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  1. Talisman was a great game, kept me occupied for hours. Now all we need is Blood Royale back
  2. Get yourself a big pot some good gloves and some fairy power spray. Failing that, purple acetone free nail varnish remover from superdrug. Leave it in there to soak for a bit and then use fairy power spray just to get the final residue off. Good stiff toothbrush packet - cheapo jobs or one of those battery operated household cleaning brushes that looks like a massive toothbrush - pretty cheap from amazon and the like.
  3. you might want to try running the blood reavers as Khorne Marauders. they will have an armour save and with the bloodsecrator will pump out two attacks instead of three, but you can keep the bloodsecrator further back.
  4. Khorne generals are good customers of chaos dwarfs - get a massive slab of fireglaives and a castellan and enjoy order and destruction units getting torn apart by gunfire from behind your lines for larger games. Pazuzu, from a theme and cinematic look what do you see your army as being? heavy armour lots of bodies or a mix of both? I often finds it help to try and create a theme and feel for the army because thin this can help you focus your model and buying choice. At 1000 points just enjoy the game and try not to get too caught up in the competitive side of things. Lavy, what are the sylvaneth players bringing to the table?
  5. ok I stand corrected. I just looked in my original terror of the Lichmaster box from back in 2nd edition and Krell was a "champion of the gods of Chaos, once the scourge of the world.) In respect to the OP's question, back in the days of Realm of Chaos (slaves to Darkness ) one of the auxiliary lists you could take was undead but if the allegiance was Khorne then the contingent had to be led by a skeleton champion as all the rest - vampires / liche or mecromancer were magic users. sorry. my mistake.
  6. that's a pretty nice re-imagining of the classic figure. He's a lot bigger than the original as he comes on a 40mm round by all accounts.
  7. indeedy, and lets not forget that Krell himself was a chaos champion raised by Kemler - who later discovered in the end times that he was still a fully serving chaos champion even in undeath.
  8. So, back when I were a lad, when Realm of Chaos, Slaves to darkness came out, you could roll on the table for your lord to see what race he was. Stormcast I suppose are so intertwined with Sigmar that he could probably snuff out their light if they got corrupted, Seraphon don't know - possession? Sylvaneth - don't know enough about them, but I suspect that wood elves can be corrupted as much as any other race. In the old game chaos had its own ogre who had turned away form the great maw, the same with trolls, and the underlying theme was that chaos can corrupt everything it touches to some degree. I like that Mousillon army, I think as long as the army is done right and its pretty obvious what its supposed to be I don't see why it would be a problem, especially when you can see the amount of effort and cost that's gone into it.
  9. As an addition to all of the good points above, look at the battle tomes as fluff and backstory for your faction and the grand alliance book as a nice fat directory of all warscrolls in your grand alliance all in one place.
  10. love the icon bearer and his papa lazeru black and white face good luck, you look like you're doing just fine.
  11. problem is that it's not the complexity of the model which drives cost, it's the weight of resin used. They used to be 240 pounds. The only thing you can do is email them to see if they can do a small production run. It's a pity as I've seen the ones that come up on eBay and nearly all of them are recasts - you can generally tell as they're nearly all sold undercoated and with the smaller pieces missing, like the marauder chieftain. Most people with a genuine one that I know won't let it go for less than its original retail of not 300 plus, so like back in the day, you had to really want one. The image above came off a google search, the same guy had one with all three, mommoth, LoTR and stonehorn but I couldn't find that one for some reason.
  12. you lovely man!!! Yes Please - name your price or poison
  13. Hi all, I'm on the hunt for: chaos marauder shields, mounted or on foot, and heads, horsement preferably but again anything will do. Chaos warrior or knight shields or Skullcrusher shields and ten helmets Any shields at all... I'm working on a big warshrine conversion and am imagining a large suit of armour made from shields. The skullcrusher heads and shields I'd like to use in converting some bestigors into khorne warriors - i'm working on ten of them. If anyone can help I'd really appreciate it.
  14. perhaps a compromise may be that if a model has been integrated into the new AoS lore and has a warscroll then AoS trumps compendium. So for example if warriors of chaos slaves to darkness warscroll was a country mile different to WoC compendium, then sorry but the model is still in production but you don't use compendium anymore. If Tomb kings got rebranded and re-released in this years story arc as desert drybones faction then TK compendium is no longer valid as those models have a current factions and scrolls. It'll still mean brets will be brets, but at least one can argue that if the model exists now, one shouldn't be using the scroll of way back then.