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  1. arinnoor

    Coalescence 2017 - Introduce your General!

    Shesmuz Burningheart His clan had been blacksmiths for generations upon generations. Well renowned in the Realm of Fire as making some of the deadlist blades around. Champions of Khorne would often duel for the latest crafted masterwork. Shesmuz is the last however, due to the meddlesome rouge diety of Sigmar. One day his golden warriors came down with storm and fury utterly destroying the settlement blasting it to ashes. Surviving burried alive within his forge Shesmuz awoke to the ruin and roared to the heavens in rage. Fixing his forge to working order he forged a set of armor one to uptake vengance on the sons of the storm. Mixed with the ashes of his home, and prayers to the Blood God, Shesmuz took up the newly forged armor, and his mighty anvil becoming a Skullgrinder for Khorne. Seeing his cause worth of some attention Khorne blessed Shesmuz's anvil and sent him a series of visions. First it lead him to other survivors, whom adorned themselves in similar armor, then to other warriors eager for battle and conquest. This would include a pair of Slaughterpriests to further interpret mighty Khorne's visions and a Bloodsecrator to bear his flag. Khorne's latest vision showed Shesmuz where he might achieve something to greatly speed up his quest for more power and provide a messure of revenge. Shesmuz lead his pilgramage towards the sacred crystal to unleash the power within and gift it to the Blood God. Should Sigmar's foolish golden warriors choose to stand in his way? This would just be further blessings from the Blood God upon him. "Feel the fires of my hate! Break upon my anvil in woe!" - Shesmuz Burningheart
  2. arinnoor

    Terrorgheist with Red Fury

    Uping deathless minions to 5 plus helps more imo. Adding his spell makes the gkotg really durable