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  1. Random traits and artefacts or not ?

    I prefer picking. I reckon those buffs add up quite a bit to the strategical enjoyment of AoS. All 4 alliances get pretty good ones but you gotta cherry-picked them otherwise it might really give you a big handicap if you randomly get a useless buff.
  2. Valkia The Bloody's Gaze of Khorne Ability

    On second thought...there is actually something stopping me: Valkia's ability applies to MORTAL KHORNE and this rules out my Bloodletters and my Skullcrushers. The logical AoS system with warscrolls and keywords wins again over another lawyer attempt to find flaws. Well, sorry about my pointless post. I tried
  3. Valkia The Bloody's Gaze of Khorne Ability

    Sweet! I had forgotten about that. Thanks!
  4. Valkia The Bloody's Gaze of Khorne Ability

    Sorry. I don't get it. What is it exactly that generates the higher bravery?
  5. Would I be safely legal, if cheeky, using Valkia's Gaze of Khorne ability to re-roll battleshock tests for my Bloodletters with Gore-Drenched Icon hoping to get a 1 in order to revive D6 of them? It just says "you can re-roll battleshock tests", doesn't say successful or failed battleshock tests. With 10 bravery Bloodletters are unlikely to fail the test ever anyway. Thanks.
  6. Aleguzzler Gargant

    I am also really interested finding out what you used for the head.
  7. A fabulous tornament was held yesterday January 8, 2017 in Rome at the Legio Capitolina Club, just down the road from the Vatican. We had invited the Pope (he is our mate, we call him Frankie) but he politely refused saying that, being Sunday, he was busy holding services an' all... 10 generals had fun and came to terms with the endless strategic possibilities AoS offers. I ended up 8th but that's alright, as I had massive fun. My nephew Leonardo got a prize for ending up second also thanks to the points extra he got for Best Painted Army. It was, in fact, MY Storcast army which he had borrowed from me for this tournament. He was kind enough to share his prize with me:-) I attach a picture with a table we did with my "exclusively AoS" scenery pieces. There was an X-Wing tournament with 12 guys in the same room and I saw quite a few of them peeking at the models and the cinematic events happening on our tables. Tutto bello!
  8. Rumoured Ironjawz Box

    I am getting this box too. I figured the total in points is 980. If it includes a battallion with points that would make it unfit for 1000 points matches, Whatever... I am planning to convert the Gargant a bit, to make it look more orruky. Some extra pauldrons perhaps.
  9. Matched play objective size?

    As I promised here are my markers finished. If anybody wondered, the S on the sky-blue banner is for Sigmar
  10. Ethreal paint Scheme

    Here's one of my ethereal Spirit Hosts. Just a prime of spray Corax White, abundant Biel-Tan Green as shade and my missus' nail varnish to make it shiny. :-)
  11. Objective Markers

    Just finished these two sets of four markers each, one for Stormcast Eternals and one for Khorne. They are on 25mm bases but with one cent of a euro coin glued under the base for stability. Here are four pictures with back and front of the two sets.
  12. Skeleton Chief

  13. War in my living room

    A Chamber of the Celestial Vindicators has just taken by surprise a bunch of skeletons. There's gonna be a lot of broken bones for sure.
  14. Arkhan the Black

    Some are still WIP. They are fighting on one of my shelves above a bunch of books about Rome. Romans were pretty good at war apparently. That is a solid inspiration for my armies.

    © David Macchi

  15. Thostos Bladestorm

    Some are still WIP. They are fighting on one of my shelves above a bunch of books about Rome. Romans were pretty good at war apparently. That is a solid inspiration for my armies.

    © David Macchi