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  1. I think that is the right move in general, but a kick in the nuts to people who spent all that money getting all of the same weapon, like people did with Stormfiends. Tom though, those models look beautiful!
  2. No forum talk is the end of the world, but to me I don't like being around a lot of negativity. It's like saying, "Hey, did you see this new thing coming out?" And the first thing the other person says is "Hope it doesn't suck like that other thing that sucks." That's the kind of interaction I try to avoid in real life. If that happens to me I just think all right, won't be talking to you about that anymore. The pit that other forums fell into was letting any sort of "debate" go on as long as it wasn't profane. In effect it just makes every thread a fight about whether something sucks or not. That was what all the AoS forums were like when the game came out. Obviously, it's a hard thing to define. But to me it's like interacting in real life. I don't show up to my friend's place and go "man, these rules suck." I'm there to have fun. We can have a positive discussion about lacklustre rules but tone matters. In real life or online, you don't want to be a debbie downer. I think we all have known people who seem to ****** on everything you're doing, anywhere you go, restaurants, new places, etc. It's like sure, your opinion might be legit, but I don't want to hang out with you. That said, I don't want to make my post all about Auticus's one post. It was just used as an example above. I'm not perfect myself and I'm sure you can find whiny comments in my post history. It is something I try to moderate online and off.
  3. The differentiator for me between reasonable free discussion and behaviour that creates a bad atmosphere is repetition. For me, and this goes beyond forums, something I've had to moderate is how many times I need to make my point. It is best for me to make my point once and move on, and not get caught into bringing it up constantly, going "Yes, but X" to everything the other person says, or dragging my issue into every conversation I have.
  4. I quite liked the pack of real Libs I got too. GW's release schedule has been a bit funny throughout AoS. They go through these decently long periods of nothing and then throw several things down at once. Even just these two big announcements both coming on the same day. Why not at least save one for the next day? Not complaining though. I love the box sets. That judicators/corsairs one is up my alley.
  5. I think it's always fair to bring up problems/concerns about AoS but airing your grievances once is good, not in every post. TGA has always been a refreshing safe haven from the much more toxic places.
  6. Very cool boxed sets coming. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/08/17/the-season-of-war-continues-in-firestorm-aug17gw-homepage-post-2/
  7. I think a box to go along with this would be cool. Nurgle daemons vs Stormcast Vanguard.
  8. I know it's not happening now, but I hope in the future the concept gets expanded a bit. I'd love if Fyreslayers could be a true mercenary army for factions outside of Order.
  9. Learning process man. Not bad at all for being new to painting. Next one will look better and soon enough you'll find your groove in how you like to do models, what colours go together, how to tackle certain parts, etc. As with anything, finding out what doesn't work helps as much as finding out what does. I think the blue and red shoulder and leg dress thing (not sure of name for that part) look the best on the model. The gold pops nicely on the blue. Keep it up!
  10. Urgghh I love the bundle boxes. Best thing about new GW. So hard to resist.
  11. Maybe basing the white area in blue and then highlighting it with white would have given an effect you're going for, kinda like the stars on the flag. Currently, the white is heavy yes, but it's early in the process for me to judge otherwise. Base coats on an unfinished model often don't look great. I think the colour scheme is cool and promising.
  12. I don't think it looks bad as an idea, just not finished (I'm assuming from the black areas and some details not painted). Where do you think you've gone wrong so far? Highlights and finishing it will make it look much better of course.
  13. I welcome the changing meta. Maybe, probably, GHB2018 flips everything on its ahead again. Imbalances aren't a big deal when they come and go so rapidly. I think it's cool that army building is always changing and you can't (or wouldn't want to) just make your one list and sit on it for the next 5 years. Almost enhances the fluff to me - the rise of the common man comes through massive regiments as war escalates across the realms, races rebound and come out of hiding, etc.
  14. I agree, and I've said it a lot, but I wish they would retcon/ditch the whole alliance thing altogether. It has never made much sense fluff-wise and limits army building. Fyreslayers are a classic example of an army who should be able to ally with almost anyone, or dark elves with chaos etc.
  15. Though AoS is slightly more constrained than the sum of all human action, perhaps appealing to the authority of spreadsheets and formulae is similarly the pretence of knowledge. Not to say it's without use, as all information is valuable, but these things might not be as telling as they can appear.