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  1. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    Yes, I think some lists would change. No, I don't think it would shake KO off of clown car, but this has nothing to do with points. It has everything to do with the units and abilities we have available. The only viable build at the highest tiers of play is an alpha-strike build, although our gun lines can certainly be strong. Until they diversify units and abilities, you won't see KO shift off of the alpha.
  2. Holy Wars 2018 Coverage

    Heya friends! As many know, this past weekend was the Holy Wars 2018 narrative event in the Chicago-area. Holy Wars is the premier narrative hobby event in North America that miraculously balances the highest levels of hobby with the highest levels of competitive play. This year was certainly no different. I've posted some photos at the end of the page with stand out armies at this year's event. Photos of @Holy Hammer Hern's beautiful tables can be found in my Holy Wars 2017 posts from last here (found here, here, and here). Vince and I have done a lot of coverage thus far so I don't see a reason to repeat those details here. On the drive home from the event, Vince and I covered each of our games in a blow by blow coverage over the course of two videos. On Wednesday, we had Steve Herner (@Holy Hammer Hern), who is the creator and driver behind this event along with his club the Holy Hammers, on to Warhammer Weekly where we talked all things Holy Wars and his experiences as a ringer for the event. Finally, last night we @Rob Symes's Honest Wargamer show where we talked about the event and our experiences (Apologies to David Griffin for getting our score wrong on Rob's show; it was 14-6, not 20-0). The links to all of this coverage can be found below: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/234249072 While I didn't perform as well in the games as I would have liked, I was honored with the Hobby Hammerist Award for a second year in a row. I was super honored by it as there was such stiff competition at the event in the hobby categories. Thanks for such a great weekend everyone who attended and participated! Now enjoy a handful of the awesome looking armies that were present at the event!
  3. Reinforcements have arrived for the Kharadrong Raiders! Previously, the younger element of the remnants of the Grimharaz lodge were represented in the predominately Kharadron core of the army. With this new flight, more of the whole spectrum of the lodge is represented. Let's take a look! The traditionalists of the lodge, still adamantly aligned with Runefather Zharrik, are represented in the Fyreslayer Vulkite Berzerker and Auric Runesmiter units. Take note of the protective ur-gold runes flaring up and covering their upper torso in a magma-like crust to protect them from the blows of their enemies! This patterning is all freehand work. The Auric Runesmiter can be seen holding his Forge Key aloft as the molten crust parts before him and he emerges from the magma tunnels. This Runesmiter is converted from from WHQ Doomseeker and is appropriately equipped with both his Forge Key as well as his smoldering Latch-Axe. The younger generation, those aligned with Runeson Thrundrik and who more fully adopted the way of the sky fleets, are reinforced with the arrival of Thrundrik's very own Flagship, the Gorog Varrbarag ("Party Boat!"). You can see one of the crew as imbibed a tad too much and lays flaked out on the deck. And still, there are still other remnants of the broken lodge that have returned after their long exile. Some, like the Runelord Agrhun, have continued to practice a variant forms of rune magic although it has been decades since many shaped Ur-gold as the lodge's Runemasters once did. Others, jaded by age and broken dreams, have forsaken the traditions of runic empowerment and taken up the finest arms and armor in all the Mortal Realms. These grumbling Longbeards take every opportunity to remind the Shattered Lodge of what was lost. While still others, particularly the youngest and progressive of Thrundrik's followers who have spent a significant amount of time amongst the cities of the Firestorm Plateau, have worked to bridge the gap between technology and the magic of the Mortal Realms. The young upstart Hazgal, foremost student of this emerging discipline, has learned to harness the very energies of Hysh through rune craft. The culmination of his experimentation is found in an endrin-powered Luminark, a prototype war machine that Hazgal has managed to build and hopes to reproduce to reinforce Barak-Zharr and the remnants of the Grimharaz lodge. Such experimentation is looked askance by the traditionalists and only heightens the tensions present amongst the reunited lodge. Only time will tell if the remnant will survive.
  4. "Named Characters" in GHB2017 Mega-Battalions

    Quite the contrary. My observation makes these battalions less powerful, not more powerful. If they did intend for these to be named characters, then it is the current player base that are taking these battalions with items and character traits that are abusing these battalions.
  5. "Named Characters" in GHB2017 Mega-Battalions

    I've already passed this along to @Ben Johnson but I was curious to see how other folks read the battalions and understood the situation.
  6. "Named Characters" in GHB2017 Mega-Battalions

    Humorously, this is being contradicted by the new named Vampire Lord who just uses the generic VLoZD model, lol. I agree, it is an interesting issue that may need further clarification.
  7. It has occurred to me that the required heroes in the Seraphon and Ironjaws mega-battalions in the GHB2017 assign a name to these heroes and the subsequent rules refer to these heroes by name. No other contemporary mega-battalions are doing this, which I thought was quite curious. I've also noted that the cost of these mega-battalions is under 300 points (cheaper than almost all other equivalent 1 drop options). It has dawned on me that this may not allow these heroes to take items and traits by the GHB2017, which may be why these were made cheaper. I've attached the appropriate images with the rules below. What are peoples thoughts on this?
  8. It is indeed how events play now, although it wasn't when I posted this last year. The downstream consequence of this is that is causes rend to be significantly more powerful.
  9. Malign Portents

    I think you will be lucky to see them before April.
  10. Forge World - What would you like to see for AoS?

    While I would certainly love a Khrundhal class KO ship, the scale of this ship would be better served as a 6x4 realm of battle board rather than an actual model. That said...I would buy this board, lol.
  11. Sportsmanship and AOS

    This is so, so important. I totally agree! Communicating midstream on both what your intent is and pre-agreeing to measurements is so important. This diffuses a lot of conflicts before they ever start.
  12. ITC AOS (USA)

    In full disclosure, I have no involvement with the organizing of events in the Midwest or South. I simply attend events in this area, because that is where I am located. That said, I've listened pretty closely to the various discussions and it is my understanding that the Midwest rejection can be summed up in the following set of ideas (not everyone holds all of these, but it is these constellation of concerns I continue to see crop up): People don't want to or can't go to LVO: As the culmination of each "season", LVO is where rewards for that season are granted and, if you were competing, something like this would almost force you to go to LVO. The problem is that some people are either unable or unwilling to go to LVO, whether it be because of scheduling conflicts, cost, or conflicts with other events. Heat 1 precedes LVO by a couple weeks. Waaghpaca and a number of other events were on the same weekend this year. Holy Wars is a couple weeks later. Some folks just can't fit LVO in their travel schedules and, as the culminating event, this is a problem. Creates a negative incentive structure: As has been noted multiple times on this thread, this type of ranking system is problematic on a number of levels. It incentivizes blood thirsty play, even amongst the mid tables in the final game because of kill points. It encourages bad sportsmanship because their are prizes and titles on the line. The most recent 40k debacle demonstrates this perfectly. It is only exacerbated when prize structures are introduced. An old piece of wisdom suggests that if you want to know what someone is likely to do tomorrow, just look at what they did yesterday. If you want to see how AOS will develop if successful, see how ITC has developed 40k. Folks don't want the incentives this structure brings to their event. Standardization of format: One of the downstream consequences is that this type of incentive structure is that it can lead to event standardization. We haven't seen this as much, but it is a fear I have heard. Different events have very different army composition structures, rules packs and scoring weighting. Some events like the Holy events are heavily weighted towards the hobby aspects and have very non-standard scenarios. Other events, like Nashcon, have a multiple list format. One legitimate critique that would inevitably be raised is that all events aren't created equal and it maybe easy to game the system for events using non-standard structures. That is, if all events aren't using similar formats, they aren't measuring comparable things. It is this reality that I suspect generates a fear of pressure for standardization, and I think TOs don't want to be told how to run their events. Penalization for events that don't use it/smaller: Another downstream consequence of the structure is that it inherently penalizes events that either don't use it or are smaller. Its already been said here in this thread that people don't come to midwest events because they aren't ITC/using BCP. As more events use it, people will self select out of events that are either not using that app, or are smaller, since smaller events are weighed less in the app. This incentive structure thus rewards players for attending larger events (and those using the app), and starves smaller events, thus creating an (un)virtuous circle where more and more events are forced into using the app/structure. This inevitably leads to the next concern... Centralization of power/control into questionable hands: I've heard not from a few people the concern that ITC is ran by a for profit business. They are invested in building the community because it helps their bottom line. But what happens when the best thing for their bottom line isn't the best thing for the community? They're a business and they're going to do what benefits their business and their bottom line. This structure arguably cedes lots of power into hands folks aren't sure are trust worthy, especially if there is standardization pressure. A related but separate consequence of this is also the implicit monetization of the community that follows. Monetization of the community: As a business, they're in this to make money. The introduction of official, standardized ITC terrain sets is evidence that they're very interested in monetizing this system. What happens if and when BCP's subscription fee is no longer optional? The reality is that these structures are ultimately ceding control of the community event structure to a business and they will functionally have a monopoly to do as they see fit. Now, this may never happen. But it could, and if it did, the community would have very little recourse but to creating a competing free infrastructure against a competitor with capital and years of experience. Again, these are what I've heard. Some of these concerns are well founded. Others seem like crazy conspiracy talk. But these are the concerns I've heard.
  13. FAQ landed

    Yes, when Horrors multiply, they can be setup within 3"
  14. The Rumour Thread

    Possibly new terrain in the Aelf video?
  15. The Rumour Thread

    Nope. But you can ally him in to get +1 to hit.