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  1. Descent of the Kharadrong Raiders: An Introduction

    Inspirational! Great stuff and Kudos on a fantastic looking army
  2. Descent of the Kharadrong Raiders: A New Flight

    Fantastic Job! Love the color scheme and the magma freehand!
  3. A Giant Centaur Orion or Kurnous would be pretty sick. Give him huge antlers and an awesome bow and spear not to mention a great command ability. Perhaps he could give re-roll charges to a new centaur cav unit so they could teleport then charge successfully.
  4. Anointed of Asuryan on Frostheart Phoenix

    Fantastic Job!
  5. Lets Chat Wanderers / Wood Elves compendium

    What would a Start Collecting Wanderers box look like? I'm thinking: 10 Eternal Guard/ Rangers 16 Glade Guard Nomad Prince 5 Sisters of the Thorn/ Wild Riders Seems like a nice way to be on your way to the Battalion. Looking at it we just really need a big centerpiece model... which gives me great hope for the future perhaps a return of Kurnoth or Orion. Something that gave wanderers +1 to hit or attack and mimicked the durability of the frost heart phoenix would be incredible
  6. Lets Chat Wanderers / Wood Elves compendium

    Excellent write up Baz! You were the talk of the town on more than one youtube channel warhammer shows. Glad to see some Wanderer action!
  7. Archaon

    Looking great man!
  8. Lets Chat Wanderers / Wood Elves compendium

    Thanks for the clarification. Its as I feared then...
  9. Lets Chat Wanderers / Wood Elves compendium

    Question on Eternal Guard: I had my first game with a mixed order (primarily wanderer) list this weekend and was looking for some rules clarification on the Eternal Guard ability Fortress of Boughs. The ability says that I cannot move until my next hero phase in order to get the added benefits. So does that mean that the enemy can basically crash into the flank of my line and I can't do much to retaliate since if i move to pile in I lose the bonuses from fortress of boughs? Thanks
  10. Slaves to Darkness Undivided

    If going with a mounted army, highly recommended to look at the chaos lord on Daemonic mount for his awesome command abilities.
  11. New Slaves to Darkness Army

    Might run a unit of 20 chaos warriors and then a unit of 10 instead of 2, 15man units. You get re-rolls of one I think if the unit has 20 or more. I personally havent had much luck with the exalted hero of chaos. Might switch him out with a chaos spawn or something to keep your points under 2000.
  12. Best one off heros?

    There is some buzz right now going around for the Luminark of Hysh Freeguild General on Griffon ( A Tank With sheild) Then your golden boys Vandus Hammerhand, Knight - Venator, Drakesworn Templar, Celestant Prime Drycha to handle hordes It sort of depends on what tool you are looking for the job you need done. Can't go wrong with the 3+ save heroes imho
  13. Exalted chariots seem to be the pinnacle for slaanesh armies