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  1. Let's Chat: Spiteclaw's Swarm

    Rezzing for Guard is almost always a trap, unless you can immediately capitalize on the res. I pretty much only res with Restless Dead anymore, so I don't burn an action on it. Oddly, I think using an Action for Skaven might actually be more ok, since showing up in the enemy backfield with a guy equipped with Heroslayer or Shadeglass Hammer is hilariously terrifying for some Warbands. It really depends on the state of the game. Like I always say for Guard - rezzing is a tool, one of many. Only use it when it fits best. I personally think Skeletons is a pretty hard matchup for Skaven. Because of the high number of fighters, there's not a lot of room to play sneaky positioning, and just when you think you run in and bop off that Champion with Skritch, he comes back. I think if you get the ball rolling fast, maybe kill a Petitioner or two early on for some quick Glory, you can push the advantage, but you really really need to get in and drop the Warden. Which Skritch can do fairly well with the right Upgrades and Ploys, but if you can't make a bold play by end of 2, you're in a bit of a rough spot.
  2. Earthquake - a must have?

    While experience is a good indicator, I think you may be tunnel visioning "Earthquake vs Slayers" a bit too much. First, it's not the end of the world if they hit you with Earthquake. As I said in the Chosen Axes thread, there are 6 cards available to them that can move back onto objectives, with an 80% chance to draw one in the first hand and a ~50% chance to draw two of them in the first hand. If your opponent hits you with Earthquake, you have a large chance of getting back onto the objective with Ploys of your own. Perhaps not Inspiring all of your dudes, but as long as you're getting Grimnir Inspired it's generally worth it. Second, I think you are underestimating the downside of doing nothing but drawing for all 4 actions. If something like Skaven is just sitting there, you can easily move forward with Vol or Tefk who, even uninspired, are serious threats to the Skaven units. While Earthquake will shift them around, you've now gained ground and will be in place to start making aggressive moves in the next round. Skaven at that point should have little to no Glory - if they're not moving onto objectives, and they're not fighting, what are they gaining glory from? Not much that you shouldn't be able to counter. Maybe if it was Stormcast gaining Glory from Consecrated Ground or something I could understand, but even that's not a huge swing (and those types of Stormcast decks don't want to Earthquake themselves off of their own Objectives anyway). While your plan may be somewhat ruined, the opponent has done literally nothing and therefore has no tempo to play off of in Turn 2.
  3. How do the different war bands play?

    The Axes just came out so no one is exactly sure how they'll play out yet. Basically, their fighters are weaker to start (though do a bit more damage), and way stronger once Inspired. Orruks are a consistent power through the game, while Duardin have to power up, so the way that plays out will have a big impact on the game.
  4. Painted Shadespire Warbands - Please post

    Anyone else's Maegrim have a gap between the foot and toes?
  5. Earthquake - a must have?

    The likelyhood of drawing a specific card from a 20 card deck in the opening hand is 25%. That goes to 50% if you mulligan. The only way you're hitting 70% is if you draw Power for every single action in your first turn, at which point you've done even less than the Fyreslayers. The card is counterable even without having your own Earthquake, it's not the best designed card but it's fine.
  6. How do the different war bands play?

    Super quick rundown, not very in depth: Stormcast: Best baseline stats in the game (other than Inspired Fyreslayers). Fairly hard to kill if they get rolling, generally focus on being aggressive and pushing forward as a phalanx to cripple the opponent's army. Losing a single fighter is a huge blow. Khorne: Fast, with 3 fairly killy characters. Need to pick engagements carefully since they're squishy, but Saek and Garrek can be real monsters if they aren't cornered. Arnulf and Targor are for dying. If you try to straight up charge the middle of a tanky Warband without thinking, you lose immediately, but if you can spread out and hit them where they don't expect it, you're in a huge spot. Orruks: Fairly straightforward - walk forward and hit things. Gurzag is one of the strongest single pieces in the game, most people just stack all their upgrades on him and then use the others for supporting/bodyblocking. Good force for new players or people who just want to run headlong in and punch. Skeletons: Start off extremely slow, but very good at board control since there are so many bodies and there are 3 very strong fighters on the team. Generally, people use the Petitioners to lock down objectives and harass with the named Characters who can actually do serious damage if they get upgraded and in good positions. Skaven: Tricky. Not sure exactly how they play yet since they're so new, but initial impressions are that Skritch is very strong, Krrk has good flanking potential, and the other rats are for distraction. Fastest Warband in the game and can't kill the small ones for good. Very squishy if you catch them uninspired, though. Fyreslayers: Start off fairly weak (good offense but poor speed and HP), but extremely powerful cards and insanely good Inspired stats. Gameplay is generally going to be around getting 2 strong fighters Inspired on Turn 1 and then wrecking face with them. If the opponent stops them from doing so, it's gonna be a bad day to be a Duardin, but if they get to power up, they're fairly hard to stop.
  7. Let's Chat: Chosen Axes

    Eh, that's being a bit pessimistic. If you put the 6 movement Ploys in your deck, you get a 87% chance of drawing at least one in your opening hand. If you mulligan, that jumps to a 99% chance. Not bad odds of having at least one of them turn 1, not to mention drawing them with Actions if you want. As for knocking off, that's definitely true, but that can be played around. Putting your Objectives back can prevent warbands from getting to you without movement ploys of their own, since you know enemy movement and starting hexes. Plus, you can hold off moving onto them until later activations, preventing your opponent from knocking you off for nothing. I agree they're probably one of the trickier warbands to Inspire, but it's not really impossible or worth giving up on.
  8. The Shadespire News and Rumour Thread

    So the impression I got from a local store owner is that Organized Play is really only being pushed in the States at first, potentially to be hyped later in other regions if it goes well. Maybe it has something to do with US players being more competitive focused (wonder what sales/playtime is like in MtG in US vs UK), but that's just the rumor I've been handed.
  9. Let's Chat: Chosen Axes

    Out of curiosity, what Ploys were you using? There are 5 Ploys that move a friendly Fighter at least one Hex and one that moves Objectives, so I'm stacking all 6 into my deck just to make sure I'm getting at least Fjul Inspired on Turn 1. Would prefer Fjul + Tefk, and those two + Vol would essentially end the game if you get them on T1. Here's what I'm looking at currently: Objectives Ploys Upgrades Ferocious Charge The Earth Shakes Grimnir's Blessing Scion of Grimnir Treasure Lust Grimnir's Fortitude Unstoppable Advance Sidestep Grimnir's Speed Assassinate Shifting Shards Great Fortitude Denial Earthquake Great Speed Crushing Force Living Wall Great Strength Conquest Ready for Action Legendary Swiftness Plant a Standard Indomitable Soultrap Fury of the Lodge Oathsworn Sprinter Claim Retaken Piercing Stare Cursed Artifact Superior Tactician Victorious Duel Not sure about Piercing Stare, might swap with Healing Potion to keep Fjul alive.
  10. Earthquake - a must have?

    Earthquake/Shattering combo doesn't work, since Shattering only damaged during an Activation and Ploys such as Earthquake take place in the Power Phase. But I agree that Earthquake is almost an autotake. For Objective decks, you want it basically only to counter enemy Earthquake. Offensive decks want to counter Objective decks with it, or to open up Charge avenues. It's an extremely flexible card.
  11. Let's Chat: Chosen Axes

    I'm very up in the air whether or not to include the Hold Objectives. On one hand, if you draw them early and get the right ones, you can get some Glory cranking quickly. On the other, if they end up being drawn in Turn 2/3, you might be far more invested in fighting than camping, depending on the state of the game. I think it's worth skipping them and getting the easier to score fighty ones that you can score and cycle quickly once inspired. Also, I'm seriously considering putting all 3 '+1 Move' cards in my deck, just for some consistent movement, since the Dorfs are slow but want to fight. 3 might be overkill, but I have room and don't think I'm playing for the Keys, so we'll see.
  12. Let's Chat: Chosen Axes

    Well to be fair, Orruks are just Gurzag and the other three. They play really similarly, except Dorfs want to be a bit more passive turn 1 until they Inspire.
  13. Let's Chat: Spiteclaw's Swarm

    The thing that I feel is that "full force" is very swingy. You need good Upgrades for your Chump rats, and if you don't have them, they do nothing. Even if you do have them, if you whiff and they're not Inspired, they'll just die super fast. I'm almost thinking to completely ignore combat and try and play dodgy Objective holding, though it's not particularly exciting.
  14. Let's Chat: Spiteclaw's Swarm

    Got a couple games in with my Skaven,using the list I posted previously. Very interesting, they play differently from every other warband I've tried. Hard to engage directly, and if you don't get enough Glory early to get a couple aggressive upgrades on your Chumps, it can feel really rough to keep up. Played against Skellies, so I was able to pop the Petitioners easy but killing the named dudes was a challenge, especially since I died super hard to the counterpunch. Very neat force, gonna mess with my deck some more. Supremacy and Superior Tactician feel a bit meh, but I want more multi-Glory cards in there.
  15. Shadespire community FAQ

    Does Expendable grant a Glory Point? You remove the Fighter before your opponent deals damage, so it does not meet the requirement for gaining Glory per the FAQ. Do you simply remove them and deal damage without any gain for your opponent?