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  1. Sounds great. I think your Ogre/Demon Prince model would be too small to be a demon prince.
  2. was this all on twitch or written down somewhere?
  3. Nice narrative write up!
  4. What are you going to do for rules for the rhinox rider? Use the old WFB rules and modify them? Use rhinox profile and one of the stonehorn rider weapon rules?
  5. These are great. Back in 8th, I started to do the exact same thing as your warpigs........but never finished. Love them!
  6. They look great on that blue mat. If you make a display board or a gaming table, make it blue!
  7. Does anyone else think the model looks great except for the hips, which whether it is because of the loincloth or because they wanted to make him sorta fat around the middle, which seem to big and flappy?
  8. Love your Shaggoth paint job. It is a great model. I like your Kharadon paint scheme, the white armor is a nice change. However, the ballons being white don't work for me (but in all fairness, the whole metal bubbles holding up a ship are a struggle for me to get my head to accept).
  9. What are the white parts of the riders made from? Also, it looks good for being built from scratch. The one part I dislike are the teeth on the squigs. The 2nd and 4th ones look to flat or drawn on or something to me. The 5th one has the best teeth in my opinion.
  10. I like it all, but for the flaming sword. For some reason it doesn't fit in my mind with what you wrote. But even the sword is well painted.
  11. seems like each of his faction overview videos has a story at the beginning. this one was pretty good.
  12. These guys look great.
  13. Yea, I think I worded my response poorly. I agree about the command traits. I think i really meant special orders, which you covered in your response.
  14. Did u add the bit to the top of those helmets?
  15. This is great. It would be awesome to see a named character in the future that gives more effective orders or has a new orders.