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  1. The rules for choosing an army, using points, also very specifically only apply to units. If the vortex isn't a unit, it's in a rules void where nothing even states that it can or cannot be used in matched play, much less that its "points cost" is relevant to anything. From the fact that GW have given it a points cost, we have to assume that that cost can be used somehow.
  2. Yeah, but as it stands now they could pretty much replace BS with a "To Hit" score, and a rule stating that snap shots only ever hit on 6s. Heck, I'd go so far as to say that there was never really a good reason to have a characteristic that was basically "seven minus your base 'To-Hit' score". WS I can see people getting more worked up over because it's defensive as well as offensive, but since it currently never modifies the required "To Hit" score to less than 3+, and only rarely up to 5+, it's actual impact on the game is minimal.
  3. Individual warscrolls do seem like the way to go — easier to change when they update the rules, easier for people to learn and reference. I'd be a little surprised if they don't adopt the AoS turn structure, with initiative rolls each round and psychic powers in the hero phase. Why have two completely different systems for your core games? In the interests of making everything easier to learn, I'd expect to see BS and probably WS replaced with a "To Hit" score (why bother with that extra complexity?). The biggest question in my mind is how they will handle tanks — I wouldn't want to see a Land Raider become a 20-wound monster, as easy to wound as a guardsman. One of the big differences between 40K and AoS is that 40K has much more emphasis on different weapons for different roles. For example, a heavy bolter is anti-infantry, a lascannon is anti-tank, that doesn't mean one is simply "more powerful" that the other, just that they do very different things. Power weapons are good against armoured infantry, but not against vehicles. That sort of thing.
  4. http://runebrush.pa-sy.com/warscroll/
  5. You have it right, the GW manager is talking rubbish. Wouldn't be the first time a GW staff member didn't know the rules.
  6. I'm surprised no-one's mentioned the Black Coach yet. Unless you have a simply ridiculous number of wizards in your army, it's unlikely that you'll get even one level out of Evocation of Death in a regular game. Take that away, and you have the hitting power of a single Cairn Wraith (plus a couple of steeds that don't amount to much), slightly more survivability than a Cairn Wraith (7 wounds instead of 4, but without the ethereal rule), better speed but not flying, and twice the cost of a CW. They could drop it to 2/3 of the current cost and I'd still consider it dubious value for points. Or they could just give it all five levels right from the start, and I think it would be about right, points-wise. Also, the model's looking pretty dated. I'd love to see it re-done as a plastic kit, flying through the air with ethereal flames and spirits around it, give it some extra attacks of some description (fluff wise it's supposed to drain the life-force of nearby enemies just by being there, not just rely on the guy on top swinging his scythe around). If it's going to have stacking buffs, I'd like to see it get some of them from being near enemy wizards and killing enemy models, not just from your own guys. It needs to do more for its points, or be cheaper, and I'd really like to see it do something different from just having generic combat stats.
  7. Yep, SSC are awesome. You can even split fire to debuff two different units at once. Bear in mind, though, a Ghostly Howl isn't a battleshock test, so it doesn't benefit from Supernatural Terror.
  8. Competitive players will always min-max to some extent, changing the meta won't change that. Likewise, netlists will always emerge for any new meta.
  9. So… I could still wind up facing a 2++ Treeman with "ignore rend -1", but corpse carts would no longer provide any benefit for zombies? Pass. The most powerful combos/synergies are often based around stacking a whole bunch of different bonuses together, not the same one multiple times. Even then, I really feel like combining buffs is a big part of how AoS is meant to work.
  10. 1. Verminlord Deceiver does not have the "Skaven" keyword, so RAW that's a no-go. Otherwise, I'd be okay with it. 2. If it just says "select a unit", I would not have a problem with her selecting one of her own units. Do you have a particular example of a spell or ability that people would have a problem with?
  11. The Masque does not count as a herald, sadly, so she can't be part of that battalion.
  12. Turn 1 close combat is a lot more likely than you might think, and -1 to hit can make a huge difference. I'll grant you, though, that if your opponent isn't very shooty and neither of you is rushing into turn 1 combat, then it isn't much use. None of the other traits have such a big impact, except Dark Avenger (but only against Order). They are a little more reliable, though. It depends a bit on what sized game you're playing — Cunning Deceiver scales up for larger games better than any other trait. In smaller games, the other traits start to have a bigger impact.
  13. The Herald's been officially errata'd to only work on Mummy Heroes, which Herald's aren't, so that shuts down the two-herald bounce.
  14. @BaldoBeardo yeah, the Stonehorn wording doesn't really makes sense: Rules-As-Written you should maybe apply it before taking armour saves, but that falls apart if you're struck by weapons with different Rend characteristics. The Necrosphinx works pretty well by RAW, you just have to remember that "To Wound" rolls don't actually cause wounds, and that actual "Wounds" don't occur until the "Inflict Damage" section, which only triggers after a unit has made all of its attacks...
  15. No mention of "damage". Both effects trigger at the same time — when wounds are inflicted. So as per the Hints & Tips section in most battletomes, the player who controls the ability gets to decide. I could be wrong, but I think the Death player will usually want to apply Deathless Minions first when taking an odd number of wounds, Sacred War Statue for an even number.