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  1. Ill have you know the celestant prime hit a nurgle lord so hard that His soul was sent to sigmar to repent. You should reconsider your evil ways.
  2. Does anyone have the number on beastclaw-Kunnin Rukk and DoT lists at this event? From the various podcasts and videos it seems that they were in abundence. Thanks for sharing !
  3. There is multiple ways of playing seraphon. They are the jack of all trades. Downside right now is That there is not real reason to stay mono seraphon. If you are planning mono seraphon decide what kind of playstyle you want and build a list around a Battalion. Big monsters ? Thunderquake is a good place to start. Fast and hard hitting ? Shadow strike . Durabel and magic heavy ? Temple guards. And slaans.
  4. Do you need help building a list and then buying the models to fit that list ? Ive played a fair bit of seraphon with mixed results. Bastilidons are generally considered a good unit. I would suggest picking up atleast one. The skink priest is a key piece in the army. Generally run with 1-2 I would build a list around a batallion. Either the shadow strike thing or the Temple guard batallion. Don't have the book on me so I can't get more specific. Ill get back later today with more insight.
  5. Question for you Ben, you talk about your traits for the stardrakes (the +1 movement and wound table thingie) did you consider the keen-clawed ? -3 rend on 6 to wound. Seems theres a slight synergy with the command ability to reroll to wound on both your stardrakes. Would help against other behemoths since there is little rend on your side. Also . What Weapons are you planning on using ?
  6. I think Mirrorshield + Keen clawed really helped the stardrake and templar. Your list seems crazy fun ! Goodluck
  7. I like the idea of the Tempest lords And your list seems cool, celestant prime was litteraly the first thought i had when i looked at the chamber. A few things - this list won't do well in a competetive enviroment. There simply isn't enough damage and not enough Meat. To compensate i suggest cutting the prime to bump up the numbers of prosecutors, but we know you can't cut the big man so the fulminators gotta go. Tempest lords grants and rewards high mobility so your heroes and units should reflect that aswell. I feel the lord celestant won't do much in this list on paper buffed liberators would do good but they shouldent be the main damage dealer in the army. I suggest a Castellent would do better. Giving them more staying power, would be better. Since you only roll with 10. Cutting protectors bumping that up to 20 Could change that. Initial thoughts. Hope this helps
  8. We use a house rule that the same ability does not stack. But the effect does. So 2 castellant won't give a + 2 save to the target, but a Castellent and staunch defender trait will. Prevents a lot of weird spammy lists. To my understandin some tournaments and events does the same.
  9. I actually ran with a knights exelxisor list recently. Friendly games, not in a tournament enviroment. Here's the list i used Lord celestant staunch defender + armor of silvered sigmarite Lord-Castellant armor of silvered sigmarite Lord-Relictor armor of silvered sigmarite 5x Retributors 5x protectors 5x Decimators 10 judicators 2x5 liberators 6 prosecutors 2 tempestors Devastation + knights exelsicor The pinning fire was actually the most usefull thing in the list, when you split the shots of the judicators you can slow a lot of units down. The other abilities were kinda meh. Only the reroll saves was usefull once or twice That said. I was going against the New bloodbound with goretide and gore pilgrims. And about 20-30 skullreapers.
  10. It seems you either roll with the 12 longstrikes or 9 + a utility belt. With the belt i Mean stuff like. Relictor + 2xgryph hounds Or 2 relictors . Or a lord veritant + hound. Veritant's dispelling Could be usefull? Although i guess armies that use a lot of magic would have significent bonuses. But hey ! He's a priest. Or heraldor + hound. I even consider a vexilor as a possible option as it has no range on it's ability and it' garanteed to work. Albeit only once.
  11. Hurricanes and low rend shooting won't be able to wound them
  12. Their fun factor seems through the roof. But yeah... without turn 1 charges or shooting resilience.