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  1. You might want to look at the harbinger of decay, the command ability will work very nicely with those blightkings.
  2. tell me about it. I also faced blight kings today for the first time. Well, that was a bit special, especially as he managed to roll three 6's on the to hit rol giving him 12 extra attacks. I struggled to find things in our army that could rain down that amount of hurt. It was a good game though. I thought I'd take a slaughterbrute and chimera as it was introducing a friend to the game. He had nurgle forsaken with blightkings and knights. only a small game, but lordy can they hit hard.
  3. I'm with @Lucio on the monster front, but perhaps I'd like to see a mechanic akin to the storm of magic / monstrous arcanum for monsters. Firstly they're very cool models and thematically some fit very well with some factions, Arcanum had a great table with what factions would realistically be able to bind and use various monsters. This would mean that potentially we could all have monsters without breaking allegiance within reason, so for instance no death armies with flamespire phoenix's and no stormcast armies with a mourngul - but my chaos dwarfs have got pet magma dragons and incarnate elemental of fire written all over them! maybe its different for me because I came to wargaming from a roleplaying background so for me backstory, feel and theme are everything - I'm the guy that would never play a mixed chaos army back in 8th, preferring mono khorne as my weapon of choice, sure I got kicked in the nuts many times but the army sat well with me. I still now look at an army for the cinematic appeal even if it's sub par, than for the face kicking competitiveness of it all. But that's just me. I went to throne with a list written for me once, and yes it was good, yes it did it's job... but it wasn't me. @roberto makes a good point above, and I have to agree to most or all of what he's saying - but I can relate to it. I 'got' aos without points because of where I'd come from as I say, I decided always to let my likes do the deciding rather than what was going to theoretically guarantee victory for me. But I'm digressing. @Galas pointed out that the grand alliance is a broad stroke, and I look at it as they price one pays for being able to cherry pick units that can plug deficiencies in a faction army is that you don't have the tight synergy that a dedicated faction brings to the table, which in turn it pays for with great big holes elsewhere. Nobody is saying you can't do it, but be aware of the trade off if you did do it. I cast my mind back to the great chaos host in the tamurkhan book, where you could draw from all the chaos factions, however the price paid was inter faction animosity - after all, especially near a khorne host, your 'ally' knows it was as likely turn on them as it would on an enemy, and I suppose that this coould be the supposition of the grand alliance, you dilute the thing that makes your alliegence by bringing in outsiders. Yes you're driving towards a single goal as part of a grand host, but that's not to say that everyone in that alliance is happy about it, or plays nicely over it. As Sayl said to tamurkhan (in reply to tamurkhans anger at losing the beastman army) when he drove the beastman army to their doom (because chaos cannon fodder) "what you care about those beasts? - I didn't cost you any of your army.."
  4. I'd really be impressed if the blood schorched wartribe from god beasts or something similar was in the new khorne book.
  5. the other thing you could do is bunch the marauders up into a unit of 40 and take Wulfrik from the warriors of chaos compendium, and he's 80pts. The advantage you will have is you can from 2nd turn come on at any board edge, so you could rock up at the back of his line.
  6. sure they can, the rules just stipulate shields, so for the flail marauders just glue the shield to their backs. It's what I'm doing to the two handed axe bloodreavers I use in their place.
  7. Does anybody know how will warscroll builder being free and supported by GW affect Azyr subscriptions?
  8. wow, that saw is even more expensive than the Tamiya one.
  9. I'd love to see a forgeworld release for us. Obviously the Legion would be magnificent, but so would a whole new campaign bringing in other creatures and giving them the new lease of life. I'm sure it will come, but I can understand all the while that 30k cow needs feeding and milking, hay is thin on the ground for the other stuff I am still grateful for the legion battletome and Monstorus Arcanum and Tamurkhan host but I'd love to see some of the things that slipped back again, such as the skinwolves being marked, together with the mammoth, - infact all creatures of chaos marked. I'd also like the mostrous arcanum back, with perhaps something like the scrolls of binding where a creature can be bound into servitude without breaking allegiance - a magma dragon would be right up a chaos dwarf's street but it's a destruction creature for instance. I agree with @Circus of Paint with the desire for artbooks and just backgrond sourcebooks for inspiration and also timelessness - removed from any edition or game mechanic. Liber chaotica was a brilliant example of this.
  10. Kindly explain as I'm not seeing it. Aye, I've been running two units of 40, and sometimes using one to come in on the rear board edge with Wulfrik. Mine are all marked khorne and use the bloodmarked warband from Godbeasts
  11. I'm using reavers as marauders, as the whole army is khorne marked. as to why a shield? the old slaves to darkness notion of chaos is the one my army follows , they're brutal psychopathic killers but they're not stupid. if they're dead they can't harvest skulls - then they can't grow up and become warriors and if that happens they can't become heros and gain daemonhood. The difference between rauders and reavers is one is still a willing worshipper rather than a thrall who had to make the choice of canibalism or die. Marauders also get to play with wulfrik and mammoths. besides, like the ancient Greeks and Spartans, what else are you going to eat your food out of- plates are for empire girls, and if needs be the spikes and blades on your huge plate can cave your enemies heads in or tear his face off. also so could we not ask on the facebook page why 25mm bases? in fantasy they were 25mm squares they used to be 20mm about fifteen years ago- so that should equate to a 32, after all they are essentially the same troop bar their diet and ability to think!
  12. I've just read the battalion, it's pretty savage, and would look really cool with the skulltake batallion and skaarac for cinematics which has now got me thinking... (fortunately my pocket stopped me thinking!)
  13. 3 ghorgons!!!!!!!
  14. where is this to be found? it sounds very interesting.
  15. Do all three like I did, problem solved