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  1. New Slaves to Darkness Army

    Might run a unit of 20 chaos warriors and then a unit of 10 instead of 2, 15man units. You get re-rolls of one I think if the unit has 20 or more. I personally havent had much luck with the exalted hero of chaos. Might switch him out with a chaos spawn or something to keep your points under 2000.
  2. Best one off heros?

    There is some buzz right now going around for the Luminark of Hysh Freeguild General on Griffon ( A Tank With sheild) Then your golden boys Vandus Hammerhand, Knight - Venator, Drakesworn Templar, Celestant Prime Drycha to handle hordes It sort of depends on what tool you are looking for the job you need done. Can't go wrong with the 3+ save heroes imho
  3. Exalted chariots seem to be the pinnacle for slaanesh armies
  4. Can you start too many armies?

    The game really gets a lot of its coolness factor from painted models on a table setup with painted terrain. Its kind of lame how many people play with unpainted models. I feel if you focus more on getting the models painted than the quantity the game feels a lot more rewarding for both players. Not only that, more time playing and getting used to the rules of your army and executing turns faster. Maybe once your army is fully painted reward yourself with starting a new army.
  5. IMG_0192.JPG

    Excellent! Love these colors
  6. Slaves to darkness tzeentch

    I think that last list you posted looks good! I run something similar. Ogroid with Infusion Arcanum cast on himself and then timeslip pendant is beastly. Alternate Lord of change model that may or may not be more to your liking: https://www.creaturecaster.com/collections/full-collection/products/vulturedemon Lord of change is pretty necessary if you want to dominate the magic phase giving all casters nearby +1. Mortal wounds through spells are extremely powerful and LoC makes it happen
  7. Help me flesh out an idea - 'Good' Chaos

    White armor color seems a little different and cool
  8. What would you give Slaanesh?

    What if they had a once per game ability to corrupt target opponent's unit? Take them over for a turn to attack a nearby unit or themselves and then maybe if thats too powerful after a certain amount I time they turn into chaos spawn (free of points cost)
  9. Sayl the Faithless and Nightmaw

    Great job on these,I really like the color scheme on the spawn. What color did you use for the rim of the base?
  10. Archaon Tzeentch list

    Varanguard tag teaming with Archaon is pretty brutal- with him on the board they each become mini hero characters in their own right +1 to hit and reroll charges is no joke
  11. Archaon

    Horse version is delegated only for friendly games. He technically doesn't exist now outside of his giant dragon-riding from. I used to love running the smaller version on the horse but now its not even compendium
  12. Help my girlfriend decide!

    Go Sylvaneth lead the force with Allariel, the most powerful female protagonist in the game!
  13. Where to start with chaos

    Slaves to darkness start collecting box is a great start point because you can devote the contense of the box to any of the four chaos gods.
  14. Blood Knights - No Models nor substitutes?

    http://www.gamezoneminiatures.com/tienda/en/vampires/334-caja-de-caballeria-lugubre.html Not the cheapest but definitely one of the more impressive substitutes in my opinion
  15. Let's chat Disciples of Tzeentch

    Daemon Prince of Tzeentch VS Ogroid thaumaturge. What do you think is the stronger choice in a Tzeentch force? Prince can fly, has the better base move, and save. Ogroid has a unique spell and abilities. I have yet to see either one on the table top so wondering what the combat effectiveness is when comparing the two.