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  1. Aftermath of the GT final

    I screwed up the chart. Please ignore.
  2. Aftermath of the GT final

    The chart has been removed due to incompetence on my part.
  3. Events UK: Blood and Glory 2017 - Bad Dice Gaming Convention

    Does having an extra ability really make a difference if you will attend the event or not? If you like the army paint it that way, if firestorm is used you get the ability, if not you have a cool army.
  4. Tapatalk Issues

    Personally I use Tapatalk for a quick view of the forum and a quick reply. But use the main browser normally.
  5. Let's chat Fyreslayers

    Some great additional info here the main thing I was aiming for originally was comparing weapon options rather than the two units. From my math vulkites are so much more efficient for the points you're right. If you can't underestimate hearthguard for their density of damage output as you say, especially with Lords of the Lodge.
  6. Top Tier Units Pre and Post GHB2017

    The way I did my one was to assume ranged is of equal value to melee up to a certain range then apply a modifier as range increased. 12" and under x1 12-24 x1.25 24" and over x1.5 reason being is the expected number of attack rounds per game for a ranged unit is about 3-4, 4-5 and 5 respectively. Accounting for deployment and distances etc. Most combat units in my experience get a similar amount of overall attack rounds depending on their speed which is accounted for seperately.
  7. Stopping Murderhost in Scorched Earth

    So to try and be constructive, if assuming the worst you deploy defensively with no counter and the murderhost burn your objectives turn one, you then have two turns to take all three of their objectives or you will likely lose on average(assuming 2 VP per burnt objective) If you take their objectives by turn three and start scoring you will have an equal VP on average by the end of the game if you burn all their objectives turn five. So if you don't have a way to stop them your only chance is to wipe them out asap and get on to their objectives asap. Or hope they get a below average burn on turn one. my plan with Fyreslayers is to deploy deep, in a corner sacrificing two objectives but defending the third best I can and then tunnel something offensive in to the enemy objectives and hope for the best! Turn 1: 9-0 Turn 2: 12-0 Turn 3: 12-3 Turn 4: 12-6 Turn 5: 12-12
  8. Stopping Murderhost in Scorched Earth

    I like your thinking but my personal opinion is that if you need one of a select few units to be in your army just to be able to stand a chance in a battleplan then there is an inherent flaw. Time might tell, but for now I would be interested to hear about the armies that can reliably draw or beat a murderhost in this battleplan. As a Fyreslayer Allegiance player there is nothing I can take including available allies that can defend against this. I just have to sit there and hope my opponent fluffs a lot of rolls.
  9. Let's chat Fyreslayers

    This a copy and paste of my post in the Fyreslayers FB group. I thought I would post here too as many aren't on that group and it's a pretty common question. WHICH IS THE BEST WEAPON OPTION? TLDR: Vulkites Pick and Shield: shock damage against high save targets then anvil and grind. Vulkites Dual axes: Good all round, better against low save targets. Hearthguard Poleaxes: best against high armour Hearthguard Broadaxe: good all round, excellent when buffed. FULL POST To add on to my post yesterday about weapon options, below are the exact mathematical averages for damage against different saves and a second average with a re-roll to wound. Some pertinent points to note: • Vulkites with Shield and Pick are notably better against targets with a save of 3+ or lower on the first round of combat after that they are equal or worse. • Vulkites with Dual axes are better against lower save targets of 5+ or more. After the first round they will out damage pick and shield. • Both weapon options are about even against 4+ save targets. • Both weapon options for vulkites vs all targets see a fairly even benefit when having re rolls to wound. • Hearthguard with Polaxes are better against targets with a save of 4+ or lower • Hearthguard with Broadaxes are better against targets with a save of 5+ or higher • Hearthguard with Broadaxes see a much better benefit when having re rolls to wound. This will make them better than poleaxes against 4+ save targets. Vulkite Berserkers Pick and Shield Damage vs 2+ = 0.37 RRTW 0.42 Damage vs 3+ = 0.42 RRTW 0.55 Damage vs 4+ = 0.50 RRTW 0.67 Damage vs 5+ = 0.59 RRTW 0.80 Damage vs 6+ = 0.67 RRTW 0.92 Vulkite Berserkers Dual Axes Damage vs 2+ = 0.17 RRTW 0.22 Damage vs 3+ = 0.34 RRTW 0.45 Damage vs 4+ = 0.50 RRTW 0.67 Damage vs 5+ = 0.67 RRTW 0.89 Damage vs 6+ = 0.84 RRTW 1.11 Hearthguard Berserkers Poleaxe Damage vs 2+ = 0.51 RRTW 0.53 Damage vs 3+ = 0.56 RRTW 0.62 Damage vs 4+ = 0.62 RRTW 0.70 Damage vs 5+ = 0.67 RRTW 0.79 Damage vs 6+ = 0.73 RRTW 0.87 Hearthguard Berserkers Broadaxe Damage vs 2+ = 0.30 RRTW 0.40 Damage vs 3+ = 0.45 RRTW 0.60 Damage vs 4+ = 0.60 RRTW 0.80 Damage vs 5+ = 0.75 RRTW 0.99 Damage vs 6+ = 0.90 RRTW 1.19 Disclaimer: this information is based on raw math only and not the unique tactical situations that you might encounter in your games. There's every chance that each unit will be individually better than shown here depending on the circumstance.
  10. Age of sigmar & terrain

    Some of the best games of AoS I've played are the ones with the most terrain and using the warscroll rules for them if they had them and rolling for mysterious terrain if not. Here's a few photos of the sort of tables I play on. The warhammer world village table is excellent fun when all buildings are garrisonable! In fact I think having more garrison buildings only makes the game more interesting and tactical.
  11. How important is one drop ?

    Generally one drop armies are going to have some sort of plan and abilities that allow them to take and make the most of the first turn. If you don't that then deploying your whole army at once is likely a disadvantage. In an ideal game you'll want to have one drop less than your opponent so you can make the most of reactive drops whilst still deciding who has the first turn.
  12. Let's chat Fyreslayers

    With the tunnelling of auric, hoe do you go about protecting them? i find they just get deleted the turn after they drop as they're so close to the enemy i.e. 15"
  13. Let's chat Fyreslayers

    Magfather: Exemplar to the Ancestors ,Ash healm. Magson, Jav Magson, Jav Battlesmith 30 vulkites with shields 30 vulkites with axes 30 Hearthguard with pole axe Gryphhound.
  14. Let's chat Fyreslayers

    Poleaxes are a good choice tbh they're good all round elite infantry 30 auric is worthwhile but depend on your list
  15. Scorched Earth battleplan

    Essentially the list works (with some variation) by having the entire Khorne army within the murderhost battalion warscroll which grants multiple units an additional 2d6" move after deployment and then again in the hero phase. Because the list is one drop it will likely go first and can move 4d6" before it's actual move phase. Essentially they can run 5+5d6" or charge 5+6d6" in the first turn. Which on average is 22.5"/26" respectively. His allowing the unit to be on top of your objectives turn one unless they have below average rolls. (Objectives are 24" away but you need to move 22" to be within 3" to burn them) To mitigate this you can: - deploy on the back edge and hope they don't make their rolls for all/most of their units, which is unlikely as each unit will have at least 50% chance of reaching them - deploy on top of the objective with 25/32mm based models to ensure you have equal or more models than them controlling the objective. However they will have a combat phase to try and even this out so unless you have two or three tanky hordes this will also be hard to cover. - have your own movement abilities with freeguild archers, fanatics etc to get in front of the objectives prior to their move. Still this isn't a perfect solution as these tend to be weak unit which will be destroyed easily. All in all its the murderhost is a hard counter for this scenario, you likely won't even be able to play for a draw and will most likely spend five turns going for kill points. My personal opinion is that no one list should have this much impact on a scenario and require every other lists has to be completely changed just to be able to survive. So therefor the murderhost for at least GHB2017 (as it was fine for the previous six battleplans) should be increased further in points.