Tyrant gave them the +1 to hit! You can get some synergies in there with the Shaman and the Warboss, but really you're playing an army like this for the love. I also run some Fimir for Hero Quest nostalgia. They're quite expensive from FW, but the models are badass.
  4. Will Destruction fit in the new narrative?

    The Beastclaw Raiders one wasn't a Christmas bundle, it was released around August time. It was a bit of a weird release in that it didn't have equivalent boxes in other armies - it was just a reboxing they brought out when they released the Battletome, and for whatever reason they reboxed it all into a big box. It's a standard ongoing release, not a limited release seasonal product - so it can't sell out in the same way. But yeah, we did get Ironjawz last year. I can't really see what else they could put into a box this year, other than maybe Bonesplitterz 'n' Spiderfang? So I think it's more symptomatic of an ongoing lack of love and attention that there is really nothing much to bundle up this year. It comes out as "Where's our box?" because that's the visible symptom - but imo the real question is "Where's our army that would be worth putting into a box?"
  5. Let's Chat: Spiderfang

    You used to be able to get 2+ Starting at 6+, then 5+ with the Command Ability +2 from double swig on the Battle Brew so you're now on 3+ +1 from Bellowing Tyrant so you're now on 2+ My mate did it to me - put a pimped out Arachnarok into my Frostlord, rolling four dice and doing his double D3 mortals on a 2+. He rolled three 1s and a 2! Poor ******. We still laugh about it now.
  6. Ironjawz 1250 Tournament list

    I've never played at 1250 points personally. At 1000 I try to avoid him because these are usually more casual games, and you don't want to win those games just by having one strong warscroll your opponent can't handle. At 1500 you're definitely into "proper army" territory, and he's excellent. Your opponent will often have just the one "big thing", and he can often take it off in a one-er. I'd suspect he'll excel at 1250 for that same reason. I'd think this army would bite right into a 1250 point tarpit? You're not carrying much baggage. All killer, no filler! But if you really think you're going to get bogged down, he gives you the flexibility to retreat right over the top of them and threaten their backfield. Tarpit armies tend to rely on going first and pinning you in, so you will likely be on for the double turn. So he actually gives you an alternative route out of being tarpitted I would think?
  7. Ironjawz 1250 Tournament list

    Would you consider taking a Cabbage? Or do you feel like that would be a ****** move at this points level? Depends how competitive it is and what everyone else is bringing, but if it's gloves off, I would consider: MBMK 460 War Chanter 80 Weirdnob Shaman 120 Brutes x10 360 Gore Gruntas x3 140 Ironskull's Boyz 80 Total 1240 Great illustration of why Ironskull's Boyz are so useful at 80 points in my opinion! Just gives you that little bit of flexibility with a cheap unit you can slot in there. I am intending to crack out the foot Boss at 1000 points just to get some use out of him...but I reckon 1250 would be enough to nudge me back up to the Big Fella.
  8. Will Destruction fit in the new narrative?

    Not sure I agree with that, I wouldn't even consider it retconning personally - the Old World is gone, it would be entirely new lore. And there's no way you can write that in there in my opinion.
  9. Will Destruction fit in the new narrative?

    You do know how they reproduced in the old lore? I don't think you have to be a prude to consider that inappropriate. The creator of the faction has said that he himself regrets the inclusion of that aspect.
  10. 100% scratch buildable! My mate has basically glued the catapult thing that nobody uses from the Arachnarok kit onto the correct-sized oval bases. Hey presto, Spider Lobbas! Very easy to make. I'd thought about maybe making "Git Lobbas", with Greenskin "volunteers" as the ammunition...emphasizing that Greenskinz are to Ironjawz, what Grots are to Greenskinz.
  11. 'Competitive' Ironjawz

    You're in luck! Chris T and Kieran H (Lord Sangfroid on here) are widely considered the top Ironjawz players on the UK scene - both are extremely experienced with this army, both consistently do well at the top events, and best of all, both are very active on this forum! I suggest you follow both on here so you always see their posts, and look at their batreps to see what they are running and how. But even Gitz like me are happy to help out where we can, so... The building blocks for most armies are: This doesn't come to 2000 points, so of course there is room for putting your own spin on things. This is just to give you an idea of the core 1400-or so points that are the building blocks of most Ironjawz armies that are aiming to be competitive. There are of course some armies totally out of left field. A few Double Cabbage lists are popping up - there was an awesome game on the stream a few weeks back which used 2x MBMK and the interrupt charge thing on one of them. He popped the 5+ every time which helped, but man was that game good to watch! Doom and Darkness also runs a Double Cabbage list with a Gorefist and some Warchanters. I guess it's our take on the current "pop and pin" armies doing the rounds (Sayl + a block of Slaves to Darkness, or the Vanguard Wing for example). Get in their face turn 1 and don't let them out of their deployment zone while you mop up. He explains the list tech on YouTube in the "Ironjawz Unlocked" video (well worth a watch), and has some decent YouTube batreps out. Welcome to the Waaagh! Come on you Boyz in Green!
  12. Will Destruction fit in the new narrative?

    Not sure I agree with that...in the whole Realmgate Wars, there is one book that would appear to be Destruction focused. Given the name, and the fact that Gordrakk is on the cover, it's the first one I read in the series - I was drawn straight to it, expecting a Destruction story. I was disappointed. It boils down to Stormcast vs Chaos (yet) again, with the Orruks being manipulated into doing some heavy lifting for Golden Balls. If that's as close as we get to the narrative - and I fear it is - then we are going to have to accept that we are a very peripheral presence in the Mortal Realms.
  13. What to purchase next?

    Does anyone have any tips for painting her furry patches? So far I've sprayed her Death Guard Green, and I'm not sure what colour to do them. The studio painted one on the FW site has a very deep turquoise but that doesn't quite grab me. Maybe a matt purple based on Daemonette Hide?
  14. One thing that's nagging at me.

    Potentially going off on a tangent here, but is that true? If so I didn't realise. My only real knowledge of the US scene comes from Garagehammer, T3 and interacting with various Americans on Twitter and FB. Which obviously is an echo chamber, because it's fans listening to other fans, but still all I really knew was that there is definitely some real enthusiasm out there - I didn't know how confined it was. Does it all still go back to the big split? AOS is hugely popular here in Australia, if anyone was wondering