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  1. Thoughts on Las Vegas Open 2018 Player Pack?

    ITC is the Independent Tournament Circuit. The organization Frontline Gaming created the ITC to have a way to track progress of competitive players around the world and rank them against one another. Events submit results to the ITC and every year at the LVO, the person who ranks highest "wins" that season. There's trophies and internet glory for the most part. It has people who love it and people who hate it, for various reasons on each side. This is the first full year of the AoS ITC (they technically started one halfway through the previous season when GHB2016 came out), and it's been growing over time, though LVO will be the biggest event that submits results by far.
  2. Vanguard Stormcast Warband

    I would not be surprised if we saw something like each fighter getting a regular attack, maybe 2 Hammers for Damage 2, and then a ranged 2-3 attack that's 1 Hammer for Damage 1. I would dislike there being a force that does high damage from a range - that feels like it would be very difficult to play against, especially for Liberators or Sepulchral Guard. But everyone having a "harass" mechanic that can't really be used to kill but offers some utility, that could be quite interesting.
  3. Do you even stormcast bro?

    Having put Daylight Robbery in my deck, I have failed it every time I tried I don't personally think it's better than Heroic Guard, which is extremely good against Orruks or other SCE. You won't always get a chance to steal a Glory, and you won't always succeed if you try, but being on Guard is almost always useful. I agree on dropping Army of One. It's super cool when it gets off, but it's such an edge case that you're better off with other stuff. I think Helpful Whispers might be worth trying to keep in though, reliability is key when our numbers are in such low counts.
  4. Thoughts on Las Vegas Open 2018 Player Pack?

    Well first off, I never used the words "braindead" or things that had to be bleeped out And that's fine, I get that we're all passionate about the game, so feelings can get heated, I don't take it personally or anything. I honestly don't think that book Maelstrom is in any way competitive. The random nature of the deck makes for insane swings that you can't counter by good or bad play. If I'm playing Necrons against Eldar, and I draw "Kill a Monster or Vehicle" which I can technically score 1 point off of with difficulty because they have one or two, and the Eldar draws "Cast Psychic Powers" and scores 3 points because they easily cast 3 and roll a d3, then that doesn't feel very fun. I actually like Maelstrom events where you can customize a deck or have a free Mulligan per game (the book one costing a CP is too expensive imo), but straight out of the book is way too random for a real competitive event. The ITC Maelstrom is still random - but it's random with a smaller set of outcomes, which is better, and each outcome has a set point reward. I completely despise d3 Victory Points, which is why Scorched Earth is my least favorite mission in either GHB. But yes, as @stato said, on the pack itself. I don't think the intent was to "hose over" armies that are good at existing book missions, but rather to give more granular point outcomes. Currently, the only way to differentiate between two undefeated people is by Kill Points, which is hardly reliable since there are plenty of armies that are great at accomplishing missions but don't kill as much. Strength of Schedule is a good side tracking thing, but having secondary/tertiary the way they have it is obviously just an attempt to have more data points to differentiate players. Having run events myself, and having tried to write secondary objectives or new missions, it's hard. Unless you're playtesting a lot (which sometimes isn't feasible for one person doing it as a volunteer, as Scott is), you just kind of try to think through all possibilities and make something balanced. I'm sure he would love feedback on whether or not people think his secondaries are balanced for the various armies or strongly balance armies that are already doing well anyway. Constructive feedback is always welcome.
  5. I think the main thing is that Skeletons have way more things to activate. Remember that a model can only move once per turn, so unless they're burning both Sidestep and Distraction in one turn, you know exactly how far they can move (of course, they can hold onto a +1 Move Upgrade in secret, but you can track that with Glory). I found that my more successful turns came when my early Actions were spent positioning Petitioners and waiting for the Orruks to move. One Ironskull and Bonekutta move, you know you can fight against Basha and Hakka with little problem since their attacks are poor. If those two wait til the last two activations to move, then you can spend your activations on moving out of their range. But yeah, if the two big guys get to where they want to be, it's a problem. I think the matchup is very much a dance. Board and Objective placement play a big part (as they always do, but I think in this matchup more than others). The other thing I noticed is that, while you want to stick together for numbers, sending a model or two into enemy territory can be a good idea. Orruk decks are currently running Denial and Contained to capitalize on SG and SCE staying on their backfield. If you can send a couple models into their DZ (Movement cards, Sprint, and the Death one that gives +1 to move for a turn all help), they're forced to send back units to clear them out, and that's less threatening your board and objectives. But, depending on the board setup and how they deploy, it can be hard to break through... like I said I think it's very much a dance.
  6. Thoughts on Las Vegas Open 2018 Player Pack?

    I would probably start by leaving out all the vitriol and internet rage that you just poured into the last 6 paragraphs. You're entitled to your opinion, but once you start piling insults and accusations onto anyone who disagrees with you, it sort of makes you hard to take seriously.
  7. I played Objective based Skellies against Orruks last night and went 1-1, the loss being quite close. I dunno, I don't think you can just dodge combat the whole time and just try to sit on objectives. Champion, Harvester, and Prince can all get in and brawl pretty decently, and the Warden is pretty beastly when he inspires, especially if you give him the Cleave upgrade.
  8. Thoughts on Las Vegas Open 2018 Player Pack?

    I get the trepidation, but Frontline's secondary/tertiary missions have always been attempts to create better scenarios if you're in a hard matchup. Oftentimes the book missions (at least in the previous few editions of 40k, when they started doing their ITC missions) were completely unwinnable in certain situations, mainly due to poor balancing on GW's parts. There were plenty of 7th ed 40k games I couldn't have won against Eldar or Gladius Space Marines if we played straight out of the book, but was able to win or at least get some secondary points because the ITC missions were way better balanced. I enjoyed book Maelstrom as much as the next guy, but the base cards were laughably imbalanced for competitive play. Would I prefer straight book missions? Yes and no. I love the book missions, but I think it's a good thing that they're shaking it up a bit, it's nice to play something other than the same 6 missions every time. I think the idea of secondary/tertiary missions is a good in the situation where you're in a poor matchup and have new ways to make up points. Plenty of other tournaments have done it - notably Adepticon last year had hidden secondary objectives that were extremely well received, at least by the people I talked to. I think the fact that the Primary can be "overwritten" by Secondaries is not great, but the case in which a person gets a Major Loss but still gets all their Secondary/Tertiary points and the person with the Major Win gets 0 Secondary/Tertiary is pretty unlikely. I've chatted with Scott (the TO for this event) a couple times and he's a very reasonable person. If you really think that the setup is problematic, reach out.
  9. Protector Storm-shield and partially covered units

    What happens when 2 enemy Skyfires can see the "uncovered" Judicator but the third one can't see him without shooting through the unit? I'm not trying to nitpick or game the system, I'm just genuinely curious and think it could realistically come up in a game.
  10. If you shoot a unit that is partially covered by Protectors, are you forced to subtract 1 from the hit roll? If, say, I have 5 Judicators, and you can draw line of sight to one of them without passing through Protectors but not the other 4, are they "protected" or not? The wording is "...or must cross a unit of Protectors to hit a model that lies beyond them", so in the above example could I have my opponent roll one dice at a time at a -1 to hit until the four Judicators behind are dead, and then they get to shoot at regular Hit at the last one?
  11. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    A few things. I see you're running your math against standing still and getting 9 shots. That rarely happens, unless you Scions them in and then get a double turn. Usually if you drop into range, the Hurricane Raptors die the turn afterwards. 18" is better than a lot of armies, but it's not keeping you safe by any means. Math at 6 shots per model favors Longstrikes in every situation except 6+ saves. 9 shots more favors Hurricanes, but basically requires your opponent to let you stand still. The range is a huge difference - 30" rivals or beats most artillery, 18" is already in the kill zone against most enemies. The chances you get it off are pretty small, unless you're planning on using Lightning Chariot with them... but then you could just have Longstrikes that don't need an 80 point character and a 2/3 roll and still do pretty similar damage against a variety of targets. The Rend and chance for MWs is also a massive difference. Yes, Hurricanes will clear through Chaff very quickly, but against many armies you win by taking out the characters - Wizards, Generals, Monsters - all of whom are going to be rocking good saves and hanging out far in the back most of the time. And of course, dice are dice. Yes, Hurricanes do a lot more damage against 5+ saves when they get to mass fire.... until your opponent goes hot and makes six of their nine 5+ saves. They don't even get a roll against Longstrikes. tl;dr: On paper, yes they seem similar, and in some situations the bucket of dice Hurricanes grant will do work, but in practice Longstrikes just work better more often.
  12. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    There are people who still run them. I think the bonus is not as necessary since our Hit rolls are almost all 3+ already and the bonus might not be worth just having 380 points of more Stormcast. However, it also has the bonus of reliable ranged MWs and good spells, which is always a bonus that is hard to say no to. It really depends on what type of list you're running. While they really shine when added with Mages, having a big thing with decent damage and a 4+FNP is really, really good. Especially on Duality of Death, where you can just fly to a point and not care anymore.
  13. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    You can try it yeah. But is that really better than just having Longstrikes that have better profiles and can teleport around with the Aquilor without a roll?
  14. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    Vulkites are more of a screen than a kill unit. They'll keep your Aetherstrike safe from most melee threats and can go hold midfield objectives, but they're not gonna kill anything. You could try something like: Lord Aquilor Knight Venator Knight Azyros Judicators Judicators Liberators Vulkite Berserkers x30 Longstrikes x6 Hurricanes Aetherwings Aetherwings Aetherstrike 1970/2000 Where the Vulkites essentially are doing what the Protectors do - except the Protectors are better against Shooting threats while the Vulkites are better against Melee threats and also are better for objectives. Could be quite strong as well.
  15. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    So I know we talk a lot about how Aetherstrike isn't "worth it" if you're not running giant Longstrike units, but consider this: Lord-Celestant on Stardrake (Mirrorshield/Staunch) Knight-Azyros Knight-Venator (Luckstone) Judicators Judicators Liberators Longstrikes x6 Hurricanes Aetherwings Aetherwings Aetherstrike 2000/2000 3 drop army that has a near-unkillable Stardrake. The only things that really beat a Mirror/Staunch Stardrake are melee that can get in with high rend/multi damage (i.e. Endrinriggers, Scythe Kurnoth, big Monsters), but anything like that is going to be scared to get close thanks to 6 Longstrikes with extra shooting and Aetherwings to intercept. Could make it more drops by going 2x min Longstrikes and changing the Hurricanes to Relictor x2 or Relictor + Gryph Hounds x2, which gains utility but trades Aetherstrike power. I think it's nice like this, especially since Chariot is still stupidly unreliable in my hands :\