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  1. Orks n grots is green cause green is best, but are squigs always red?
  2. Know if any Wanderer info, Please post it hear, along with any sources, I'm looking to read up on em, even if its just a mention. With them getting allegiance abilities I might want to dive into them, any info/points of discussion is highly appreciated. I'm also curious very curious about their lore, If you know any books that mention them, or any random tibits please post =D, are waystones still a thing? and if so what do they do and what was their purpose in the old world as well?
  3. Hehehe we shall all be laughing in Nurgles garden soon I'm expecting all the nurgle guys seen in the 40K art to appear, Yay Great unclean one giant Nurgle Ultralisk, Maybe another flying bug! Black Talon is defiantly the female storm cast in the artwork at the end, Horticulus seems cool, not sure about the human slug face tho XD, looks like people at GW have read Uzumaki
  4. So im guessing this rumour engine (the claw in the ground), Trails behind Horticulus, One image in the video you can kind of see something that vagueling looks like it. And thematically it works,a plow, horticulture, gardening etc.
  5. With the reveal of new daemons from 40k art, and the lack of them being in the ghb, its safe to say nurgles gonna get some lovin
  6. Arent they the same price?
  7. If I had to guess I'd say nergal would be next with the 40K release and will also get a battletome for them featuring new models. After that will probably get death rattle and shadespire
  8. Sigmar save us...THE SQUIGS CAN FLY!!!
  9. Ooo what's a troll hag? I like the idea of an all troll army very cool
  10. It wouldn't surprise me if all units have that rule/if it isnt one of the rulez of one. Right now multiple small units is as far as I know always better than blob squads, with leader benefits and added tactical flexibility. correct me if I'm wrong on that, but I never see maxed out units, is usually the minimum needed to get bonuses maybe with one extra group to act as a buffer so one death doesn't remove special rules.
  11. For me it just seems like a good trade off for the fee leader you get with min units and their autonomy, I hardly ever see anyone do max squads rights now, its always the minimum they can get away with.
  12. I could actually see this helping out disspossed a lot, just crushed a skeleton army yesterday with my trees so let's see
  13. ooo so good, makes me want night haunt and even makes flesh eaters appealing to me... which I never thought I'd say
  14. New post from GW shows alot of new stuff but, im gonna talk about what isn't shown. It looks like we are going to have a consolidation of several factions, based off the table of contents. Several current factions are missing like Iron weld and I think they've been rolled in to other factions. Factions like the Collegiate, Daughters, Ironweld, Eldritch, Warherds, are gone, probably rolled into other factions, Something very curious is the seeming lack of the aelves, we only have Darkling Covens, and Wanderers, maybe some new is on the horizon, or are they just rolling everything into those two? Also curious is the absence of Nurgle, there's only Skaven Pestilens and I can't imagine them rolling all of nurlge into that, maybe a new tome is on the horizon for them? Notice anything else interesting?
  15. Ohw boy this thing looks like a blast, for me I am having all traits and artifacts being locked to the character. The book looks great, haven't read the story yet, glad to hear its a fun read