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  1. It's because people see rules in other systems that resolve an issue they see with the game system they play, so will say X will fix Y without really thinking about how much it changes things. Personally, I doubt we will see any of the 40K fixes applied to AOS for the following reasons.... Initiative Roll off - Makes dropping in a unit a high risk move if you fail to roll a 9 for charges AOS units are better costed for what they can do (help that there are less options to customise them) AOS Scenarios make you think about having large/horde units for objectives which means you have to think about what you want in your list rather than spamming units. AOS Charging units do not all strike first, so you need to think about order of combats The main issues with 40K Deep Strike were being able to drop a load of units which could either shoot things to death, charge and beat them to death or majority of the time do both! The rule of three fixes this but there were scenarios where players were being wiped out in a turn (or having their army damaged to a state where they couldn't do much else in the game) and it doesn't make for a fun game does it? If players want to try these rules out in their games of AOS, go ahead but remember that we will unlikely see it in any FAQs or updates
  2. The Rumour Thread

    It's possible that they may be changing the background of how they work. I'm guessing since the Jailbreak at the end of the Dread Solstice, they have been tasked with finding and retrieving all the escaped souls. So they may be anti magic or they may get more magic abilities.
  3. The Rumour Thread

    Yup. Looks like some more seeds have been sown with the latest story on the Malign Portents site - https://malignportents.com/story/as-above-so-below/ Certainly seems to be heading where people are guessing the rumours are going. We will see a Soul War soon with at a guess a new boxed set (but this with hindsight could be the next set of Shadespire).
  4. I was only guessing why it wasn't done! But if it was somebody who wasn't experienced with it or with Age of Sigmar, they may not know this. I can only imagine if it was something I had to do and I think I would struggle with a 100+ player event (well any event too be honest!). Sure they will take it on board for next event
  5. I suspect John didn't have his usual team with him when running the event or may have been short staffed. Guessing they were more interested in getting the scores done correctly than sorting this bit out and whilst it's annoying for us to analyse the event after it's happened, it's not something you would be bothered about on the day
  6. List Builder

    This is why I like the Warscroll Builder. I have used Army Builder for years but it can make players lazy and assume that all the information in the software is correct (when often it isn't). Warscroll Builder is great for this as its a quick tool to sort out a list, easy to check if correct when comparing points and you need to know your list for it to be correct so no assumptions
  7. The Rumour Thread

    Personally I would just see it as the next part of the story. We've had the new game and setting as part of 'phase 1' and we will see the story progress and start seeing the 'true' Age of Sigmar releases rather than a few new kits incorporating some of the older model kits. I think calling it Phase 2 is just a comment that somebody from GW has mentioned and it's caught on.
  8. List Builder

    I'll just echo https://www.warhammer-community.com/warscroll-builder/ as well I can use it on my mobile or on a computer and I don't need to install or pay for additional software.
  9. Do you like the lore?

    I think the reason they made them finite is that it imply's that there is actually a border between the realms so it fits into the map they have for the mortal realms. Plus of course, it helps with the Malign Portent's story of Nagash building his big sand castle as otherwise how could his minions get the raw materials for it? Just because it has borders, it doesn't mean it's not very, very big. For example, try playing a game like Elite Dangerous and try and get to the edge or center of the galaxy. Yes some players have done it but it's a lot of work and defiantly not quick. Now try and picture something similar for the Mortal Realms but on a bigger scale (and when they say a lifetime to cross it, they don't say who's or how they travel. Is it purely on foot or do they have other means of travel ) Back to the original question - I love the lore of Age of Sigmar. Moving away from the Warhammer World was the best thing they ever did, because you often found things being repeated or being shoehorned into the background. The fact that we can see anything now is brilliant and I love it as it means at some point somebody in GW will make my Bio Mecha monsters that I would love to see
  10. Lets Chat: Idoneth Deepkin

    BST so in about 22 min from me posting this. Think this is going to be a popular afternoon
  11. What do you look for in a youtube channel??

    Ah. I've not seen the video but I do know Necromunda has a few issues around editing (I think it was rushed out). Personally I think constructive criticism is okay but depends on how they were doing it. If it was being rude and critical about it because things are different, that's not good. A review should be a review, not a moaning session. Anyway Miniwargaming is very hit and miss for me. I like some of the stuff they do, but they seem to get some stuff wrong which makes me doubt some of the stuff they are saying. No problem
  12. What do you look for in a youtube channel??

    Just curious about this but what do you mean by this? I think most podcasts and YouTube channels will say what they think about a product from GW but will always be a bit biased due to the fact they are passionate about GW stuff (especially as they are diverting valuable hobby time to making the channel/podcast or it's become a full time job for them!). GW will do some bad stuff now and then, for example the new Idoneth Deepkin Dice. Brilliant idea having them transparent but don't seem easy to use during a game because of this!
  13. The Rumour Thread

    I think we will have to agree to disagree I'm still going to fight the corner about no new edition, mainly because the model of the game now is core rules with a new edition each year in the form of the Generals Handbook. This is why I seriously doubt we will see what many people are expecting as a new edition. Plus one of the rules a lot of players seem to want is how characters are targeted. I seriously doubt we will see anything like this going off one of the rules that Idoneth Deepkin have (preview from the community site - https://www.warhammer-community.com/2018/04/08/who-are-the-idoneth-deepkin/) (for those who can't see the image - Forgotten Nightmares: Missile Weapons can only be used to target an Idoneth Deepkin unit with this battle trait if it is the closest visible enemy unit) Whilst this is taken out of context due to how the previews are written, it's safe to assume that this is something that just the Deepkin will get and won't be used in any updates to the game outside a battletome. Depends on how you see big. I think a new set, Stormcast chamber and Nighthaunt army sounds big (assuming the rumours are true). Also sets up the tone of the game for next couple of years. Then again, we might see a model for Sigmar which is quite big! Whatever happens, it will be cool. Personally, I'm not expecting any more Aelves after Deepkin and I do think after the summer we will see a flip away from Order to some of the other alliances for models and books.
  14. The Rumour Thread

    **Cough Cough** Rumours please!!! Just a quick recap / Forcast.... (from my point of view so this can be wrong!!!) Idoneth Deepkin (April) As many people know, we have the Battletome, Namarti Thralls, Lotann, Warden of the Soul Ledgers, The Eidolon of Mathlann and Gloomtide Shipwreck up for pre-order this weekend (14th April), and I think we can expect the rest of the stuff over the next few weeks (Yes I know there are dice and paint and cards, but I'll stick to the 'main' bits). I think by the time we see Warhammer Fest in May, all the models should be out. Warhammer Fest (May) So this a weekend of showing off all the cool stuff GW do in a big venue with lots of gaming going on. I would expect to see a lot of stuff around 40K if I'm honest as I think they we will see the next batch of codexes released in May as they will be quick releases and we have the Indoneth Deepkin still having stuff released so I think it will be a AOS light month but I think we will see some teasers for the next Battletome and phase of Malign Portents.... Age of Sigmar Open Day (June) The Open Day is towards the end of June but I have a feeling we will get a big reveal on it. This will either be the rumoured Nighthaunt Battletome (rumoured due to video teaser with Black Coach) as well as bit more focus on the stuff to do over the summer which I think will be a Firestorm type campaign set based upon the next bit of the Malign Portents and we will see some new models like the old favourite - Purple Sun! I also suspect we will get our first proper look at the new Age of Sigmar box set which will most likely have all this stuff in it! (Probably Nighthaunt vs Stromcast). July / August / September Summer Holidays but I think it will be a lot of stuff around supporting the new box set. Personally I am not expecting this to be a 2nd edition but a quick release in line of Blightwars or 40K Forgebane, which is part of the moving the story along but not a core set for players to pick up. As we head towards the end of August and into September, I'm expecting to see Generals Handbook 2018 which will contain a lot of the stuff people are thinking about are for the 2nd edition. Rest of Year Personally, I think this will take a bit more of a 40K focus as we will probably see the last of the remaining Codexes to be released before people start exploding in excitement for the Adepta Sororitas release. However I think we will see something for Age of Sigmar and I'm hoping it's Slaanesh related but I think it will be a Battletome based upon his/her/its followers searching for Slaanesh rather than a full blown jail break. Also hopefully we will see Adeptus Titanicus but that's for another forum!
  15. What do you look for in a youtube channel??

    This. Bit of intro and then straight into what I'm watching for please! Also I have no issue with the YouTube content creator asking me to like, comment or subscribe as this helps them out.