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  1. Legion Of Azgorh Mega-Thread

    As we have no artifacts we have to draw from chaos allegiance abilities and artifacts but we still keep legion as our key word.
  2. Slaves 1250 fun game list

    fell free to take a look here and elsewhere in the painting forum
  3. Slaves 1250 fun game list

    store put some pics up this weekend..
  4. Slaves 1250 fun game list

    SlavesTo Darkness deployment: Stormcast Deployment The battle by turn 2 Turn 3 behold the power of painted models turn 4 how do we explain this to Sigmar? the aura from the shrine saves the bloodstoker two times! more pics to follow as I get them off the store manager. Lesson's learnt - next time play them as mortal khorne. I missed out on things like blood tithe and other cool stuff from the blades of khorne. but with the lord on manticore, and the warrior slab I knew that the stoker and the bloodsecrator were added bonuses, not pivotal for the survival of the army.
  5. Brettonia, Imagine the dying days of the world that was, when the disaffected people's learnt of the ever queen' treachery. the go to meet their fate in an ancient and deserted city, knowing nothing but betrayal and regret. as they clear their way through the overgrown ruins they discover a knight in ancient armour, and a man in an antlered mask. in a ruined temple an iridescent glow. The end of times has awakened a realmgate. these are ancient brettoni men from another realm and their Druid. they cross the realmgate. in this new realm they find a gritty dark angry race, clinging onto their nobility and virtues but there is no lady. there are the Druid lords, harnessing earth magic and mystical beasts to do their bidding. clouds of mystical fog, lords on dragons, and centaurs who are noble and despise the twisted beast men. it means all those storm of magic creatures can be reimagined. And give Gw a chance to expand bretts past the limits that were middle ages knights in armour. the knights themselves could be an all monstrous cavalry army with them original knight sculpts being the first rung of the ladder. the peasantry would be bound not by normal style feudalism but Saxon style fiefs, where it was mutual with your lord, your work for his protection. it could allow them to write in more gritty fluff such as fimir and other destruction forces being immediate foes with the ever gnawing threat of chaos in the background as the realm straddles light and dark. oh and a natural distrust of pointy ears, as the legends of the end times and the dark elves hunting the humans down for sport have been handed down and warped into legends of their own. And it would allow for a very distinctly different human faction to the renaissance free people where science and technology is replaced with magic and beasts of legend. what do we reckon... has it got some meat on its bones?
  6. The dreaded double turn

    I love it. its among many one of the best things about the game. In old war hammer you could pretty much second guess the whole game by how that turn sequence panned out, now however good your list you can't second guess anything. today I played 1250 against stormcast with my slaves to darkness. I got four turns on the trot. I couldn't have scripted that and I couldn't have seen it coming. nope, love it, even when I get my face caved in!
  7. You're probably thinking of the grenadier undead war mammoth. they went bust but the lines were bought by miriliton, http://www.mirliton.it/product_info.php?pName=skeleton-war-mammoth-with-catapult&cName=fantasy-2528mm-undead the goblin war giant was the inspiration for my warshrine conversion and sculpted by nick Lund who was an early citadel legend. http://www.mirliton.it/product_info.php?pName=goblin-war-giant&cName=fantasy-2528mm-goblin his giant black orcs are still brilliant and I loved the whole mongol theme he had going on with his orcs
  8. Let's chat : Khorne!

    Thanks killax. so my choice in traits was illegal but we both agreed to go for it on this occasion. but yes, khorne slaves to darkness worked really well.
  9. Slaves 1250 fun game list

    The game went really well. i know nothing about stormcast other than they can do the ride the lightning thing and hit like a ton of bricks. i deployed close to the shrine and used the shrine to shield my bloodsecrator. we used open war cards and ended up with three objectives to cover, an assymetric deployment and my opponent gained the ability to bring back one unit from the dead as a reinforcement. every unit in the field was also immune to battle shock. Observations: the dice were kind, after five turns I lost initiative only on turn five. Between the lord (of khorne ) on manticore and the war shrine, the thirty strong block of warriors are awesome and which the portal of skulls truly scary with the three attacks and the halberd mean that nearly every one of them got a hit it once piled on. the war shrine made its points back in droves, and managed to save four wounds with its aura ability. for anything else there was the stokers re roll wounds ability which again was invaluable especially on some of the fringe units. the large horde of warriors at one point were engaged in three separate combats but engaged as one unit which although weakened them in punching power made the unit an incredible tarpit. for fluff reasons I attacked characters with my lord, his eye of the gods being triggered twice, but knocked down to five wounds by the character hunting choppy guy. i think we both thought that he'd walk it, steam rollering through them with his big hammer and mace units. personally I thought he could have used his banner guy to lightning strike a unit near the bloodsecrator to get rid of him. i thought I was going to get surrounded and had planned to defend rather than attack. pics to follow.
  10. Let's chat : Khorne!

    So, quick question, if I'm running a slaves to darkness army which is all marked khorne can I take battle traits or artefacts from the blades of khorne book? and if yes can I take say a battle trait from slaves to darkness and an artefact from blades or must they be from the same family of tables?
  11. Legion Of Azgorh Mega-Thread

    I really wouldn't hold your breath on this one. i got the same reply about a year and a half ago, although it's one of my dearest wishes along with that Khorne dragon getting released. but I'd still rank it higher on the probability scale than skin wolves and mammoths being able to be marked again.
  12. Slaves 1250 fun game list

    So I came up with this int he end... Chaos Lord on Manticore - Khorne Daemon Blade and Dagger Fist Trait: Eternal vendetta (I know I'll be facing an order army as he wants to try out his stormcast) Artifact: If I can take one from the Blades of Khorne - Gorecleaver, failing that Banner of the demagogue Warshrine - Khorne Battleline 30 Chaos warriors with Halberds and shields, champions, musicians and standard bearers 5 chaos warriors with greatblades, champions, musicians and standard bearers Allies: Bloodsecrator and Bloodstoker and I'm left with 40 points in the bag.
  13. Marauder Horsemen

    throw a war mammoth in there and watch them cover the board in super quick time.
  14. Slaves 1250 fun game list

    Hi all, I'm getting a break tomorrow and going to the local store to play a quick game at 1250 points. I've decided to bring the Slaves to darkness with me as they're just fun and I've actually got them painted apart from the warshrine. So this is what I was thinking... Mortal Khorne Slaves to darkness Lord on Manticore 250 Warshrine 180 30 chaos warriors 480 5 chaos great blade warriors 180 so what do I do with the other 160? my thoughts were some blades of khorne allies? what do you reckon
  15. Tomb kings obviously as I do think there is a place for them in AoS. The hellcannon for the Legion of Azgorh - remade to the new aesthetic Wulfric and Seafang for the Slaves to Darkness. Wulfric's fluff, his ability to transport marauders and the idea of seafang is just brilliant, and I can imagine him millenea on, more gnarled, grizzly, boosted by chaos, and with sea fang transporting him through time and space to serve the chaos Gods. I think he'd make and incredible everchosen hero.