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  1. I feel that this was more of a "how it was originally intended" adjustment. And because squads of all aethercannons or mortars buffed by Khemists was really really good.
  2. Also I fully support this for all of the reasons you mention Ben. There are so many forums out there to join the voice of the moan and complain choir for Age of Sigmar. The whole idea if it rubbing people the wrong way that someone would like to have a ******-fest free place to discuss their favorite hobby is a little confusing. I feel like this behavior is a hold out of the anti-GW crowd from fantasy. Those people that still haunt forums because they are still upset about the loss of Fantasy, but begrudging trudge along because they still have their models and can't really let go of WHF. I know this seems inflammatory, but honestly if all you want to do is moan and complain about AOS this really isn't the place for you.
  3. While I don't fully doubt they check out this forum from time to time, they know death needs attention because about every post on the AOS facebook page that GW makes is filled with "BUT WHAT ABOUT DEATH/AELVES/MY ARMY GAMESWORKSHOP" cancer posts.
  4. Ohh, back to Aqshy. Sounds like an excuse for more Fyreslayers. Bring on the Magmadroth chariots!
  5. We we are also forgetting that these new battleline units are likely all going to be "battleline if" which would mean say for instance you want to use Stormvermin (what some would consider elite) as battleline, you would have to have verminus allegiance. Its not like everyone that plays chaos could take Stormvermin as BL in their allies.
  6. A lot of the problem with summoning is the mindset from previous editions of WHF, that as a player that is summoning you somehow deserve more points than your opponent. Maybe reduce the casting values for the summoning spells themselves to mitigate the difficulty of summoning units but I definitely think summoning pool should stay exactly as is though. Summoning in the past was to account for the fact that undead crumbled and units like Skeletons/Zombies weren't really that great in combat. Undead units aren't subpar anymore. Skeletons, and to a lesser extent zombies, can completely wreck now. And wait until people see the Massive Regiments rules, and how absurd it makes 40 strong Skeleton units.
  7. The old metal squigs with the goofy faces and the old trolls were some of my favorites when I was a kid. All things considered now though I would have to say the Weirdnob Shaman and the Auric Runemaster are tied for my all time favorites, with the weirdnob winning out by a very little bit.
  8. A little primer, I have been playing Warhammer for around 20 years now. I was a huge fan of fantasy and gave AOS' setting an honest shot when AOS first came out and I have been absolutely hooked ever since. The best part for me about AOS as a narrative gamer and huge lore-head, is that I can create a story around an area and perhaps an immense city or a large port and the surrounding area, and it's practically canon merely due to the scope of the realms and the places beyond. Whereas if in WHF scope was incredibly limited and space was so finite that some things didn't make sense or bordered on being too fantastical. To me that is just so freaking cool. You can use what we have available at current with the races to serve as building blocks or create your own races. Treat it like 40k but instead of the galaxy+planets, think of it more like 8 different planes and the spaces between them. Almost all of the races released so far have footholds in every Realm. Even Fyreslayers that you would only think established in Aqshy have Lodges all over the 8 realms (and even some between!). Just give it an honest chance.
  9. You make some decent enough points but IMHO it's kind of hard to take what a Khorne or Death player has to say about shooting as not being substantially biased since they both lack shooting in almost any form. That's kind of like me as a Fyreslayers player complaining that Magic is too powerful because I have no means to unbind or to cast my own. Or a Kharadron Overlords player getting upset that the mortal wound potential of a horde of Khorne Bloodletter's is unfair since KO lack decent close combat potential. It's hard to deny that certain units have a significant part in a lot of the top tournament armies, but I still feel that it's due to certain units and combinations being costed too cheap so they are able to be spammed or more easily included in 2000 points than they reasonably should. Skyfires wouldn't be even nearly as good if they didn't have access to multiple sources of +1 to hit for Arrows of Fate. Longstrikes without Aetherstrike Force isn't nearly as nasty. Savage Orruk Arrow Boys are only decent if not using them with Kunnin' Ruuk. All of these could be resolved with points increases to either to the units themselves or the battalions so as to make them harder or more unreasonable to take at 2000 points. Whereas nerfing shooting overall would effect all of the shooting units, even the ones that are sub-par right now. It's a slippery slope is all I am saying.
  10. As for the shooting issue, I think that 90% of this issue could be resolved by re-pointing the offending units in GHB2. Skyfire, thundertusks, kunnin' rukk battalion/savage orruk arrow bows, Aetherstrike Battalion and SCE Raptors could all go up in points and it would solve most if not all of the problems. But when you do a blanket fix like "can't shoot into or out of combat" you unnecessarily penalize units that are only okay at shooting that pay the points for it, or units like Fyreslayers who all have throwing axes that would essentially never get to use them anymore but pay the points for them.
  11. I will agree with others that I am definitely not in favor of a points per upgrade or points per model system. Why add tedium when it's not needed?
  12. Genuinely curious here. My brother plays them and doesn't really like to use skyfires and is struggling competatively. Wondering if that's a shared experience.
  13. That was my immediate thought as well. And it looks like those feet are coming out of the shell we saw the other week.
  14. I think we will see corrupted Aelves as the mortal followers of Slaanesh. Reason being the attached image from the AOS starter lore book. In place of the Slaanesh symbol there is an image that is VERY akin to the headgear styles of Morathi and Malekith (pre-Malerion).
  15. My personal opinion is this. I buy models from GW because I like the game that they produce, and I want to make sure it thrives and continues. This is in the same vein for me as buying miniatures at the FLGS I play at rather than deeply discounted from online retailers. If everyone bought their miniatures online then the FLGS would eventually close and then we would have nowhere to play. It's self defeating basically. And this is my personal opinion mind you. It's your money, do what you want with it, especially if you like said 3rd party miniatures aesthetically.