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  1. I think its going to be pretty sweet...but I'm a bit biased ;-)
  2. The base Skirmish rules or our expansion? The base rules can be purchased from GW for like $10. We'll have a link for folks to download the initial beta test in the coming weeks.
  3. Hey folks, Vince and I have finally went public on a community project we're working on for Warhammer Skirmish. For those familiar with our AOS Mordheim we wrote back in 2015, this will be using much of the same content and bringing it forward to be compatible with AOS Skirmish. Many of the subsystems/elements will be modular so that people can use what they want and ignore what they don't. The first version will be rules and text as we'll be looking for play testing and feedback; a more refined version will come down the road.
  4. Yeah, if I was 4 inches, then I should have been at 1" with an attack if they had 1" weapons (or more attacks with 2" weapons). Great catch! Thanks! I'll keep the suggestions in mind.
  5. Yep, it definitely was. This is why most of the examples I gave were pile ins right after charges. The specific example was from models he was removing which allowed me to pile in through his line and hook in the skyfires from behind.
  6. Hey folks! I'm starting a new video series on exploring some of the more advanced functions of basic AOS mechanics. In my first video, I look into the "Pile In" mechanic. I'd love to hear any feedback you have on the insights or what other topics you'd love for me to explore in the future. Enjoy!
  7. ...and Sayl stays the same
  8. My primary list for the event was just my Adepticon list but with an expanded summoning pool: Harbinger of Death 140 pts – GHB pg. 133 in Plaguetouched Warband · General · Command Trait: Cunning Deceiver · Item: Chaos Talisman Chaos Sorcerer Lord on Chaos Steed 120 pts – GHB pg. 151 in Plaguetouched Warband · Item: Crown of Conquest 28 Chaos Warriors [Battleline] 540 pts – GHB pg. 134 in Plaguetouched Warband 10 Marauders [Battleline] 60 pts – GHB pg. 134 in Plaguetouched Warband 10 Marauders [Battleline] 60 pts – GHB pg. 134 in Plaguetouched Warband 10 Marauders [Battleline] 60 pts – GHB pg. 134 in Plaguetouched Warband 5 Putrid Blightkings 180 pts – GHB pg. 133 in Plaguetouched Warband 5 Putrid Blightkings 180 pts – GHB pg. 133 in Plaguetouched Warband Plaguetouched Warband 140 pts – GHB pg. 131 Sayl the Faithless 160 pts – FW Points Sheet Be’lakor, Chaos Daemon Prince 240 pts – GHB pg. 131 Reinforcement Points 120 pts · Summoning Pool o 10 Plaguebearers 100 pts – GHB pg. 130 o 10 Furies (Nurgle) 120 pts – GHB pg. 131 o Herald of Nurgle 100 pts – GHB pg. 130 o Herald of Tzeentch 120 pts – GHB pg. 131 o Herald of Tzeentch on Disk 120 pts – GHB pg. 131 o Balewind Vortex 100 pts –GW Matched Play Sheet My second list was basically this same list but instead getting rid of Be'Lakor and dumping his 240 points into Reinforcement points for a total of 360. When I did that, this was my summoning pool: · Summoning Pool o 30 Plaguebearers 300 pts – GHB pg. 130 o 10 Furies (Nurgle) 120 pts – GHB pg. 130 o Herald of Nurgle 100 pts – GHB pg. 130 o 2 Heralds of Tzeentch 240 pts – GHB pg. 131 o Herald of Tzeentch on Disk 120 pts – GHB pg. 131 o 10 Pink Horrors 140 pts – GHB pg. 131 o 20 Blue Horrors 100 pts – DoT pg. 136 o 20 Brimstone Horrors 80 pts – DoT pg. 136 o Balewind Vortex 100 pts –GW Matched Play Sheet I played the primary list 4 of the 5 games. I played the last game using my larger summoning pool list against a Tzeentch list with a LOC w/Magical Supremacy . Fun fact: Unbinding requires line of sight
  9. So, Nashcon went fairly well all things considered. I had three major victories (all Tzeentch lists) [45 points], a minor loss (Sylvaneth Gnarlroot on Blood and Glory) [5 points] and a major loss (1 drop Hallowed Knights on Gift from the Heavens) [0 points]. I completed 3 of my 5 schemes [30 points] and took 3rd place on Best Painted [5 points]. The minor loss was to Tyler Emerson, @scrubyandwells (who won Best Order General), and it came down to points killed, which he got 2 units of marauders (120). We called it because I was sure he had me on points (forgetting that just killed one of the units of Dryads would have put us at a draw [7 Points]). I made some mistakes (engaged the Household Treeman and forgetting I couldn't retreat from him, which had been my plan) and Tyler played a smart game. It also didn't help that Tyler was intimately versed in my tactics (watching multiple games of mine at Adepticon, having thoroughly read my blog and wanting to cowrite a piece about my list's tactics for another site, lol). The mobility of Sylvaneth was always going to be a bad matchup for my list so I don't feel bad about this loss at all. The major loss was to Mathew Swinney (who won Best Overall) and this game literally came down to multiple instances where a single dice roll would have swung the game to a major victory in my favor. He single dropped and gave me the top of 1 (lol), so I stretched the Chaos Warrior line the whole length of his 3 drop points (in Gift of the Heavens) and charged the Warriors into his entire front line (which included a 10 pack of protectors, all 6 of his Lords of Storm heroes, 4 fulminators and a 5 pack of Liberators). He very quickly realized that he would have to grind the ENTIRE block for him to start scoring points in turn 2 (since I could remove causalities from anywhere). The first mistake I made was that I should have given him the top of two when I won that initiative since it would have given him 1 less combat of grinding on the Warriors, and thus he would have loss the turn 2 point. Had I done that, I could have Sayl'd the warriors and retreated them into cohesion onto his meteor point. Even still, he barely broke the warriors at the end of 2 after 4 combats of grinding, which could have also put me up in points. I had largely zone out my area to keep him off my point, which shouldn't have been an issue but when I lost initiative on turn 3, he was able to make a long charge 9" and pile around a Blightking to put 1 Liberator within 6" of my point. It then became a race to kill 5 liberators with a partial unit of blight kings and some marauders (which they failed to do). If their failures weren't bad enough, I even summoned a Herald of Tzeentch in that final turn, blew a three dice to Pink Fire him, made it and then fired off an arcane bolt with his extra cast. Unfortunately I only did 3 wounds with the spells (out of 1d6 +1d3 mortal wounds) to the remaining 4 Liberators and it all just wasn't enough. It was a great game that was a nailbiter to the end. I only completed 3 of my 5 schemes, although I should have had my 4th scheme completed in my last game. My general had to kill the enemy general and everything was set up to do that in the final round of play. My 4 fully buffed (including Daemonic power and Damned Terrain) Blightkings put 23 confirmed wounds on the enemy's LOC (who was at 13 wounds with a 4+ save). Statistically, he should have dropped to 1 wound and my general was activating next...but he failed 13 saves and the BK killed him to a wound :-/ The final scores were incredibly tight at the top, as you can see: Had the stupid blight kings not murdered the LOC, I'd easily jumped 5 players into 3rd place. Robert Neal, who I major victoried in Round 2, ended up taking 3rd after crushing my cohost Vince in the final round :-/ Ironically, that victory against Mathew would have swung me up to be tied at 1st place. So I three way tied for 6th place, although 1 or 2 dice rolls different would have had me in the top 3 easily. It all came down to a couple rolls and, unless you're Tzeentch, you don't get to control your dice rolls. I feel pretty good about the list's performance and it did everything that it was supposed to do, especially against Tzeentch players. In such a Tzeentch heavy meta with them on the top tables, you can't ask for a better counter-meta list that can fight in the rain of ranged attacks and mortal wounds while also able to tank the hardest melee lists, often from the top of turn 1.
  10. Unfortunately both the Runeson and 3 units of Vulkites are required for the battalion, and without the battalion the drops for this army shoot way past 6. I agree that the Runeson is hot garbage, but he'll draw focus fire because most don't know any better (which will be hilarious and take heat off of my real units). That said, his command ability in this force creates an interesting boon to the Vulkites: they'll now all charge on 3d6, reroll any one of those dice (their musician), and drop the lowest dice. Making long charges, especially those 9" charges from tunneling up, will be much easier within him on the table. I've very aware of how good the Runesmiter on Magmadroth is. I could drop the Battlesmith for a second Runesmiter, or I could drop the Hurricanum for a Runesmiter on Magmadroth and bumping the last unit of vulkites from 5 to 15. That said, that trade makes me lose an excellent source of Mortal Wounds, a universal +1 hit bubble, an excellent threat magnet (which can be used to bait people into stupid gambits), and the ability to get a Vulkite block up to 3+ (reroll all failed saves)/4++, which is simply one of the tankiest units in the game. If I really wanted to fit one in, I'd have to drop my KO from this list and give up some of my ranged threat for a mostly mono-FS list (other than the hurricanum). If I went that direction, it would looks something like this: 240 Runeson on Magmadroth (General: Master of Defense; Phoenix Stone) 360 30 Vulkites 360 30 Vulkites 60 5 Vulkites 40 Warrior Kinbad Battalion 80 Runesmiter 200 Runesmiter on Magmadroth 80 5 Auric Hearthguard 80 5 Auric Hearthguard 80 5 Auric Hearthguard 80 Forge Brethren Battalion 320 Hurricanum The problem with this force is that it looses the third large block of Company who were sitting on an off objective firing their 24" light skyhooks. Yes, the potential for +4 save is in this list, but those Hearthguard need to be somewhat near the allied unit they want to do that to (15", which won't work on charging units I might add) and their supporting ranged fire is much less effective on every metric (range, to hit, to wound, rend and damage). All for a once per game universal reroll wounds, which realistically is only going to be impactful on 2 units (the 30 blocks of Vulkites). Contrast this with the Runesmiter on foot, who was in the other list and will be able to hand out this buff every turn after he tunnels up to one of the blocks (i.e. the more essential combat). I think there are just too many tradeoffs moving to this list. The one real upside though is that it drops me down to only 4 drops. Now, I think there may be proverbial gas in this engine for a combined list at 2500 points, but I almost never play 2.5k.
  11. Its funny you brought this up, because I started working on my mixed KO/FS list just last night. This is where I'm currently at: 240 Runeson on Magmadroth (General: Master of Defense; Phoenix Stone) 360 30 Vulkites (Warpicks and Shields) 360 30 Vulkites (Warpicks and Shields) 60 5 Vulkites (Warpicks and Shields) 40 Warrior Kinbad 80 Battlesmith 80 Runesmiter 360 30 Arkanaut Company (9 Light Skyhooks) 100 Khemist 320 Hurricanum This gives me a six drop army with lots of bodies, decent threat range and alternative deployment (deep strike from the Runesmiter). There is Mortal Wound output from the Vulkites, Hurricanum, and the Magmadroth. There is sufficient threat diffusion that it may confuse some opponents into making a bad call. The Arkanaut Company is a nice point holder with a large threat range. The Hurricanum rounds out the list with shoring up the lackluster universal 4+ to hit across this force and a much needed Mystic Shield (which can bring the Vulkites to 3+ w/reroll all failed saves).
  12. Of course not. People need to think of them as a slightly more sturdy unit of Moonclan Fanatics.
  13. Oh. That has to be a typo.
  14. Why? If I one were to take a bloodletter hero and then 3 blocks of Bloodletters, that is 3-8 units (3 specifically). I'm not sure how that isn't fulfilling the requirement of the Murderhost within the Bloodlords.
  15. I know this may sound silly...but have you considered dropping the Blue Horrors as part of your its and moving everything to your reinforcement pool? This would give you 240 points of summoning, some of which could be used to bring on Blues and Brimstones as those Pink Horror units die, or you could use them to summon other needed units (like a block of 20 Plaguebearers to hold down an objective). Just something to think about...