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  1. The Painting Contract - March 2018

    A culmination of the skaven/beastmen/tzeentch army of 2500 pts, 2470 pts of Devoted of Sigmar (although not valid because of too many allies) but fluff wise perfect and a bunch of terrain ( those green forest attrocities are my first terrain stuff made 13-14 years ago. A tribute to how desparetly I need terrain) built over the same period as December,February, and March and because of a thread like this for inspiration - huzzah to josh - and this incredible AoS home, I can now have it out between these two armies 😸
  2. The Painting Contract - March 2018

    Made it thru my 20 flagellants, excelsior priest, gryphound and steamtank. Still need my bases to come in to finish the group of 30 flagellants and the canon crews. This is my almost complete Deciples of Sigmar army. 2470 pts including pligrimage of wrath. Not valid for a matched game because of an overload of allies (guns and s-tank) but fluffwise perfect. May have taken 13 years to get there but what the heck. It’s the way this hobby rolls. Hope you like. general : old Valten hero: exselsior Warpriest and gryph hound Excelsior Warpriest War Altar Warpriest mounted - old Luther Warpriest mounted - old ulric priest Warpriest - greathammer Witch Hunter 10 flagellants - old old guys 20 flagellants - new plastics 30 flagellants - old guys 20 greatswords - sisters of Sigmar 2 x Hellblasters 1 greatcanon 1 steamtank - named Atonement Pilgrimage of Wrath
  3. The Painting Contract - March 2018

    Made my last 10 flaggellants. Only painting was the little gryph hound. Not sure which excelsior it will hang with.
  4. The Painting Contract - March 2018

    Next is the old/ newer war altar. I originally threw this together 13-14 years ago. Revamped it a bit to suit the new flavour hopefully. Old New: Plus another 10 flagellants. Only 10 more to go😺
  5. The Painting Contract - March 2018

    Here is the steamtank of the Disciples of Sigmar. On a suggestion from Okonomiyakimarine in the WIP Wednesday thread , I toned down the wood deck. He was right. I am absolutely no good at the fine detail work for the books and parchment so feel free to cringe along with me 😺 J
  6. WiP Wednesdays

    No worries Oko. Love the suggestions. I will wash the wood down with nuln oil then Agrax earthshade and see what happens. There is quite a contrast
  7. WiP Wednesdays

    My Disciples of Sigmar steamtank suitably adorned I hope. May have him finished tonight or tomorrow.
  8. The Painting Contract - March 2018

    Finished the group of old old flagellants. I had 2 of the group (in front) and I substituted a guy with an axe and the most dubious of the substitutes, an old cleric from somewhere. Oh well. At least the hat matches 😸
  9. The Painting Contract - March 2018

    On a role. My excelsior Warpriest short his faithful gryphound. I am going to buy a box of hounds cause I love em that much! The only thing better might be a box of gryphcats 😸
  10. The Painting Contract - March 2018

    Here is the general of the army now. Switched him out with the general on a gryphon. Not the same punch but more in tune fluff wise.
  11. The Painting Contract - March 2018

    Those faces are incredible! 😺👆 The one on the right kind of reminds me of myself very hungry just before dinner.
  12. The Painting Contract - March 2018

    I think I’m done. The Disciples firing line minus the steamtank.
  13. The Painting Contract - March 2018

    Started on the artillery section tonight. Just felt my battle wizard and general on a gryphon don’t match the theme too well so they've been replaced with a mounted Warpriest (old Valten) for general and another excelsior Warpriest. That makes 7 Warpriest s including the altar and a witch hunter. Also added a great canon to the lineup to make the ironwald group 2 hellblaster , 1 great canon and the steam tank which will acquire devoted materials to spice them up. Ive run out of round bases so just waiting for the next batch to arrive
  14. The Painting Contract - March 2018

    Not sure if I’m crossing lines but I see this as an ends to this painting contract 😸 Let me know if I’m ****** up Josh. What’s on deck for March. Another 16 flagellants need to be made. My bases should be in soon. That will be 60 flagellants in total. I was short 2 old old school guys so I’m substituting an axe wielding look alike and I’ll somehow modify that cleric to fit in. Forgot about Valten, not part of the army but needs to be finished. I suppose he could be a general on a horse and might fit in better for fluff. Also on the table, 40k - gamesday librarian and 3 grot commissars. Forget were they came from but they look fun. Disciples of SigmarLeadersGeneral on a gryphon War AltarExcelsior Warpriest with gryphhoundWarpriest mounted (old Luther)Warpriest mounted (ulric dude)Warpriest (2 hammers)Battlemage mountedWitch HunterBattlelineFlagellants (unit of 30)Flagellants (unit of 20)Flagellants (unit of 10)ArtilleryHellblasterHellblasterBehemothSteamtankWarscroll battalion Pilgrimage of WrathOther unitsSisters of Sigmar (greatswords unit of 20)Total 2490 points. Invalid army because of allies 1220 pts instead of 500Allegiance - Devoted of SigmarPlaying open so invalid doesn’t matter.
  15. The Painting Contract - March 2018

    Simply wow! 👆