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  1. Yes indeed, I'm definitely taking the plunge into rounds for them. Thanks for the comments, glad you like them. if only I hadn't sold most of it on rage quit, I had a twenty four model strong brass stampede and some really nicely done Slaanesh conversions that I let go of
  2. Some WIP shots of Eroneus exalted, centuries have passed and he is well on the way to daemonhood. he ended up being way to big for his original mount.. So a suitable alternative was made. I always hated the original chimera model, so lets just say there wa a huge amount of hack sawing and greenstuffing involved... In the end it turned into this... with the help of balrog wings. I was going to have the herald as its handler but it makes more sense for him to make way for a new master. This will be either a warshrine or a warmammoth... not sure which yet. I ended up removing the head on the gut plate and am now after the gut mouth from a maggoth lord model as I think that would be way better... so if anyone has one to spare...
  3. Eroneus Balbadron had once been his name. Steeped in the infamy of his great grandfather, his namesake. He always had been the one who had to always prove himself, always try that bit harder... always have to make up for the sins of his blood. His hatred simmered like a festering wound deep inside him, it drove him, it made his succeed in battle it made him victorious. But like his namesake his brooding temper was never far from the surface. Only in battle did he find succor. And in the darkest of days did he hear it. The whispering in the back of his mind, the comfort that guided him and advised him like some echo of clarity it the blooded haze, and there in the filth and broken dreams of his now ruined ancestral castle in the damned city of Mousillon did he see a solitary figure, always one step ahead and eluding him. It walked to a long abandoned grotto - he'd never seen this place, despite knowing every inch like the back of his hand. Under bellows of rage, commanding him to stop and reveal himself the figure ignored him, descending down a broken stone stair. Descending within the figure turned. "Who are you? - declare yourself" The figure stood motionless, cowled. it was holding a blooded great flail cleaver. Eroneus struck with his broadsword, rage welling. The blade smashed through the figure. The clamour of falling armour echoed unnaturally about the chamber. How can this be? it was but a wooden armour stand. As the skies roiled with unnatural light up above he saw nothing but the mask. Somehow it called to him, the voice growing ever stronger. The cacophony rose to a skull splitting crescendo in his mind, as he saw worlds rend, empire fall, succumbing to the red redemption - purging and purifying through blood. The mask seared his face as he pressed it against his skin. It was the last time that he would ever see a sunset with his own eyes. It was the last time he would know what fresh air smelt like, as from that moment on all he would smell was the stench of blood and battle. The mask had no eyes. He did not need eyes to see - just his hate, his rage, his lust to undo all that the false gods had laid down, Sigmar, the lady, they were the true chaos - they would sacrifice legions in their name and the fools would love them for it. As their world tore asunder, he guided his men to their eternal damnation. All they heard was the sound of a beating drum, a call to war. The only sun they would ever see was through the red mist of battle eternal. Locked inside their steel prisons, they longed for the salvation of the blade, to meet an end by the hand of a worthy foe. Till then, the heads of lesser men would adorn the skull throne.
  4. Ten warhounds. Half have a snow wastes theme, hopefully they blend in with rock and snow so as better to deceive prey..
  5. Hi All. Running in tandem with my beloved chaos dwarfs, I decided to dust off my old chaos warriors army. A good majority was foolishly sold in the era of ragequit, but what I have is now looking to be re-based at some point and re-purposed. @uselesswizard thanks for the inspirational thread which made me start to look to khorne again. These slaves to darkness were not always so. They were once a proud brotherhood of knights from an ancient place that was no longer a place, from a time that was no longer a time, before the end of times. Cobalt Stargazer ; Sorcerer, Binder of Wills The Anointed ; Silently they march, relentless they slaughter, they seek only the silence, to make the eternal voice of shrieking rage and the drums inside their heads stop, both heralds, leading them to unending eternal slaughter The eternal unending rage that shrieks and tears inside their mind... The Drum which beats unending, unrelenting... The rage fuelled slaughter wreaked by a weapon which requires the strength and will only a lord of slaughter can muster. Contenders... rrrready! The stargazer grips his staff, eldritch flame form around where his hand falls, his thought transcends time and space "Blood will flow, harvesting skulls for the skull throne, yet my eternal master I have yet to see why the blood god would let his lord of war so easily accept me. What great web is this you weave?" The ground splintered as a cloven hoof settled upon it next to the sorcerer. The great brass skulls chained to the ancient blade forged in the heat of a bloodthirster's dying rage lay on the floor. The stargazer looked up to the beast, the despoiler, twas more than time itself since his man form was left behind in the service of rage incarnate. "What is your bidding my master?" "The Gorehunt chase the frost lords in the realms of eternal winter. The handmaiden of my master, the Fury Eternal leads them. They must not be allow them to fail". "Then we march..."
  6. such lovely conversions. I'm particularly impressed by the bloodreavers, they've all got a real individual character, and your characters are superbly subtle but the effect is just awesome.
  7. traditionally you used a synthetic brush for acrylics and a natural bristle for oils. This was a lot to do with the fact that the oil paints would take longer to dry and the linseed in them was kinder to the bristle than fast drying acrylics and water. Watercolour brushes were the same natural bristle brushes just with longer bristles. Kolinsky sable is king, but you pay dearly for the privilege, however look after your brushes and they will look after you. Like Runebrush, I use a no1 and 2 brush, rarely dipping into a 0 and I can count on one hand how many times I've needed to go down below that. His advice is very good and I'll second him on the W&N series 7 brushes. I don't really throw brushes away as they all have a use. Knackered brushes become dry brushes, or wash brushes, or brushes to pull colour out of pots and mix with, and brush soap is a very worth while investment.
  8. I suppose you're right now that I think about it. I like the Rowntree GW, it's got a real nice vibe about it.
  9. @Sleboda like everything in life we'll always have the guy as has been said who rocks up with archaon and six scrolls of filth because fluff. But we're not all like that, and I'd like to think that said guy really doesn't get much table time amongst normal people. I grew up with fantasy since 1st ed, and I came to it via dungeons and dragons and roleplaying so I used to love the narrative scenarios which were out at the time, Terror of the Lichmaster, McDeath, Bloodbath at Orcs Drift and others in white Dwarf like Return of the LichMaster, which introduced the skaven to the world of scenario play. I think there's a place for them and done right they're so much fun. For GW, it would be quite cool to release the format again, as you used to get a range of minis to accompany the scenario for a limited time. Happy days.
  10. @Ben. At least you hell cannon can still rampage after the crew are dead. i proxied mine as a dread quake mortar for a few games still not sure about the mortar but I will buy the model This reminds me of third edition where a war machine crew can go and commandeer another machine. probably because of this I quite like the idea of separate crew rather than one big wound pool, especially if your crew could commandeer an opponent war machine.
  11. a great thread and I'd like to add that it's very important we as players embrace narrative play as much as match play, other wise we go down the same road that fantasy found itself in, where armies and great factions started to gather dust and not get updates as they were not seen as worth buying / investing in by the competition community. There was a lot of rage when brets, Tk's et all got killed off, but in truth we the player base were guilty of it. Stuff doesn't get deleted if it keeps selling, its that simple. It's not GW's fault for bringing out a new faction which trumps old, its what X-Wing does with its waves and magic does with its cards. It's business at the end of the day. But we now have a business that listens and we have a duty to respect that in turn and tell them what we want both in voice and wallet
  12. Shane, I had pretty much the same idea of using fimir with a troll hag as a start to a non cookie cutter destruction force. I'm looking to do the same with a monstrous chaos force with skaarac , loads of khorgoraths, a chimera and maybe and a skin wolf or two. Question, Is there anything which will allow the units to work together, or are there anything which will affect all destruction keyword for instance, not knowing anything about destruction forces?
  13. In which case nico, that's brilliant as I've been giving opponents a save roll. andreas, sorry for the misinformation.
  14. OK, I stand corrected. Andreas, apologies. @Ben, how does this differ from taking a mortal wound then? You see, I read this as the wound is automatic but since its not mortal can be saved against. I'll admit that I'm pretty new to AoS so your insight would be much appreciated. @Andreas if you don't need to make save rolls against it even better! OR, is the differentiating factor the fact that some units ignore anything but a mortal wound? now i'm confused as well!
  15. A mortal wound cannot be saved against. A standard wound can be saved against. Actually no. He must first roll to wound you before rolling to damage. he hits you. he wounds you. you make a saving throw to avoid that damage. if your ironsworn roll a 4+ (not including rends) then you don't take a wound. However, if that same roll is a six or 5(+1 with mystic shield) then not only do you not take a wound, but he takes one in return, and must roll a save of his own. This is very different to the black amulet. The amulet is held by one hero and The black amulet works once per battle. I have forty Infernal Ironsworn and their spite shields work the whole battle. The amulet lets you pick one enemy unit and that unit suffers a number of wounds equel to the battle round. Because they are NOT mortal wounds, the unit is allowed a saving roll against them. I respectfully have to disagree with your thoughts about stringent rules writing. They are wounds. Had they been mortal wounds they would have been written as such - the death incarnate command trait on page 164 of the GhB being a prime example. It specifically states mortal wound. In the case of your informant on the amulet, unfortunately I think you were misinformed for their own advantage. The gem like the spite shield only does wounds - you do not need to roll to see if you wound, that is the automatic bit, but the victim can save against those wounds. Were they mortal wounds - unless in very rare circumstances he would not be able to save against them. The benefit of both items is that the wound is a free wound, you don't have to work for it, and you don't have to roll to see if you wound. The wound is automatic and the only thing that can stop it is a successful armour save. So back to our theoretical combat... a unit of 20 ungor raiders fire a volley of arrows at my chaos dwarf ironsworn. 15 arrows hit and 12 manage to wound. I now must make 12 saving throws. I roll 6, 6, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 3, 1, 1, 2, 2 - so the rolls of 5 and 6 pass and so does the 3 due to mystic shield giving me +1 to save rolls. of the eight passed saves, five of those are a dice roll of 5 and two are a six. because the unit has mystic shield on it, I can use the 6's and also the 5's to give me 7 wounds which are automatically inflicted on the ungors. He must make 7 armour saves of 6+ or lose models. - he fails all but one and loses 6 models. So you will ask what's the benefit? The benefit is that all he could do was make saving throws, I did not have to roll to wound for the attacks. in the example above the ungor player took six casualties which now force him to take battle shock test, and also which he was not expecting to lose. If the shields inflicted mortal wounds, then he would have no saves at all, automatically losing seven models. I hope this helps.