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Lord Veshnakar

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  1. Lord Veshnakar

    Scgt : Predictions

    Anyone know how this event went down?
  2. Lord Veshnakar

    Black Knights and/or Hexwraiths in LON

    This is the kind of discussion I wanted, I appreciate the insight guys! Yeah I am thinking I am going to run 10 Black Knights in my GHON. Buffed with Lord of Nagashizzar and the +1 attack command trait they will be dishing out 8 attacks a piece, 4 of which are 2 damage on the charge. That's pretty gnarly honestly. Not having rend is a potential issue but with their movement they can choose their fights and save the high armor targets for the Morghast.
  3. Lord Veshnakar

    Black Knights and/or Hexwraiths in LON

    Do they have a place/use in the lists? I have seen a lot of LON lists and rarely are they included. Can anyone stand to make a case for them or has anybody found a good use for them? Both are fast which is useful, black knights seem decent on the charge and Hexwraiths are really durable and can fly so seem like they would be great at securing objectives but I am not sure if it wouldn't just be better to take more GG, Skeles, and Dire Wolves. Would love to hear what you guys think though. I have 15 of them unbuilt on sprue and I am curious to hear the consensus.
  4. Lord Veshnakar

    Optimizing Lords of Sacrament

    If not two units of 40 skeletons, one unit of 40 skeletons, and one unit of 60 zombies is a LOT of fun.
  5. Lord Veshnakar

    Flesh Wash Advice Needed

    If you are using this straight over white primer it may be that the white primer you are using is leaving a fine dust of white granules on the surface and it is mixing. Otherwise, yeah, I think you have a bad pot
  6. Lord Veshnakar

    Poll: What Allegiance(s) Do You Play?

    Have you posted this in the AoS facebook group yet? I am curious to see what everyone is playing. And if not do I have your permission to do so?
  7. I'll set the stage here first that I am a fairly strongly narrative-oriented AOS player. I was working on conceptually building out a Legion of Sacrament army and I was curious what peoples thoughts were on how believable it is for an Aelf to become one of Arkhan's Black Disciples, a disciple of Nagash himself and/or even a Necromancer? I am sure I could justify it from a lore standpoint but I was curious if this had come up in any of the lore thusfar from AOS? I know Nagash was able to create necromancy in part through use of Dark Magic he learned from captured Dark Aelven Sorceresses, so it's likely they have a natural propensity for it if humans can manage to master it (which may be in part due to their obsession with death due to how short the human lifespan is by comparison), but I am just curious of other's thoughts. Would this feel a little lore-forced if you saw an Aelven Necromancer or even Soulblight?
  8. Lord Veshnakar

    Legions of Nagash FAQ Compilation Thread.

    So the Legion of Sacrament is the only way to access either of the two new lores? That seems off to me.
  9. Lord Veshnakar

    Legions of Nagash FAQ Compilation Thread.

    I would like to contribute the following. 1) Can the Sepulchral Guard warscroll be taken in a "Legions of Nagash" army? 2) For the Legion of Sacrament it states "All wizards in a Legion of Sacrament army know one additional spell from one of the Lores of the Dead." Does this mean for instance a Necromancer in a Legion of Sacrament army would generate 1 spell from the Lores of the Dead, or two?
  10. Lord Veshnakar

    Taking Sepulchral Guard in a LoN army

    That's exactly what happened.
  11. Lord Veshnakar

    Taking Sepulchral Guard in a LoN army

    This is a clip from the new Legions of Nagash book. What I am wondering, is would I be able to take my unit of Sepulchral Guard from shadespire in a Legion of Sacrament army? From the attached pic I assume if I include them in my army I would simply give them the Legion of Sacrament keyword then yes?
  12. Lord Veshnakar

    8 Lores of Magic

    That was kind of my point. I mean I don't really have a horse in the race on the matter, I mean I play fyreslayers, I only have one means of dispelling and its from an artifact, but I have friends who play Seraphon, Collegiate Arcane, and Darkling Coven and not having a racial lore like Tzeentch, Sylvaneth, or Bonesplitterz definitely removes/minimizes the ability for them to field really "magic focused" armies like the aforementioned 3 can. I was just trying to come up with a clever way of blanket future proof giving the magic heavy allegiances that don't have their own magic lore a means to compete magically with armies like Tzeentch, Sylvaneth, or Bonesplitterz without going in and tailoring a lore just for one allegiance to use . Definitely didn't mean to draw in the "WHFB is dead, get over it" crowd. Yikes. I was just bringing up the 8 lores because they match the 8 realms we are currently fighting in and it kind of made sense.
  13. Lord Veshnakar

    8 Lores of Magic

    Whoa now. Come on, I play Fyreslayers since they were released and I was playing the game (a lot) even before the points came around. I have fully embraced the game. The lores of magic represent the 8 Mortal Realms we are currently fighting in. I just thought it would be a characterful addition and could help the armies that don't have access to their own magic lores but are supposed to be very wizard focused like Seraphon or Darkling Coven.
  14. Lord Veshnakar

    8 Lores of Magic

    Not sure if this has been brought up before but I am curious to people's thoughts on something like this. For those that played Warhammer in the previous few editions, there were always 8 winds of magic lores in addition to the racial lores. Namely Shadow, Fire, Beasts, Metal, Heavens, Light, Life, and Death. Currently certain armies, namely Tzeentch, Bonesplitterz, and Sylvaneth all have their own racial magic lore. This affords a lot of flexibility to these armies and creates a pretty big rift between the capabilities of wizards in armies that do have lores vs those that don't. My thought would be to add the 8 winds of magic lores back to the game, each with 6 spells a piece like past editions. Not all wizards could use all of the winds, like for instance Darkling Coven Sorceresses could only use say Shadow, Wanderers wizards would only have access to Life, Seraphon wizards would only use Heavens, just to keep it somewhat balanced and discourage favoritism of a particular lore. So you think something like this clog up the game too much?
  15. Lord Veshnakar

    Aftermath of the GT final

    Talk about a varied scorecard! VERY awesome to see! Hope we can get to see lists for at least the top 20!