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  1. Who Likes Initiative rolls?

    First turn advantage is so powerful, initiative roll imo elegantly and fairly balances it
  2. Are Sylvaneth Aelves?

    To expand on tree revs a bit more they have the "race memory" of their people and this includes echoes of the 'protectors' from world that was, wether this is because Allariel made them with the memory of woodevles or it's because they are in fact the tiniest part elf, isn't clarified
  3. Are Sylvaneth Aelves?

    So here's my understanding, Allariel awoke in gyhran. In her past life she was an elven goddess, now she is the goddess of all life. With her she had seeds from the world that was, and she turned those seeds into the sylvaneth. So as far as I know the aelves need aelves souls, and Allariel didn't use those for the sylvaneth other than the faintest memory of the "protectors" which reside in the tree revanents to this day, but tho they might have the ancestry of aelves they aren't anymore . Now wether or not she herself is an aelf is tricky, but I feel the best answer is she was in a past life
  4. Lets Chat: Idoneth Deepkin

    There needs to be tentacles. The cover teaser featured them prominently, far to much for to only be one model with them, also on a tangent, is the Parasite god slaneesh?
  5. Alarielle and the Aelves Question

    That is my understanding Aezeal, nothing was left, maybe some creatures managed to pull their souls into a physical form but only incredibly strong ones. I know daughters of Khaine sheds more light on those early days pre age of myth, or so i heard.
  6. Alarielle and the Aelves Question

    So I was hoping someone could clear up some lore stuff for me. First question is Alarielle an Elven God or not. Who exactly created The Wanderers? I know that with the new Daughters of khaine some stuff has been cleared up I was wondering if any of these have been touched on.
  7. The Rumour Thread

    Whispers at my flg, wasn't sure if it was based on anything, looking at it tho, we have Nighthaunt and Slaves to Darkness so that does make sense, going by that logic Ironjawz would be the destruction one
  8. The Rumour Thread

    Any word about a darkling coven hero being the next one in Malign?
  9. The Rumour Thread

    A few people I 've spoken to have some thought on ogors. How nurgle's counter point was sylvaneth, the ogors line up nicely in a similar fashion, with their wanton excess and their disregard for outward beauty/vanity
  10. The Rumour Thread

    All speculation**** So i'd imagine that the Malign Portents is goingto have a major release for each faction indicated by the heroes, For death it will be Night Haunt with the Herlad of Shroud paving the way for them along with a sweet black coach, Chaos will get full DarkOath release, after Nurgle in Feb of course. Order I'm not sure, it might be Aleves, but i could see them pushing them out as the conclusion to the Event, before them, i could see us getting some updates to Freeguild with a new freeguild hero as per the rumor engine, Destruction i have no clue
  11. The Rumour Thread

    Via the age of sigmar facebook "The Malign Portents have come to pass and a new hero of the forces of Chaos rises to power. Coming soon to Warhammer Age of Sigmar: The Darkoath Warqueen. Would you like to know more? Check it out here: https://www.warhammer-community.com/…/news-codexes-heroes-…/" For me this confirms that she is the chaos champ
  12. The Rumour Thread

    The model is virtually identical to the concept art, just painted unfinished. I'm suspecting it February with a 40k model release before it
  13. Death Heresy for AoS?

    Also what if the "heresey" is commited by Sigmar. I feel like nagash was promised something in exchange for not taking the stormcasts souls the first timr they died as mortals. It would be intersting is sigmar ignores the debt nagash is owed
  14. Death Heresy for AoS?

    So in the lore, Nagash has some knowledge and hand in the regorging, he feels slighted by sigmar but some stirmcasts have a deep relationship with Nagash, serving two masters, these being the skull faced stormcasts and lords of death, the lord relictors, nagash calls to them to "pay their due"
  15. Could an all-Gor list work?

    There's an inconvenient truth with an All gor list ive found, but i do think it could work your gonna need bodies tho