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  1. Also remember that although moving into contact stops you from making pile-in moves later, it also stops your opponent from piling in. In theory one player will always benefit more from moving up to contact, so in practice there's not much point hanging back if your opponent is just going to close the gap anyway.
  2. Hmm… does that mean a Casket of Souls can only retreat on a 2+? I hadn't considered that before, though I can't think of anything else that slow off the top of my head.
  3. Yeah I'm really hoping for a new, plastic, KoS, but I'd be totally fine with them using the existing model & options for inspiration, including the cow head. If they do an even half-decent job of it I'm pretty sure I'll buy one; If it looks suitable for a Daemon Prince conversion, I may buy two.
  4. We're going a bit off-topic, but no. Jokes at the expense of people in power is fine, it helps keep that power in check and frankly, they can take it. Jokes at the expense of people with whom you are on equal footing, if they are comfortable with it, are also fine. It establishes that you know them well enough to know where to draw the line, and that they trust you enough to let you. It's a social bonding thing. Jokes at the expense of people who have less power, who are already marginalised or oppressed, is just bullying. Punch up or sideways; Don't punch down. It's not about whether you are able to make those jokes, it's about whether you should.
  5. @Marc Wilson Apologies, I somehow missed that part of the OP and took your comments out of context.
  6. I'd have thought if there's any protesting about Slaanesh, conservative christian soccer mums would be the more likely group — albeit in the other direction. Also, could I ask that you not make jokes at the expense of lgbt groups? It just bugs me.
  7. Mortal Wound spam (specifically, Smite spam) is already a big part of the meta in 40K, though. Brimstone Horrors are partly to blame, but I think in 40K a big part of the problem is just how many high-toughness, heavily armoured, and/or invulnerable-saved models there are. It's a slightly different problem from AoS, but I think the over-simplicity and lack of counters to mortal wounds is a big part of the problem in either system — even cheap horde units have their limitations.
  8. I think this partly comes back to being able to single out characters — horde infantry generally aren't too bothered by MWs, even monsters don't have it too bad unless they're heavily armoured. Maybe focus less on how easy it is to get MW spam, and more on which units are being killed and why it's a problem?
  9. @Tizianolol I'm imagining it, and frankly it doesn't scare me. Morghast are okay, but they're still pretty fragile and don't hit very hard for their points cost. They're moderately fast and do well against heavily-armoured opponents, but that's about it. It's a hit-and-miss army that will do well in some match-ups, but overall I wouldn't rate it too highly.
  10. In any case, the underlying problem with Nagash remains: If you use him for summoning, you end up with only half an army on the table. Sure, you can tailor to you opponent and the scenario, sure you can summon half-way across the table turn 1, but I'd rather have a 2000pt fixed-list army in my deployment zone turn 1 than a 1000pt tailored list 9" from the enemy on turn 1. His command ability is powerful, but right now it loses out to Ruler of the Night. Otherwise, it's really hard to get anything out of those 8 spell slots. Neither of his 2 signature spells are actually that great, so you pretty much need to take a bunch of Tomb King units for him to heal/resurrect. Even then, you're not using all 8 slots, and I can't see him really being competitive. At 900pts, he's already viable in games of 3000pts+ (pretty much a must-have once you get up to 5000pts), but most players aren't playing on that kind of scale. Dropping him to 800pts helps a little, but if nothing else has changed I'd still consider him non-viable in 2000pts. He'd need to be closer to 600pts to be worth it imo. On the other hand, it sounds like the new GH is going to add new artefacts, command traits, etc. — if we get new spells for Death, I can easily see Nagash being viable, or even overpowered, at 800pts. It would depend on the spells, though.
  11. Yeah, the fluff's a bit vague but I've always understood they were reflections/embodiments of the mortal psyche — emotions given a life of their own through magic. Khorne is mostly rage, Nurgle is despair, Tzeentch is hope and Slaanesh is joy. The notion that "hope" and "joy" can both be so negative when taken to an extreme is one part of the old fluff that really appeals to me. The chaos gods, more in the old lore, were not so much "evil" as "severely unbalanced expressions of human emotion, without morality" (which I guess is still pretty much "evil").
  12. In principle I kinda agree, in practice I think there are a couple of issues to watch for: In terms of casting difficulty vs reward, the summoning spells are not balanced against each other, nor against the other spells available to Death wizards. You would have to cost Death wizards on the assumption that they would only ever be used to spam the most powerful summoning spells available to them, which means using them for anything else would become non-viable. That restricts competitive players to a very limited style of play. If summoning had been made more balanced from the start it might be viable, as it stands I think you would have to give each summoning spell a points cost, not paid for each casting, but for each wizard who knows it. e.g. A necromancer could cost 100pts, and upgrade to know the "summon skeletons" spell for another 50pts, during army selection. Chain summoning. Right now in open play I could, in theory, take a single Lord of Change and then fill the entire board (bar a 9" bubble around my opponents' models) with various types of Tzeentch herald, in a single Hero phase. The Rules of One would help with that, but doesn't stop me running through a list of each summonable unit who can, in turn, summon other units, and summoning all of them each hero phase. Accounting for that in the cost of each model who can summon is not impossible, but again forces players into a very specific style of play if they want to get their points' worth.
  13. Summoning is viable as-is, I wouldn't call it "broken", but there are a few places where I think it could be improved: Summoning under-strength/random-sized units - a points-per-model cost would be great, so if I summon 2 dryads I don't pay for 10. Self-resurrection (like the Ring of Immortality) should always be built into the cost of the model (and therefore "free") imo. The ring was a bit OP, but there are other ways to tone it down without making it as unusable as it is now. While we're on the subject, I think a self-resurrected general should retain general status and command abilities/traits. If possible, I'd like to see an end to daisy-chaining. I think you'd have to go through and re-word the existing warscrolls, but if a summoned unit had to be entirely within X inches of the caster, instead of only the first model being within X inches, that would fit the feel of the game better to me. Maybe increase the ranges of these spells to balance that. I'd like to see a way around the whole "if all your wizards die, your reinforcement points are wasted" deal - it's just too harsh imo. I can think of a whole bunch of ways to do this, but none of them are really simple. It seems like something that could be built into the different scenarios maybe. As for Death being under-powered, I think that's mainly just because they haven't really had any battletomes (Flesheater Courts notwithstanding). It's possible GW over-estimated the power of summoning and over-pointed several Death units as a result, but I wouldn't say that's a problem with the summoning rules per se.
  14. Does the Exalted Seeker Chariot kit contain enough bits to make a Seeker Chariot and a Hellflayer, or is it either/or? If I'm missing one or two crucial bits, how easy do you think it would be to convert around them? Does anyone have the instructions for the Seeker Chariot and/or Hellflayer? I'm actually planning to convert a Herald on Seeker Chariot, and I have various spare Daemonette / Seeker bits. Thanks.
  15. @EMMachine To be honest, it doesn't really matter if it's an FAQ or an Errata — it is GW's official ruling and you can expect most players to treat it as such. The FAQ is clear; When measuring if a unit/model is within a certain distance of a measuring point, we only consider the shortest distance, but when measuring if a model is within cover, it must be wholly within cover.