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  1. Thundercake

    High Warden no longer in App

    Did anyone else notice this? The rest of the units from Isle of Blood are still under Swifthawk agents but the High Warden is not. Makes me feel like Reavers are not long for AOS matched play, which is sad as I just figured out a mounted 1k list using them and dragon blades.
  2. Cogfort commander almost ready to get painted. However, he needs a pistoler/outrider pistol or an arkanaut company pistol. Anyone got one, a right handed one, just one? I've got temptus scion weapons, grave guard, black knights to trade. Anyone?
  3. was it the plastic glue or the plastic cement that melts the plastic and then fuses it together that you used?
  4. wanted to like everything on this thread page but ran out of damn likes for today.
  5. Thundercake

    The Fleet of Bones

    @Obscureblade great ship! Where is the model from?
  6. I think the centaur is great. Top body from a Deepkin?
  7. my new favorite thread! can't wait to see more of this come together.
  8. Thundercake

    The Fleet of Bones

    love those seahorses! also, like boaty boat boat.
  9. @Davariel there we go!
  10. This is great. Now I want a map.
  11. Thundercake

    The Rumour Thread

    i'd say people are probably talking about the zoomed out shot we get of this thing, which is very similar to the khaldia image. one thing I thought of is that some of these shots/images may be different pieces of concept art or the different scales causing things to look different.
  12. Thundercake

    Skirmish in AoS 2.0

    This was my favorite part of the reveal yesterday. I'd love a slight re-work of the skirmish rules to make them more like the Hinterlands rules. I'd like a refinement of how models are chosen/added/what they are worth points wise, maybe a better progression system for heros, and a way for summoning and look out sir to work. With it being wizards hunting spells, it seems like summoning should be added in.
  13. this is insane good. my favorite is the grot riding the nazghul.
  14. Thundercake

    The Rumour Thread

    There is also this image in that trailer. I see roses and some sort of headgear that almost looks DOK (but thats obviously not it). Roses to me point Isabella but the rest looks like Khaldia for me.