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  1. Help me flesh out an idea - 'Good' Chaos

    I'm not sure this is what you are looking for, but you should do some reading on the mostly forgotten character Malal. He (?) might be relevant to your interests.
  2. Blood Knights - No Models nor substitutes?

    There's always Soul Reaver Cavalry by Mantic. Not the best models, but they are cheap.
  3. The Rumour Thread

    The positive: at first I disliked the new model, but after I gave it some thought I warmed to it considerably. My initial reaction was more of the "ugh, plate bikini" variety. Then I considered that the model has a bunch of positive qualities. She's strong and neither her body or her pose is overly sexualized. There's no gratuitous cleavage or hip cocking etc. She has the build of a seriously athletic lady. Given the overall look of marauders she fits right in. The negative: the lack of content is ridiculous. Dating back to the Spring it seems like basically every time some new info has been hyped it's completely disappointed. We don't have even a sniff of the new Aelves that were supposed to have been teased months ago. Those rumors then gave way to new Death and Nurgle which have also failed to materialize. We've got some *very* minor teasing there but nothing real. This is getting really frustrating, and eventually it's going to start damaging the reputations of the people that have been hyping up these nothingburger press releases. The speculation: I'm starting to wonder if GW was actually planning to give out more information on several of these occasions but has had to pull back because of production problems. A few pages back wasn't there that letter discussing how production is pushed to the limit right now and therefore large kits are not getting restocked? If GW is having problems stocking their current line then it would be understandable that they would be having real problems launching new releases. Is it possible that GW tends to announce new products VERY close to actual release time simply because they aren't able to accurately predict when stock will be ready? Might they be delaying teasing new stuff for AOS because they simply aren't confident that they can hit a target more than a week or two out?
  4. Christmas Set ..

    I'm so spoiled by last year's boxes. Heck, the Bloodbound box was $287 in value and it's still in stock. Ironjawz were $306, Sylvaneth $311, and Stormcast were $305. That's an average of about $302 (US). This year the average value seems to be in the $230-235 range, and to make matters worse two of the four boxed sets are mostly repeats of models that can be found at a better discount in other boxed sets. The Death one is particularly atrocious on this front. On the plus side, I rather like the army choices. Tzeentch Arcanites and Kharadon Overlords were great choices, and if it weren't for Blightwar the Stormcast Vanguard one would also make a ton of sense. For the Death one I'd have loved to see a Soulblight boxed set. There were plenty of finecast models in Icewind Assault, so why not do something like Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon, Blood Knights, 2x3 Vargheists? At $251 that's a bit higher than the other sets this year but still far below last year. VLoZD + 10 Blood Knights + 3 Vargheists would have been right in line with last year's offerings. On the bright side, It's great that GW is still doing holiday boxed sets even if I'm a little disappointed in this year's offerings compared to last year's.
  5. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    I dunno, i think their warscroll is pretty good. Their offense would be pretty poor in a very large unit size but a 5-10 man squad should have no problem getting most if not all models into range. Their WDR (my personal tool for measuring damage efficiency) is .067 currently (not including the one die reroll), which is decent but not great. Greatsword Kurnoths, for reference, are .085 (including 3 models worth of Trample Underfoot). Their mobility combined with respectable offense makes them efficient enough to be a good tactical weapon, but not a main battle unit. If they were reduced to 60 points, their WDR would shoot up to .089 which is quite strong. That combined with their mobility would make them a MUCH more interesting choice. At 12 points per wound with a 5+ save they would still be very inefficient on defense and would likely be hard to use as a main battle unit, but you could justify taking them in much larger numbers than currently. If they were made more defensively efficient by changing the warscroll they would start to lose their distinct identity.
  6. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    The problem is that they are very fragile for their point cost. 16 points per wound with only a 5+ is horrific. Taking large numbers of them is a recipe for getting tabled.
  7. Happy Geheimnisnacht!

    My first pumpkin carving! Hope you all enjoy!
  8. Most customizeable kit?

    While I can't speak to whether it's the most customizable kit with any kind of confidence, I do want to mention Sylvaneth Dryads. While there are certain branches that are supposed to go on the back or as left/right arms, nearly every bit can go anywhere on the model with a little surgery. Even the most rudimentary greenstuff skills will let you create a HUGE variety of poses, and I've seen tons of very basic kitbashes that dramatically alter the dryads. They kitbash well onto a ton of kits, and a ton of kits kitbash well onto them... and that's not even starting with the large number of decorative bits that they have on their sprue. Personally, I love giving my dryads extra arms and using the "back" branches as army branches. I find this opens up a ton of variety and makes them look a bit less human. Some of them look a lot more like trees, some look almost like Tyranids.
  9. New warscroll for Shadespire!

    I loathe SCE, but calling liberators and retributors "too strong and unbalanced" warscrolls is a real stretch. There are MANY units that are substantially more efficient than Liberators on defense, and their offense is distinctly mediocre. Their raw offensive efficiency is maybe a tiny bit above what you'd expect for their defensive efficiency, but that is mitigated heavily by the fact that they are on 40mm bases and fight with a 1" range. Large units of Liberators are incredibly awkward to use as you end up with huge numbers of idle models except in very narrow circumstances. There are plenty of warscrolls that look better on both defense AND offense than Liberators once you factor in their base size and range. Retributors are powerful on offense (their WDR is very good, but there are lots of examples of units that are better). Their defensive efficiency, on the other hand, is quite poor. It's not terrible or anything... but it's pretty bad. There are plenty of units across Grand Alliances that have comparable efficiency to Retributors. SCE may or may not be overpowered as a faction (I don't have a solid opinion on the matter), but if they are I think it has a lot more to do with their battalions, allegiance abilities and certain synergistic combos than it does with the basic warscrolls themselves being too strong. Unfortunately no, there definitely isn't one for WDR. Defensive Efficiency might have a calculator out there but I'm not sure. The math isn't too hard to do and only gets complicated when there are lots of conditional abilities and rerolls to factor in. If you are curious about a specific warscroll PM me and I'll do the math for you if I have time. I completely agree with this. The sweet spot for these warscrolls is for them to be better in certain specific situations and worse in others than existing basic warscrolls. If they become auto-includes that will be a problem. It's also a problem if they are strictly worse than basic warscrolls. Sometimes better and sometimes worse, thus making them more specialized versions of basic units? Perfect.
  10. New warscroll for Shadespire!

    That's what the stats I was quoting do. I forget that I need to explain WDR and DER every time I use them. WDR is basically the expected damage that a unit will do (with added value given to the different rend values and mortal wounds) divided by the points cost of the unit. A higher number is better. So if a unit has an expected output of, say, 5 rend 0 wounds and costs 100 points it will have a WDR of .05. You can loosely think of WDR as "how much damage do I get for every point I spend on this unit?" DER (or simply defensive efficiency) is just the points cost of the unit divided by the expected number of wounds of a given type that it would take to destroy the unit. Nothing weird or special going on here, just straight math. In this case a lower number is better. You can loosely think of this as "how many points does it cost me to absorb a wound with this unit?" So yeah, all of the statistics that I used in my post fully take the points cost of the units into account.
  11. New warscroll for Shadespire!

    I'm not seeing it. With Severin's ability active they have a weighted damage ratio (WDR) of .076. With Lay Low The Tyrants active it's .086. Their defensive efficiency without the shield ability active is 8.33/11.11/13.88/16.67 against rend 0/1/2/mortal damage. It's 6.95/10.18/13.42/16.67 with the shield ability. With the shield ability AND Heroic Guard active it's 3.7/6.95/10.18/16.67. For comparison, regular Liberators have a WDR of .0533 without Lay Low the Tyrants and .0711 with it active, while Retributors have a WDR of .0904. Defensively, regular Liberators clock in at 4.17/6.1/8.06/10 and Retributors at 7.33/9.78/12.22/14.67. Based on the numbers, Steelheart's Champions are offensively better than Liberators but worse than Retributors. Defensively they are a bit worse than Retributors unless they have their Heroic Guard ability active, in which case they become a bit better than Liberators against rend 0 but between Liberators and Retributors against rend 1 and 2 and worse than Retributors against mortals. TL;DR: based on the numbers they are strictly better than Liberators when the shield guy is still alive AND they are being charged. Otherwise in most situations their offense is a little better and their defense is a lot worse than regular Liberators. Their offense is worse than Retributors, and their defense is also worse than Retributors except against rend 0 when the shield dude is alive or when being charged. To me that doesn't seem crazy strong unless you also think basic Liberators and Retributors are crazy strong.
  12. The Rumour Thread

    Off topic, I know, but for those struggling with bases I can't recommend AliExpress enough. The quality is reasonable and massively cheaper than GW. Shipping times weren't even that bad.
  13. Aftermath of the GT final

    It's good data and @The Jabber Tzeentch should be commended for putting it together. We just shouldn't draw sweeping conclusions from any one tournament. It's still a very nice snapshot of the meta, but yeah I feel that after every big tournament we all need a reminder not to over-generalize from the results. @Ben also made the excellent point that experience really matters. When we see some of the same guys putting up excellent results in many events a big chunk of that is due to experience and skill. While I expect the level of competition at this tournament was quite high, competitive Warhammer really isn't like a game like Magic the Gathering where the Pro Tour is almost entirely composed of the top .001% of competitive players. The experience gap between the folks who play dozens if not hundreds of games with their list and your average tournament player in Age of Sigmar is almost certainly massive. That really does factor into the results heavily.
  14. Aftermath of the GT final

    Awesome. I'm especially curious as to whether or not you guys playtested Sisters of the Thorn, larger skink units, reasoning behind changes between the BLACKOUT list and this list, and the reasoning behind the Balewind (Chris Tomlin mentioned using it to get an extra 3" forward movement, and I'm curious as to what situations those extra inches are critical for). Looks like a blast to play.
  15. Let's Chat: Seraphon 2017

    The bits on the terradon/ripperdactyl sprues are PERFECT. Thanks! Now I just need to find a way to acquire a ton of them.