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  1. Yeah, until GW FAQs it, I'd say you've got a good argument that it works at the least. It's a lot of investment for a small chance of actually paying off, but... Long odds or no, having a chance to get through 18 wounds from two shots? Yikes.
  2. I believe that is using the Luckstone on your hit roll with the SFA to make sure you get a second shot.
  3. Welcome and glad to have you aboard! The first thing that struck me about your list is that you are two units of Aetherwings (or 120 pts) away from an Aetherstrike Force. It's out of the new Battletome that's only a couple months old, so it hasn't seen really extensive play yet. But there has been plenty of discussion and theorycrafting on this thread and it seems pretty powerful. Your list is nice and well-rounded, looks like it would be a lot of fun to play. You'll also have something to do in every phase, which is great. As for prayers on your Relictor, I'd go with either Lightning Chariot for the movement shenanigans, or Bless Weapons to make your hittiest units hittier. Also, Paladins are great, but they're a bit of a glass cannon. They sort of feel like the odd men out in this list. They might be a good candidate to drop so you can fit the Aetherwings in.
  4. How did you find the double Relictor? What prayers did you go with?
  5. It works for us. Everyone in our group agrees that shooting is powerful if you build your list around it, but nobody cries cheese either. Also, our rules are cut and dry. No wiggle room for subjectivity or perspective like LOS rules would necessarily create.
  6. Re: the issues a lot of us seem to have with shooting. We (my small gaming group) have disallowed an engaged unit from shooting OUT of combat. So, if your unit A is engaged with my unit A (which has a missile attack on its Warscroll), my unit can't fire at another of your units somewhere else on the board. Period. It's an easy way to tone shooting down a bit and removes something from the game that, thematically, never made much sense to me. The second tweak we made introduced an element of tactical decision-making into the shooting phase that wasn't there before. If your unit that is not engaged in melee fires its missile weapons into a melee that another of your units is involved in, any hit rolls of 1 inflict a wound on your unit. We thought this represented the crazy scrum that a fight between two units would be on the battlefield. Maybe your Warp Lightning Cannon doesn't mind sizzling a few Clan Rats if it means it might take out your opponent's buffing hero. But you might think twice about having half a dozen Raptors fire into that combat your Retributors are in against Archaon. Just a thought, take it for what it's worth.
  7. Presumably as his Kunnin' Rukk Lindbergh shoots your dinosaurs to ribbons. I agree, the ripperdactyls are terrifying. Particularly with that Shadowstrike bonus. If you could fit two of those battalions into a 2k list with Ripperdactyl units bigger than the minimum...yikes.
  8. Maybe we should see if a Mod can change the name of this thread to "Bastiladons are the ****".
  9. painting and modelling

    Got the Prime done. I'd like to try some edge highlighting on him (not something I've ever attempted), but I'm afraid of spoiling the work I've done so far. Anyone have any pointers for an edge highlighting novice? And does everyone think the 'juice is worth the squeeze' as it were?
  10. Yeah, and if I'm remembering right, he doesn't get worse as he takes Wounds? Just a beast...
  11. I agree. This seems like a non-point. I've heard others on these boards refer to attacks with -3 rend as 'pseudo-Mortal Wounds."
  12. Like it. I'm building toward a very similar list with the Celestial Vindicators battalion as well. Seems like it should perform pretty well and be a lot of fun to play.
  13. Ever have a unit stuck in combat at one end of the table but want to move them across the battlefield? Scions of the Storm won't help you there. Ever need to surgically strike on a particular turn and have a bad habit of rolling 1s and 2s? The Pennant is a 100% sure thing. Is it worth 140 points? Sometimes. I expect it's like the Knight Venator and his Star-Fated Arrow. When it works, it's amazing and would be a bargain at twice the price. When it doesn't work, it wouldn't have been worth spending 10 points on. Fair points. I thought about using it before it got nerfed, but didn't own the model. Now that it's not as useful, I hadn't planned on getting one. Maybe I'll proxy one in a friendly game a few times and see how he performs.