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  1. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    Yes, my idea was to give that ship a carry capacity of 0 based and an overload of 5, so every normal model reduced its movement by 1". This would let the Gunhauler serve as a chariot for heroes or carry a minimum size Grundstok Thunderer unit (which makes sense given their shared background lore) and, more importantly, tote around any number of balloon troops so that we have an alternate option to the two more expensive ships. I think that Gunhauler would probably be worth its 220 points. Maybe. That said, I went on @MC1gamer's channel this evening and did an Unlocking Kharadron Overlords show with him. The basic format was looking at three very different 2k sized lists. One of them was even a heavy ship list...that had a proper place for a Gunhauler! I'd encourage you all to check it out if you're interested.
  2. Chaos keywords warscroll update

    The app? For Kharadron Overlords, the app, website, book, and cards have 6+ errors in damage and ranges as well as multiple abilities and a completely wrong Thunderer warscroll across all formats. No updates have been offered for any of these resources. People are playing this wrong because they don't know about the updates. People are making purchases under rules that don't exist or have been dramatically changed.
  3. Chaos keywords warscroll update

    It does indeed seem that any Nurgle is available when Nurgle Rotbringers are allies. The issue with the Daemon Prince is that he is in the Slaves to Darkness list but doesn't have the keyword. That would be like Plaguepriests showing up in the Clan Pestilens list but not having the Pestilens keyword.
  4. Chaos keywords warscroll update

    I wish they would actually give the Daemon Prince the Slaves to Darkness keyword. Currently, even though he is in the faction list, he breaks StD allegiance if you include him in your StD list.
  5. Allegiances and Factions and Allies

    https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/10/15/chaos-warscroll-updatesgw-homepage-post-4/ And now we have confirmation of the factions of the Chaos Gods being equivalent to their allegiance. This, coupled with the keyword for Monsters of Chaos addition, only further confirms that allegiance is keyword based and every allegiance has exactly one keyword or keyword cluster that aligns a unit with that faction. Factions are functionally useless, what matters are the unifying keywords for allegiance. My reading was correct. I'll leave it at that.
  6. The rogue Idol in destruction lists

    Which unit(s) in your list are holding objectives? Seems like it might be wise to swap a Brute unit for 10 Aardboyz for Point sitting, wouldn't it?
  7. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    But they aren't. They said you can make a custom scheme and use the official ones. You just can't do an official scheme and use another official schemed faction. So no Mhorar schemes running Zilfin. But you can do a random scheme and use any skyport.
  8. Army Paint Schemes for rules

    Yep. GW found a fantastic middle ground here. Love it!
  9. Army Paint Schemes for rules

    For those interested, Vince and I covered this conversation on our episode of Warhammer Weekly last night. I've linked the video here to the timestamp where we start the conversation (26:22):
  10. Letting go (is hard to do)

    For a couple years , I only accumulated projects but then, in seeing GW's design direction, I realized that there was no sense in me keeping alot of the legacy armies that will never be updated. As such, almost anything older that I haven't painted and that won't likely be updated I cycled out of my collection.
  11. Army Paint Schemes for rules

    The real question are "what are a city's colors". These are not portrayed in Firestorm as far as we know. The box art for the random sample of cities that we have are things like generic Tempest Lord's SCE for Tempest Eye, etc. You can't require something that isn't fully spelled out.
  12. Army Paint Schemes for rules

    GW said they are enforcing it this weekend at the final Grand Tournament.
  13. Army Paint Schemes for rules

    (It was a copy-paste from my tweet on the topic and I'm too lazy to edit the font)
  14. Army Paint Schemes for rules

    It seems for Tempest's Eye, the color scheme is a darker blue, maybe some white or black accents alongside silver and gold. For the larger discussion, this is my simple response: I disagree with any move to punish creativity with rules penalties & create an unequal competitive environment by leveraging paint schemes.
  15. Vanguard wing

    Yep. It's just the right kind of thing to get reworded in an FAQ/errata. It's one reason I decided not to build the list. It will get abused until it gets this fix.