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  1. Loving what they've done to 40k. However, sad to see piling in and whatnot is similar to AoS. I find that such a clunky mechanic.
  2. I'm not a big fan of true line of sight. It might ease shooting concerns as well if any model in a straight line between the shooter and target blocked line of sight (of course this opens up having to make distinctions with larger units, maybe doesn't count for monsters etc.). I'd like to be able to use units to block line of sight to other units/models.
  3. I have a similar view of lore/fluff. The stats, special rules, model design, names of units, descriptions etc. are all the biggest part of the lore to me. Stories about singular characters or some random battle do very little for me.
  4. I wouldn't mind if they retconned/rewrote the Grand Alliance idea and instead just gave armies a list of races they can ally with. Could open up some cool things cross-alliance like Fyreslayers and bad guys teaming up for that ur-gold.
  5. Although I engage in the hobby this way, I don't agree. The hobby is whatever it is to the individual. People engage with it in all sorts of ways, which is the mark of a great hobby, in my opinion. There are many avenues to find joy and wrap your mind around in Warhammer. It appeals to many different types of people. This is a good thing. I can't tell anyone else what the hobby is to them. That's their choice. Not speaking on tournament requirements or group preferences or what have you.
  6. Hi all, Looking over at my painted minis since AoS came out, I notice all of my bases either match the colour schemes on my models or are close to them, as I always tend to have a specific colour in mind for the army. However, I've heard/seen the recommendation to have bases contrast with the model so that the whole thing doesn't become one indistinguishable colour scheme. I'd like to try that on a new project but having trouble envisioning it in a way that doesn't look jarring, like purple pants and a yellow shirt. What do you tend to do? Anyone got pics of bases that contrast with the models? Thanks in advance!
  7. I love AoS, but it is too bloated for me to keep up with. If I made the gaming part of it more of a constant hobby, it would be okay. But I mostly just paint and at this point don't even read all the new artifacts/etc. that come out. That said, I'm all for things that differentiate armies and units, and I'm all for tweaking the rules to be more clear and incorporating community feedback. As mentioned above, I'm definitely in the casual, just like to see painted models on the tabletop mindset. 15 years ago I was writing army lists every day and very into the stats side. Tough for any game to cater to both but I think AoS does a pretty good job at it.
  8. I agree. I am very anti-complex rules. But I am more anti-strict unit sizes. I hate buying 16 models and wondering whether I should even build and paint one of them, or trying to convert a model to a hero, such as crypt ghouls, and never ending up with the right number of models. Personally I'm not a fan of all the artifacts and whatnot but AoS got too confusing for me long ago. I just casually paint now.
  9. Narratively seem like such a fun theme on the table and in your display case, such a departure from the old foot slogging Warhammer world. Look difficult to paint though. Can imagine the assembly and painting on that big airship taking me half the year.
  10. Facebook talks about "descending" too so sounds like the sky pirates.
  11. But salt enhances the flavour! Thanks for the update Would wonder how they'd differentiate the Shadowkin (presumably Order) aelves and also Slaanesh-worshipping (presumably Chaos) aelves.
  12. I don't care much about the release schedule, but thematically/narratively I think they missed the boat on the alliances too. They are super generic and boring concepts for a world as supposedly wild as AoS. They make very little sense. They could have done way better and I'd be all for a retcon of the alliances into something more interesting, unique and possibly fluid.
  13. Repacks are a great call. Libs/Juds/Pros all priced way too high off the bat. Need to give Fyreslayers same attention.
  14. My only issue is the same with all the Stormcast cavalry, way too busy for me to enjoy painting. Cavalry has always been a chore for me in the first place, even though I love the aesthetic, and they're only getting bigger and busier in the mortal realms. Unfortunate the photo is so jaggy, makes it look a bit less clean than it should.
  15. New Stormcast stuff looks awesome and I love it. That's not something I was saying back around Extremis. Somehow I've become quite fond of them and love that they're getting expanded so much. Nice to have such a deep and varied range.