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  1. I can't sort through all the podcasts, which would other people say are the best for narrative/open play, fluff, background, and such? Seems like most things I find are focused on tournaments. I know garagehammer does pretty good background/book reviews.
  2. I've been looking at the Kroot models for a while now, trying to figure out how to put them into AOS. I think anything Chaos related would work. I think they lend themselves to Slaves to Darkness with a Tzeentch tint or maybe some sort of swamp theme to a destruction army.
  3. Spire guard conversion ideas appreciated!

    what theme are you going for? or what do you want them to look like?
  4. White lions conversion

    I've used the cape, shoulder pad, and axe to make some witch hunters using the admec techpriest body and flagellant heads.
  5. Show us your vampires!

    Thanks for the images. The hardest thing I'm coming up with is a base model to use that isn't standing, or wearing a giant dress. I have though about using tree-reveant heads as they look rather ghoulish with that hair.
  6. The Defenders of Greenwater - My Order army

    very cool!
  7. Show us your vampires!

    If anyone has some painted up vamps, show them off! Especially if they are conversions. I am trying to figure out how to make a sitting vampire (don't want to use the ones from the Coven Throne) for a kitbash blackcoach. Or a vampire hanging off the side of the coach. For one hanging off the side I was thinking a Dark Eldar model from their flying boat thingie as the base. Or the deathmark harlequin guy for a sitting or crouching vampire. Any ideas?
  8. Wight King crypt

    I didn't realize the size of this till I saw a model on it!
  9. Free Cities Generator - Bring your cities

    Glimmer Port Glimmer Port exists along the shores of the Silver Sea in Chamon. The current city is built on duradin ruins which had become the site of a great forge of Khorne, before a host of Stormcast cleansed the area during the Realmgate. Now. home to Humans who work a new forge, straining metals from the silver sea to work into new weapons for the armies of Sigmar. These civilians frequently experience dreams ghosts from ages past, duradin, demons, and scions of Sigmar. A massive mausoleum stands in the center of this sprawling metropolis, housing the remains of the durdain that were found and as a temple to the Stormcast that fell during the battle. Though no Stormcast remain in Glimmer Port, a legion of Seraphon guard the city and the armory that is now full of newly forged weapons. Recently a strange company of Sylvaneth, covered in some sort of bronze bark, made contact with the city. Apparently, they have been in the hills to west for centuries, hiding from chaos. With these newfound allies, the garrison of the city is bolstered and new ore deposits have been tapped in those hills.
  10. WIP Wight King crypt

    very cool!
  11. FEC and the Silver Maiden

    Find a horse model you like, then take one of the vampires from the coven throne. Put that vampire on the horse. Paint it like a spectre/hexwraith/banshee. Use banshee rules, just with a slightly larger model. Its fluffy and I think it'd be cool.
  12. Araby? Shifting sands in AoS

    Show us more!
  13. Kharadron Bases Help

    I like your second idea. Island breaking ship!
  14. jesus christ thats good.
  15. First Models painted

    Your general is great!