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  1. Yeah the basic rules way of rolling for terrain is pretty good on average it works out about 8 pieces of terrain, but as mentioned above depending on the sizes of the terrain you may want more or less. I think around 10-12 is best personally
  2. Cool, if I get the chance I'll do a bit of analysis on the top lists if you like? Nothing too crazy but stuff like mortal wound output, damage output, effective wounds etc..
  3. I think the issue is that people don't bother with terrain rules in competitive tournaments as they see it as unbalancing the game, whereas in Age of Sigmar it is part of the game that you should make the most of the scenery. Using 8+ pieces of scenery with their full rules, not just the random chart, changes the game in my opinion and can help balance certain armies. Especially being able to occupy buildings, try creating a whole village or 10+ garisonabld buildings surrounded by hills and woods and see how that changes your games. The old standard of a few hills and woods is not enough for AoS, if every tournament had a lot more terrain on the table I guarantee it would change the lists of armies attending.
  4. It's a nice train of thought, but it's the core rules so the likelyhood of it being changed is extremely low. The main impact of your idea will be to double the damage output of all ranged units in the game. This has such huge implications that would likely require a rework of many other area of the game and all points values for matched play. Currently ranged is of similar overall value to melee, you can project damage with impunity for four to five turns generally. Compared to combat where you probably could get more overall turns if you're fast, tough or lucky. But from what I see more than six (three turns) lots of damage per game is about the average. Overall the idea could work if you don't play with points, but for the amount of work it would take to make it anywhere near balanced, I would not bother.
  5. Personally I've always hated that they don't come with based. It makes them look odd. I always base mine, it makes it easier to play base-to-base and allows cool basing. If you go to a tournament then it's probably worth basing it to avoid confusion In Game.
  6. Pretty much any unit in AoS can be resolved with the following process: • Lure in to a weakened position (I.e. out/in a price of terrain) • Remove external buffing (destroy or isolate a buffing hero) • Limit internal buffing if possible (-1 to hit for example to limit exploding attacks) • Hit with rend/mortal wounds as save dictates. • Otherwise feed it chaff 2+ rerollling 1s save unit must either be in cover or buffed so remove those from play and it should be much easier to deal with. If you have plenty of MW you don't even have to worry about his save buffs.
  7. The very fact that some armies do have a snipe option means you want to have that redundancy in your list, because if you don't and you do face that list, it will be no contest. Most top end lists are built to beat other common top end lists and to be able to survive/draw/not lose against the fringe power lists. Talk of banning things is always the worst way to solve a situation, all it does is cover up an issue it doesn't solve that actual problem. If the tournament organiser or player doesn't like how armies are built for their tournament then add your own campaign/narrative rules that influence a more suitable army selection. Look at the Clash or SCGT for good examples, the Battleplans and objectives make the players want to take more balanced armies but still allow the more extreme ones to be taken like@Ben Johnson four star drake list That's quite literally incorrect. Two separate heroes, two separate artefacts, two separate sources. Just because they have the same effect doesn't make them the same source.
  8. As far as I'm aware you can only have one artefact on any hero and only one command trait on your general.
  9. Yeah there's always going to be a few outliers. Just have to self manage it in your group.
  10. I feel like making the changes you suggest wouldn't really affect the game in any meaningful way. It's still terrain you have to deal with. I actually very much enjoy the way terrain is a big part of the game, especially the "black hole" deadly terrain. It creates interesting dynamics to deployment and movement throughout the game. With mystical terrain it's a gamble, if you're annoyed your unit does nothing then you shouldn't have put your unit in the terrain. Risk vs reward at the end of the day. Personally I feel the issue with terrain is that people are not prepared to use it. Many prefer to just use it as cover. I would always rather use the specific warscrolls for the terrain so buildings are garrisonable and walls are useful etc.
  11. Grimwrath Berserker sees a lot of use with Fyreslayers, he's the best hero for damage output. When you mean the without a command ability though there's little difference unless they're the General. My point being that I use Heroes that do have command abilities but aren't the general. Why are you specifically interested in ones without?!
  12. I find that's a bit of a waste for a one use ability and the extra runesmiter to tunnel him. I like to keep him where he can buff most of the army and often try to aim before the opponent gets their double turn so they have it for two turns [emoji16]
  13. Yes the double turn, using the Lords of the Lodge Battalion to get +3 to the turn roll.
  14. You don't get the to wound reroll on the turn you tunnel though which drops it to 53 wounds through. Still pretty decent and should be able to wipe off any large hero or unit. 560 points is a pretty bit investment though considering how easy it can be taken out. I would probably also tunnel a unit of shield vulkites to form a defence around them. Edit: exactly 1000 points for 30 Vulkites, 30 Auric and 2 Runesmiters. Not bad.
  15. It's not 100% confirmed but this seems to be the most played way. It's definitely stackable.