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  1. Hordes or hoax

    I kinda feel anecdotally that one horde unit is a thing, not a whole massive horde army. Feels balanced and a nice addition to the meta.
  2. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    Great video. You mentioned at the end you like painting the KO but didn't get a chance to say why, which I'm curious about. I was initially scared off the army because of how detailed the models were, which I usually don't like, but now that I have them, I surprisingly love painting these little guys.
  3. I think everyone goes through ups and downs like that. Sometimes painting feels like a huge chore and other times I can't wait to get plugging away as soon as I wake up. I tend to go back and forth between armies I'm actually trying to do a good, detailed job on and speed-painted armies. Sometimes I just want to half-watch videos while drybrushing/washing a whole army, and other times I actually want to work hard. It helps keep me painting and producing during those periods "real painting" seems like a chore.
  4. It's been said a few times in the past, but I'd die for a compendium type of book that documents the terrain, rivers, oceans, mountain ranges, creatures, life, mysteries, history etc of one of the realms. It doesn't need to and shouldn't be written in a way to close off anything new coming there or give all the answers and a full map of where everybody is, but just to make the realms feel more alive, populated and unique.
  5. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    I think it was Tom from Warhammer Weekly who had a couple great ideas about the Gunhauler, namely making some synergy with the other Grundstok unit, the Thunderers, perhaps letting it transport 5 of them, and having offensive bombs rather than defensive. Just going from memory so sorry Tom if I am misattributing you here.
  6. I would have preferred a harder break from the Old World as well. A lot of the old stuff feels dragged and shoehorned into AoS. Another thing along with this is all the square base models still for sale on the store. It doesn't feel like a cohesive universe but more like what it is - a new one created with the parts of an old one and kind of jammed together in a meatloaf that they're making up as they cook it. That said, I totally understand why they wouldn't want to do a complete bridge burning from the Old World, all of its models included.
  7. The Painting Contract - October 2017

    Been taking a long time trying to figure out a scheme for my new Kharadron Overlords army. I knew I wanted kind of a "concept army" look of white on black with some sort of spot colours, but been doing a lot of humming and hawwing and repainting spots to see what works. Here's A WIP of a couple guys. Think the bases need a bit more done to them and I want to add in more pink, but I'm going very slowly. Absolutely love painting these little models though, which I didn't expect. I knew I wanted to avoid having to paint every little strap and whatnot by going the concept style, and I find they're detailed but there's not a lot of surface area so they don't take too long. Currently hopeful for getting a minimum of my 10 Arkanauts done this month for my pledge, with hopes I can squeeze the 5 Thunderers in.
  8. The Rumour Thread

    Navigator, Arkanauts and Gunhauler definitely seems like the box they'd do. Right in line price-wise and at least 2/3rds units that are probably not selling as well as others. Would love if that were a Christmas surprise but expecting soonest would be 2018. I believe 40k is getting a few new SC boxes, so maybe there's hope.
  9. Aftermath of the GT final

    Thanks! Very simple list really, glad to see it do well.
  10. Aftermath of the GT final

    I'm interested in seeing the lists for the top 10 or so armies there, especially the Kharadron one. I heard it was 3 Ironclads? Crazy idea but I can see it working. Fun to see that order army of old aelves do so well - pretty much exactly the type of model collection you'd always see people saying couldn't keep up on forums and whatnot. For me anyway AoS is very hard to theory hammer.
  11. New campaign books?

    I think they will come back but maybe re-imagined. I'm not sure the Realmgate Wars sold very well, as they didn't really offer anything besides narrative scenarios and stories. Any new books need to be like Firestorm in offering something for matched play, I think. Same way that army books changed to offer more meat.
  12. Army Paint Schemes for rules

    That's some great damage control by GW. Awesome to see them respond so quickly and in tune with the community, and nice that they added in the Kharadron/previous painting notes.
  13. Army Paint Schemes for rules

    Whoever or whichever faction of GW putting in the painting stuff is probably the same one who put in the silly rules when AoS came out, I speculate. It seems like something most of the employees of the company wouldn't agree with but someone with power likes it for whatever reason. I'd far rather they differentiate factions through army composition rules. Painting rules feel so hollow.
  14. Hobby Goals You'd Like To Achieve

    I've been very transient for my whole professional career, bouncing from town to town. This has meant I have never done much with scenery or a gaming board, as it would be too hard to travel with it. Eventually, hopefully within the next few years, I will settle down and get a house. Then I will have the ultimate gaming room, multiple boards, lots of scenery, several display cases, etc. Starting to tire of the transient life.
  15. Open War Cards - Your Thoughts?

    Had a lot of fun with these. We used matched play points and rules but the cards for deployment/objective/twist. It's fun to change it up and you get some weird deployment layouts in there. Keeps the game fresh.