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  1. The Jabber Tzeentch

    AoS App - Any word from GW?

    They’re continually updating it, I think 3 or 4 times in two weeks. Make sure you’re emailing GWApps@gwplc.com with your faults so they know. Otherwise all warscrolls are available in PDF form online on the GW store site, if you find the model scroll down and there’s a rules tab with a download link.
  2. The Jabber Tzeentch

    First turn change idea

    Another edition? That’s another game entirely it’ll never happen to AoS
  3. The Jabber Tzeentch

    First turn change idea

    They “built in” the cost last year supposedly but it didn’t make any difference really. Now they’ve added the free CP to be battalions so this just matches and counters that really.
  4. The Jabber Tzeentch

    First turn change idea

    I see mixed thoughts on the first turn, some love it, some want it removed. I think this idea kind of meets in the middle whilst keeping with the current Command Point theme of AoS. 1 CP can be spent by the player who finishes deploying first to decide who takes the first turn. Otherwise it’s treated as a normal turn priority roll but the player who finished deploying first wins in the case of a draw. This essentially gives a 50 point tax to those wanting the first turn and can only be done if the player has a battalion or specific points used for CP. This should slightly limit one drop army or at least make it a harder decision to make.
  5. A few have said they would be using them. I think it’ll be a mixed bag for a while some will and some won’t. GW almost certainly will use them.
  6. The Jabber Tzeentch

    6 Nations take aways

    I don’t think many people are arguing against you. Tbh I’m not sure GW meant for command ability’s to be stacked anyway I fully expect that to be changed. I disagree with the first turn thing, it’s an important part of list design and list sacrifice notable amounts out raw output to get one drop lists. There’s also many negatives to having your whole army deployed before the enemies.
  7. The Jabber Tzeentch

    6 Nations take aways

    I’m almost certain that one 12” circle can’t cover more than 1 objective. Just concentrate on the rest of their army and objectives. And skrye never did that well as far as I remember. One of my regular opponents plays them and I still enjoy beating them most of the time.
  8. The Jabber Tzeentch

    6 Nations take aways

    I’ve seen this said about many different things now 😂 its a very specific medium range defensive item. It’s quite coubterable by a balanced list as it only affects spells. It’s probably in there to make sure the magic heavy lists like Tzeentch don’t become OP. Just the threat of having this item available is enough to change lists.
  9. The Jabber Tzeentch

    6 Nations take aways

    I don’t think they are that much of an issue, the poeople who take these lists normally want to win badly, but due to the reasons I mentioned before they normally don’t. So after this initially silly abuse period everything stabilises and more traditional lists become the norm again.
  10. The Jabber Tzeentch

    6 Nations take aways

    Thing is these end up being gimmicky lists. They do win, and they win spectacularly, but they rarely win any of the standard tournaments because they either: • run out of luck • face a hard counter(more common with gimmick lists) • don’t win fave game or sports votes so drop down too much to win. @MAGNUM990 it’s a realm artefact from malign sorcery.
  11. The Jabber Tzeentch

    6 Nations take aways

    As much as some stuff seems a little crazy when you hear tweets like this, it always takes time for a new systems to right itself. Some people have found powerful combos and played opponents that have no defence against this. The kroak doing 100+ wounds in one turn for example, it was against daemons so damage was double what it would normally be. Also he likely rolled well on foresight allowing extra re rolls. Imagine if this player faced an opponent with army MW wide saves and the lens of refraction, this would likely be a different story. My point is, don’t take too much away from one niche tournament, wait for the game to settle and the FAQ to drop.
  12. The Jabber Tzeentch

    FAQ Release

    I believe the main big one is in July. The one we’ve just seen is post GHB release
  13. The Jabber Tzeentch


    Firstly welcome, Nurgle is great and disgusting. Secondly join the private AoS Facebook group Maggotkin of Nurgle loads of cool inspiration and helpful people on there. As for units you can’t really go wrong with Nurgle, they’re in a good place where everything is worthwhile. First things you’ll likely want though will be Battleline units so either Blightkings (good in small or big units) or Plaguebearers (best in unit of 30). Then pick some cool heroes, like I said they’re all useful so I wouldn’t worry too much. Lord of Blights or Plagues are popular. With the paint I would recommend GW sprays they’re fantastic and worth the cost to be honest. I would get a green though to make them quicker to paint. Unless you want to paint with washes. If you want to save money go for a discount website like http://elementgames.co.uk/warhammer?d=10074 they’re a really good quick service.
  14. The Jabber Tzeentch

    AoS 2 - Fyreslayers Discussion

    Take two units of Evocators. Then you get: 2 dispels per turn. Can dispel endless spells. Eqch can buff the other with their spell. Very good MW output. Generally a good combat unit.
  15. The Jabber Tzeentch

    Why is it so hard to start AOS ?

    I have played against and know plenty others who enjoy playing with their BCR armies. And I’ve enjoyed playing against them. The App has all the unit stats and points costs if you pay 99p a month subscription. GW give a lot out for free, enough that you can play well enough whilst you discover what armies styles you like the most. After that you will naturally look to get a battletome for battalion rules, GHB for allegiance abilities, malign sorcery for additional artefacts. My point is that you don’t need these things to start and learn the game.