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  1. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    Honestly? Iffy at best. You can tie up a lot with the Vanguard Wing but only 2 Fulminators don't put out enough punch and there's not that much damage in the army. Might get some cheeky wins on objectives but can't slug it out against top lists imo. I would drop the Fulminators and Castellant and focus on more shooting overall if I was going to go Vanguard.
  2. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    The thing to note about Skyborne is that only units have to be within 12" of the point you choose. So you can put one Paladin 12" from your point and extend it wherever you feel like. Super easy to get Judicators onto midfield objectives while still putting Protectors and Decimators into your opponent's frontline or even backline.
  3. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    Depends on the matchups he got. If you don't play against Tzeentch or other sources of heavy MWs, 4 Fulminators with those 3 Heroes supporting will basically win the game by themselves. And people forget that the Prime is actually the best Assassin in the game if you can keep him off for a couple turns. Annihilates any unit or hero he hits for the most part.
  4. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    Does anyone know the link to the Stormcast Whatsapp group?
  5. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    Went 4-1 this weekend with Skyborne Slayers at a local GT (NOT THE WARHAMMER WORLD FINALS): Lord-Celestant (Mirrorshield, Staunch Defenders) Knight-Venator (Luckstone) Lord-Relictor Judicators Judicators Liberators Liberators Protectors x10 Decimators Raptors with Longstrikes Aetherwings Prosecutors with Javelins Skyborne Slayers 2000/2000 Games: Major Win against Kharadron Overlords with lots of Endrinriggers in Battle for the Pass. Spread out what was on the board, then dropped, cut down 2 of the 3 Endrinrigger units, blew up the ship, and controlled a lot of the board. If I didn't get the double I think it would have been closer since those balloon boys are seriously powerful, but I managed to whittle down most of the army before he got to do much with it. Major Loss against Tzeentch on Duality of Death. Extremely hard matchup + mission that favors him more. He had 2 units of 6 Enlightened that just cut through my entire army and I didn't get the double on my drop turn. I also messed up placing my Lord Celestant, letting him get blasted by MWs and then not having Heroes to score. Was nearly tabled by T4 but it was a fun game, learned a decent amount about my positioning and how to play against his type of army. Major Win against Ironjawz on Starstrike. He messed up by moving all of his units forward and leaving his Heroes in the backfield open. I instagibbed his Mawkrusha and a couple of the foot dudes, then got the double and cut down everything else. His Brutes and Ardboyz were able to fight pretty effectively by themselves but I had the points and the numbers so we called it. Minor Win against Nighthaunt on Knife to the Heart. Always hard to get a Major here. He started both Mournguls off the board and then only brought one in on T1, I dropped in, killed all the characters, and the other one was stuck off the board. Then it was just attempting to whittle down his troops in order to get to his objective, but 4+ ignore Rend is too good. Won on Kill Points handily, though. Minor Win against Sylvaneth on Scorched Earth. Crazy game. I gave him first and he teleported units around, burning one of my tokens for 3 points immediately. I dropped in, killed his wall of Dryads and his Wizard, then the double let me drop his Treelord Ancient on T2. I opted to burn both of the tokens on his side on T1 but only got 1 point, if I had left them it would have been better. First time playing that mission! By T4 he basically only had Drycha and some Hunters on the board, which he used to teleport around to points. He burned a second of mine for 3 points again, so even though he was nearly tabled, he was up on points on T5. I captured his last point and burned it for 2, tying us on VP but winning on KP. I made some tactical errors but so did he, balanced out a bit in the end. Army thoughts: Longstrikes at min unit size are pretty good for their points but aren't reliable as a removal unit. Totally controlled space though, locking down backfield objectives and then plinking off wounds from priority targets. 9 in an Aetherstrike removes units per turn, 3 will sometimes finish off that Kurnoth Hunter that's giving problems. Not sure they're an auto-include but not bad for the points. Aetherwings were worth the points every game. All stars if you're bringing Raptors. Prosecutors in theory are awesome but somehow I think they only did like 6 wounds all tournament because they can't make a 3+/3+ attack to save their lives when I roll them. Bleh. Venator does his thing and snipes a squishy Hero every single game and then moves around chipping off wounds. Always take. Battalion is still quite good but definitely has weaknesses to mobility. It's nice to drop Starsouls right where you need them, but once they kill the one thing you send them into they rarely reach anything else with the pitiful 4" move. Really need to tie up multiple things, most of my games the Protectors annihilated 1-2 units and then spent the rest of the game just shuffling along trying to make long charges. Future: I think I would run something less all-in for future games, you can abuse Skyborne a lot with proper bubbling and movement shenanigans. I want to experiment with a minimal Skyborne - just cutting down on Protectors to get more support units. That, or go more all-in on Skyborne and bump up the Decimators to 10 and the Protectors to 15. Suddenly you can cover way more of the board and 45 wounds Battleshock-immune wounds on the Protectors can take some serious time to chew through. Aetherstrike will be my next list to try but I'll keep Skyborne in my back pocket.
  6. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    Would you rather take: 6 Longstrikes Or 3 Longstrikes, Knight-Venator, and 3 Aetherwings
  7. The Shadespire News and Rumour Thread

    I would imagine there will be people selling boards, cards, etc on eBay as well. It's clear they want anyone who wants to get into it to buy the core box regardless of whether they like Stormcast/Khorne or not, but people will buy it for their own reasons. Also we might see boards as separate releases in the future like they did with Blood Bowl mats.
  8. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    Skyborne requires Protectors and Decimators, you don't get to use Retributors.
  9. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    Skyborne is still very competitive and has placed well at Blackout and Facehammer, the two biggest GHB2017 GTs so far (that I know of). Keeping models on the table to start is a reasonable choice, it depends a lot on the mission, opponent, and board. Having some Juds to plink off wounds and touch objectives can be a large boon from time to time.
  10. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    Interesting to hear, thanks for your experience! My main concern with running Aetherstrike is the big unit of Longstrikes being the linchpin and not being that hard to kill for armies with range or magic. No redundancy means that if it gets taken down or wounded significantly, the list struggles to keep up.
  11. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    Not asking you to reveal your name if you don't want to, but how did you do? What did you think of Aetherstrike overall in the meta? Edit: also what size Longstrike unit did you bring? 9?
  12. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    Interesting that you picked it over Aetherstrike considering that seems to be the thing everyone is talking about. Do you just find Aetherstrike to be more counterable or just not your style?
  13. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    Thanks! Good to see Skyborne is still doing well, I had a lot of success with it in GHB1, haven't tried it since the changes. Do you like the 10 Decimators? Previously I ran only 5 (and only 5 Judicators) and then used the saved points to bring some Longstrikes for ranged support. I worry that 20 Paladins is a bit all on the drop.
  14. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    I don't think it's an interpretation, there's no limiter on distance so you should be able to drop right into combat as long as you can snake the unit along (protip: 30 Liberators make a long line). Honestly it's making me really want to put Gryph Hounds into my list just so I can shoot the ****** out of them when they try to be cheeky, since it is a Set Up. Of course the Hounds die fairly easily but it's some breathing room if nothing else.
  15. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    Wizards are useful but not necessary. We can replicate most of their effects in one way or another - mainly with the Relictor, but we also have the Castellant for "Mystic Shield" and the Veritant for Dispelling, etc. Unless there's a crazy strong spell that's unable to replicate, which there are some, I don't think it's worth just taking a Wizard for the sake of having one. There's no real artillery in Order that's better than just having 3-6 Longstrikes, especially when you can buff them defensively and teleport them with an Aquilor or Priest. Numbers are the thing we can't do as well. I know that people are going to be gravitating towards 30 man Lib units in Vanguard since it just won Facehammer, but 30 Fyreslayers is cheaper, more durable (well it depends but sorta), require less support, etc. Skinks have cheapness, mobility, and trickiness. 30 Liberators is more than 1/4 of your army and the bulk of it doesn't do much more than survive (only the Grandhammers are really useful for damage), while the other choices will give you more for cheaper.