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  1. Ogors and Gorkamorka

    Also look up @thediceabide ‘s thread breakdown on alll the ogor units. Super good resource
  2. Ogors and Gorkamorka

    No but they are bloody fun!
  3. Also as for babysitting objectives, if you can get them there you are ok but remember that most of the time numbers hold objectives. Thats why im getting the grots/gnoblars in my list purely as otherwise we suffer. Savage orruks would be a nice addition if you were going orruky?
  4. Im thinking of doing it as a huge block of rusted iron. However a huge bit of rock covered in moss does sound cool @Furious Ive only used one for a few matches but found it quite lacking. the 4+ is rough and although you can reroll your hits with 10+ enemies in the units it is geared more toward hero sniping. The Huskard on TT is your best sniping unit, double them up for the healing as well. With the leadbelchers I always had more use out of them as one unit. My issue with them was you want them stationary to be more combat effective however, with ogors everything costs so much that it cant be left doing nothing and more often than not they would be left out of range if i wasn't playing defensively. Also with the movement issues you kinda want to babysit the unit to get them into range with a hero. I did best with using a moonclan grot shaman just as a cheap caster/hero to babysit. 80 pts and most people ignore him or forget about him as hes so small and inconspicuous alongside your ogors.
  5. Fellwater Troggoths repacked?

    They are on 50s bud. They went off the store for a little while and then went back up repackaged, might be worth what else goes temp unavailable
  6. Long time no post! I had a bit of a hobby wobble at the start of the year but I’m back into the project and working hard. I will do a proper post at some point with detail but for now have a mock up of my gargant
  7. WTB Ironjawz Heroes

    Looking to make some conversions and would like some scrappy Ironjawz heroes for them. The lower quality the better, ****** paint jobs very welcome etc. 🇬🇧 uk based
  8. Mohojoe's Sales and trades

    Sold stuff removed and more added
  9. Mohojoe's Sales and trades

    £40 + Free postage to the UK
  10. The Painting Contract - February 2018

    This months pledge is a small one as I’m very low on funds. Gonna strip and repaint my ogor butcher and stretch goal I will add details to my 12x brutes
  11. Mohojoe's Sales and trades

    UK based @Vasshpit sorry bud!
  12. Oscar Painting Stuff

    Haven't checked in for 6 pages, Still fantastic stuff going on in here. Thanks for staying an inspiration bud!
  13. Fimir Warriors

    They had a Meargh and Fimirach model that looked ready to release last time i checked. I have no idea what happens with FW releases though. I would flip my lid if they did release though, I always wanted a fimir army. @Binx Is the man to follow on twitter if you like yourself some Fimir, he has some amazing projects going on.
  14. Mohojoe's Sales and trades

    Updated with more stuff
  15. Hoping to turn up with a mate for this too!