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  1. This is great all around. I hope your group had a blast playing it.
  2. this is very cool! thank you for sharing. Love the documents you have created for it.
  3. I like the warscroll, seems fun.
  4. I like this....a lot.
  5. @TheMadJester, that makes sense!
  6. I like those wings better than the othres.
  7. I think the issue with Skirmish is that its sooooo bad people will go back to Hinterlands because it gives a much better experience for what people are looking for at that model count. People wanted Mordhiem, and Skirmish isn't it.
  8. or they wanted to put something out that competed with Hinterlands. Let's face it, AOS28 and Hinterlands are better products (or ideas, whatever you want to call them) than anything GW has come out to try and push or advertise AOS.
  9. very cool, how many points is that?
  10. Was anyone at Warhammer Fest and get a good look at this table? Are the clouds made out of cotton ball stuff and grey paint?
  11. Sounds great. I think your Ogre/Demon Prince model would be too small to be a demon prince.
  12. was this all on twitch or written down somewhere?
  13. Nice narrative write up!
  14. What are you going to do for rules for the rhinox rider? Use the old WFB rules and modify them? Use rhinox profile and one of the stonehorn rider weapon rules?