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  1. Kessler

    Faction Focus - Pointless Speculation

    I believe the comment was answer to "why there are 1 unit factions like Firebellys?" and it just stated that "as soon as the Studio makes new Firebelly models, we will expand the faction". So I understand that they didn't say the faction gets new miniatures, but they would gladly add them, IF Studio makes the models. Actually I hope they won't be allies. Or more correctly I don't see any point in it: there isn't much to win for IJ (Gordrakk/Maw Krusha are at least as good monsters as BCR has), and BCR wouldn't need them either: Gore Gruntas are the same that Mournfangs, all others are VERY slow. Plus, if you have your cool monster army and you "must" add lots of small Ardboys, then it's not really the same . I'd rather hope they buff BCR in some other ways. Like bring back our Stonehorn damage reduction ! Without Battle Brew they aren't that great anyway.
  2. There is an upcoming small 1000 point tournament, so no Braggoth Beast Hammer this time, but for a long time I have wanted to paint and play the Troggoth Hag. So I squeezed her into my 1000 points and had a couple of test games. Both against Ironjaws and with slightly different lists. First game we played the scoring wrong and it was a short game, second was bloodbath. No pictures, because Troggoth Hag has not arrived yet, so I used a proxy. Summary is at the end. 1st game Battleplan: Scorched Earth Armies: Destruction vs Ironjaws Points: 1000 Ironjaws: 1 Weirdnob Shaman 2 x Warchaner 10 x Brutes 20 x Ardboys Troggoth Hag Destruction: Allegiance: Destruction Troggoth Hag, general, Might is Right, Rockeye Grot Shaman 3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas 3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas 10 x Orruks 10 x Orruks 1 x Grot Rock Lobber Pre-battle strategy: use 1 unit of Orruks for holding an objective, put Rock Lobber on center objective to score points and bombard enemy heroes, be on the defence with line of Orruks and keep Troggoth behing them to stop first charge, the puke and pile in. Gore Grutas as mobile distraction/sacrificial units/small tarpits. I t was a rather short game: First round I moved a little, positioned my Orruks and Troggoth a bit, moved my Gruntas a bit. Ironjaws ran forward, except 20 Ardboys who were just sitting around due to Mystical terrain. Second round 10 Brutes charged my Gruntas, one was left standing. Troggoth's vomit was pretty good, but failed with all her casting rolls. Rock Lobber killed the Warchanter. Third round Troggoth killed some more Brutes, failed casting roll and at the end of the round it was clear that Ironjaws have lost pointwise. 2nd game was longer and the lists a bit different: Battleplan: Knife to the Heart Armies: Destruction vs Ironjaws Points: 1000 Ironjaws: 1 Weirdnob Shaman 1 x Warchaner 10 x Brutes 10 x Ardboys 4 x Ironskull's Boys 3 x Fellwater Troggoths (they really should be in MY list!) Troggoth Hag Destruction: Allegiance: Destruction Troggoth Hag, general, Might is Right, Rockeye 12 x Ogors with two clubs 3 x Ogors with two clubs 1 x Gorger 1 x Gorger Pre-battle strategy: try to get charge vs Brutes with my 12 Ogors, ambush and kill Weirdnob and Warchanter with Gorgers. As the battleplan requires 5 models to control the objective I had to table him - not enough models to score. 1st ROUND Ironjaws: I gave initiative to Ironjaws. They moved carefully forward, nothing special. Troggoth: Troggoth cast Mystic Shield on herself, Inspired 12 Ogors, but failed with Destruction move. Ogors moved on, Hag stayed right behind them. Gorgers came out of ambush. Gorgers failed with 12" charge, so did the Ogors, which put them dangerously close to Brutes. And initiative roll was 5 for both of us. And the 5 again for both of us. Then I rolled 2. 2nd ROUND Ironjaws: Fellwater Troggoths moved and vomited on 12 Ogors, killed one. Boys moved to defend heroes against Gorgers. Ardboys charged 3 Ogors, killed one. And Brutes charged 12 Ogors, killed 5. I think I saved one wound... Troggoth: 6 Ogors were dead and I was quite unimpressed with them. They hit back, but did 2 wounds. Other Ogors did no damage at all. Gorgers ran and charged, but even two of them couldn't kill the Weirdnob. Hag failed with a spell, but vomited and charged the Brutes, was extremely lucky and did 16 wounds. 3rd ROUND Ironjaws: From now on it was simply rolling the dice. Weirdnob retreated, Boys killed one Gorger. Brutes killed an Ogre, so did the troggoths. Ardboys killed 2 Ogors. Troggoth: Troggoth failed the casting roll, vomited on Fellwater Troggoths, killed one, killed Brutes (last one ran away). And we called it a day, because Ironjaws had no chance to win. SUMMARY: Troggoth Hag was super fun and good, but mostly due to command ability and artifact that gave +1 to hit and +1 to wound for melee rolls. Her spell is nice on paper, but hard to get, as it I failed ALL casting rolls with her, maximum I managed was 6. Her vomit is really really good against high armour opponents, in melee she's not that good, without artifacts just bad (4+ to hit and only few hits). 12 Ogors were nice tarpit, but offencively didn't perform - while damage 2 is good, the lack of rend and 4+ hit... don't know. Probably they need a Butcher to hope for that +1 to hit lucky dice roll. Also, the Iron Fists are also outdated and two clubs better, because it's rare to meet a unit without rend. I still have a feeling that I could get the same tarpit for 240 points with Savage Orruks. Gorgers were total waste of points, they weren't even a good distraction. Out of the two lists first was definitely more versatile and the other lacked units - it's too hard to play objective game with only 3 units. And while waiting for Troggoth Hag, here are my Gore Gruntas, just for illustration :
  3. Kessler

    Skirmish Warband Final

    Well, at that time I had no idea of "normal colours" . I painted it for pen and paper game and didn't know anything about Daughters of Khaine.
  4. Kessler

    Skirmish Warband Final

    Thanks! I added the warlock, last picture in the post. The paintjob is not that good, I painted it 2 years ago (but based for skirmish now) and it was my 5th model ever painted :).
  5. Kessler

    Skirmish Warband Final

    Thanks! Yes, I met 20 man strong Chaos with Exalted Hero, Chaos Knights, Reavers, Chaos Chosen and Chaos Warriors. It was looking grim for me, as it was mostly melee scrum-in-the-middle type of battleplan, but I was able to time my Knight Azyros's 8" Lantern Bomb (making d6 MWs to Chaos), which killed off most his knights and warriors and almost killed his general. And next round I killed the general and others ran away. Without the bomb I would have been in very hard situation.
  6. Kessler

    Skirmish Warband Final

    The skirmish campaign is at it's end - today will be the final battle. So far the Stormcast have been victorious: 1 minor and 4 major victories. As I planned, I mostly invested in high movement and ranged attacks. And after 5 games I can say that movement is one of the most important characteristics in skirmish battles. My warband's damage output is less than medicore, I won only one battle by wiping enemy out (and even there I just killed the general by dumb luck and others models ran away), otherwise I managed to kill one or two models. But I was able to keep away from the enemy, rarely lost any models and just fulfilled the objectives. For the last two games I took Vanguard-Palladors (love the models!) - their damage output is rather low, but 5 wounds, good save and good movement. So they are my tanky units. Today's the last game, we'll see, how it goes. Here's my final warband, 87 renown: Knight Azyros, general (converted from Prosecutor) Lord-Relictor (converted from Liberator) 2xVanguard-Pallador Liberator Judicator (converted from Vanguard-Hunter) Prosecutor Freeguild Handhunner Doomfire Warlock
  7. Kessler

    Lets chat: Beastclaw Raiders

    No need to worry . I was/am an avid reader of the thread and it's great recource for all kinds of players. It's depressing only if one has plans to win all the major tournaments with BCR .
  8. Kessler

    Lets chat: Beastclaw Raiders

    I'd like to add that heywoah_twitch's thread is great from competitive point of view, but as Malakree pointed out, might be depressing. On the bright side the BCR is very fun and beautiful army to play. In casual games it's pretty good - I have mostly played Braggoth's Beast Hammer battalion, it has been great and not at all underwhelming. Just time your charges well, aim your charges well, use your great mobility and you are good to go. You can check my blog for few Braggoth's battalion battle reports:
  9. Kessler

    Battalions Points

    Really? Which ones you mean? Only compendium or some of those that didn't get allegiance abilities in GHB2017? I'm worried about my ogors and greenskins .
  10. Kessler

    Mixed Destruction "within Ogre Kingdoms"

    For me 6 ironguts have performed surprisingly well, better than ogors. Damage 3 and rend are great, reach 2 makes it easy to pile in. Against good saves 12 ogors just cannot make it. No reach and no rend. Maneaters are good, but with save 5+ they melt fast. Something you don't want from 440 points worth of models.
  11. Kessler

    Skirmish Warband new recruits and conversions

    Thank you. It is from the Grot Scraplauncher scrap pile. Only the front part is visible from the pile, so there's a lot of cutting to do (https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/tZ0AAOSwX0NZxSEQ/s-l1600.jpg).
  12. I was able to finish my heroes before the next game. Both of them converted - Knight Azyros from prosecutor and Lord Relictor from liberator. I tried to make them both as similar as possible, so very simple conversions, nothing fancy. I also painted one Paladin Retributor - I have 8 points spare from last minor victory and I am not sure, should I get Paladin now, or collect renown and then take Relictor for 16 points. I must say Stormcast are surprisingly interesting to paint - simple, but with many possibilities to make it more challenging.
  13. Kessler

    Skirmish Order Warband

    Thanks a lot! I took Azyros, mostly because of Lord Relictor's movement 4. Battleplan was clash at dawn and my opponent had fyreslayers with two heroes, so it was easy for my shooters and high movement guys to stay away and shoot.
  14. Kessler

    Skirmish Order Warband

    There is an upcoming Skirmish campaign in my local shop. I didn't plan to participate, but on the last moment I reconsidered. Which also meant I was in a hurry to get some models. I didn't want to play with my usual Destruction and I have always wanted to paint some Stormcast models. I asked from local community for spare Stormcast models and got few Liberators, two Paladins and two Prosecutors with hammers. I converted one Liberator to Lord-Relictor and one Prosecutor into Knight-Azyros, still WIP. I changed one Prosecutor's hammer to javelin, Liberator's Hammer to sword and added some existing models. I still don't know if I should take Relicttor or Azyros... Here's my 35 renown list: Knight-Azyros/Lord Relictor Liberator Prosecutors with Javelins Doomfire Warlock (old model that I rebased) Freeguild Handgunner, marksman with sniper (borrowed from a friend) I wanted to make the colour scheme similar to Handgunner (red-green) and the armor either battered steel or bronze. Steel didn't match well, bronze was better, although it still looks too much like gold. I hope to get Lord Relictor and Azyros ready this week.