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  1. Universal Painting and Modelling Efficiency Guide

    Some fantastic tips here guys thank you, very useful lysandestolpe My plan is to extract and consolidate the information in to one easy to use guide, aimed at fairly new painters but useful for all.
  2. I’m looking to build a consolidated repository of guides, tips and techniques for painting and modelling efficiency. Focusing on a good ratio of time vs reward to get a tabletop standard army on the table. Topics I plan to include: • General hobby tips • Army scheme planning methods • Efficient model building techniques • Quick and varied basing • Undercoating efficiently • Speed painting • Finishing touches To speed up the process I am asking for your help, everyone has their own ways and unique methods for getting things done, so post them here! Anything that you think helps you build and paint faster, whether it’s a special tool you found for weathering or some sort of multi model holding vice for undercoating, and actually layering and highlighting techniques I want it all. Thanks in advance for your help, please share far and wide.
  3. They normally have a default reply like that for everything, so don’t be disheartened. It will be picked up, and also various GW reps are on this forum who I’m sure pass on good ideas.
  4. I feel like this is becoming massively over complicated. Realistically the best solution is for the GW app to have the most up to date versions of the warscroll with relevant faq/errata amended on the scroll. It doesn’t break the game for anyone using paper versions, they can still continue to use printed FAQ. And it saves a time and hassle for everyone else. This really is the digital age and there’s no reason for GW to be behind, no matter the company size. Having a Document Contol System in place has little downside and is low relative cost. I mean they must have the underworkings already in place, it’s just not efficiently managed.
  5. Maybe this is something the community could take on? if a GW rep could send editable pdfs of the warscrolls we could make a respository on his site.
  6. I think youre right there about the culture and the main issue is that they just don’t do project management as a whole very well, so the minor detail of document control isn’t even a concept. But as a principle it’s so widely adopted and GW is more than large enough it’s kind of embarrassing that they don’t adopt this stuff.
  7. As someone who works in IT biased project management I can assure you this is a relatively easy task that is commonly done by most businesses. It can be easily seen that GW lack business management techniques in some areas (notably AoS) which I constantly find surprising. Someone at GW needs to employ a PRINCE2 and ITIL specialist.
  8. Let's Chat: Free Guild

    Lots of great insight here. I’ll certainly give some of these further thought and play test as soon as possible. I like your idea with duality, solidly defend one and keep the opponent just behind. Will work well against more combat oriented armies I think. Your last point is spot on, it’s a very defensive ability but you can still use it in an aggressive way. I think positioning is really key with this army.
  9. A few questions

    1. You can paint your models however you like. There’s very few restrictions on painting. 2. Mortal wounds are great to target stormcast heroes as their saves are high, fireball or chain lightning should serve you well. Fyreslayers have little ranged mortal wounds especially against heroes. 3. Yes you can throw both. Some great photos of your army progress there too, fantastic beard scheme.
  10. Let's chat Fyreslayers

    That is a fair point, however that list was very efficient and build around a very specific play style.
  11. Let's chat Fyreslayers

    If you have hearthguard then lords of the lodge is number one 1. Without it they’re not good enough I rated forge brethren quite high before GHB17 but now it’s a bit too expensive. No battalion is hard because you end up with a lot of drops. With two Smiters and a battalion you can sit around the 4 -5 drop range maybe less
  12. Let's Chat: Free Guild

    There’s a lot of talk about army builds on here. Which generally are quite similar from what I can see: • General, General on Griffin • 40 Guard, 40-60 assorted ranged, 1-3 fast units. • Then either a Hurricanum, or Ironweld artillery allies. My question, with this average build in mind, is: How do you approach the GHB17 Battleplans? Knife to the Heart - no unique deployment ability, ranged army, how do you get a major win? Duality of Death - Few relately weak heroes compared to other factions. How do you protect your heroes and also score points? scorched earth/total conquest - Defensive army, how do you project your army while maintaining your objectives? starstrike - how do you ensure you can react to the random objective drops? Battle for the pass - high drop army, can you take back centre objectives if the opponent takes them first?
  13. Let's chat Fyreslayers

    That’s fair enough, and I agree with that ruling. But until it’s in an faq it’s not official. Not everyone watches twitch.
  14. Let's chat Fyreslayers

    It wasn’t confirmed on twitch that was a ruling by the event, not GW.
  15. Let's chat Fyreslayers

    The pick and shields have so much utility compared to the dual axes. Dual axes are good at blending through weak troops, and have decent saves but that’s about it. picks can also go through weak troops, can snipe heroes, can do sneaky tricks with the shields, can also get through armour with the rend.