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  1. Yes Dwarfs. The crest symbol is a Dwarf design.
  2. Yeah I believe that is how it was meant to be understood.
  3. Actually this move is done at the start of the battle. Which means that the Changeling will still need to be deployed during deployment. It is only after deployment is over, then a player can choose to place the Changeling in the opponent territory. During deployment, we deploy our units 12" away from our opponent territory. So... The reading of the word is clear, anywhere in your opponent half and only if you want to.
  4. The recent Fanatics FAQ state that you must release ALL Fanatics within 1" of the unit. Firstly this prevent congo line setup shenanigansss. Next, this addressed the issue of bring one unit of 6 Fanatics but release them 1 at a time. They also answered the usage of multiple surprise units, that you activate one unit at a time and complete the charge/attack/surprise before picking another surprise. The setup section in the FAQs is still as clear as day for alot of people. I wonder why are people still playing it wrong?
  5. I like how this discussion is going. A deep thoughts about abilities that seems too strong. I survived many times against a Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon with Red Fury trait, Tomb blade Artefact, boosted with Blood Feast(1 extra attack to all melee weapon) and Mannfred's Vigour of Undeath Command ability. There was pure luck, all his attacks failed to wound. There was pure resilient, Frostlord on Stonehorn worth Mystic Shield. There was also good placement, cover save plus Mystic Shield plus Ironjawz Shields. Red Fury is scary but not unblockable. Two Spear Chukka can cut it down to size. But this? I dunno. TO need to take action if it is played, especially with another death hero. It's just impossible in Take & Hold, Three Places of Power, Gifts from the heaven battle plans. If playing Escalation battle plan it's just a distraction. If playing Border Wars and Blood & Glory, it's an irritation. Oh another counter is to use Slaughter Priest to break them apart and Slaughter them individually. Can anyone think of another counter?
  6. Indeed this infinite loop needs to be ban in tournament. Actually the quickest fix to this problem is just to make the Tomb Herald an UNIQUE leader, shutting down this shenanigan.
  7. Together with the Death Allegiance ability to save on a 6+, mathematically it's impossible to kill them as they will just transfer the wounds inflicted back and fro until it is all saved. So does this means that only a Skarbrand can kill it? Or maybe Nagash and Archaon?
  8. Open play is still the most fun. But that requires a healthy dose of common sense and a sounds character. The Rules of 1s were created to give a guide for powergamer to not overpower their opponents. Imagine playing with an opponent who cast multi Mystic shield on a unit which makes it auto saves. Or another who plays a unit that shoot arrows that hits on 2+ and auto wound and rend -6. The Great Gitmob battalion can do that. 6x Sneaky Stabbing and +3 to hit. Anyway this is not answering the original post. No. No you can't combined your 3 units of grots in a moonclan/Gitmob battalion. It is listed to need 3 units of Goblins, not less nor more.
  9. @JustPlay-Ritchie You are correct in the deployment. A fanatic is a powerful charge blocking asset. I shall explain the use of Multi units of single Fanatics and why it should rightfully use up a drop/set-up in deployment. Deploy 6 units of 1 Fanatic in one Moonclan Grots. Play game. Start of ANY charge phase, release 1 unit of 1 Fanatic and charge enemy unit(s)! Depending on the number of enemies and result of the charge, there will be multiple options: (if charge failed) Release another 1 unit of 1 Fanatics to charge that same unit. (if many enemy units can charge you) Release another 1 unit of 1 Fanatics to charge another enemy unit. Repeat the two step above until satisfied. Opponent then check which units are still eligible to charge. Any of his unit within 3" of those Fanatic are not able to charge. Which is to say when you release a Fanatic, it charges! Then you release another, which charges! One at a time. You do not release them all at one time. The proper way to use ability in AOS is to complete the ability of the current unit in the proper steps before activating another unit's ability. @Bowlzee I call a spade a spade, and I wasn't attacking. I said that he could be either, it was still an observation and question, not yet a judgement. I have proof that he did what he did. Yes my choice of word is rather tasteless. I should had just use " act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage " and “ ignorance is no excuse ” Merely pointing out something I discovered. (I have screenshots in case there are changes and should you need it) See here => @grunnlock My interpretation of the rules? Hmmm. The FAQs already cleared it out. Whoever that is still arguing that this is open to interpretation clearly isn't following this thread. I do not know you, but a willingness to admit that you might had made a mistake when other point out to you is commendatory. It is also a show of sound character. But when others point out to you that you may have made a serious mistake, yet you pass it off as "it is just a game" or "everyone does it" to reride the intention, it is to express contempt about the discussion. Flaming is a hostile and insulting interaction between Internet users, often involving the use of profanity. I did not flamed. I merely suggested that you could be either a dishonest person or a person who made a major mistake without knowing, but the truth is something only you will know. We are all here to learn. If you can point out to me and make me learn, I will be willing to listen.
  10. @Sarkazim I am not flaming you here. There is a point to all these. in the recent Blood and Glory tournament the 3rd place winner did not deploy his Fanatics as per the rules. He has 11 units in his list but only set up 8 units during deployment, winning him the choice of first turn many times. If he was aware of it and did it, he is an awful cheater. If he was clueless and ignorant of this rule in deployment, it's foul play. The power to decide who takes first turn can win or lose game. Especially if you have a Stonehorn with Battlebrew that is capable of doing up to 38" to deal around 15-25 wounds
  11. @Sarkazim The above is the instructions from the 4 pages rules. Note that it is written "one at a time". Below is the FAQs clarification of what does set up means exactly, and it explains that it includes units that are deployed in a location other than the table. A unit setup in hiding, a unit setup in the Heavenly Realm, a unit setup underground are the many locations where deployment can also occur. Each unit need to be set up, one at a time, alternating between the players, starting with the player that won the dice roll. I am sorry but I can't see how this simple instruction can be interpretated in another way. Just like in chess the rules says that the white goes first, and the player each make a move at a time. Even if everyone in your city plays by having the black goes first, the rules still stay. Can you use "that's what everyone arounds me does" to explain in a chess competition? What I'm conveying here is that some things do have right and wrong. But you are free to not follow. The rules as written instructed players to alternate setting up units one at a time, special/unique setup not exempted. The FAQs clarified those special setup units must also be included in the alternating.
  12. @Sarkazim There's no ambiguity in the post I put up. In the FAQs it gave a few examples of special setup in deployment. As you can see the Chameleon Skinks ability is written in the same fashion as the Fanatics. And the FAQs already answered that it will still take 1 drop during deployment. Such creative reading/interpretation of the word "instead" to bend core game rules is just sad. "Instead" had never meant "Ignore". The meaning of instead is alternative or substitute.
  13. @Nico That's where you are mistaken. A Stardrake is an important assets in destroying Crews of Warmachines. Taking 2 Drakesworn and their Rain of Stars can do soooo much damage. But yes they cost a whopping 1000points. Can even kill some single wound heroes if you are lucky. It is like a 16 wounds Warmachine that eat people.
  14. Indeed, the diagonal length of a 48"x72" table is only 86.5". I used to play Balewind Vortex only doubling the original distance written on the spell, bonus that are added do not double. But that was when it was free.. Now that we have to pay for it. Might well stack the bonus!!! LOLOLOL
  15. Hmm was there another way to use this ability? LOL. I thought it was clear. Yes, you are correct sir.