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  1. Legion Of Azgorh Mega-Thread

    Rocket launchers are good character snipers as the rockets are essentially intelligent fireworks that hunt their prey down. I like them and i use them in that role.
  2. Legion Of Azgorh Mega-Thread

    I think you’ll find that if they do a rewrite theyll rename characters and rewrite the fluff. Drazoath might well dissapear and thd knly certainty might well be shartor. its currently a compendium army. So anything it contains is out of date in the aos timeline. Theyre reboxing stuff from plastic bags to boxes so who knows maybe in ten years time you might get a book out of it.
  3. Malign Portents

    irrespective... about the malign portents...
  4. Malign Portents

    it was more for the benefit of the tournament crowd, but yes, i agree with you really. Anyway... about the Malign Portents...
  5. Malign Portents

    OFF TOPIC!!! If Kevin Rowntree had been CEO when AoS launched instead of Kirby I believe we would have all embraced it with open arms as we did with the 40k reworking, and like the 40k, would have been a runaway success. It was received poorly because of several factors, but for players it was that 8th ed wfb was killed off in end times and the old world blown up. In itself not the be all and end all. However there was a gap of months with no news, and rumours rife about a four page rule book and no more this or that. The tournament community were up in arms when AoS landed, as were the imported ccg crowd. For these communities structure was all important. There was none apart from friendly agreements and not being douchebags. It's safe to say that Wayne from heelan hammer got what AoS was about from the beginning, as did I as a roleplayer, however I had some ****** intro games and rage quit like the rest (wrongly). GHB gave the aforementioned communities structure. But also it's timing was under Rowntree's watch and in truth GW was changing for the better. Until then, we all seethed with resentment over what had gone on before. GW also used the medium of compendiums to (hopefully) keep the players it had. The re-wrote the old army books into new warscrolls but were never meant to be a permanent thing. They were there to humour the promise that your old army wasn't defunct you could still play with your old miniatures in the new game. This is why we have warscrolls for free fro day one - because lets face it, it was always going to have to dangle a carrot for you to not walk away. The biggest damage that Kirby allwed to happen, was that in that silence, people looked elsewhere, and those who were blind to all but GW suddenly realised that there were other very good systems out there. AoS is still young, what, 3 years old? WHFB had 30 years of lore and characters to draw from. In 30 years time AoS will have just as many uniques characters and stories too. It's a very simplified view. and ultimately there are many threads in this forum alone going into great detail and debate on the matter. What's important is that we're here now. AoS is here now, and Realmage wars before it, and Malign portents is doing what we were sreaming for in fantasy battle, storyline and campaign progression to explain and justify new models and twists. Not as was with retcons and rewrites of fluff and lore to suit that edition's army book. "oh demigryphs... yea they've always existed". ON TOPIC SLAANESH trapped in the soul of shadespire is a tantalising thought and maybe the daughters of Khaine release will delve into the kinky fella and the Tyrion and Teclis roadshow's dungeon's whereabouts a bit more. It might be why More-thigh has decided to gird her loins and make a move now rather than during the previous ages.
  6. Malign Portents

    although all said and done, reboxing the zombies instead of going Shadespire cool on them sucketh balls as Shakespeare would have said.
  7. Malign Portents

    lets just keep this thread on track, there are other threads which thrash out the 'why bother playing if you can't win' vs I just want to mass battle roleplay argument. Long and short of it is this... Malign portents is there to advance the storyline on from the realmgate wars. It's going to allow GW to release new factions and models with purpose and reason and great backstories. Out of that will come stuff that appeals to not only tournament players but also to the guys with long standing campaigns and narratives going on. I don't believe that GW really care that these new characters aren't superheroes that tournament gamers can get their next trophies with, because on a fundamental level all I've been reading today is "the characters released aren't anything special - I aint gonna win with them". What they will do however is allow those interested in the story to have characters around which events pivot. Warhammer world will probably have a campaign weekend with all the new rules and narrative in play. What external TO's choose to do or not to do is really none of their concern. It's GW's trainset and only they know what tracks and carriages they want to get out the box and put down at this point in time. But all of us will just have to wait and see. I'm keeping an open mind on it. We're barely into this story and we've got a whole summer if not the full year to go with it. lets all just keep calm and enjoy the show for what it is... and crack the hobnobs out... (for USA brethrin - hobnobs - a biscuit of such addictiveness that it could almost be used as the international currency of corruption. Slaanesh would rope you in with hobnobs for sure.)
  8. Malign Portents

    I bet the portents book will be what makes them special.
  9. Forge World - What would you like to see for AoS?

    that's still an easy excuse to hide lazy sculpting though. I work on cad all day, and there's no excuse for lazy design. Sure, you can have an asset library, an why wouldn't you - giving you the basic skeleton for proportions and stance things like weapons and skulls etc. but dynamic posing and good modelling should come first. Look at the shadespire stuff - brilliant. Factoid for you.... they were models sculpted for two things; one, the scultpor wanted to prove it could be done. Two, they were originally intended for the paint starter boxes They are beautiful, dynamic and inspirational models in every way. I've picked up skeletons again based on those alone. Whereas I consider things like the blood thirster very lazy and a bit rubbish. The GUO and lord of change again are brilliant, you'd look at the FW and the GW ones and it would be based on what you like the look of, as they can happily stand toe to toe on the looks good stakes. The thirster is no contest however, the FW one every single time. the GW one for me is just so dire that it's embarrassing - I'm just not a fan of leaping kitty ballerina thirster. For me, the thirster, like mortarion, like nagash fall down because the sculpter has tried to copy the still from the artwork. In doing so it just hasn't translated very well, the reposed Nagash on his throne that won golden demon however is just jaw dropping. Imagine how brutal, fearful and sinister Mortarion would look in his new form if they had carried over the FW pose from his 30k primarch. I also dislike the archaon for the same reason, technically an amazing model but he looks too flat, when he could have been some massive dynamic sprawling pose in his own right. How great would he have been having a zombie dragon-esque pose straddling a mighty ruin. (which is why I won't buy him as I know I'd be hacksawing him apart to re-pose him) I stress, all the models above are technically amazing and I'd say the best out there, but I do feel that the technical edge that GW has is the very reason it shouldn't be lazy about dynamic design. But that's me, and we are all different. However, I do believe FW do still sculpt in an oversized scale then scan and reverse engineer in cad - that way they can get really nice split lines and parts mating together spot on. From what I understand, this is partly the reason why they never shipped or supplied to stores because the increase in output would be something they wouldn't easily cope with. But so not to derail the thread... Anything over and above a quick warscroll update done in a lunch hour really! (and the khorne dragon... and... ) I see the Legion of Azgorh as the AoS equivalent to the red scorpions as the Forgeworld family army. A decent campaign book or battle tome would be great, as would the fimir expanded. I'd love them to do another monstrous compendium for AoS - properly done. The scrolls of binding would work really well in AoS, and also the chart that was in the original Monstrous compendium would work great as well. Magma dragons with the Legion of Azgorh is just such an obvious choice for example. Oh and as always.... kaleb rant about marked war mammoth and skin wolves! And last of all, maybe a poll or even a "one time only" on older stuff that's now OOP, much like GW has done in the recent past with taking orders for oop models with a cut off date and then producing a run of that model. This would really work well on the very high cost stuff like mammoths where perhaps an order of fifty or so would make a one off production run viable. I'd be all over the war mammoth and the curs'd ettin - I missed out on one a few weeks ago, I'd put a ceiling of 150 on it and it went above that.
  10. Square Bases - How outlawed are they?

    don't be bullied. Play the game, see if you like it. If you get into it and really go for it, you'll probably want to do it for your own personal enjoyment as it's just a lot nicer visually
  11. Unglorious Heroes

    back in the world that was, I had a warriors of chaos khorne army. no wizards no nothing. In that army there was a unit of skullcrushers, in it was my lord and my BSB both on juggers, and an exalted hero on Jugger bringing the unit up to six. Playing empire with their big trousers, their cannons and two annoying garden sheds on wheel that they like to cart around. I blame the terrain - I was going uphill. They failed three charges in a row. The steeds obviously came from the khorne retirement village for three legged juggers.
  12. Legion Of Azgorh Mega-Thread

    I emailed FW regarding the substitute warscrolls ages ago on this very matter, but in my case asking about the hellcannon. The reply I got was that all substitute warscrolls are considered as having the chaos and Legion keywords. However... That was an email from FW, not an "official" FAQ / Errata. It's quite a few pages back in this thread and it caused quite a heated and animated reation from one member to the point where I decided that life was more important than getting twisted up about shoving toy soldiers around. In match play no, totally not. In friendly games fine- it's totally depends how cool everyone is with it. I wouldn't have a problem, but I know there are guys who'd lose weeks of sleep over it. Look at it like this.... the substitute warscrolls are there because the model was never available when the Tamurkhan book was out. The only exception was the Hellcannon, which at the time was a Warriors of Chaos Model with three chaos dwarf crew members. In the original Tamurkhan book, the chaos dwarf list included the hellcannon in the army selection, and so it was ported as a substitute warscroll. The thing to keep in mind with AoS is that the compendiums were written around the model selections available. Hence the old tamurkhan list with hobgoblins etc were essentially just written to say "er don't have a model for X, so use Y" In all instances it's laziness on the part of FW to not make the very important point of how keywords affect substitutions. IF FW ever decide to pull their finger out and give us a book of any description then I'm sure everything will just fade away and be re-written to suit the new worlds. There are those who will rant about compendium armies but ultimately we are still a compendium army, and until the new book lands, I still love me a bit of hellcannon.
  13. Forge World - What would you like to see for AoS?

    apart from the blood thirster which is THE bloodthirster not the plastic prancing ballerina model with it's terrible face. I'm looking forward to seeing the plastic keeper as it's going to have to go some to be as lovely as the FW model.
  14. Malign Portents

    I hope that skelly horde lovers will get a 10,000 years have gone by - Krell enhanced - to lead them. I've never been sold on the mortarch models, the steeds don't do it for me, and for the same reason the archai don't do it for me either. Medieval dead horde here I come.
  15. Malign Portents

    did you notice how on the slaanesh entry the icon ha a face - I wonder if that's pointing to the keeper model. I like the way the breakdowns also elegantly explain the inherent differences between the chaos gods and their perspectives.