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  1. Destiny Dice Use

    Hi, Can destiny dice be used for generating number of mortal wounds from spells such as Bolt of Change?
  2. Ushabti great bows

    I would take the necromancer if there is a big block of skeletons, ghouls or zombies to benefit from Danca Macabre. Without the efficient use of Dance Macabre, Necromancer is a very very very expensive model. I'd get rid both of vampire lord and necromancer to take an VLon abbysal terror. (In general handbook 2 VLOAT will probably be 300 points, but other units can become cheaper and VLOAT can be taken as well) Also it could be more benefical to merge spirit hosts to be buffed by VloZD.
  3. Ushabti great bows

    10 skeletons with 3+/4+ would bring 3 wounds before saves (they have no rend and move 4" so usually your opponent decide which combat they will be in. ) so do not expect something worthwhile from them. On the other hand the saved 60 points may be enough to bring a tougher hero or unit to the table. 10 zombies are 5+/5+...
  4. Ushabti great bows

    Absolutely Ruler of the night is the best trait for us. I also use VLoZD and 2 Bloodknights and 6 spirit hosts,too.In our meta it worked pretty well for me. I'd suggest you to use zombies instead of skeletons. The skeleton does not bring anything worthwhile for the increase points since there is no synergy for them. As @CoffeeGrunt told, you need more heroes. I found Mannfred work good for me, but a VloAT would be especially good since he is still cheap for what he does and he would not go down easily. I'd suggest you to keep a minimum 60 pts for summoning a third hero for 3 places of power or a chaff unit such as direwolves in other scenarios at the right time for objective grabing or for just screening.
  5. Experimental Point Increase for Tomb king Models

    5 blood knights is 260 points with 15 wounds, can regenate 3 wounds per turn and wracks face in combat. 3 necropolis knights is too 15 wounds, can generate 5 wounds per turn, wrack face in combat and have way more syngery as they are skeletons. 240 points is fair imo.
  6. Combining Zombies in Matched Play

    Two or more zombie units can merge in matched play, but you can not go above 60 zombies according to the last faq.
  7. New 2k list mixed death

    The Legion of death formation has so much tax force with black knights and grave guard. While the extra 4" move in hero phase is great it is nothing spectacular. And since they are nearly all one wound models extra 1 refen within 9" of wight king is nothing too big either imo. If you drop the battalion, black knights and gg, you can spend 340 points elsewhere ( Blood knights 260 pts, extra 10 skeletons for the 30 strong skeleton unit is 80 points) Arkhan has no value with your list since you do not summon. So dropping him gives you another 340 points (260 for second blood knights) You can spend the remaining points to take a VLoZD instead of GKoTG and have 60 points for summon. I think minimum 60 points of summon is necessary for Death players to summon a chaff zombie unit or summon a wraith for three places of power. You can change thre 10 strong skeletons to zombies to gain another 40 points too.
  8. Apparently GW nerfes some undercosted Tomb Kings units by increasing their point values in the upcoming General Handbook II. They are experimenting with the points in a tournament in England. Here is the link. I think this is great news for the game as general, if they will nerf some bizarre overpowered units such as stonehorns, thundertusks, teleporting stormcasts and stormfiends. As a side effect this can mean that tomb king is here for stay:)
  9. 2k FEC New to Death

    Maybe it can be better to inceease the number of 20 model ghoul unit by dropping the courtier.
  10. Death vs Beast Claw Raiders

    I think tomb blade for healing the general is better. The thunder tusks will probably deal 18 mortal wounds with their shooting which you will save 1/3 of them with ruler of the night so you will be at 6 wounds. You will then drink from the chalice and will get 3-4 wounds back. Now you need to charge at one of the thundertusks and kill him. Next turn you will take 8 wounds from the remaining thundertusks if the god of average dice rolls bless you and your opponent. Healing matters
  11. 2k Mostly Deathrattle list

    Drop archers , five of black knights and necrotech to get two units of necropolis knights and 1 lichpriest. Necropolis knights are one of the strongest units in death and combos good with settra and necromancer and lichpriest
  12. Barrow Wight-Kings

    A rectengular base would be better for Settra. Lovely conversions btw. Which models did you use for necropolis knights' mounts?
  13. Death vs Beast Claw Raiders

    In more serious answer: 1-You have to chaff stonehorn as he or yhetiis or mournfang can charge reliably in the first turn. Deploy a little at your backfield. 2-You have to attack thundertusks and concentrate your damage in order to kill one at a time. As thundertusks heal each other pretty effectively you have to hit until one is death. Use your flyers to catch the thundertusks. 3-Play to the objectives. 4-Blood knights are a good counter for motnfang cav as ogres do not have rend attacks
  14. Death vs Beast Claw Raiders

    1-Do not let your opponent throw dice. 2- Threaten him not to use his thundertusks and stonehorn. 3-Buy him a beer instead of a match and ask him politely that he conceeds. 4-Play your whole army as Stormcast or stormfiends and say that you are proxying cause you did not buy the models yet.
  15. How do you do Skeleton Warriors?

    Generally you want all your buffs to go into one unit to be more effective. So players make one big unit for this purpose and then fill the rest of the battle line requirment with skeleton crews of minimum models. Units bigger than 20 needs spear, and units with 10 models go better with swords.