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  1. Project Sky Pirates (Skaven Frigate - Small PIP update)

    Been awhile since I tuned in and this is magnificent. I’m reading Overlords of the Iron Dragon as we speak and who should appear but grot skypirates for a brief moment. I had to think I had seen this already and then remembered the skaven pirates. Ahead of your time 😸 what an amazing amount of work. Looking forward to the painted finish.
  2. Project Sky Pirates (Skaven Frigate - Small PIP update)

    Brilliant imagination at work here. Like dreadfleet took to the skies! the conversions are great. Especially that ork and skaven. Almost one of those over the top insane ideas that never come to pass but yet you are doing it and getting the most out of this game.
  3. The Painting Contract - October 2017

    It’s nov but these were semi ready for oct. so busy I havnt been to the basement in a week. They are not complete but close. My skaven/ beastmen group. And I did say an extra baneblade for fun.
  4. Citadel Painting Guide.

    Agreed!👆 That would be a great idea. Even a generic thing that you could colour by number so to speak.
  5. The Painting Contract - October 2017

    I have 14 beastmen of various poses plus 20 clanrats and a rat ogre. There, it’s in writing. For a skaven / beastmen combo An extra will be another baneblade for fun
  6. Giant

    Thank you very much! Only advice: if a mangler is roaming about. Kill it. Kill it with all haste.
  7. Ideas for using Open War Cards

    This doesn't have anything to do with the thread but I just noticed your name. I gonna guess that's from Steven Eriksons The Fall of the Malazan Empire. I've read them all and I have to say they were my favorite series ever. 😸 I have to say I'm gonna grab these cards. I think they are a brilliant addition.
  8. GHB 2017 and Azyr App Discrepancies

    Actually it all has been online. Ill download the to iBooks instead. Thanks! edit: just downloaded all applicable pdf's to ibooks. Works fine now. All were available except tomb kings but I only wanted that out of interest. Good idea!
  9. GHB 2017 and Azyr App Discrepancies

    Not sure if this is the right place but having all sorts of download problems with the compendiums. They show blank pages, not all the pages and repeat the same page over and over. Don't have that problem with the new handbook or anything else though. Just compendiums.
  10. Giant

    Crazy question at this point but can a giant use all attacks ie: massive club, headbutt, and kick each attack phase or do you have to choose one specific attack. Same goes for mangler squig. Thanks !
  11. Bretonnia in 2017: What's changed, and how

    Where do you find all the warscrolls. The new compendium only lists some of these. Or do you have to look up the model and retrieve the Warscroll?
  12. High Elves Compendium 2017 Discussion

    Thank you! I guess I havnt had to look for awhile lol
  13. High Elves Compendium 2017 Discussion

    As to the compendium warscrolls. They seem to be a lot less than they used to be. When it says alternate warscrolls, where are they? Example - swordmasters or lion chariot. Luckily I printed off the original ones but I'm still missing a few.
  14. Your favorite model evah!

    I really liked the Luther Huss model. And the teutogens. They seemed to epitomize everything empire for me and of course all the warrior priests. From the new, not unexpectanly, the Exclesior warrior priest and I love the stormcast models. Especially the dracoth cavalry. Also the Lord Relictor and his fluff
  15. You just gotta love Skirmish

    I have not tried path of glory yet but the skirmish rules this house. I've just recently got back into the hobby after reading and buying books on the new AoS. I actually liked the idea right from the beginning and the skirmish just drives it home. I don't have time for big games at the moment but I literally had some games that were finished in 45 mins. I can actually downsize my table too. It's 4x6 but it takes up too much room and the more I play, I find the size can shrink quite a bit. As mentioned above, the need for a big army is out the window and you can concentrate on some really nice warbands, terrain etc without huge investment. I'm certainly glad this came along.