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  1. Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    The complaint that our hammers are fragile is kinda silly IMO, as good hammers that are also great defensively are basically the definition of an overpowered unit. I think the way our army functions really makes a lot more sense if you think about the way they function against specific opponents. This is way too much of an oversimplification, but I think you can very broadly break matches down into two categories: Matches where you are the defender. Matches where you are the aggressor. Note that to understand what I mean by this you have to shake out of conventional ideas of what it means to be the aggressor or the defender. We tend to think of a gunline list as a "defensive" list -- after all it tends to be more static and tries to keep the enemy away from it. Under my conception though a gunline is more likely to be an aggressor type list as it's primarily trying destroy the opponent and then score rather than scoring first and then holding the opponent off for long enough. Most aggressor lists are going to want to go second and try to double turn you as soon as possible. Defender lists, on the other hand, are going to want to go first and get to the objectives before you do (possibly by deepstriking onto them). Against aggressor lists, our hammers are not super useful as they will probably die before they can do a ton of damage. Their main role here is to keep the enemy from concentrating fire on your objective holders. If the enemy does concentrate on your objective holders first, then having the hammers becomes much more useful as they can actually then deal with the opponent. Ideally all you want to get out of your hammers here is to either delay or damage your opponent long enough that they can no longer effectively push your anvils off the objectives in time to win. Against defender lists, the hammers are much more important. If the enemy gets on the objectives first, our anvils are going to struggle to push them off. Skeleton Warriors can kinda perform double duty against certain opponents, but I wouldn't count on them. Here, the hammers become necessary to push the opponent off and give you time to score. I think Death is going to be very good at getting to the objectives first, but there are some lists that can definitely do it better than we can. It's also worth noting that our hammers are a lot more survivable against these kinds of lists because their offensive output tends to be a lot lower. Striking the right balance against the opponents you expect to face is going to be really important and one of the toughest aspects of LoN listbuilding, I think.
  2. Here's a picture. I'll send extra TK shields so that every model has one. Heads are a mix, and there are some models that are converted using legs and torsos from the TK chariot riders sprue. The weapons for skeleton warriors are the same for normal and TK except the champion sword which is unique to TK, and I think there are a couple of those in this unit. Let me know ASAP if you want these as I'll be shipping stuff out today. PM me to arrange details. Thanks! EDIT: I can also send spears to replace all of the hand weapons if you want.
  3. i actually just found another bag of them! ill count them and send you more info in a bit EDIT: Yup, there are 40 of them that I found. Let me know if you are still interested and I'll send pics.
  4. All the skeleton warriors are now sold, unfortunately. I still have archers though.
  5. I have somewhere around 30 of them although I have a couple of folks who have poked me about 5-6 each, so I'd say there are between 10 and 20 that are certainly available and possibly more if those deals fall through. They all have horses and crew, and most are fully intact. There is a horse here and there that needs a head glued back on and a couple of chariots need a wheel reglued but most have no actual breaks. EDIT: also please either PM me or mention me/quote me in the reply so I get notified, that way I'll get back to you more quickly. Best way is to PM.
  6. I don't recall off the top of my head, but I would guess there are maybe 50 or so spireguard give or take and between 20 and 30 reavers. Let me know how many of each you want and I'll be happy to get you pics.
  7. Hey, sorry for the slower response. TGA doesn't notify on thread reply XD. I can get you photos, although it's possible all of the warriors are sold. I haven't finalized anything yet though so things could always fall through. Posting to Portugal would likely cost between $15 and $25 depending on how much you were ordering. How many models did you want?
  8. Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    FAQ is pretty great all around. The Deathmarch nerf is pretty crappy, but aside from that I see nothing that went poorly. First Cohort order of abilities shenanigans are in full effect as expected, and the Vhordrai ruling is absolutely key. If it had been ruled to be a hero phase ability Vhordrai would be a lot less strong. Now he has a tremendous threat range on turn one to drop a 6 ball of mortals on a key hero. Also Amulet of Screams is confirmed to function how it should.
  9. Out of the three main damage dealing phases, magic is by far the least important in AOS except in VERY specific matchups. Shooting and combat are both far more impactful than magic. +3 to hit and -3 to be hit is in no way analogous to +3 to cast and unbind. I'd also like to bring up that there is already a very common warscroll that is just as good at casting and unbinding: the Lord of Change. The average roll on 2d6 is 7. Arkhan gives +2 and Nagash gives +3, so their averages would be 9 and 10 respectively. If you do the math on the Lord of Change, his Mastery of Magic ability makes his average 2d6 roll 9, and then his command ability gives a further +1. And his unbind radius can be increased to 27". So Arkhan gets 2 unbinds with an average roll of 9 and that is suddenly game breaking when Lord of Change has 3 unbinds at an average roll of 10 and an unbind radius of 27"? I get that Nagash dominates the magic phase, but he also costs 800 points. Also both Nagash and Arkhan lose their bonuses as they get damaged while the Lord of Change does not. AND the Lord of Change likely gets access to destiny dice to guarantee his cast rolls.
  10. I'm looking to clear out some space and have a bunch of joblot type models that I'd love to sell for cheap. I'd also consider certain trades. Conditions vary including stripped, unassembled, partially assembled, assembled bare, primed, partially painted and painted. Replacement bits will be sent for any broken parts. US based but will ship internationally anywhere. I'm happy to provide pics of things but most are spread out in various boxes and it would be helpful to get an idea of how many of each thing you might be interested in so that I can take a pic of exactly what I'd be sending you. Command options available when appropriate. What I've got: Tomb Kings: Warriors: looking for $1 each for these, can be armed with spears or with hand weapons. Comes with a Tomb Kings shield Archers: looking for $1.5 each for these Skeleton Chariots: looking for $10 each for these. Includes two crew. Wood Elves: Glade Guard: $1.25 each Chaos: Marauders with Flails: $1 each Chaos Warriors with Halberds (metal add on): $2 each Chaos Warhounds: $1.25 each High Elves: Lothern Seaguard/Spireguard: $1 each Ellyrian Reavers: $3 each Silver Helms: $4 each Archers: $1.50 each old monopose spearmen (no shields): $.5 each Dark Elves: Darkshards: $1 each (sculpt before the most recent. 6th ed I think?) Bretonnians: Peasant Bowmen: $1.50 each, $1 each for monopose -- will provide stakes/braziers for sufficiently large units Men-at-Arms: $2 each FEC: Ghouls: $1 each Stuff I'd consider trading for (I will also offer cash for any of these things depending on the price) Various Lust Elves/Dark Elves from the Raging Heroes TGG2 kickstarter campaign Diaz Seekers of Slaanesh Vardiyin, Vampire (Enigma Miniatures 3051) -- I will buy or trade very favorably for this guy if anyone has it. Any condition fine as long as it's complete. Creature Caster Zombie Dragon, Mountain Dragon Avatars of War minis: Manhunter (AoW 59) Vampire Countess (AoW 22/23) Dark Elf Princess (AoW 64) Medusa with Spear (AoW 76) Dark Elf Sorceress (AoW 8, AoW 48) Naga Queen (AoW 73) Archlich (AoW 85) Bits: Corpse Cart Balefire Brazier 1 Grandaxe 1 Starsoul Mace Any suitably ornate monstrous infantry sized weapon. Maces, polearms, flails, axes, khopesh etc. all welcome. Ideally free from race-specific insignia on the business end of the weapon. Doesn't need to be GW. Ideally would look reasonably good on a vaguely Tomb Kings style model EDIT: TK skeleton warriors, Seaguard/Spireguard and Ellyrian Reavers all sold out.
  11. Is there any point in allied flesh eater courts?

    no, it doesn't
  12. Is there any point in allied flesh eater courts?

    Crypt Flayers are kinda interesting. They hit a lot less hard than Vargheists in melee but their normally worthless shooting attack might actually do something if you stack enough debuffs. Legion of Blood could theoretically get like -4 bravery on a target. Some armies could be really vulnerable to that, but for others even -4 isn't enough to make the battle cries do much. The main problem I see is that getting that many debuffs in play requires you to already have banner units and morghasts near the target along with perhaps Overhwelming Dread. At that point you might not need to be adding more damage onto those targets. Tough to say though, I'd definitely keep my eye on it.
  13. Vampires with Wings

    Ahh, OK. Well, if you ever decide to sell or trade it PLEASE let me know as I will give you an excellent deal for it.
  14. Vampires with Wings

    Ohh I know the company that makes it! I'm wondering exactly where you found it (or did you buy it a while ago?)