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  1. Shadespire in the timeline. Odd detail on Obryn's base.

    Yeah this is how I see it as well. The game is set in a dimension between light and shadow realms, which has trapped all the original inhabitants of Shadespire, plus anybody who ventures to the fallen city and falls between the cracks.
  2. Reservations...

    I'm not going to delete as I think you've missed what Shadespire is about. All the core cards are in the main game, whilst warband specific come with each warband. So you don't need to buy all the warbands just to get a powerful deck. Just what you need 😉 Also im not expecting the core rules to change over next few years, just the setting. So in year or two a new core game in a new setting
  3. The Rumour Thread

    I suspect November will just be Necromunda, 40K codexes (Craftworlds and Tyranids with new Starts collecting boxes), and the other two Warbands for Shadespire. Don't forget there are still some Death Guard releases to come as well so I think we will see those. So I don't think we will see anything else for AOS (apart from Shadespire) for rest of year
  4. The Shadespire News and Rumour Thread

    The Art Cards are alternative artwork cards that are being given to attendees of the first public Shadespire event in the UK. You don't need them but they are a nice little bonus for attending the event. As for Pre-ordering, it's all down to you. You get nothing special for it but it's always nice to have something on release day and sometimes you might get it through early.
  5. With the game just days away from Pre-Order and lots of people have been getting preview copies, we have been seeing more and more images of the cards and rules out in the wilderness. Can I please ask everybody to be wary about posting images. Stuff that has already been shown on the Warhammer Community Site or various review sites are okay, but can we avoid any direct photos/scans of the cards. This especially applies to any new Warbands coming up (Think of the ones in the broken mirror picture we haven't seen models for yet).
  6. Looks lovely. Quick question - did you sub assemble these or paint in one go?
  7. Compatible with AoS?

    If you watch any of the assembly videos on the Warhammer Underworlds website, all the kits seem to be normal GW plastic bar having different colours.
  8. Aftermath of the GT final

    Firstly congratulations to Byron! Well deserved win! Secondly, thanks to everybody who tweeted stuff as that was the only way I was able to keep a track on what was happening. Looked like a great event. Thirdly, I think we need to remember these words from Mr Curry about the final https://twitter.com/BadDice_Podcast/status/917347346798833665
  9. Compatible with AoS?

    I think you will see Warscrolls and I'm expecting to see each of the Warbands as a sort of special unit in AOS. Still not expecting anything from AOS into Shadespire apart from new sculpts
  10. subscription audio books

    Yup. Look below
  11. Army Paint Schemes for rules

    Hot off the Press - https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/10/06/firestorm-matched-play-rules-update/ Hopefully this should end this debate!!!
  12. The Shadespire News and Rumour Thread

    Yup. I see this being one part of the Warhammer Underworlds game which will shift to different areas bit like how Magic the Gathering does with each major release. This means that they can theme the models for that release and we get to see cool stuff we might never ever have seen in the past. I'm expecting Shadespire to be for 12 months and then we see the next Underworlds release but the games can all work with each other.
  13. Army Paint Schemes for rules

    My thoughts.... As a simple person, these are fairly simple but for me you do what you want to do in your own gaming groups. For events, it's all down to the Organiser and if you don't like it, don't go. Completely up to the Organiser in my opinion. If GW are coming along to stream any games, they may ask for this to be enforced. But also remember GW can show whatever games they want to show, so if somebody is doing something they don't like, they show something else. The great thing about the game is that it can change and it provides a frame work for you to do what you want to do with it.
  14. I shall hopefully be watching but suspect it will be all catch up for me and following via Twitter! I'm kind of hoping somebody brings all the Gargants but I'm just hoping the coverage is over some of the more interesting armies with just the uber competitive stuff for the last couple of games.
  15. Convention Demos -- Shadespire or AoS Skirmish?

    I would echo shadespire as well as you basically get everything in the box and it's a lot more open for new players. Only tricky thing for somebody new is removing the models from the frames but for the average new player that should be fine! Skirmish is fun, but for brand new players I would say Shadespire