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  1. Small bullet sponges. Honestly that's about it. You can use them to run onto objectives or in front of a unit for a turn, for 40 points they're the best you're gonna get for it. Any shooting or charges your opponent spends on a single 40 point Gryph Hound saves that damage from your important units. Also if you're running a Veritant and have 40 points left over he can help do unbinding and what not.
  2. Fulminators aren't the worst competitve unit, but they are prone to getting tarpitted and they explode to MWs or high rend like nobody's business. The current meta has a reasonable number of both, from my analysis, which makes 240 for 2 models a bit less tempting. Paladins suffer from the same weaknesses but have more ways to move (though less now than before) and have more Wounds to mitigate MW spam.
  3. Well yeah, both are weak for competitive. The better save on the Dracoths is great until your opponent pops MWs into you. And then having 5 more Wounds is going to seem very nice I dunno, I think you're underestimating Hunters. If your opponent is keeping away from edges, you've just limited a huge amount of board space. And coming on from table edge 7" away from enemies and shooting into a charge is better than the Liberators having to make a 9" charge. Hunters can walk on an edge, into cover, or wait until it's time to go for objectives. For something like Take and Hold, you can selectively keep them off the board until turn 3 or 4, able to effectively threaten both objectives so he can never leave them. Their shooting isn't super powerful but as most people point out, coming on to snipe off a backfield Wizard or Artillery crew, or sweeping a flank to pick off a Support hero that's trying to hide is the way to go. Those characters aren't tough to kill by any means. They're never going to put out the damage of Judicators, but they also are better in combat and can get better mobility with deployment and then later run/shoot. They'll require more finesse, which isn't everyone's style though. I personally probably won't use them much until I want a change, I picked Stormcast for powerful Alpha Strikes and smashy units, so they're not really my thing, but I have to appreciate their strengths.
  4. It's fine for starting to collect, which is why I imagine it's called that, and the LC is not even bad to have multiples of. It's not one you're going to buy 5 of for value (I did that for Tempestus Scions), but it's a fine box if you want to play SE. While I'd like it to be better value, as I'm sure other SE players would, I wouldn't want that to come at the expense of other armies.
  5. We already have a Start Collecting box that isn't even that old and we had one of the Battalions during Christmas. I hope we don't get one, otherwise people might start screaming.
  6. Disagree about cavalry and Hunters. Dracoths are better on a model by model basis, but the Palladors are also a unit of 3 for slightly cheaper than 2 Dracoths. They also put MWs in melee, unlike 3/4 of the Dracoth types. Granted their attacks aren't multi-damage like the Dracoths are, and they only have a 4+, but given their higher speed and number of attacks, they should be at least on equal effectiveness in many situations. Hunters I talked about above. The issue with Scions of the Storm is that you have to roll for it, whereas the Compass lets you decide when you come on and stay off. That's a very powerful ability, and previously one of the main strengths of Warrior Brotherhood.
  7. I think the Hunters may become the best Stormcast Battleline option at some point. Judicators do more damage, and Liberators are better for buffing up and tarpitting, but the ability to have good damage, relatively high mobility, and the ability to start off the board and come on reliably without rolling is all very good. They have a lot going for them for the price point, though I imagine they'll never replace Judicators (because shooting is super good) or Liberators (cheap filling is important), I can see them being a very good choice when it comes down to it.
  8. I'm coming around to Vanguard-Palladors. I wasn't sure at first, since they don't have the 3+/rr1 of the Dracothian Guard nor quite the offensive punch, but getting 50% more wounds and more (weaker) attacks for a slightly cheaper price (though around the same overall) is making me consider them more. I think they're a bit expensive and don't have the punch to be the "core" unit of your army, but as a relative tough flank/harasser that can also wipe lighter units, I think they'll perform quite well. Can't wait to try them on the tabletop.
  9. To be fair, I think it was intended to, but was misprinted. We'll have to wait for Errata. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3000 using Tapatalk
  10. Read it again, the Celestial Vindicator ability doesn't change the teleport distance.
  11. I'm not sure I want to also jump on the Celestial Vindicators train, but wow the more I look at it the better it seems. Remember, the turn the Protectors come down, they have +1 to Wound, so against Monsters they're getting d6 damage on 5s rather than 6s.
  12. stormcast eternals

    Yeah, low points games are hard for us. I'm still fiddling with my 1000 point lists with the new book. Hammerstrike feels good, but expensive. Our shooting is also expensive and really requires a good frontline to work well, so we end up in a really difficult position when we're strapped for points. The LCoD is really good at 1000 though, and I would bet the Aquilor is as well. Just, as long as you don't go against double Thundertusks, but that's another story...
  13. $35 for 6 models is pretty great. I was planning on getting 2 boxes and now it's much cheaper than I was budgeting. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3000 using Tapatalk
  14. Hey, in a couple of your shows, you've referenced various WhatApp groups where people chat about strategy. Is there one for Stormcast? How could one go about getting in there?
  15. A double strength Hammer Prosecutor unit isn't even bad in combat. You can also use an Azyros - they might not be great now, but they're cheap and have a reasonably ok melee profile. In fact, I think a Tempest Lord list would be mad not to take at least one. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3000 using Tapatalk