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Kaleb Daark

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  1. Kaleb Daark

    Let's chat : the slaves to darkness /dark oath

    hopefully being able to ally with beasts of chaos as well, which is now a thing.
  2. Kaleb Daark

    Legion Of Azgorh Mega-Thread

    nah. we'll get points updates and maybe a sheet of something if they feel like throwing us a bigger bone - they're not daft enough to give nothing as they know that legion sells to the faithful. They're way to overstretched and so its not likely we'll see anything new or wishlisty like some new piece of literature for instance. The best I'm hoping for is a new compendium update with some reasonably clever and considered writing so it doesn't out and out cripple or contradict something which is plain obvious.
  3. Kaleb Daark

    Let's chat : the slaves to darkness /dark oath

    you'll get your wish, if the slaves were an unpopular army they would have pulled it by now. The darkoath are your clues hidden in plain sight. chaos warriors in blocks of 30 with halberds. that's 60 attacks as with a 2" range they can all get in. mark of slaanesh and use the slaanesh lords ability to get a second go in after you've charged. 120 attacks sir, before buffage? I'm still keeping the faith and having high hopes for this faction.
  4. Kaleb Daark

    When was Slannesh Captured

    Now, I have a very left of field thought. We know from the malign portents stories that the Dark Prince is proving harder and harder to extract souls from and keep imprisoned by Malerion, morathi and the tickle brothers. We also know he has a voracious appetite for souls and now, perhaps more powers know he's stuck somethere between realms - my betting is still shadespire. What if... Just what if... The missing part of the stormcast souls during the reforging are actually beign siphoned off by the dark prince himself? How, I don't know, but I get the feeling that if it was the pointy ears they would have gloated all over it by now, instead Malerion has claim only to the visual spectacle of the gladiator pit to study his opponents. nagash would have mentioned that he's getting them back piece by piece, so where are they going? If the dark prince is involvedthen perhaps that explains also why he's becoming more difficult to keep contained, as perhaps the portion of souls are also imbued with a little more power than an average soul essence. Like I say, very far out of the conventional thinking, but I can't help but feeling the return of Slaanesh is going to be something quite special.
  5. Kaleb Daark

    Let's chat : the slaves to darkness /dark oath

    yea double post and all that jazz.
  6. Kaleb Daark

    Malign Portents

    ok lets just shelve this one until GW give us a proper explanation, otherwise we'll be at it all day long! more importantly - https://malignportents.com/story/the-forgotten-dead/ The new story is absolutely great - I wonder if this in part is linked to the nighthaunts - perhaps Nagash has a very special hatred for them and thus punishing them for their part in this greatest of sins,
  7. Kaleb Daark

    Let's chat : the slaves to darkness /dark oath

    sure, but that is now. Perhaps we'll get some of the wishes granted in the new tome, in whatever form that takes. Also chosen are a very old model now so I hope that we see them getting (deleted out or) re-imagined when the faction is more fleshed out.
  8. Lock and restart i suppose with the ild kne linked for archive and nostalgia
  9. Kaleb Daark

    New edition, new army?

    Im going to stick with my slaves and legion armies. the slaves have so much versatility im just looking forward to seeing how they grow the faction.
  10. Kaleb Daark

    Let's chat : the slaves to darkness /dark oath

    Interestingly today on the age of sigmar official site we have the faction listed as everchosen and slaves to darkness. do we think this heralds a combined book or faction?
  11. Kaleb Daark

    Malign Portents

    I can get behind that. Putting across perhaps that the being is celestial or immortal in this sense and not having a mortal lifespan as we would know it. So although their physical bodies might be destroyed, they don't have a tangible 'soul' as such because they are essentially an essence or an idea given physical form - in the same way that a chaos daemon's essence might be bound into a weapon or physical item, or be destroyed and then take millennia to rematerialise in the chaos realm for instance.
  12. Kaleb Daark

    Malign Portents

    all said and done he's basically a withered dried out harsher version of thanos, just with an infinity book, ,,, And a thing for villainous capes and big hats. Like thanos' motives and ideology, I quite like the fella, but I must stand firm on the big hat.
  13. Kaleb Daark

    Malign Portents

    No... she was a lying tart who sold them down the river. Burn her and all her pointy eared wretched kind.
  14. Kaleb Daark

    Malign Portents

    yup - he defeated Usurian which led to the destruction of morr, hinting that perhaps they were one and the same.