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  1. Generally you want all your buffs to go into one unit to be more effective. So players make one big unit for this purpose and then fill the rest of the battle line requirment with skeleton crews of minimum models. Units bigger than 20 needs spear, and units with 10 models go better with swords.
  2. 5 models of Blood Knights is very spot on for the efficieny of the unit: -They have a total of 15 wounds, which has a good save especially against attacks without rend -Can attack a much larger unit without getting attacked back by the majority if they flank the unit -5 models can strike most of the time but if you gor for the 10, 4 or 5 of them would not be able to strike, so become largely useless except for extra wounds -You still regerenate 1 model from a 10 model unit, while you will regen 2 from 2x5 units.
  3. You are right, my mistake to use casualty rate, i have to use survivability rate. English is not my primary language and i am sorry for the mistake. Lets say you have 6 wounds on your zombi unit. With deathless minions you will survive with 1 zombie, and 5 of them will be killed. With ruler of the night you will have 2 zombies survive and 4 zombies will be death. The survivability will go from 1 to 2. Or you can say ****** zombies who need them. In this case, Ruler of Night is even more important to the durability of our elite and regernating unit such as blood knights. In one of my recent games versus dwarves, 30 something dwarven thunderers shoot at my 5 blood knights with a total of -3 rend value with buffs from his hq characters. Since i can not roll any armour save, it was only the deathless minion ability to roll for. I had suffered more than 20 wounds. And my unit's standard bearer was saved with 1 wound and in my turn i raised the hornblower and succesfully charged and killed one of his small dwarven warrior unit. Altough the standard bearer was dead the hornblower lives and i succesfully managed to hide him from harm's wat and that unit did not give point to my opponent where as 1-They succesfully abosrbed a massive amount of shooting for one turn 2-They killed one of my opponent's unit3-They did not give away anty points. This would not be the case if i had not taken Ruler of Night. I is not very important to kill more models with redfury, because so many units are very good in shooting phase (Stormfiends, Thunderers, Handgunners, Brettonian archers, Bolt throwers, Kurnous Hunters, etc, etc) that until we get cc with them they can wipe our most critical units with ease. Death faction's primary ability is being diffcult to kill and raise the slain models with standards and spells. If we go with the close combat mincer role, other factions such as khorne and destruction will outgun us in that department because since they lack raising, they are far better in combat compared to us. Since death has no faction book in the same power level with the top tier ones (Stormfiends with Kairos, Beastclaw Raiders, Groundmarines, Sylvaneth with 2+ rerollable and Kurnours hunters) we have to play with our strengths as much as possible. It is of course to play with what you like in friendly games or small metas, but i am suggesting that Ruler of the Night trait is the best in our book in the competitive enviroment .
  4. You have 1 in 6 chance to save your model from a wound or mortal wound because of Deathless Minions command trait. With ruler of the night trait, you double the chance to save the wound to 2 in 6 so you halve your casualty rate. I should be more specific about my logic though...
  5. Ruler of the night is nearly an autoinclude trait for us for competitive games. With it you halve your casualty rate around your general.
  6. The problem with one too big unit of spirit host is that their frontage is very big and half of your attacks would be out of range.
  7. A smart player would drag the spirit host unit into combat by putting one or two models inside 3" range. Then as the remaining spirit host models would take a few turns to reach the said chaff models by moving 3" in every pile in phase. It would be better if your opponent makes this blocking move by two units in each flank of the unit, as only 2 or three units would be able to pile in to each side. This way it would be very easy to nullify your unit. 2x6 model spirit host shall be the way to go.
  8. I think one vampire lord is enough, his spell is very good on some low attack elite unites. I'd try vargheists as they are one of the better units of soulblight. Blood knights wreck face when they make the charge, they are both mandatory as battline units and very powerful. I'd take a second VLoZD with the available points. 180 points for summon is enough for summoning screeners(dire wolves and zombies and occasional wraith for three places of power)
  9. Hi guys, I am excited to tell you about aour local AoS tournaments with 14 participants. (4 players did not arrive due to health conditions and heavy snow in Istanbul right now, if all fellows had shown up this would be the largest tabletop war gaming event in Turkey ever) Only 2 death players were in the tournament with both of us with similar lists. My list was: VLoZD - Tomb Blade-Ruler of the Night Mannfred 3 x 10 Zombies 2x5 Blood Knights 1x6 Spirit Hosts with 140 pts for summon The missions were randomly generated. In the tournament there were 3 Stormcastplayers (Deepstriking warrior brotherdhood or with Celestine Prime), 1 Ironjaws with lots of Ardboyz, 1 Ogre Kingdom, 1 Sylvaneth with Kurnoth Hunters, Treelord Ancients and other stuff, 1 dwarf, 1 Brettonia, 1 Khorne Bloodbound, 1 Chaos Daemons, 1 High Elves and 1 other destruction player. My first opponent was Destruction Ogre player. His list was composed of 2 Butchers 1 Tyrant 2x3 Ogors 1x12 Ogors 1x6 Leadbelchers 1x6 Ironguts if i remember correctly. The game was Blood and Glory. As i was afraid of first turn charges, i deployed my army a little behind my line 26" far from his troops. Mannfred and VLoZD was at the center behind the fromt lines while 2 strong spirit hosts was directly in front of them. 2 blood knight units were holding my left flank. My zombies were at the front of my lines guarding all of my troops with some lucky charges. My right flank was empth except for my 10 zombies. My opponent deployed his troops along his battlelines with 12 strong ogre unit at the center. 2 little ogre units in each flank. Leadbelchers and Ironguts to his right flank ( same side with my blood knights) . As i won the iniative i deployed first and gave him the first turn. He moved his leadbelchers and ironguts a little as he was mindful of our ability to charge minimum of 6" because of the hornblowers in the units. He moved his centerline ogres and 3 strong ogres as far as that he can charge his next turn easily. In my first turn i summoned 1 zombies and 1 direwolves in front of his big units to chaff them while moving one of my blood knight units to 16" of his leadbelchers. Mannfred and VLoZD flew ahead to the center of my lines. Spirit hosts moved a little ahead to stay at the defensive and zombies pulled themselves a little back. Luckily i won the next turn, moved my blood knights, Mannfred and VLoZD as far as possible. VLoZD damaged leadbelchers with breathweapon then failed his 3" charge with rolling snake eyes! Blood knight units and Mannfred charged succesfully while i had to charge with my summoned direwolves to the little ogre unit to clip the 12 strong unit into battle for being inside3" of them. This way i hoped to protect my VLoZD from the carnage. Mannfred had been able to charge behind Leadbelchers to clip ironguts as well. In the ensuing combat phase my opponent brought one of his leadbelchers within 3" of my VLoZD and with the maw attack of the dragon and combined attacks of the Blood knight units and Mannfred, The leadbelchers were wiped and Ironguts had only 3 ogres with 2 wounds reaming on one of them. Luckily my direwolves did not wiped as they are fairly resillent with their 5+ and 5++ saves with two wounds each and the other two ogre units reamined inside combat. From this point on, the ogre player was in real trouble as he was unable to charge for the rest of the game. As i pulled back my 2 zombie units to my empty right flank where his three ogre strong unit had charged, i was always numerically superior to his unit. I wiped his ironguts, small ogre unit next to them and after that i charged with all my blood knights, Mannfred and VLoZD to kill them. His 3 ogres in my objective destroyed one of my zombie unis but the other unit escaped from combat but still remanied in 6" of my objective. Mannfred ran to his other objective so i won a major victory by holding every objective in 4th round.4 The next game was escalation game with the new rules and my opponent was warrior brotherhood. He deployed all his units (1x10 retributers with 4 soulmaces and 1x10 protectors with again 4 soulmaces and lots of other stuff) in the celestial realm. The new deployment rules of escalation was a huge setback for my army as i had to encircle my strong units with zombies to take as little harm as possible when he deepstriked his paladin units inside combat with the ability of Knight-Azyros heroes (As long as only one model deepstrikes within 5" of Azyros the other models can be deployed inside your model's 3" thus directly delpoys inside combat. But the new rules of escalation makes behemoths deploy upto 24" away from the center line, battleline units upto9" away and all other units 12" away from the centerline. So in order to protect my behemoths and blood knights i delpoyed my zombies far back to make a screen. I won the iniative and i took the first turn to be able to create my castle properly by moving units and summoning 1 zombies and 1 direwolves to seal my castle. This way i had risked a double turn for my opponent but there was no way else that i was aware of. My opponent rained down his units into the table in his first turn. His deployed his protects in the front of my castle directly inside combat with my zombies in the front and retributers and one 5 strong liberators in the back of my castle clipping both of my blood knight units and a zombie unit into combat. This was a major mistake for my opponent imo because the retributers with their greed to kill my blood knights had deployed at least 18-20" away from the objectives and they were a slow unit. The judicators and one unit of liberators delpoyed on my the righthand side objective and 1 unit of liberators deployed on the left one. He killed two blood knights in one of my units and dealt two wounds on the other unit which i regained 1 of them by killing two liberators and destroyed 1 unit of zombies with his retributers and 1 unit of liberators. The protectors killed 3 wolves and lots of zombies on the other side. His ranged attacks killed 5-6 zombies. Luckily i won the next turn and escaped from annihilation. I sent Mannfred to the right objective and i also took the 5 strong blood knights to the right objective out of combat, this unit ran and 3 of them managed to get succefully inside 6" of the right objective. VLoZD and spirit host unit attacked the protectors. One dead blood knight fighting with the retributers at my back and 5 dead zombies at the 6" of the center objective raised in my hero phase. With the combined atacks of the spirit hosts and VLoZD i managed to take 4 of the protectors. Mannfred was a beast as he was able to slay 3 of the liberators and 3 of the judicators in the combat phase. One of the liberators were out of the 6" of the objective so i managed to capture the right and center objective in my second turn. In my opponent's second turn he killed two more bloodknights with his retributors and shoot some of my zombies in order to clear the center objective, in the combat phase i killed more protectors while loosing only one spirit host. Mannfred killed the remaining liberators and judicatiors in his second turn. Thus he can only get 1 point by holding the left objective which he held freely as there was none of my units near to that objective. My opponent won the next turn he shot down one of my zombie units then charged with Azyros and prosecuters to the remaining zombies and VLoZD on top of the center objective. His other Azyros charged to my bloodknights in combat with his retributers. My VLoZD killed all of the prosecuters and 2 of my zombies survived the combat with Azyros. The protectors were all dead at that point as their souls were ripped apart by the spirit host. On the right objective his judicators killed one of my bloodknights but didn't do anything else. My bloodknights keeping the retributers away from my VLoZd and spirit hosts died at at last with combined attacks of Azyros and remaining retributors. My remaining 10 man zombie unit was in combat by 2 remaing liberators. They were in a towel fight as neither of the units can do anthing to the other meaningfully. As my opponent can only control his unopposed left objective he could only take 1 points. The game was 2-2 at that point. In my third round i charged Mannfred into the judicators. Remaining one direwolf into the retributors and azyros in the hopes of stalling them for one round. The spirit hosts moved towards the retributors to meet a next turn charge from them but 4 of them remaining inside 6" of the center objective along with surviving 2 zombies. My remaining blood knight unit raised 1 dead knight and remained inside 6" of the right objective. Mannfred killed all of the judicators by spell and by his sword . VLoZD killed Azyros in combat with him. I took 2 points and the match ended due to time at the end of third round. I won a major victory and kill 750ish points of my opponent while he killed 440 points. The third match was against Ironjaws player. As we both had won our past games 20-0 the winner of the match will be the tournament champion. He also was a more experienced players than my former opponents. The battle was Take and Hold. Iron Jaws list consisted of Mega Boss-General Weirdnob Shaman 3 x Warchanters 2 x 20 Ardboys 1 x 10 Ardboy 1 x 10 Brutes 1 x 3 Gore Gruntas My opponent won the roll off and deployed the side with the mystical terrain which i was very happy. AS i had the fewer unit number, it was my decision about whom to go first and i gave the first turn. He was mindful of me getting a possible two turns in a row and moved not very aggressively despite his destruction bonus move and battalion bonus move for battleline units. His units moved 6-9 " forward. In my turn i again summoned a dire wolf unit at the center with a lean to the left side of the field 9" away from his units. As i had decided to play a refused flank strategy i moved my hard hitters to my left flank where his faster Gore Gruntas deployed. In my refused right flank i summoned zombies to block his 20 strong ard boy unit which was pressing from that side. My general VLoZD and Mannfred were at the center of my lines while battleline zombies acted as chaff screeners. I casted mystic shield to my spirit host and sent them in front of my lines to receive charge. I won the second turn and as my blood knights were more than 16" away from his lines ( They were deployed at the very back of my deployment edge with Mannfred and VLoZD as i was afraid of first turn charge shenanigans. ), i gave my opponent the initiative. Altough he was very serious about standing still and play for a minor win or possibly a draw, his orkside took the reins and he charged my tempting dire wolf unit with the gore gruntas. His 20 strong ard boys charged my newly summoned zombies in my refused flank and wiped them but they had remained in combat with my other zombie unit as they had charged them too. His center line was very crowded and moved a little forward to counter charge me in his next turn as he did not charged to my 3+ ethereal spirit host unit. Three dire wolves died and one dire wolf was wounded. His goregruntas was locked in combat. In my second turn i casted Mannfred's damage spell to his war chanter which had been near to other war chanters, his general and shaman along with two ard boy units. The initial target received 1 wounds while all others suffered 1 mortal wound despite ward save against MW of his shaman and general. Another arcane bolt dealt two wounds to another shaman. I casted mystic shield to my VLoZD and charged them with my VLoZD in the front and one of my blood knight unit in their flank. My other Blood knight unit and Mannfred stayed a little back acting as reserve. At the right flank my damaged zombies grow back and i managed to clip his 10man strong ard bıy unit at the center of his lines with one of my zombies in pile in. This made his general and brutes unit stay in a very crowded position. My zombies had clipped a total of thirty orks in two separate units. And only 3 orks could reach them in the combat phase. My VLoZD and blood knights wiped the gore gruntas. My opponent won the third round and attacked with his other 20 man strong ard boy unit to my VLoZD and blood knights unit. His other ard boys unit was in combat. He moved his brutes to closer to my lines. His ork units in combat with my zombies did manage all but the standard bearer which was spelled another combat round with them. His charging orks dealt a few wounds to my general and did not kill any of my blood knights despite his warboss declared waagh but could only give 1 more attack to each unit. In my turn i charged to his brutes with my reserve blood knights and Mannfred charged to his ardboys staying in combat with VLoZD and blood knights. Three units killed most of the ard boys and only a few models remained. But my charging blood knights suffered 2 dead knights at the hand of the brutes. In the fourth turn his 20 man strong unit ran out of combat to go to his objective to secure a minor loss as he was very far behind in points. I killed his last remaining ard boyz and dealt a few wounds to his brutes in his turn. I won the fourth round and attacked all his units with all of my hard hitters, my 5 strong blood knights charged at his general while the three strong unit charged at his shaman and one of his remaining war chanters all of whom were previously wounded by Mannfred's spell in the past turns. Mannfred charged at another war chanter and VloZD charged at his 10 man strong ard boyz. Mannfred killed the war chanter he charged while the VLoZD killed the 10 man strong ard boyz with the help of a bad battle shock dice. The MVP of the match was my 5 strong blood knights who decimated their mega bozz by dealing more than his share of wounds with their charge. Three man strong unit dealt one wound to each of the shaman and the war chanter and failed to kill them. In his turn he ran out of combat with both of his war chanter and shaman, while failing to cast Foot of Mork to my blood knights. His 20 strong unit of ard boyz consolidated behind his objective thus securing a minor defeat to at least get a second or third place. It was the final turn and i pushed my units for the major victroy which i could only get if i tabled my opponent because each of his remaining units which were a single wound remaining shaman and war chanter and 20 man strong ard boyz. I casted mystic shield to my 5 man blood knight units while giving them reroll to hit as a command ability from VLoZD. 3 man strong blood knights charged at the shaman and war chanter while VLoZD, Mannfred and 5 man blood knights went for the big unit. 3 man unit slew both of the heroes while Mnnfred wiffed his attacks by dealing only 3 wounds on the unit. Then my VLoZD was more lucky and slew 4 of the orks. Then MVP unit of Blood knights dealt a horrible amount of wounds with their charge and only 4 or 5 orks remained on the field that flew away by the battleshock test. It was a 20-0 major victory with 2000 pts and a very enjoyable game thanks to my opponent. Sylvaneth took the second place and Ogre army that was my first opponent took the third place. My final opponent could only took the fourth place . Thanks for reading the post if you somehow managed to read this far:)
  10. For Fell bats (Great bats) i use this fruit bat model from Schleich. When painted it is very beatiful. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Schleich-14719-Fruit-Bat/dp/B00GVTDARE
  11. VLoZD-General-RotN-Tomb Blade VLoZD VLoZD Blood Knights Blood Knights 160 pts for the summon
  12. Use black knights as skeleton horseman, then use them as @CoffeeGrunt suggests. They dual purpose to be your battleline
  13. The battleline troops pf undead requires to be min maxed for effectiveness. So for 60 ghouls: 10-10-40 would be more benefical. The next difference i would make is to get rid of VLoAT and terrorghesit to bring a GLoZD or GLoTG to get some synergy which is all AoS is about. ı am not sold on a weak general such as VL which will be targeted by any opponent that knows how to deal with death to stop 5++ ward save.
  14. I'd drop the flesh eater part of the army which has no synergy with the rest and go for some hard hitting unit and took zombies for battleline tax.
  15. I accept that VL 's command ability is nice and he is defienetly playable against old factions such as dwarfs, high elves etc. But what will you do if two or three thundertusk deals 18 MW per turn, or 6 stormfiends deals 12d3 MW? Iam trying to say Death is quite strong against old factions, but Stormcast, Skyre Stormfiends, Beastclaws, Sylvaneth will steamroll us.