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  1. ianob

    What is the deal with Dire Wolves?

    I’ve pribaby spent CP bringing back dogs more times than I’ve brought back anything else. Dogs get wiped more often than big units and hence are more often there as a summonable resource, for me anyway. A unit of dead dogs that wins the game be being summoned onto an objective doesn’t care that it’s only worth 60 points
  2. ianob

    Tournament Win, Nagash v Nagash thoughts

    Archaon is really good against Nagash. He still gets eaten alive by Skeletons or Grimghasts though. Right tool for the job innit
  3. ianob

    Nighthaunt Spells

    More likely an enemy Nighthaunt Scythe that Nagash steals and casts Also works great on Arkhan. This is actually a reason not to use Reaping Scythe in NH. It's ****** for you, potentially devastating for your opponents to have access to though!
  4. ianob

    What is the deal with Dire Wolves?

    I think they're overrated, it makes me especially sad when I see people taking them in large units. That ain't what they do. Like you say, 60 point battlelines are great. But 60 point battlelines with a 5+ base save, 10" move, 4+ 3+ on the charge (really relevant attacks that can easily have them seeing off enemy 10-man objective sitters like Chainrasps or Skinks) are just stupidly efficient. They aren't setting anybody's world on fire, but given what other armies have to take in this points bracket, we definitely come out on top here. I've won multiple games (especially in V2, thanks BPoV being dumb) already because a unit of 5 Dire Wolves made a charge on T1. A 60 point unit.
  5. ianob

    Tournament Win, Nagash v Nagash thoughts

    Its horrible. And the 1s on the D6 after you do hit too. I'm slowly coming round to the fact though, that if you cast it enough times, hitting enough multi-targets (good mirror placement often nets you two buff heroes), getting the odd double cast, it does average out very quickly on T1-T2 and I've oneshot or near-enough oneshot enough heroes with it now in multiple games that even if it doesn't perform every game it does perform enough to increase your percentage points across an event. I also cant understate the value of having more tools to kill lens-bearers.
  6. ianob

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    I'm pretty sure Chainrasps will be in a box in the next few releases.
  7. ianob

    Kurdoss Valentian, no love?

    He has pretty ****** stats. If he moved 10+, he'd be fine. If he hit harder, he'd be fine. If he had more wounds, he'd be fine. If he had special rules that werent so niche like "rerolls vs the army general" or only doing extra damage on wound rolls of 6, he might be fine. The command point thing is great and can cause some armies serious issues with their plans - if it works. And as the game goes on, the value of rolling that 5+ diminishes, it's really only truly great on T1 or T2 and the odds don't favour that, so this ability doesn't make up for him being weak elsewhere. He is not unplayable, because he can spike and his ability can do great work, but he's not reliable when that isnt working. Also, Nighthaunt have issues in general allocating enough points to buff characters whilst still keeping enough units on the board to alpha+hold objectives, as well as keep their drops low enough for first turns, and he compounds that issue too. That's why you won't see him much in top-end competitive lists, imho.
  8. ianob

    Using Reikenor as an Ally in LoN

    Extra range is a pretty common case. But it's far from the only case. Enemy hero with 1W left? Arcane Bolt as it's much more likely to cast. Enemy behemoth you just need to knock down to its next wound bracket? Arcane Bolt, more likely to cast. Reikenor low on wounds and can't afford to cut for +3? Arcane bolt again. Enemy Curseling in unbind range and you have a critical hero on 2W? Cast Arcane Bolt just in case he dispels Wraithstorm and throws it back at your hero for a kill. And that's just quickly off the top of my head. Never say "only" in game like this, small decisions matter!
  9. My take on it is this: When AoS first released, almost nothing could shoot or magic the enemy deployment zone on T1 bar artillery. That was good. It felt good. Sylvaneth came out, and suddenly ranged attacks were hitting the back of the enemy board edge T1. Also battalions came out that created melee alpha strike. This trend continued. The Balewind turned up, and then spells got the ability to do this too. Now we have 2018 battleplans where you're often 18" from the enemy to start with, too. The problem (in my eyes) is that all of these things are only ever degenerate to a greater or lesser extent, depending on how you feel about competitive play. But in reality, everything can now reach the enemy DZ, and has been able to for a long time. The game's way beyond the point of "I'm safe on T1". There's really no reason why spells shouldn't be able to affect the enemy on T1 in the same way as everything else can - and in fact, whilst hero phase timing and random turn rolls continue to be a thing, debuffs are super crappy because in many circumstances T1/T2 they happen far too late to affect the game. So personally, I don't see any general issues with spellportal at all. It opens up to magic-based armies what other armies could already do. There are *specific* issues with spellportal if you allow endless spells to be cast through it which I still dont believe is intended to be legal (and if it is legal, should be changed) as that's not only too powerful but also puts them so far across the table that the downside of predatory endless spells (hitting your own stuff) is mostly moot; also Hand of Dust with it can be a little bit silly; and finally Spellportal+Ulgu is broken. Went off topic a bit here, but I think the generic intent of spell portal increasing spell ranges is fine, just some specific things that are a bit too much with it. That said, Sequitors rerolling everything, 200 point Wizard units that can hold objectives and barely ever lose them, going second in BPoV... there are a pile of things that are feelbad/not very balanced at the moment, spellportal is just a more obvious target for the ire
  10. ianob

    Using Reikenor as an Ally in LoN

    +3 to cast is "best in class" so it's always very relevant. It can even force a spell through an enemy Nagash, something few casters in the game can reliably do. Also +1 to cast and an auto mortal to something (especially since it can unit split on a whim) is great too! Also bear in mind that Arcane bolt does D3 wounds on a 10+, so a +3 makes it do D3 wounds on a 7 (you'd probably just cast Wraithstorm anyway but worth pointing out) His Wraithstorm is really good. Auto-casting Arcane Bolt as an option to finish off a 1w hero, casting Mystic Shield with no failure chance at all is good, generally yeah, it's just a great ability.
  11. ianob

    VLoZD vs. VL & Mourngul in LoS

    The answer to your question of "which is better" is probably still the VLoZD. I'm not sure that your MSU vs regen point holds any water, though. Being able to hold an objective with a 5 wound vampire lord is OK, but being able to hold it with a behemoth is better. Depending on the rest of your list maybe you want to separate those two things, but the VLoZD is a more powerful unit than those two. The Mourngul just isnt that good. But there's a bigger question here which is "why are you putting this behemoth in your list at all" - what purpose is it fulfilling? What's your strategy? What's your battleplan-by-battleplan goal for it? What problems does it solve for your army? It's hard to answer your question without a lot more context. And to go one level up to a question you didn't ask, I don't think that any of our best lists include a VLoZD at all at the minute, to be honest.
  12. If you compare the VLOZD to other Dragons that are out there you'll see it's actually pretty awesome. It was buffed in the LoN book when it was already the best Dragon around by quite a ways. Its special rules are OK (self healing etc), nothing special, but they're good enough and its raw damage and attack numbers and cheap cost (for a dragon) more than make up for it. Comes with a nice command ability, too, that we can now use! In addition to this, it's also a spell caster (important for various missions now), something that not many other high-end monsters boast. Unfortunately big monsters are not the best units in Age of Sigmar - lots of cheap wounds with efficient attacks (and a high model count for missions) are generally better - so we can't really leverage our awesome Dragon as much as we'd like to. But having access to one of the best around is great and trying to skew games by running 3 of them is a good tactic (if not all that effective in reality).
  13. Why can we not have a discussion about a rules interaction without comments like this? There's really no need. It's a discussion about an interaction that's yet to be FAQd, people are (sometimes strongly) giving their opinions, but you're assuming that they have an agenda behind those opinions with a comment like this. For example, I started the thread, and I primarily play Death; casting spells through a portal would be a bigger benefit to me than any other army in the game. All I care about is rules accuracy, nothing more. So yeah, as toxic as a couple of people have been already in this thread, at least they were on topic. Let's try to keep it on topic. You seem to be letting an excessive amount of emotion in to your attempted arguments here Take a step back, it's a rules discussion, not life or Death. And no one is declaring anything as fact - other than the fact that the rules do not cover this interaction adequately, hence us trying to have a discussion about how people play it And try to be less toxic whilst you're at it. It's just a game of toy soldiers and we're just discussing how it works!
  14. ianob

    Tournament Win, Nagash v Nagash thoughts

    I don’t think it’s badly designed any more than the rest of the game being “roll better dice than the other guy particularly on the two critical turn rolls” is to be honest. It’s just the mirror match, and in particular, Hand of Dust (spellportal or not). I’d like to see them replace it with like “3D6 mortal to a single model” or something, though.
  15. ianob

    Tournament Win, Nagash v Nagash thoughts

    I’m probably 20? games in with Nagash now total and spell portal is everything. I’ve rolled snake eyes and had opponents unbind it a couple of times, I’ve unbound opposing nagash portals a couple of times, and it pretty much shuts everything down. Spectral Grasp doesn’t have Orb’s reach and forces you into putting your portal in (potentially) suboptimal positions for other spells. Also Orb is one of your few spells that can break through a Lens if you need to. Orb is great at sniping critical characters inside or behind screens. I don’t honestly thing that Spectral Grasp is in contention unless you’re also running Arkhan. I missed Orb a lot when I took it out of my list, even though I hate missing those 4+ with a passion