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  1. Basic question is when the weapon is fired who is shooting the crew or the cannon? doestrogen the crew need Los to the target 9r can the be completely hidden behind a wall, rules say the crew shoot the cannon or something of that nature, all the rules for artillery on gw site are cut off at 1 page missing the crew section =/
  2. So here we go gonna build up all these wonderful trees planning on building it to theveryone following: 100 Dryads 2 spirits of Durthu 1 Treelord Ancient 2 Treelords 2 branch wraith 2 branch wyches Drycha 7 wyldwoods
  3. Everything I've listed has been rumored or simple extrapolation of existing kits/lore
  4. Looks like Overall Deep Aelves are the most popular individual but the most hype is for death on the whole id say
  5. thats great @Hrudian fantastic!
  6. So the DoT release but with more puss
  7. mostly just expanding swift hawk into more bird rider focused army
  8. Added the scaleys =D
  9. What about giants? were they originally chaos? did they retcon them? what was there orignal lore, and what is it now?
  10. Bonesplitterz is in the new style
  11. Ahh cool kk thanks
  12. Basically take the swift hawk raiders/hawk riders, lock em in a realm for a couple thousand years, and out pop Aelves who have used magic to take on a bird form, think the bird people from Zelda, only more blood and magic, if Tzaangors where good and could fly, with giant pet birdmonsters
  13. Which ones? I havent found any yet, I was thinking because they do seem to fit the destruction theme fairly well, at least from a model perspective, and destruction is fairly lacking and the beastmen kits are very nice, esp the monsters
  14. Before endtimes, were Beastmen and minotaurs strictly chaos? Looking at their kits, they dont have any chaos icons, is there any chance they could get moved to Destruction? or be like merc able to work destruction and chaos?
  15. Added the naked dwarfs to the lsit ;D