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  1. Gaz Taylor

    The Rumour Thread

    @Overread & @Samanar if you want to discuss computer games, please create a topic for it if you do not have any rumours to add to this thread Whilst kind of on the subject and it's not a rumour and it's news, here's something you might be interested in... https://www.warhammer-community.com/2018/06/25/25th-june-announcing-realm-wargw-homepage-post-3/
  2. Gaz Taylor

    The Rumour Thread

    +++ Mod Hat On +++ Can we please have some rumours for Age of Sigmar?
  3. +++ Mod Hat On +++ Everybody, I'm not impressed with some of your reactions in this thread and the general negativity, so this is a poke to ask you to either come back to keeping the discussion constructive or not to post. TGA is a nice place for us all to enjoy our hobby and it's not like 'other' forums and I want to keep it that way. If you dislike the rules (no matter what they are), can you please do one of the following... email AOSFAQ@gwplc.com with a constructive email with what you dislike use the Age of Sigmar Facebook page to leave feedback (https://www.facebook.com/GWWarhammerAgeofSigmar/). Again, please keep it constructive If you are able to go to an event at Warhammer World, Nottingham, please leave feedback at the end of the event. Cheers
  4. Gaz Taylor

    6 Nations take aways

    +++ Mod Hat On +++ I think this topic has run it's course. You've all had chance to do a bit of 'venting' about the new rules but now I'm going to assume normal service can resume LOCKED
  5. +++ Mod Hat On +++ @Bellfree - I've just been looking at your last few posts and whilst there are nuggets of constructive criticism, the general attitude of them has been very negative. Please tone it down and keep it constructive
  6. Gaz Taylor

    6 Nations take aways

    Yes this will reach GW and yes they will review and fix if there is an issue (or enough people say they do not like how something works). Just need to remind you all that if you have any feedback/questions, email AOSFAQ@gwplc.com This thread does seem to have exploded with discussion but I think the key points people have to remember are..... This is a brand new version of the game which has quite a few changes to the core rules There are over 1000 Warscrolls and Battalions, all with their own interactions There's different ways how players will use this game (Open, Narrative, Matched) and they all demand different things from the game There's only so much you can test if you want to get something to market They also work on other projects Now I'm sure some people are thinking that GW can open playtesting up or have more playtesters and other suggestions but if you step back and think about what has gotten through the holes, it's actually quite impressive there's so few 'problems'. Problems which can be fixed with either an update to the Warscrolls or a tweak to the rules via a FAQ. So if you have any issues, please email AOSFAQ@gwplc.com
  7. Gaz Taylor

    6 Nations take aways

    Agreed. I suspect this may get 'fixed' or clarified soon and probably be subjected to a rule of one. Again see how GW choose to respond to this (if they do. They may wait). With the new Stormcast and Nighthaunt books out now, plus whatever drops over next few months (I'm expecting updates for some of the older books as quick wins from GW), the meta will change completely again
  8. Gaz Taylor

    6 Nations take aways

    Don't worry I know that's not what you intended. It just needed some framing around it and just a nudge how we wanted people to respond I quite like some of the lists that were used and some tweaking they could work in single events.
  9. Gaz Taylor

    6 Nations take aways

    Anybody who is interested, the event details and lists can be found here - https://aosshorts.com/aos-6-nations-preview/ I suspect we will see an FAQ about some things over the next week or two. +++ MOD HAT ON +++ I'm sure I don't need to mention this but just in case can you all think about what you will be writing when you react to this. This was a cool event which has highlighted a few things from a competitive point of view may skwiff things. If you choose to comment about the lists or the event or any of the things highlighted above, please do so but do so in a way that is constructive and respectful to other members and players.
  10. Gaz Taylor

    The Rumour Thread

    I would expect them to be up for pre-orders this and next weekend and out for general sale over next few weeks. We know Kill Team is up for Preorder on 21st. I think Shadespire was a toedip into the boardgames market and my understanding is that it's been very successful. I think if there is enough demand for a Age of Sigmar version of Kill Team they will do it but there is nothing stopping anybody taking some of the Kill Team rules and adding them to AOS.
  11. Gaz Taylor

    Could we have an specific Spanish forum?

    done - http://www.tga.community/forums/forum/149-spain/
  12. Gaz Taylor

    Is AoS cluttered?

    Start small and play lots of games. Most players can't remember all the warscrolls and will have playing aids or consult the scrolls and will have played lots of games, so don't go round thinking that everybody does it. Like all games it will take some practise before it all clicks
  13. Just want to point out to everybody - If you have an issue with the App such as the Warscrolls being wrong or any suggestions for some cool features (such as a night mode), email gwapps@gwplc.com
  14. Gaz Taylor

    AoS 2 - Maggotkin of Nurgle Discussion

    There's issues with some of the Warscrolls in the App and GW are fixing them as fast as they can. If you spot any, email gwapps@gwplc.com
  15. Gaz Taylor

    AoS 2 - Maggotkin of Nurgle Discussion

    thanks @sal4m4nd3r - Now a gentle poke at you. It's not in the spirit of TGA if you add a "HaHa" reaction to a post asking another member to watch how they are posting