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  1. (Accidentally submitted before I'd finished, so I'll continue in a second post). I'm thinking maybe 5 Hellstriders (and maybe 6 giant rats just to eat up the leftover points), but that's gonna leave me lacking for mortal wounds. A Chaos Sorcerer Lord could really buff a unit (coupled with the Keeper's command), but maybe I should set aside some points and try for summoning a Herald of Tzeentch turn 1. Any thoughts?
  2. So far I've pretty much only played AoS as Tomb Kings, thought it was time to try something different. I'm working towards my first 1000pts of chaos, centered around Slaanesh dæmons. I already have a KoS and 30 dæmonettes, so I'm thinking a full dæmonic cohort. Something like: Keeper of Secrets 280 Herald of Slaanesh (on steed) 60 3 x 10 Dæmonettes 360 5 Seekers 120 Cohort 40 That leaves me 140 to play around with.
  3. Regarding the whole leader/general thing, I doubt it was to prevent people resurrecting their general with an undead banner — it would be far easier to simply rule that a "resurrected" model is not the same model and therefore doesn't retain generalship status or any of the associated benefits. They might have been thinking more about someone giving a Necrosphinx the Red Fury trait, or something along those lines. Being able to put "Ruler of the Night" on a skeleton champion would also be a potentially strong choice. I don't think GW ever really intended for anyone to take a non-hero model as their general unless they were playing a much smaller game with no characters. To be honest, I doubt that they really thought about the overall impact on the game meta, or how this would benefit shooty armies, but more about "we don't our game to be a game where competitive players nominate a grot champion to be their 'general'". It's a lot easier to just say "no that's not allowed any more", than to fine-tune the entire metagame until it's no longer the competitive option. Pretty much the same goes for Mystic Shield spam with no auto-failing 1s.
  4. Pg 157 of the General's Handbook - no artefacts or command traits for named characters. In larger games (say, 3000pts or more), I actually would consider Nagash's command ability more useful that the "Ruler of the Night" command trait. Re-rolling 1s to save is often going to make your most armoured stuff more survivable than upgrading their 6+ DM to a 5+, and immunity to battleshock is going to help your zombie/skleteton hordes more when it really counts. Trouble is, if you try to fit him in 2000pts you just can't fit enough other stuff in.
  5. For me though, the biggest problem is stacking -1 to hit (or wound, but that's less common). Think of it this way: If you hit on a 6+, then a +1 to hit is a 100% bonus. Another +1 to hit is only a 50% bonus, the one after that is only a 33%, then 25%, then nothing. Effects that grant +1 to hit do not synergise well with each other — you are usually better off trying to combine +1 to hit, +1 to wound, and +1 attack. -1 to hit on the other hand, goes in the other direction. If you're normally on a 2+, a single -1 only drops your hitting power by 20%. The next one, 25%. Then 33%, then 50%, then 100% when you can no longer hit at all. The effect gets bigger with each bonus. (Incidentally, +1 to save is the same, but rarer and more easily bypassed with mortal wounds).
  6. Because +1 Bravery (for battleshock only, I might add) is no-where near as big a deal as +1 attack, or +1 to hit, wound, or save. Or -1 attack, -1 to hit, wound, save. It's a really minor bonus, even if you do stack it. Plus, you need a lot of models in one unit before it really starts to become relevant, which carries some severe tactical limitations.
  7. @High Warden sounds like you've been playing it correctly. Excess of violence lets a unit activate twice, but those are still two separate activations and your opponent gets to activate something in-between. It takes a little effort to get full effect, but potentially doubling your damage output is worth it imo. @Arkiham Honestly I'd rather take "Lord of War" for +1 to hit for a single unit. If you make 6 unpredictable destruction rolls for units within 8" of your general, "Great Destroyer" means you'll pass an average of 1 extra roll. So on average you need to be making more than 6 rolls for it to be worth it (and all those rolls need to be equally important). Even if one unit performs a double activation, and you play that the effects stack, you're still probably better off just putting +1 to hit on a unit of your choice.
  8. Sorry for the delayed response, but: Yes, the Quicksliver Potion lets you have the user attack before the player whose turn it is picks a unit to attack with. If you are the player whose turn it is, this means you can have that model attack before whatever unit you pick "normally", essentially letting you activate two different units before your opponent has activated any. You still can't activate the same model twice, but the potion inserts itself before the normal activation sequence. If the normal activation sequence is for you to activate a unit first, then you still get to do that after the potion has been resolved.
  9. Yeah, any model unless the rule states otherwise. It's one of the things that feels a little “off” about AoS, but that's just how it is.
  10. 1. To field a warscroll battalion, you must have exactly whatever units it says, the battalion cannot contain any more or less. You can have other units in your army, but they won't be part of the battalion. You can have several battalions in your army, and you can have units that aren't part of any battalion in your army. Usually, the special rules granted by a battalion only apply to units that make up part of that battalion, not to any other units in your army. It actually depends on the wording of the rule, but I don't know of any battalion rules that carry over to the rest of your army. For example, if your army contains 3 units of Dark Riders, and one Exiled Warhost, you will need to make it clear which unit of Dark Riders is part of the Warhost, only that unit will get the benefits. It doesn't matter what tab the unit is under, so long as there are rules and points for it. 2. Unless stated otherwise, command abilities affect the whole model (mount & monsters), and a model can use a command ability on itself. It depends on the wording, but "Do Not Disappoint Me" will affect the Cold Ones (if you target Knights), and can target the Dreadlord himself, in which case it will affect the dragon. The exact requirements & limitations will be stated in the rules for the ability itself.
  11. I'd say you have to pay the points each time you summon it. There are numerous instances in the game where people argue “but it's still the same unit”, but I'd say the wording has to be quite explicit for you to not pay points again.
  12. If a unit has been destroyed, and you set it up again, you are replacing it and it costs points. Only a rule that actually prevents the unit from being destroyed would not cost points. This rule does not prevent the unit from being destroyed, so it does cost points.
  13. Given the FAQ on the Ring of Immortality, I'd have to say yes. This falls under “replacing a unit that has been removed”, it costs points.
  14. Keen on 2K, but rarely find the time/opponents for it. 1500 is also good, but then you get the debates over whether it's vanguard or battlehost (my preference is to treat it as battlehost). I actually think there's some good potential for games around 1800pts, but in the end I tend to just play "whatever you've got". Tends to be in the 1200 - 1600pt region in my local store for some reason. 1K is a bit small for my tastes, I think 3K could be really cool to try out but so far I've never had the time or opponent for it (plus with my current army I don't have the models for it — I'd have to dig out one of my old fantasy armies for that).
  15. For those who can't read the pic, the wording is: