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  1. For casual players to take place in a campaign, I think you need a easy entry point. Something along the lines of a number of scenarios or quests that will fit different army sizes (anywhere from 1-2 units up to 2.5k points or higher). The result of each of these games needs to have a result on the overall campaign. Maybe changing terrain and table effects for other people in the next "cycle" or changing objectives/scenarios in future "cycles". This creates the problem of how does a new player invest in the story line when other players may be 4-5 "cycles" past that? A possible answer could be having two different background stories for each scenario. One around the main story line that progresses each cycle and another background fluff piece that applies after the main group has moved on.
  2. What do you dislike about them? If you have leftover bits from tree-revenants could you use spirit hosts to kitbash something wispy looking? I'm guessing you dislike the tree-ness of the dryads?
  3. that is a ton of flagellants
  4. I'd look at the monstrous arcanum (sp) for some ideas. I believe there are some dragons in there. You could also look at the warscroll for the empire dragon from forgeworld or archons dragon.
  5. All depends ont he quality of the plastic in my opinion, and if the scale of the weapons matches with AOS or not.
  6. But you could build two of them and have a portal between the two pillars that let you travel between two sides of the map. Use them as mini realm gates!
  7. This is great! I want a table wide shot!
  8. Those fell bats are awesome. What are the bodies from?
  9. If you don't have the funds for models and paint you can always try using tokens (I totally understand that a HUGE draw of this hobby is the modelling and painting aspects, I'm just trying to give an option for some one that wants to try it without dropping a lot of money.) You could fairly easily use GIMP or another software package to take images of a unit or model and print that on a circular cardboard disc that is the same size as the base of that model. You could then use these disc's as a way to play the game until you have the money for the models. Or to cheaply try new armies.
  10. this is all amazing. Great work! Some bits on those zombies form Hail Caesar?
  11. This is awesome! Gimme me districts!
  12. Use the carnosaur for something, counts a griffon or black dragon, or is a feral beast that has beast tamers or something. Just use it! Also, take the Corsairs and give them giant dragonslayer axes. That would be cool.
  13. just browsed through it but that looks pretty sweet. I liked the first story that pops up on the main page.
  14. Personally, i wouldn't do it. If I was in someone else's shoes that entered the competition, painted everything myself, and lost to a guy that had models in his army he hadn't painted I would feel cheated. Back when I played in tournaments, I won a couple of best painted/best sports/best fluff (which always had a painting component in them), I would've felt like ****** if I had won based on someone else's painted models that I used.
  15. I here your pain. I feel similarly to what you are describing. The result is I have a bunch of story/army ideas jotted down on paper and not much ever happens with them. For example, a narrative arc about some Devoted of Sigmar in the realm of shadows and how their civilization changes from the Age of Myth through the Age of Chaos into the Age of Sigmar. I just need other players that also want to build 3 different warbands showing their own evolution and change.