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  1. unfortunately tournament mate dude does just that! you have no idea the amount he has spent chasing the latest filth over the years. if they don't work or become outdated filth - discard and move onto the next great thing.
  2. it may be a lazy statement but it's true on many levels. I don't like it. I prefer your last paragraph, that's where I'm at. I like a balanced game but when 27 skyfires comes along... because victories, what am I supposed to think with my blood and guts god army. it's exactly what I did with dark elf dude. . which is the point I was trying to make in the above posts. basically, this.
  3. following this statement... I am hoping that tomb kings get a rebox and a renaming refluffing
  4. absolutely. It was more the person who does this and then moans when someone else does it better. OP was fine when the ball was in his court, but not when his wallet ran out and the other kid comes along. There are countless threads talking about spam this, cheese that, and waac the other. On those threads there are also individuals who will moan all day long about how broken / unfair/ rubbish said things are. Yet all they're really saying is "why can't I win?" - or "I can't afford what it now takes to win". The game is the game, evolution of products is evolution of products. It's what keeps people thinking, scheming and buying. I've said in other threads, that I have no problems with such people - what I do get narked about is when said person tries to tell me he's not. Said manager was such a person. He would batter new and young players to the point where they were almost ready to throw those hard earned and painted minis in the bin because of the futility of it all. It's just not cool. Yet the look on his face when he had a fresh one torn by a parallel of himself was pure gold. And he was the first to moan about how bent the opponent had played / list was / not in the spirit of the game etc. but you'll always get them. And it's those people who just bore me. My friend who is a very hardened competitive tournament gamer often plays me, yes he totally destroys me but sometimes, just sometimes I throw him a few curveballs with my "well that shouldn't have happened" lists. He is what he is, and he will break the back of the rules to look for that advantage. . He's been head to head with Ben, Chris, and many other tier 1 players on the UK scene on this very forum. But he openly admits that he's just there to win. - When the new bent comes along, he doesn't complain about it, he looks to start using it. And I'm alright with that. I should be, I've been beaten by enough of his armies that I've painted!
  5. @Earthtremor Actually I wasn't referring to the hardened tournament gamer, but the guy who rocks up at the local friendly group and proceeds to just think that everyone is cool with that sort of antics. I appreciate the tournament scene is a different thing altogether. I have some very good friends who are tournament gamers and ranked very high in the old 8th edition swedish comp circuit. That's their world not mine, I still go to tournaments but my limit is throne, and other fun stuff at that level. So no, its not about calling Terry names. It's about a certain character type that is intent on ruining everyone's day for their own selfish amusement amongst people who are not like minded in that respect, so please don't you dare attempt to accuse me of starting a flame war with a member of this community. @Terry Pike - I'm not saying any one is at fault or wrong, and no I don't play cutting edge tournaments. One of my best friends was a hardened tournament player and still is. For me there's no fun in it, but I'm not everyone. If you revolve in the world of cutting edge and ridiculously strong lists I just don't think you have any room to complain. You know that things will always escalate and the new filth will be bettered by the newer filth several months / weeks down the line. Like you, I won't blame a player at your level for taking 27 skyfires. However in the same vein I don't see a problem with it - it is what it is, and the environment and its players obviously adapt to it. again, said player doesn't have to take them, but he will. It's always his choice. And when that choice is taken away, he'll find something else to replace it, so in essence, nothing changes. Different worlds Terry. I went to one tournament years ago when the DE book came out for 8th and lo and behold there was the horde of executioners, and the horde of witches and the cauldron and hellebron recipe. My warriors stood no chance. After two turns I just cleared off to the bar and had a bacon sarnie - he joined me. There was no fun in it for me, so I conceded the game early as its result was inevitable.. But again, that's just me, and warriors were probably just one of those not nice match ups with that army (especially as I inisited on playing mono khorne) .. He was fine with his list and the brutality of it. No skin off my nose or his. It doesn't worry me either way, but I do get peeved when the guy who had yesterdays filth and was alright with that starts complaining when the new guy rocks up with five tau riptides and does unto him what he was happy to do unto others, that's all. - and I'm not saying that's either of you before anyone kicks off.
  6. Sorry Terry but I'm not buying that, and that last statement is pretty ignorant of one main fact - you have a choice. Deep down you know if that list is a ****** list or not. You have a choice to take it or not. Every game can be broken every faction can be abused. There is nothing in the rules that says you must, and nothing that says you mustn't. Having powerful units in the competitive environment does not force the competitive player to take them - that is the choice of the player. ... well, you have a choice as a player to take what you want - the player makes the choice of taking 15 mournguls as his army, he takes it with the intent of leaving his opponent torn apart. There's no fun in it but he still takes it. The rules were generous enough to allow him to do it, but they didn't make him do it. If I went to SCGT I would still bring the army that I want to play because it's cool and I enjoy it. I wouldn't be the guy who tries to work out what's going to make people bleed. But that's just me. Before GHB came out, a perfect example was the old manager at our local. He picked through the rules and compendiums and broke the game within five minutes. man was a ******, he played like a ****** and he got a kick out of dicking people. or, other players could have just been sensible and played a good game like decent guys. It's not difficult Terry. It's easy to be a kid in a sweet shop and work out what is best for just destroying everything, sure that there are choices that will make peoples pee boil but likewise there are some lovely armies out there even on the competitive scene that just allow for great fun games. That's not down to comp, its not down to rules, it's down to players. GW just put the words on the page, and make the toys. It's the community that brings it to life and it's the community that project whether it's a fun thing to be a part of or not. We're a pretty decent bunch at our local, and we're old and gnarly enough to put fun before douchebaggery. Sure we have some power gamers and tools there, but generally when they try their shennanigans we take the simple option of refusing to play. Its not difficult. And we still leave with a good feeling and a smile on our face rather than seething and working out what we need to buy to kick him in the ******. Dickery is everywhere, it's omnipresent. No player is forced to indulge in dickery. Its toy soldiers. not the cure for cancer or aids or dementia. keep calm and have fun. Just don't indulge the dickerazzi.
  7. The reason he's with the Tamurkhan horde is because he was part of that campaign. It was he who tamurkhan went to for magic, and it's he who narrates the book. So no, he's not part of Tamurkhan's horde but this originally was the only place he appeared. I'm hoping that allies will allow us to use things like skin wolves, chaos monsters end such with the benefit of not breaking our alliegance. Perhaps the caveat will be that they can't be buffed un the same way as your main army, only within their own microcosm and vice versa- so for instance allies cannot in turn buff / enhance your main army. Wouldn't it be funny if Sayl could only affect the unit or thing that was bought with him as an ally entitlement and he couldn't use his traitors mist to catapult your main troops. Also, I have to say, and this is the old beard, and roleplayer in me talking. Sayl is in himself not the problem. It's the players that bring him to the table with the min/max cheese fest. And when sayl is gone, they'll find something else to bring.
  8. ^^^ this in a word. In old fantasy the skin wolves and the war mammoth both had the option to be marked. This has been overlooked by Forgeworld in their Monstrous Arcanum compendium. At least the War Mammoth gets the slaves to darkness keyword, but skinwolves just get the mortal keyword.
  9. if you want a good feel for the marauder vibe the new Norsca Total war trailer is brilliant. Wulfric the wanderer and an army of mammoths behind him, what's not to like! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbrbDa9EBR0
  10. just seen the Norsca Trailer for Warhammer total war... WULFRIC AND A MAMMOTH!!!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbrbDa9EBR0
  11. Might be worth looking at http://heresy30k.invisionzone.com/ for heresy era gaming- lovely bunch of people and a nice relaxed fun first sort of vibe. any forum which advocates "if in doubt, choose the fluff option" is cool with me.
  12. Entering something which isn't your work just defeats the whole point of it. There's no minimum model count for armies on parade. perhaps just paint your centre peice one or two others and just concentrate on a nice board. But please don't palm off someone else's work as your own however noble the intent- you might get very far and in doing so outdo some poor guy who poured his soul into his work - that and people will be commending you on the great job "you" did.
  13. Absolutely. He was your 50 witch elves, executioners, cauldrons and helebron cheese in 8th and the full custodes bore fest in heresy- he was so happy that it's staying 7th Ed for now! Isn't this the truth. In this instance they have played lip service to AoS compared to the effort they've gon to for the 40k8th launch. But then again from a pure money point of view I wouldn't blame them in any way.
  14. Rulesbuster more like. Our local cheese beard has already loaded up on four of them. Oddly enough, this player says no.
  15. I think that we're forgetting ourselves. AoS is an inconsequential blip in the ocean that is FW. They got some models which still need to sell, so they create a compendium or two. Their main focus is 40k and 30k, and their specialist games. lets not forget that, so like most things FW, they'll get round to it at some point, but you'll probably turn blue (oddly enough as if you'd been attacked by a mornghul) before they do.