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  1. That is pure awesome especially as the work in progress shots had a rider as well . Happy days
  2. I walked away from fantasy to avoid conversations like this. lets all remember one very important thing... the rules support the models not the other way around like fantasy and 40k 7th did. @Ben, @Chris Tomlin, and others all remember fantasy and the one list to rule them mentality that was rife in it, and the various comps that floated around trying to band aid everything as a result. this thread isn't about comp and rules it's about individuals who play in the spirit of the game and sportsmanship and story vs that guy who sees the rules and tries to snap them in two. CCG MIGRANTS as was referred to in another thread, where winning at all costs to the point where your opponent wants to just throw his stuff in the bin and leave the game. at our local Gw we had a manager who was just that. He'd played at ultra competitive level and his pleasure was opening an opponent up and turning him inside out. When AoS landed he poisoned an entire community against it by just bringing the extreme filth to the table. in another thread I posted a game move which was thematic and fitting- I had a huge rant about it from another member about how this and how that. Needless to say I didn't have to read it or bite on it. the rules are there as guidelines to have a fun game. It's as simple as that. If a tournament organiser Wants things in a certain way then that's their prerogative. However it is also the prerogative of players to use the rules as guidelines to forge amazing narrative and epic games with their own twist on what is or isn't acceptable. Neither is right or wrong. its players that make the game, not the rules. They're just there as a framework. to quote Gaiman's sandman, "It has always been the prerogative of children and half-wits to point out that the emperor has no clothes. But the half-wit remains a half-wit, and the emperor remains an emperor" and if Gw is that emperor...
  3. I'm looking forward to the bloodbowl Minotaur, he will make a proper minotaur conversion- he's got proper hooves and everything!
  4. now that is a very sweet paint job. You should be proud of how that's come out. Really looking forward to seeing more
  5. They got their reasons. the box speaks of having snap fit blood wArrios but mentions nothing of the others. If the sprue shares components for both then yes most likely. anyway I'll keep any thoughts in the narrative play thread from now on.
  6. Ok, first of all it was an open play game which between friends we generally have a good discussion about what we want to do and just have a great time as guys who know not to be idiots. i don't do rules lawyering, I don't do rules dissecting and microscope examination. I'm too old school for that, I generally just ask if it's cool with them. Thats why I can have such great open play and narrative games and you know what, it's great! I gave up all that other rubbish when fantasy finished. in fact we're going to play a small campaign where one guy is going to resurrect some old regiments of renown and dogs of war units and I'm going to build a war and using my realm of chaos ; slaves to darkness book- plasma cannons and all if necessary.- and guess what? If if anyone's got a problem with it I don't really care
  7. nothing in the rules to say you can't attack friendly troops - gamey but there you go. The skullgrinder also has the thing of killing a hero - not an enemy hero as some of the other characters do. So I used the warshrine and priest to whittle his wounds down and then within 1" of him just attacked him using the rule as follows: . Because khorne. With my chaos dwarfs it's how I use my Kdaai, I just park them within 3" for the burning body rule to take effect.
  8. In an open game last week I had an aspiring deathbringer be the sacrifice for the blood fuelled prayer and then killed by the skullgrinder to get the buff bonus. Then we marched!
  9. This is something you would have to house rule with your opponent. With AoS the most important thing and difference with old fantasy, and it’s something that 40k 8th ed players will need to get to grips with as well is this; The game is model centric not list centric. By this, essentially there a) must be a model and b) the option must be in the model’s kit. This is why if you look in the compendiums like Warriors of Chaos or Legions of Azgorh anything that didn’t have a model had a warscroll equivalent of an existing model elsewhere. So in your case, unless there was a model of the Lamassu with rider, you won’t see a scroll for it. There is no granularity in AoS, so your points buy the model with those options, you don’t pay x for this and y for that. This isn’t to say that in your group (and I’d be fine with this) taking the wounds of the daemonsmith and combining his scroll with that of the Lamassu. For your bale Taurus scenario, same applies, so I’d ask nicely, again just combine warscrolls, and maybe combine points or use Drazoath’s points as your guideline if you’re playing matched play.
  10. Another member of Juggernauts anonymous! warms your heart doesn't it.
  11. how about the dark elf spear with the fleetmaster sword blade on the end, so it's not a full length spear, but more like a glaive. I think the chaos knight stuff just looks too heavy for them. the kairic mace would be quite cool just with their hands going into the ball as if it was a guard, so the ornate blade is more a cross between a buckler and a punching dagger, buckler much like the blood warriors gore fist thingy.
  12. Whichever lord model you use isn't important, what is important is that you use his warscroll from the Warriors of Chaos compendium - not the current chaos lord warscroll So this guy will basically allow your knights or chariots or any other number of StD units to rock up in the backfield and wreak havoc turn on turn. Once you get the blades of Khorne book you will see that bloodtithe 1 is this guy's friend as you can mark him khorne. I think he's also a little bit tougher than the new lord warscroll and he's got a sneaky dagger attack as well which does mortal wounds and his eye of the gods ability is pretty good too.
  13. if you're not playing competitively you might want to check out the Warriors of Chaos compendium chaos lord's command ability. with the slaves to darkness heavy army you already have he would be a great way to surprise opponents as your crushers rock up on the back edge of your opponents side.
  14. Since you're looking at compendium stuff as well you might want to look at the chaos lord's command ability from the warriors of chaos compendium. Make the first unit a marauder horsemen unit and it wont matter how far away as you'll have javelins to throw.
  15. wait till FAQ. Lets leave it parked till then.