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  1. Death is a pretty decent counter to us in general. We don't have a lot of high level "grindy" armies. Hammerstrike, Aetherstrike, Skyborne, old Warrior Brotherhood - all built around blasting things down quickly. Death, especially their big characters, can soak that burst and then hit back. For comparison, I can guarantee you that the Aetherstrike will kill 1-2 Thundertusks per turn. 12 wounds through a 4+, unless they roll hot or take the Talisman of Protection, is cake. But VLoZD or the Mortarchs have extra saves, heals, lots of wounds, better saves... it's a lot rougher.
  2. That's a list I'd really like to try if I ever got around to buying more Prosecutors. A massive winged force would look really striking on the tabletop and the Stormhost ability is a really nice buff on the Celestant-Prime or a Stardrake.
  3. Oh whoops, misread that one haha
  4. Yes. It's legal for the time being. The most telling is that it's on Warscroll Builder, hosted by GW themselves. If that's not validation, I don't know what is. Untrue. Your army still fulfills the requirements for Stormcast allegiance - that is, everything has the Stormcast keyword.
  5. I thought we'd see Aetherstrike be higher up with how much people are complaining about it Awesome to see a good mix. Hopefully GHB2017 will bring some buffs to Death and get them up there. Also happy to not see 3 Skyfire lists in the top tables haha.
  6. I've been doing a Skirmish "league", really just playing through the book at one mission per week. For the second mission, my force looked like this: Lord-Relictor Retributor-Prime Protector-Prime Prosecutor-Prime with Trident Liberator-Prime with Grandhammer Liberator with Hammer/Shield Won first game, tied second. Our units are pretty good since we have 2 wounds and good saves, we stick around longer than most others. And the Relictor can heal anything that doesn't die, which happens a lot. Venator is quite good. Shooting units and fast units in general are amazing in Skirmish, since it's a small board and shooting is at a premium when you can drop multiple "units" in a single volley. The Venator alone can easily pop 2 dudes per turn between him and the Aetherwing, maybe 3 if you feel lucky. Shooting longer than a 12" range is pretty insane in Skirmish. You'll win a lot of games if you go that route, but you won't make a lot of friends doing it. Venators, Judicators, Raptors are all very, very powerful.
  7. Hm, the more I think about it, I'm not sure if I should bring Aetherstrike or Skyborne to this event. I think Skyborne is still pretty good, and I'd have to paint a lot fewer models to get it tabletop ready. Plus, I've only had a bit of practice with Aetherstrike as it is, and while it's strong I don't know if it is easy enough to pilot without playtesting. What do you think of this Skyborne list? Lord-Celestant - General, Mirrorshield, Staunch Defender Lord-Relictor - Lightning Chariot Knight-Venator - Luckstone Judicators x5 - Bows, Shockbolt Bow Judicators x5 - Bows, Shockbolt Bow Liberators x5 - Hammers and Shields, Grandhammer Liberators x5 - Hammers and Shields, Grandhammer Protectors x10 - 4 Starsouls Decimators x5 - 2 Starsouls Javelin Prosecutors x3 - Trident Longstrikes x3 Longstrikes x3 Skyborne Slayers 2000/2000 So, still lots of shooting, but also Skyborne to get that Alpha/Beta strike. I still think it's strong enough - few armies can withstand the drop, and the Longstrikes and Venator have the range and power to support it from afar. I did fairly well with it at Adepticon, though I'll be swapping out the Fulminators which didn't mesh well with the list.
  8. Though the Anvil there may mean something else. Dwarves are pretty close allies of the Stormcast, they might share some Heraldry or some sort of mixed icon?
  9. Hmm... 9 Aetherstrike Longstrikes + 5 Protectors or 6 Aetherstrike Longstrikes + 10 Protectors? 9 seems like a bit overkill, and having more Protectors seems like a strong midfield unit.
  10. Now that the 40k release is calming down, can get back to AoS. New game is pretty good but Sigmar still has its hooks in me. Got a tournament coming up, thinking of running this: Lord-Castellant: General, Staunch Defender, Lantern of the Tempest Knight-Venator: Luckstone Knight-Azyros Knight-Heraldor Judicators - Bows Judicators - Bows Judicators - Crossbows Aetherwings Aetherwings Protectors x5: 2x Starsoul Hurricane Raptors Longstrike Raptors x9 Aetherstrike Battalion 2000/2000 Feels like a pretty standard Aetherstrike list, just tried to shove the Heraldor in there for anti-Sylvaneth tech and I'm expecting the tables to be terrain dense. Not sure about the Crossbow Judicators but I had Libbies and 60 points left over so I think it'll be ok. Should I go for less Longstrikes? Sent from my ONEPLUS A3000 using Tapatalk
  11. Got some games in over this weekend. Tried out my Lord-Aquillor for the first time. Dude is killy in combat and his Trait is insane, I may end up using him in an Aetherstrike if I can squeeze it. Flying a bunch of Hurricanes into range on T1 is pretty devastating, or yanking certain units out of combat.
  12. Since no one else was answering - I'm pretty sure they didn't add anything to Skirmish over 6 wounds, which precludes our mounted dudes. Ogor Tyrants are 7 wounds and are out as well. Vanguard looks super good, since Raptors outrange everything in the game (expect super ranged units to be houseruled), Astral Compass lets a Hunter ignore deployment, and Palladors are one of the toughest things available for their points.
  13. Take 2! Unless TGH2 changes things, the upside of Priests over Wizards is that there's nothing stopping you from trying it multiple times. 1) Yes. It's not a missile weapon and doesn't have a profile, it's just a thing that happens. 2) Measure the distance at the time you roll the Hits. So yes, you can "turn it on" and then land in the bubble. You can't activate it and then have a unit leave and still benefit, they lose it as soon as they get further than 9" away.
  14. I have a 1000 point tournament this weekend. Thinking of going full Vanguard since I've been putting the models together. Something like: Gryph Hound because there's nothing else for 40 points. I guess I could instead trade the Venator for an Azyros and get a unit of Prosecutors instead, but I like the shooting this list has. Do you think it'll do good? Or should I go for more mobility: Less shooty but the Palladors might come in handy for getting objectives or zipping around the map in general.
  15. Actually just as I wrote that I typed this Tempest Lords list up: Some other Artifact. Everything is very mobile other than the Judicators (but they have range), Everything shoots except the Liberators or the Azyroses, but the Knights boost shooting. The speed and shooting could be nuts. Not a competitive list probably but an extremely fun one!