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  1. While I'm glad to see helmet-less Stormcast from a fluff perspective, I don't expect to build any of mine without them. I like the uniformity way too much
  2. I have a hard time understanding this. You can bring anything you want as long as it's in the same Grand Alliance. If you want to build an army purely out of one faction, you buy the Battletome if they have one and follow the instructions in there, which boil down to "make sure all of your units have the correct Keyword". I mean, I know it's harder than "pick anything", but that's pretty freaking simple for a tabletop game. Baseline all you need is the free app and TGH. You might need one more book if you want to play a specific force. I don't call that scattered at all, and if it feels like too much to handle for some reason, you can buy those books on the app and literally only need a device.
  3. I doubt it. I think the core rules and TGH will remain as simple as they currently are, and then each army will just have their gimmicks. It's much easier to learn "Sylvaneth make woods and teleport, Bonesplittaz throw a bunch of dice, Tzeentch manipulates results, and Stormcast zap in from the sky" and then have your opponent fill in the details, as opposed to reading and memorizing a 200+ page rulebook. Unlikely imo. Sylvaneth, BCR monsters, and Bonesplittaz (at least Kunnin Rukk, anyway) weren't made pointless with DoTz, so I don't see this blowing out the last one either.
  4. Very noticeable in 1000 point or less games, where you just have to hoof it and deal with the fact that you're super slow. I said in the Rumor thread, given that Lightning Strike is more or less a defining feature of Stormcast, I'm expecting new ways to get if, if it's not just our Allegiance Ability in the first place.
  5. As long as they do right by my Anvils, I'll be super happy.
  6. Yeah, I don't expect another AoS dry spell after this. Likely will be another Battletome release either concurrently next month or immediately after in March.
  7. With the new Battletome release, it looks like the Veritant will be more usable! Assuming Lightning Strike becomes more ubiquitous and he can pop down next to some Wizards.
  8. Hoping to get more ways to do Lightning Strike, personally. That seems to be one of the defining aspects of Stormcast - five Battalions that grant it, counting Skyborne Slayers as one since it's essentially the same thing, and it's essentially the only reason the Knight-Azyros exists at all. They are pretty limited in builds where they have to hoof it across the board. Also hoping that Stardrakes get a slight point decrease, if at all possible.
  9. Urgh, you're right. I've already been painting mine as Anvils of the Heldenhammer and am unlikely to repaint them any time soon, hoping all the Stormhosts have good abilities.
  10. I'm super duper hyped on one hand. On the other - frak it GW, I thought I was finished buying Stormcast! You can't just drop a whole new line on me like this! And so pretty too... While I'm pleasantly surprised that this is coming out, I'm not shocked it happened. Did you really think that GW would leave their posterboy army without one of the new style Battletomes for very long? Just common sense, though I hope this means that they'll also hit Seraphon (who need this type of update badly) and some others as well. While I'd love to see new armies, it would suck to be one with an "old" Battletome that doesn't have all the good toys and stuff.
  11. Had an event on Saturday where someone used DoT fresh off the download. He ran a block of 20 Warriors with paired weapons and threw Shield of Faith on them every turn. Everything they didn't butcher, they tarpitted forever. Expensive, but they cut down (Horse) Archaon and a Juggerlord of Khorne over like 3 turns.
  12. If you want to be hated, Destruction/Beastclaw with two Thundertusks is probably one of the strongest 1000 point lists out there. I find shooting armies to do better at low point values too. Less target overload, more chances to just kill everything important before they cross the board. Tabling feels much more likely in small games than larger.
  13. I get the same feeling. Lots of 40k players out here, decent scene for things like Maulifaux and Xwing, but little in the way of AoS yet. Still, it's growing, and at least one big GT (DragonFall) is looking to add AoS next year. Hope to grow it more following ACon!
  14. Chicagoland has a handful of small casual groups, but not so much a competitive scene. I've tried to run a couple but not many people have shown, and no real sign of wanting to pursue "competition" more than a random event here or there. That said, I have been helping a big name in the competitive 40k scene to learn AoS, so maybe we'll see more in the future.
  15. Technically the version with the disc isn't anywhere to be found atm. They (either accidentally or purposefully) overwrote it in every place with the updated foot version. But if you have the disc warscroll still, you can still use it.