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  1. The Rumour Thread

    @Kyriakin i missed this, please could you expand on what ‘legends’ is?
  2. The Rumour Thread

    They can and they will. There will be no new units for brets or tks. The best you can hope for is that there will be a new faction that makes use of these models but rest assured they wint be brets or tks as we know them. i imagine gw actually gave a difficult time working out what to do with their basic humans. If it were me, i think we have two really nice opposites, the technology humans in the form of the eld empire stuff and the mystical humans. i was thinking take brets out of the rigid medieval knight mould and perhaps put them more into a darker narnia style mash up. Centaur allies and lords on dragons, and instead of all that lady stuff, they place their faith in druids. their usp could be monsters in place of technology. If they were in the realm of shadows then they might also be mortal enemies if the fimir and daughters. or something like that.
  3. The Rumour Thread

    I probably didn't explain it very well, sorry. Cast your mind back to the painful birth of AoS during the age of Kirby ; GW released the compendiums and in the AoS QandA's they said that "all existing armies would be playable in AoS" because of course each one had a compendium. They also said however that there would be no more support for the old armies, as the new armies and factions would start to come in. And in truth we've seen this in as much that yes the compendiums still exist but as of ghb X there was no longer competitive points or viability for this or that compendium. To draw a parallel GW did nothing more than what Microsoft did with XP, continuing to support it until quite late in the day and then finally saying look, we've got a business to run, get with the program. I totally agree with you in the second paragraph. It's going to be sales that do the talking, as well as stuff that just doesn't 'fit' anymore. And in many ways that's an ever evolving storyline for you, stuff happens and things change and sometimes cataclysmically. But yes, I too believe the drive by cullings can and will happen.
  4. The Rumour Thread

    I'ts exactly what and how it happened to the Dogs of war. A gentle phasing out where ultimately they wait till the buying public lost interest and thus they disappear from the website quietly with not many people really caring at the time. We need to remember that the promise was that no old army would become obsolete from the world that was, only that they wouldn't get supported as time went by and new factions and story lines opened up. Also, we are looking at a new modelling dynamic and design language as well, which naturally will make older stuff seem a bit staid and boring, after all they were all designed to rank easily. remember how much complaining when blightkings and the khorne farmers in their armoured dungarees came out about how they wouldn't rank on 25mm bases and 40 was rubbish for infantry. We've all got those lovely old models which no longer are part of the game, sad as it is. Like you say, until there is a reason to resurrect the line stays dead. Who knows with enough pestering you might see sandy skeletons back. Look at sisters of battle. I know that the TK thing has bee brought back to the table at the head office so many times but each time its very much a case of "other than the constructs what do they bring to the table?" Like you say Rogue, they'll always be there, in the lore and as a narrative medium.
  5. Legion Of Azgorh Mega-Thread

    not really, its just the usual Forgeworld sloppiness I'm afraid. They do enough lip service to get by but they probably don't have the time or inclination to really re-read and have a good think about what they've just printed. I hope this is just to tide us over until we get some sort of campaigns featuring them... i hope. (but then I've been saying that since they released the compendium for us)
  6. Legion Of Azgorh Mega-Thread

    I'll get the mourning party ready and organise the wake. Sad times for us and also for the poor guys who will succumb to the ebay scalpers. We need to start thinking of cool kitbash and conversions
  7. Slaanesh wishlist

    just make Slaanesh like he was in the original Slaves to Darkness realm on chaos book. they were a force to be feared. Slaanesh isn't as you say all about the physical, it's also the artist who trades his soul for the great masterpiece but never being happy with his work, or the weaponsmaster who wants to be the fastest or most extremely skilled. the double edge is that their addiction and dedication always seems to need them wanting and so they sink a little deeper. A new keeper will definitely arrive, all the artwork in 40k and Aos is all pointing that way but like everyone else, I'd like to see what they do with the regular grunts. If anything maybe a rethinking of things like fiends, since some of the daemon lines have been very wierd to get your head around. A heavy seeker-esque cavalry option would be interesting, The greek thing would definitely work as would something like the wrack aesthetic perhaps, and multiple limbs could so be a slaanesh thing. One thing's for sure, with all the detail and decadence they'd be a (pleasurable) nightmare to paint
  8. Legion Of Azgorh Mega-Thread

    a campaign will do me and I'd prefer that. I loved the tamurkhan book and it's still something I re-read often even now. Infact I'd go as far as saying that I'd prefer FW to do their books like they did with Tamurkhan and the horus heresy and imperial armour books, that would be very cool.
  9. The Great Gnaw- Skaven release?

    haha look at the aesthetic of the thannqoul and boneripper and the Storm Fiends that were released suring end times and you'll be on the right track. Just let the story arc unfold as it should
  10. The Great Gnaw- Skaven release?

    I did hear that skaven were going to get some serious love, so maybe this will be the initial precursor tease?
  11. Legion Of Azgorh Mega-Thread

    re point 2: TK's and brets were sold right up to their obsolescence. There would be no sense is binning models on the shelf all the while people are willing to buy them, and shartor would happily work as a champion of chaos with a different fluff re-write., and I'm sure there are the 'what if' scenarios already in place. But that's by the by. Re-point 1: It's a matter of resources. If all of your eggs are in that 40k and specialist games basket then what happens is the business plan gets re-arranged. Warhammer forge started with wonderful intention but the financial momentum was all on 30k - nobody could have predicted just how huge that was going to get. With Alan Bligh leaving us it's added more pressure onto them. So, in that sense something had to give. Now I'm not saying that it will all go belly up, but their priorities are elsewhere at the moment. Titanicus, Fires of Cyraxus, etc etc. They know that they are heavy cash cows all day long. If it means putting back a project or five then so be it, especially if they know that there is a new version or update coming from the mothership very soon, as was the case with the Fires Imperial armour book and 8th ed landing. Fluff would have to be re-edited, and warscrolls taken a second look at. then you're ready for release. From an AoS perspective, we've got some great story lines, so it might not be unreasonable that perhaps if they know the story arc will give the realm of fire will get some serious airtime and at that point then you unleash your new shiny. So until then I agree with your last paragraph pure and simple. that's why i mentioned resources since they have a lot in their plate. All i'm saying is that we are a warscroll compendium army until FW decide otherwise. If you keep buying they'll keep selling simple as that.
  12. Legion Of Azgorh Mega-Thread

    ok, let me rephrase, Since we don't have a battletome we are still running on the original compendium format. When we get a battletome we will get new lore as opposed to no lore, and a polishing up and maybe hints of what to expect. You're right, we're not a compendium in every sense of the word like Brets, but by the same token we're not a battletome up to date army either. But our "book" is nothing more than a collection of warscrolls in the same way that the monstrous arcanum is. nothing more, nothing less. Colour it whichever way and disagree all you want, but until we see BattleTome Legion of Azgorh or whatever they want to re-write it as , for me we get updates to the original compendium released by FW, a fact borne out by the fact that it's still called Legion of Azgorh Warscrolls Compendium, complete with warscroll substitutions for units which were in the original army list in tamurkhan but which never received models, and in this latest release the omission of the the Hellcannon which in Tamurkhan was a chaos dwarf war machine with the annotation to use the stat line in the WoC army book.
  13. Legion Of Azgorh Mega-Thread

    I doubt we will get anything resembling a decent answer or commital as they know that anything like that will just get out in the wild and taken as gospel. It's still a compendium army all said and done, and lets face it, other than keeping on using the moulds is there any value currently with FW supporting AoS with their smaller resource? This is going to go one of two ways in the future - that the moulds will wear out and they call it a day either by phasing models out or just stopping anything that can't multirole into 40k or suddenly we get some proper AoS love from them. Bear in mind the blood thirster was offline for over a year before going back into production whilst that was being remastered, so never say never. Just wait and see I suppose.
  14. Slaanesh Return - a theory/wish

    The slaanesh unbound campaign will be a monster. It's going to echo through both AoS and 40k timelines. Ironic if between Moerthighs, Malerion and ticklearse and tireiron they actually bring him back into the land of the living again through the soul snatching weightloss diet they're putting him under after feeding him up so much. The great thing about it is that you can drip feed new models and lore in the meantime as perhaps his minions, both those we know and don't know about all coming out of his domain to aid in the search for him.
  15. Malign Portents

    I'm going to say one thing... calm down. It's a nice lighthearted discussion with lots of ifs and buts. Lets keep it that way. @Clan's Cynic's response might not have come across quite how he or you wanted it but that's no reason to flare up. Regarding Carl franz and Valten, honestly? I don't care. Exactly this. The afterlife was always his to control after taking on Morr's portfolio. Those human and mortal souls would have all ended up in the realm of death apart from maybe chaos champions who had sworn their souls to the ruinous powers. Given the nature of death, I would imagine all the souls of the old world's passing flowed through his realm. Lets just see what GW dream up before everyone kicks off - I for one am interested to learn more about the prison.