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  1. Vargheist ability?

    Most of the time it doesn't matter which model made the attack, because it doesn't matter which model makes the bonus attack. If one of your Vargheists kills three enemy models, that Vargheist can potentially make 3 extra attacks (if you roll a triple-6). Where it could matter is if casualty removal puts the attacking model out of range before it can make that extra attack — but very few players will deliberately remove casualties so as to make that happen, or if one model is potentially gonna make those extra attacks against a different unit, that the others aren't in range of — but again, that's a pretty rare/specific arrangement.
  2. Ranged units for death

    There's no ranged units in Deathrattle, but then there's no Deathrattle allegiance abilities so right now there's no reason not to go full Death. It's not a stretch to imagine that GW will do a Deathrattle battletome at some point with new units and allegiance abilities, but I'm guessing you don't want to wait until then. Right now, the best ranged stuff Death have would indeed be Tomb Kings. Skeleton Archers are still not great unless you're running a full Tomb King army with all the right buffs (and maybe not even then), but Ushabti with bows, and Screaming Skull Catapults, can both be decent. The Casket of Souls also deserves a mention, depending on what kind of ranged attacks you're looking for. Of course, that all depends on your willingness to run out-of-production compendium units. Tomb Kings aside, Arkhan the Black offers decent ranged-attack spellcasting. Few opponents will be willing to just sit back and take Curse of Years without worry, though it's not exactly reliable and doesn't work so well against MSU armies. It's also not easy to build a whole army around, Death doesn't have much else in terms of simple destructive spellcasting. Otherwise, you're looking at the Terrorgheist (but there's multiple different versions floating around so it's a little unclear which you can/should use, and they differ noticeably on the ranged attack front), and maybe banshees, but they don't work well against high bravery armies. Actually, Screaming Skull catapults work well with banshees and terrorgheists, lowering the enemy's bravery before hitting them with screams.
  3. Daemon prince of ... ?

    Based on the recent FAQ on the community pages, it doesn't matter which warscrolls are listed under which faction tables — only the keywords and warscroll battalions matter for allegiances. So yeah, if you want to use the StD allegiance abilities, any Dæmon Prince in your army will need to be taken as part of a StD warscroll battalion (i.e. the Godsword Champions of Ruin), or as an ally. However, they've also clarified that Blades of Khorne = Khorne, Hosts of Slaanesh = Slaanesh, etc. So as long as he's marked with one of the four (and not undivided), he does qualify as an ally for StD. It's decidedly weird that the unmarked Dæmon Prince doesn't, though.
  4. Pink Horrors splitting after Chaos update?

    B, correct, correct, and I'm gonna say you can create a unit of more than 10, and if a unit started with more than 10 (when created or deployed) you can add models back up to that starting total (for free), but no further.
  5. Rule of 1: 2 spells same name, different effect

    I'm not sure one way or the other, but the Tomb Kings run into this problem with "Stone Shaping" as well — the Necrosphinx, Royal Warsphinx, and Khemrian Warsphinx all list it as a spell know by all Death Wizards, but each warscroll has a different wording (just the name of the model being healed — in each case, it heals the *sphinx in question by D3 wounds).
  6. unit fillers

    Yeah, that's my point — if we're going to accept models remaining in fixed poses throughout the game (and we have to, really), then a fixed rock or clump of grass on their base shouldn't really be a problem either — it's basically the same thing imo.
  7. Allegiances and Factions and Allies

    Good to know. Presumably that means I can't use the Slaves to Darkness allies list and the Slaanesh allegiance abilities, even if all my non allied units have both allegiances. It does mean that I can use my Exalted Greater Daemon of Slaanesh and still use the Hosts of Slaanesh allies table though, so I'm happy.
  8. unit fillers

    But equally, no warrior is going to remain frozen in the exact same pose throughout the course of the battle. That guy firing/reloading his handgun probably won't be doing that after a few rounds of melee combat (AoS shooting mechanics aside). Is having a rock on the model's base that follow them around really that much worse than having said model perpetually suspended in mid-leap off said rock? The whole model (base included) represents a snapshot of what could be happening at a given moment during the battle — there's no need for those snapshots to add up, turn after turn, to a complete and consistent story.
  9. unit fillers

  10. unit fillers

    @BunkhouseBuster Interesting. Did you play 8th edition much, or was it more 6th & 7th? I ask because I saw a massive increase in the number and size of "horde" units during 8th edition — blocks of 30, 40, or even 50 models were not uncommon. I even once played a guy who ran 100 zombies as a single unit (though based on playing other VC players, I have to say that 2 blocks of 50 would have been more viable in my opinion). I realise that running big blocks of infantry ranked up on square bases is still technically allowed in AoS, but choosing to do so usually puts you at a huge disadvantage for no good reason.
  11. unit fillers

    AoS is a skirmish game, fundamentally more suited for lower model-count armies, whereas old Warhammer Fantasy Battles was a massed-battle system, more suited for multiple blocks of 20-100 models. I honestly prefered the aesthetic of massed ranked infantry, so I was a little saddened by the switch to AoS, but both systems have merits.
  12. "Ward saves"

    "Special saves" — rules which trigger "whenever X suffers a wound (or mortal wound)" do not "stack" in the sense of combining, but you can have more than one of them, and use them all in any order. For example, an enemy makes a successful "To Wound" roll against my Skeletons, who have the Deathless Minions trait, and there is a Wight King with Infernal Standard nearby. First, I take my actual armour save (modified by rend, cover, Mystic Shield, etc.). If that fails, then I determine the damage caused by this attack. For each wound inflicted this way, I can then attempt a "Deathless Minion Save" of 6+. For each of those that fail, I can attempt an "Infernal Banner Save", also of 6+.
  13. unit fillers

    TBH I've been toying with the idea of using movement trays for a while now. If I'm pushing a block of 20 Dæmonettes across the board without really changing their "formation", it saves a lot of time to just slide a tray forward however far, rather than moving each model individually. Once I get into charge distance I can move them individually off the tray to handle the per-model positioning aspect of the game. It also means that if I usually end up purposefully deploying, say, skeletons in a line 1" apart to act as a screen, I can use a pre-measured movement tray to quickly set up blocks of 10 of them at the correct distance, and move them around while maintaining that distance, without having to painstakingly measure the 1" gap for each model each time. If you want to play a larger game in limited time, I'd say trays can be a huge help. Now, I'd be hesitant to include "fillers", as such, but adding some minor decorations on the tray and/or bases, so long as it's not interfering with the game, maybe some "spacers" like gravestones that sit between zombies (but are not models in any sense), maybe even helpful markers to track wounds, spells & abilities, etc. That seems in keeping with the more positive aspects of the "fillers" of old (a chance to include some unique mini-dioramas and cool conversions to your army), without the more controversial "how can I field a unit of 100 zombies without actually buying, assembling, and painting 100 zombies". In fact so long as it's easy to remove and doesn't affect the battle, I'd be very much in favour of players adding their own custom battlefield decorations, markers, and terrain pieces — whether that actually helps with the physical playing of the game or not.
  14. Experience with not playing with rule of one

    I want to add: the bigger question is how you deal with summoning. Even among relatively casual gamers, I've seen unrestricted summoning seriously unbalance the game, and it's just not fun to play against (for most people, anyway). I mention this because both the Rules of One and the rules for reinforcement points are from the Matched Play variant, so players usually (again, in my experience) play with either both or neither.
  15. Skeleton questions

    No, yes, yes, yes.