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  1. Path to glory, Narrative play

    looking great!
  2. Path to glory, Narrative play

    pictures pictures!
  3. AoS Coach

    hmmmm, maybe things about how to play towards specific scenarios? Like how to be successful in x battleplan using y type of army, or something like that.
  4. All the Nurglings

  5. All the Nurglings

    got a picture of it? or know anyone that does?
  6. The Rumour Thread

    How cool would it be if it was the narrator guy from the videos on the MP website? I think he had some scrolls on him or around him in a video or two.
  7. Let's Create: Start Collecting Boxes

    Another elf one, to move some old stock and cause I like the lions in the chariots Lion Rangers: Archmage or Loremaster White Lion Chariot White Lions (unit of 10) White Lions (unit of 10) Right at 520/500 points and 130-140 dollars in actual model costs.
  8. Let's Create: Start Collecting Boxes

    Skyre one made me think of Swifthawk Agents: Sky Warden Chariot Chariot SpireGuard though, I dunno if that saves money really. It is 500 points though.
  9. Let's Create: Start Collecting Boxes

    God I want this and the Devoted of Sigmar one.
  10. All the Nurglings

    If you could find all the bits off of Ebay or a friend, it'd probably be the cheapest army ever!
  11. All the Nurglings

    I thought about including him but looked at the sprue and it seemed like he was part of the stomach mold so i left him out.
  12. The Forgotten Dead - A PicLog

    love that mierce miniature model, is that the biggest one that looks like that or is there a bigger one?
  13. New Project - Vanguard Chamber (Slow build)

    Looking forward to seeing this! i think it is called world o bits on ebay, they may have the bits you need.
  14. All the Nurglings

    @S133arcanite damn! missed tarzan!
  15. but isnt morghur a beastman character and scroll? it all looks amazing! edit, i'm an idiot, it counts as a treelord ancient, i get it!