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  1. I made a second Bucher conversion for my Gutbuster/Beastclaw army. I used Blood Bowl ogre. It is a little bit smaller than usual ogors, but not noticeably so, and has really nice dynamic pose. Gives some variety to otherwise quite similar and static ogors. So I put Ironblaster ogor head on him and hands from regular Ogors. That required some greenstuffing and cutting, but it was easy enough and I hid the flaws with shoulder plates. Cauldron is also from Ironblaster/Scraplauncher kit, filled with bits. All in all it was fun little conversion and Blood Bowl ogre suits well, I like the forward rushing pose and how he drags forth fresh meat for his cauldron.
  2. "Just Play Better"

    I think they are very decent and could potentially alleviate some of BCR weaknesses. They are as good as Ogors, with rend but worse save. And that 6" pile in looks great! But unfortunately they are not battleline and therefore require at least 480 points on mournfang battleline. If you add in two big beasts there are not much points left for mass yhetee. You could take Frostlord on Thundertusk for yhetee battleline, but he is just so much worse than huskard and 80 points more... I think balanced list of mournfangs and about 12 yhetees would be fun and pretty good. And wasting 160 EUR to 12 ugly models... ouch!
  3. Ironblaster completed

    Thanks! Actually my ogor is also not in the slots, it was a bit hard to fit these and cannon belts. Good luck with your own, it was fun to paint!
  4. Ironblaster completed

    On the first day of 2018 I completed Ogor Ironblaster. I was a very nice model to paint, however, as a hindsight I must say that I should have made the cannon darker, more bronze-looking. Would have looked better overall. There can be seen my fist try of OSL shining from the lantern. It does not really look like one, but it's okay for the first try, I will try again next time. I used yellow glaze mixed with little bit of the same yellow I used for lantern. Considering its rules I don't think it sees much action, but I just like the model and I will definitely try it out on same game. The main reason for buying it was actually the need for specific bit: scraplauncher bucket for my Butcher cauldron. And that will be my next little project, painting up the second butcher. And a picture of converted Butcher, waiting for paint.
  5. "Just Play Better"

    I had an idea, maybe worth trying: any BCR list, but change Stonehorn for Troggoth Hag ally, she might be sufficiently tanky: 16 wounds, -1 to hit, 4+ save, additionally -1 to hit from spell, regeneration d6. Move 8 means she won't stay behind, very good missile attack, not so good melee and 360 points. Edit: would have to lose the butchers, though... probably a deal breaker.
  6. Ogor conversion question

    I think Savage Orruks heads are the biggest - they seem way off on Brutes, for example. I don't have swapped heads picture, but here's a picture with ogor standing beside savage orruks, maybe it helps.
  7. "Just Play Better"

    I don't get what's so terrible about that 18" mortal wounds. There are plenty of units for less points that can make more than 6 wounds from longer range. I mean it's still just 6 wounds, who cares that there is "mortal" in the name. For 360 points one can get lots of handgunners, savage Arrowboys or war machines and whatever your saves are they can push through 6 wounds. Plus it's really easy to get the Thundertusk down to d6 mw-s. I think Thundertusk sounds more terrible than it really is. PS. I know mw-s have certain benefits and it's great ability, it's just that saying its OP is a bit too much I think.
  8. Blog import

    I just imported my old blog from other hosting site to here. After some initial troubles it seems to be working now. It will be the place to post my painted miniatures, WIPs, conversions and occasional battle reports. Mostly Ogor or at least Destruction related stuff. I started with the hobby quite recently, therefore I'm still a beginner in both painting and gaming. Currently I have an Gutbuster Butcher conversion in progress and unpainted Ironblaster waiting in queue.
  9. Converted Butcher WIP

    The second Blood Bowl Ogre was meant for Butcher conversion. I wanted it to pose him differently from Tyrant, use other hands etc. While converting the tyrant was easy kitbashing, there was much more to do with a Butcher. I attached normal Gutbuster ogor's arms on it and used Grot Scraplauncher bits for cauldron, both required some greenstuffing and messing with wires for chains. Anyway, now the greenstuff is hardening and it looks rather nice. I probably add some body parts fallen from the cauldron to the base as well. However, I'd like to change/hide his gutplate, but don't have any good idead how to do it easily. View the full article
  10. Converted Tyrant

    I just finished new converted Tyrant for my Gutbusters - some day I want to try out running two tyrant list. But mostly I just wanted to paint the Blood Bowl Ogre and kitbash some weapons to him. I really like the dynamic pose of the model. It's very good alternative to any Gutbuster hero model. Or it can well be made into Maneaters. My next idea is to convert an additional Butcher from the same Blood Bowl model, but this requires a bit more than just kitbashing. I added some pictures for comparison as well - Blood Bowl Ogre compared to normal ogor and my firts converted Tyrant. I was a bit worried that Blood Bowl ogor is too small and don't match, but you can hardly say that. He might be a little bit smaller, but that can easily changed with higher base and big weapon. View the full article
  11. Gutbusters Gunline 2000

    But the same is with scraplaunchers? I mean their hit ratio is even worse: 3+/4+. Ironblaster at least gets a reroll if there are more models. Plus it has rend and better chance of hitting/wounding. But yeah, both are units that usually just stand on the board and don't do anything. Cool idea, if you ever play it, let us know how it goes.
  12. Haven't had much hobby time for a long time, but now the mojo is back and a little bit more time as well. I had few games in the meantime, tried out my regular Gutbusters list (Tyrant, Butcher, ogors, ironguts and leadbelchers) and irongut heavy list (Tyrant, leadbelchers, and lots of ironguts). The last one feels good, definitely want to try it out more. Ironguts really need some luck to be effective, but if they have luck... wow, can they up the carnage! From the last tournament my ogors won a box of Blood Bowl. I had never played it, but it was interesting enough to paint the miniatures. That took ages, from May to December. But now both teams are finally finished and I am especially content with the orc team - yep, seems I really enjoy painting orcs more than those puny humans! I tried out some freehand on their shoulderplates and worn look on armor. I also converted one 40k ork and bloodreaver to star players. Pictures below. Now I'm in the middle of converting second Tyrant from Blood Bowl ogre (very cool dynamic model) and plan to paint an Ironblaster and convert a second butcher for ogors. View the full article
  13. converted Yheti's - BCR

    I think clawed fiend is a good proxy for yhetees: https://www.games-workshop.com/en-BE/Dark-Eldar-Clawed-Fiend Very nice dynamic models, just cut the tail and maybe change the face a bit. However, quite pricey for 3 models.
  14. Should I still buy Gutbusters

    Additionally, if i remember correctly, there are 6 ogors, 6 ironguts and 4 leadbelchers. They are fielded in units of 3, so you can convert one into tyrant or butcher. Ogors are great for simple conversions.
  15. By unreliable i meant that unreliable to get +1 to hit for ironguts: 33%. And that's why I want him Also, usually my butcher hangs somewhere between 3 to 5 wounds: all wounds self inflicted. So he's more like 4 wound wizard :). With 5+ save. The spell might be great, but 7 is a bit hard for casting and then hoping to roll 4 to attack again... I don't now... I haven't made the math, but rolling 7 and then 4 and 4+ again and then hope to roll damage well is unreliable for me :). So you might expect 3-4 mortal wounds out of it? If I have one butcher, I always cast mystic shield anyway. However, till now I always took it and will take again, actually I'm converting another one right now. Very fun model to play with. And as I said, almost a must, too. I missed him. Concerning grots: can be useful, but actually I have no idea. I don't like painting small models and don't like moving 40 models on the board. So not an option for me anyway.