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  1. Turn order Reference sheet ?

    I've not seen anything. I have made things myself but it's a very simple bullet point list about each unit in my army to help me have a quick glance to see what I need to do. Usually after a few games I don't need it. One of the best things I can think of is using Que Cards and you turn them over each phase or you have a sheet where you tick things off to keep track of what is happening (I think the new notebooks from GW do this)
  2. Whats up with GW's prices??

    +++ Mod Hat On +++ 100% this. Can you all please make sure you have read this quote (especially @stratigo ). This has been a fairly interesting thread but can we be less rude
  3. Nice to see you are going to stay. From a Mod point of view, would have been nice to have been given a heads up about this because it can be interpreted that it's a post and dash type of thing. I've moved this into the Destruction part of the forum as makes sense As for the model - When I first saw it, I didn't like it but looking at it again, I like it more as I like all the extras with it. How was it painted? Is there a guide?
  4. Warhammer Community Survey

    I think we will see the results. I think they will do some stuff on social media to poke a bit of fun at some of the weird stuff people have said but also to follow up on some of it. I think some of the stuff people expect to see of GW will never happen because it would be bad for GW but also suck out some of the fun around what they do. They have been doing a great job recently by making everything they do with the community fun. As long as we keep on enjoying it, they will keep on doing it
  5. Warhammer Community Survey

    On the subject of shops - I doubt it's to find out about closing them. I think it's more to see how people use them. For example, I very rarely go into a shop and when I do it's to get some models or paint. I haven't played in a GW store for years but I imagine that there are plenty of players out there who use them for painting or playing in. It's well worth doing the survey as GW are interesting in what we think and if you look at how they have performed as a company, it seems to be really working for them! But I really don't fancy being the person(s) going through that data. Facebook is bad enough, so I dread to think what would be in that survey!!!!
  6. Let's Talk...Online Hobby Talk

    I like Twitter. It's an amazing tool for keeping in contact or an eye on people you game with or admire. It's great when there is an event on as you get live coverage in small bursts, which is great when you are married with children and struggle to get out to events (or game). Plus some of the pictures of the models people have been working on is amazing. Also even with the ability to post in 280 characters, everything is straight to the point. I also do Facebook, but I'm not a fan. I mainly use it to follow what is going on at my local club for those rare times I can get out for games or keeping up to date with all the cool stuff GW are doing. Also do WhatsApp which is like a focused twitter but some groups are quite chatty and it can be tricky keeping track what is going on. Forumwise, well it's TGA
  7. Skirmish Forum?

    This and we already have quite a few sub forums. We don't want any more!!!!! Please!
  8. Terrain cards ?

    Do you have a link? It's something I'm going to do as I'm old now and get confused easily, so using the Terrain Dice causes me issues
  9. For those of you whom are saying it's easy because you can just get in X specialist or adopt Y Framework - When there is not a culture there for it, it's not as easy as you think. I've been in IT for twenty years and seen a lot of these systems come and go (I've been a programmer, certified in ITIL and Prince2 and currently heavily involved with Sarbanes Oxley and trying avoid GDPR!!), so I know what you guys are saying. But if there is not a culture for Document Control, it's not going to happen easily if you try and implement it. You also need to consider do GW want to introduce for customers? If it's something you are really passionate about, post a message on the Age of Sigmar Facebook page or drop the question in Twitch today (it's Warhammer Wednesday). They do look at every question and if there is a big demand for it, they will do something
  10. I think there are easily over 1000 warscrolls so it’s not an easy task. Plus coming up with some sort of document management system isn’t cheap or easy. If they were going to do it, they could do it in a similar war as Magic the Gathering with a version number in the header or footer, but then you need to revisit every scroll. So what would you rather GW do? Do this and add a version number or continue coming up with new models and cool stuff for the game? 😉
  11. One thing that's nagging at me.

    +++ Mod Hat On +++ Just been reading through some of the replies in this thread and some of you need to have a think about how to reply to this topic as it's coming across as very rude. This is not the sort of enviroment we want here on TGA, so please play nice! +++ Mod Hat Off +++ Personally, we could see an Age of Sigmar game of some sorts in the future but GW already have quite a few computer games out at the moment and I imagine it's a lot of work to manage all of that. Also as the background for Age of Sigmar is still developing and coming up to some quite big stuff for next year, its tricky to tie that into a computer game and have it released in a very competitive market.
  12. Cleave

    That would be my thoughts as well. Cleave is great against Guard but the risk of loosing the Glory Point is too high and it should be spend as soon as possible
  13. Sub forum for deck lists?

    Going to say no. Just make sure you have the tags in place and discuss in this part of the forum. There is no issue with that at all. If it starts getting too messy/noisy we can look into it
  14. The Shadespire News and Rumour Thread

    Yeah I think Skaven in 2018. We may get more previews over the Christmas break but outside Christmas bundles and the last few 40k codexes (and maybe a Primarch) you won’t see anything. Remaining Warbands are Skaven, Fyreslayers, Khorne Blood Warriors, and Stormcast. We may see some more but I suspect it will be full AOS season then and we will next see stuff later on in 2018.
  15. The Rumour Thread

    Thanks. He’s better but not 100% as not quite back to eating how he used to. I know what you mean but again if you look back at this year it’s been amazing for big releases, so I’m happy to keep some for next year. GW are doing amazing stuff, so reward them with a bit of faith and spend lots of money when it’s out! PS - Shadespire is amazing. Buy all the stuff