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  1. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    Very good point! My question about heroes in general still stands though, which heroes is good to have multiples of, if any? I second @Turragor. Relictors are definitely worth having more than one of. I would also throw in the Venator. He's basically a mobile artillery piece.
  2. GHB2 Ironjawz

    Does anyone think these new point reductions make the Cabbage and Gordrakk will see inclusion in competitive lists now?
  3. GHB2 Ironjawz

    Got a screen grab of the new IJ points from Ravik87 over on the AOS sub-Reddit. Battalions became much pricier across the board.
  4. 1500pts Stormcast Eternals - need some feedback

    I disagree with this. I run six Longstrikes with a Relictor quite often with good results. Parked in terrain with Bless Weapons, they still hurt things. Same cost as 10 Retributors and I'd argue they can have a more lasting impact on the game.
  5. 1000 pts SE Vanguard list

    I usually go with stuff that helps with survivability. So I'd opt for Staunch Defender and Mirrorshield. If you don't think you'll be up against much shooting, you could swap out for the Silvered Signarite or an offensive item.
  6. 1000 pts SE Vanguard list

    No, those are both valid points. I personally value the The Trap is Sprung ability enough to put it in my list, but YMMV. I think the Hunters are all about keeping your opponent on his back foot. Your opponent can never feel totally secure with an objective he holds or the position of his heroes/wizards if you've got a unit of Hunters held back. With this ability they can arrive anywhere, shoot, shoot again and then attempt a charge (50/50 shot w/ the Astral Compass rules) to then hopefully tack on some more damage in melee. At 1000 pts, there aren't going to be too many things that can stand up to that.
  7. 1000 pts SE Vanguard list

    I find it helps me to look at the different battalion formations and build my list around one. That way you have some built-in synergies already and should have a good idea of what your strategy will be when you play. To that end, your list is very close to the build for the Vanguard Angelos Conclave. I've built a couple of lists that feature it and it can be a lot of fun, if not out and out overpowering. To field it your list at 1k points pretty much has to look like: - Lord-Aquilor (200) - 3x5 Vanguard Hunters (420) - 1x3 Vanguard Palladors (220) - Vanguard Angelos Conclave (100) That gets you to 940/1000. You could chuck a Gryph Hound or some Aetherwings in there, but personally I'd probably just play it short and roll for a triumph each game.
  8. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    Absolutely. I hope my comment didn't make it seem as if I was insinuating that should be the case...because I'm not about that life.
  9. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    One of the Stormhosts from the new book. Different force organizations similar to Space Marine chapters if you're familiar. Each one has a unique color scheme and rules associated with it.
  10. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    This isn't quite right either. While the last place you want your Judicators is melee, their Storm Gladii do benefit from the CV command ability if they end up there.
  11. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    My Mathhammer isn't as strong as some, but based on these numbers, I get 1.33 wounds per model for the blades w/ CV command ability and 1.03 wounds per model for the hammers + stock standard LC. For a unit of 5 Libs, that's a difference of about 1.5 add'l wounds. I would say the blades definitely win out.
  12. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    Not sure what you mean. The Celestial Vindicators command ability gives units in a 6" bubble one extra attack with bladed weapons. The LC on foot's basic command ability seems weak compared to the CV option. I understand +1 to hit is nothing to sneeze at, and that positioning can be a challenge with this ability, but extra attacks for entire units can be game-breaking. There's a reason why everyone over in the Let's Chat Kharadron Overlords thread is freaking out about the Aether-khemist.
  13. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    Didn't want to clog up the forum with another post so I thought I'd ask this here: Got my hands on a copy of the new Skirmish rule book. Want to start a Vanguard Chamber warband. I notice that there aren't points for any mounted characters in the book. Is this some sort of balance issue? There are plenty of mounted troops, just no heroes. I'd like to run a Lord Aquilor but I don't want to ruin the game for the guys I'm playing with. Any reason why he wasn't included in the rule book? Also, if it were kosher, what would you reckon would be a good price point for him? I was think 28-30 points or thereabouts.
  14. Warhammer World exclusive Errant Questor

    Is this still available?
  15. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    Yeah, until GW FAQs it, I'd say you've got a good argument that it works at the least. It's a lot of investment for a small chance of actually paying off, but... Long odds or no, having a chance to get through 18 wounds from two shots? Yikes.