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  1. Mixed Destruction "within Ogre Kingdoms"

    For me 6 ironguts have performed surprisingly well, better than ogors. Damage 3 and rend are great, reach 2 makes it easy to pile in. Against good saves 12 ogors just cannot make it. No reach and no rend. Maneaters are good, but with save 5+ they melt fast. Something you don't want from 440 points worth of models.
  2. Skirmish Warband new recruits and conversions

    Thank you. It is from the Grot Scraplauncher scrap pile. Only the front part is visible from the pile, so there's a lot of cutting to do (https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/tZ0AAOSwX0NZxSEQ/s-l1600.jpg).
  3. I was able to finish my heroes before the next game. Both of them converted - Knight Azyros from prosecutor and Lord Relictor from liberator. I tried to make them both as similar as possible, so very simple conversions, nothing fancy. I also painted one Paladin Retributor - I have 8 points spare from last minor victory and I am not sure, should I get Paladin now, or collect renown and then take Relictor for 16 points. I must say Stormcast are surprisingly interesting to paint - simple, but with many possibilities to make it more challenging.
  4. Skirmish Order Warband

    Thanks a lot! I took Azyros, mostly because of Lord Relictor's movement 4. Battleplan was clash at dawn and my opponent had fyreslayers with two heroes, so it was easy for my shooters and high movement guys to stay away and shoot.
  5. Skirmish Order Warband

    There is an upcoming Skirmish campaign in my local shop. I didn't plan to participate, but on the last moment I reconsidered. Which also meant I was in a hurry to get some models. I didn't want to play with my usual Destruction and I have always wanted to paint some Stormcast models. I asked from local community for spare Stormcast models and got few Liberators, two Paladins and two Prosecutors with hammers. I converted one Liberator to Lord-Relictor and one Prosecutor into Knight-Azyros, still WIP. I changed one Prosecutor's hammer to javelin, Liberator's Hammer to sword and added some existing models. I still don't know if I should take Relicttor or Azyros... Here's my 35 renown list: Knight-Azyros/Lord Relictor Liberator Prosecutors with Javelins Doomfire Warlock (old model that I rebased) Freeguild Handgunner, marksman with sniper (borrowed from a friend) I wanted to make the colour scheme similar to Handgunner (red-green) and the armor either battered steel or bronze. Steel didn't match well, bronze was better, although it still looks too much like gold. I hope to get Lord Relictor and Azyros ready this week.
  6. Lets chat: Beastclaw Raiders

    Check this thread: heywoah tried to ally in 20 or 40 gutbuster grots, but as I recall they were too slow and hindered the fast beastclaw.
  7. Nice Objective Markers

    Whoa, never seen it done, but I wouldn't mind. Huge dragon might really keep small goblins away with his imposing size .
  8. Nice Objective Markers

    After trying out markers with banners and statues, I have settled with simple low height markers, that allow models to stand upon them. Much more comfortable from gaming perspective.
  9. Lets chat: Beastclaw Raiders

    I don't like the models too, I used 40k clawed fiend for yhetee. Nice dynamic model, although it's hard to change its pose for variation. Arm position can be changed a bit, I also filled extra eyes and didn't attach his long tail.
  10. I thought I link here my battle report with Braggoth Beast Hammer vs Slaves of Darkness, might be interesting to read . Long post, but there is a short summary below it:
  11. It's quite long battle report, but there is a summary at the end. Battleplan: Scorched Earth Armies: Beasclaw vs Slaves of Darkness Points: 2000 Slaves of Darkness 1 Mighty Lord of Khorne 1 Exalted Hero 1 Bloodsecrator 1 Hellcannon 1 Chaos Gargant 10 Chaos Hounds 15 Bloodreavers 5 Chaos Knights 15 Chaos Warriors 15 Chaos Warriors 5 Chaos Chosen Beastclaw Raiders: Allegiance: Beastclaw Raiders Frostlord on Stonehorn (460) - General - Trait: Everwinter's Master - Artefact: Tokens of the Everwinter Butcher (140) - Allies 4 x Mournfang Pack (320) - Gargant Hackers 2 x Mournfang Pack (160) - Gargant Hackers 3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140) 3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140) Thundertusk Beastriders (360) Braggoth's Beast Hammer (260) Total: 1980 / 2000 Allies: 140 / 400 Wounds: 98 Pre-battle strategy: Opponents hitting power was mostly on the left flank, so I decided to tank that side and destroy the other to get points by burning the objectives. 1st ROUND Slaves: I gave initiative to Slaves. They ran forward, quite close to me, player understated the damage ouput of buffed up Mournfangs and Stonehorn. Hellcannon bombarded Thundertusk and Stonehorn, missed Stonehorn, but giving 5 wounds to Thundertusk (and he dropped in damage table, making his Ice Blast damgage D3 and making him useless). Collected 0 points. Beastclaw: Butcher Mystic Shielded Stonehorn and took damage from cauldron. Stonehorn gave his command ability to reroll charges. Everwinter gave reroll saves of 1. Everybody charged forward. Stonehorn got +1 to hit for being close to Ironjaws, charged Chaos Knights, did 3 mortal wounds and killed them. 4 man unit of Mournfangs charged Chaos Hounds, did 20 wounds and almost killed the unit. +1 to hit from being close to Ironjaws helps a lot. Gruntas made 5 wounds to Gargant, Gargant killed one Grunta. On the other flank things didn't go that well. Gruntas didn't make the charge, but 2 man Mournfangs made a long one. That allowed them to stay within 6 inches of Gruntas, getting +1 to hit. I rolled pretty well, killing few Chaos Chosen, but one Mournfang died. Thundertusk missed with shooting, Vulture missed Hellcannon crew, Ice Blast did 3 wounds to Bloodsecrator. Collected 1 point with Butcher. 2nd ROUND Slaves: as is norm, I lost initiative roll (and all following rolls). Hellcannon bombarded Thundertusk and Stonehorn, who halved the damage and got only 2 mortal wounds. Gargant killed one Grunta, wounded the other. Chaos chosen killed lonley Mournfang, charged Thundertusk, who magically survived on 1 wound. They came too close to Gruntas, I piled in and killed one Chaos Warrior. Mighty Lord charged Stonehorn, did 2 damage (Mystic Shield helped a LOT). Stonehorn failed to kill him (yup, missed most his attacks, did 3 wounds). Fortunately the reality didn' split and Stonehorn remained on board. Collected 1 point. Beastclaw: On right flank this time Stonehorn managed to kill Mighty Lord. Mournfangs killed Gargant. On left flank Thundertusk Ice Blasted Bloodsecrator to death, killed one crew member from Hellcannon with Vulture, missed with crossbow. Gruntas killed some Chaos Warriors and even Thundertusk killed one. Collected 1 point. 3rd ROUND Slaves: Hellcannons fury couldn't be caged. Chaos Chosen and Exalted Hero charged Gruntas and killed them. Thundertusk was killed. Beastclaw: Butcher failed with Mystic Shield, but gave +1 to hit to Stonehorn. Which was VERY helpful, because later Stonehorn dropped on damage table, but due to getting +1 from Butcher and +1 from being close to Ironjaws mitigated that. On right flank Mournfangs burned an objective, collected 3 points. Gruntas burned another, collected 3 points. Stonehorn charged to left flank, but was still close to one Grunta and got +1 to hit. Made 1 mortal wound for charging, killed Chaos Chosen. Exalted Hero gave him many wounds, 6 remained (really missed the Mystic Shield). Now I used the once per battle ability from Battalion and piled in second time. Killed Exalted Hero and most Chaos Warriors. Collected 7 points this round. 4th ROUND Slaves: Chaos Warriors moved to my objective, Hellcannon bombarded Stonehorn, but missed one shot and made 2 wounds with the other. Chaos Warriors couldn't kill Stonehorn. And we called the game, as it was impossible for him to get enough points. Major victory to the Braggoth's Beast Hammer. SUMMARY: Interesting game, but I really benefited from killing opponent's weaker right flank. 6 points from this. Killing heroes was also very helpful. I like the battalion - keeping Ironjaws and Beastclaw within 6 inches is very restrictive, but +1 to hit is massive. IF you get the charges, Mournfangs with +1 to hit, mortal wounds from charge, damage 3 are simply great. However, 2 man unit actually underperforms even with +1 to hit, so keep the on 4s. The second pile in can be great - it's usually better to do it as soon as you have charged (because later you might not get to charge at all, but this time it was a bit pointless, as only Gruntas wound have attacked. And being able to do that later with Stonehorn was pretty decisive. Now Stonehorn is still not worth his points. 460 point monster who even with +1 to hit makes 3 wounds... what? Before the game I actually thought to take 2 additional Mournfangs instead of a Butcher, but he really is a must. Without Mystic Shield Stonehorn dies like a fly and little chance to get +1 is also useful. Especially late in the game, when Gruntas are dead and Beasclaw won't get +1 to hit. Gruntas felt quite unimpressive, but actually I rolled really bad with them - mostly 2s. So I just have to try them put more. Thundertusk was a waste. Almost complete waste of 360 points. They are great if opponent has no access to ranged weapons, but Hellcannon's range was 48". And he comes down on damage table so fast that you only get to Ice Blast for d3 mortal wounds. In melee he's bad. Missile weapons are bad. Vulture is nice to pick some annoying units, but that is also 50/50 chance. Probably next time I take additional Mournfangs to fill the battleline (or Stonehorn Beastriders), and yhetees to try them out. Maybe Hunter/Skal battalion is better to ambush warmachines. Or ally in Troggoth Hag (instead of Butcher and Thundertusk) or vanilla Ogors.
  12. Destruction Wide Buffs

    Destruction lacks grand alliance wide buffs. I think the only destruction keyword buff is Gordrakk's command ability: +2 attacks to one destruction unit (or battalion).
  13. Kitbash help

    I'm also kitbashing yhetees, but I am still waiting for one Clawed Fiend from 40K to see how it fits. So I cannot say for sure, but I will try three options: -vargheist head (and cut the top and chin a bit to make it more rounded) -orruk head with some greenstuff (like the one Nutty linked) -just greenstuff the original head a bit
  14. I made a second Bucher conversion for my Gutbuster/Beastclaw army. I used Blood Bowl ogre. It is a little bit smaller than usual ogors, but not noticeably so, and has really nice dynamic pose. Gives some variety to otherwise quite similar and static ogors. So I put Ironblaster ogor head on him and hands from regular Ogors. That required some greenstuffing and cutting, but it was easy enough and I hid the flaws with shoulder plates. Cauldron is also from Ironblaster/Scraplauncher kit, filled with bits. All in all it was fun little conversion and Blood Bowl ogre suits well, I like the forward rushing pose and how he drags forth fresh meat for his cauldron.