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  1. Quick question for the community - I've played in two local tournaments now, both running 90 minute rounds. In that time we've consistently struggled to finish a full best of three - it's very common that the third game either doesn't happen, or is cut short. How is it working out for you? I haven't felt that my opponents have been slow playing much, and I try to move pretty quickly, but it's a pervasive problem. I'd be interested to know if other people had the same experience, or if we're just seriously slow around here.
  2. I'm not sure about civil war or open conflict, but I can see a situation where the more hardline Stormhosts (Knights Excelsior and the Celestial Vindicators in particular) attempt to split off to pursue their own objectives, at least for a time. The issue that Stormcast have is that their power is centrally controlled by Sigmar - any kind of Heresy-style conflict would be over really quickly as the loyalists would get reforged and the traitors wouldn't. They can't just pack their geneseed in a suitcase and fly off into the Eye of Terror like a Space Marine.
  3. Let's Chat: Spiteclaw's Swarm

    So I don't know if this is an (amazing) joke or a brilliant mistake, but I just opened my pack of Spiteclaw's Swarm sleeves and it has thirteen objective card sleeves inside rather than the advertised twelve. THE DREADED THIRTEENTH!
  4. Malign Portents - A Tale of ??? Warlords

    Anyone else feeling slight guilt at not quite being able to finish this in time? Find having a deadline and seeing other people's progress helpful, but falling short sucks! Finish line is in sight, though - hopefully I'll have more done this time next month.
  5. Malign Portents - A Tale of ??? Warlords

    Not a great pic, but figured I'd share some progress! It's going to be a sprint to finish by Saturday - I've got the Skullcrusher riders, four Warriors and my kitbashed Slaughterpriest to paint. I don't know if I'll finish on time, but hopefully I'll be done by Monday. I managed to finish a Darkoath Chieftain in the same span of time, however. He'll be joining my Malign Portents force along with the Warqueen.
  6. Unglorious Heroes

    Shout out to my Chaos Sorcerer Lord, who mostly just followed a Lord of Change around not doing much for three or four games in a row before getting flattened by the Celestant-Prime. We play narrative games so decided to see that course of events through to its logical conclusion, reforging him as a Lord-Castellant in my friends' army. Then, in our next game, he scored his first kill: my Lord of Change. Thanks, buddy.
  7. The Shadespire News and Rumour Thread

    I can definitely see where you're coming from. I'm reserving judgement until we've seen the Skaven's objective cards - that's a huge difference-maker, here. The Reavers have very high scoring potential, even in bad matchups, and this more or less makes up for all of their other weaknesses. They're the least popular warband and yet end up doing pretty well in most tournaments on this basis. Movement, damage, inspire conditions etc are important, but for me point scoring potential is the thing that really makes a warband work. Not sure I agree that the Skaven inspire trigger is better than the Reaver one, incidentally. It's very chancy. You'll probably get one or two inspires relatively easy, but inspiring all 5 rats is going to take some work. You can also be completely screwed by a bad first hand/mulligan, and it limits your deck building options.
  8. The Shadespire News and Rumour Thread

    Reavers will be fine. Unless Krrk is amazing, Bloodreavers are stronger fighters out of the gate than Skaven are. Catching Spiteclaw will be much easier than catching the Warden, as Skaven can't block as much space, and any combo of Garrek/Karsus/Saek (or Saek+Targor/Arnulf) can kill him. Also, it'll be very easy to trigger the Reaver's inspire condition against Skaven - while they *can* bring fighters back, they'll want to do so sparingly because it eats into their actions and they don't get the same bonus out of it that the Guard do. I can imagine a scenario where a Skaven player is pushed into reviving Clanrats to stop the Reavers from inspiring, which means that the Reaver player is entirely directing the flow of the game. In fact, they'll probably indirectly help Bloodreavers in a tournament environment because they're another warband with access to Cleave right away (albeit on a crit.) They'll cause headaches for Stormcast and Orruks and maybe put a dent in some of the Reaver's hardest matchups. Also: it's premature to talk about power creep because the first eight Shadespire warbands were all designed together: it's one big set of cards, as evidenced by the numbers on each. We can't really get power creep until we're onto wave 2, and I imagine that's still months away.
  9. Objective card "Contained" explained

    See, I read that the opposite way: this establishes that 'surviving fighters' requires a number of surviving fighters - these cards happen to specify three for balance reasons. This comes down to whether or not you treat zero as a valid value - I feel like there's precedent for not doing this. The first Shadespire example of this I can think of is the ruling that you can't push somebody if you both roll zero successes for attack and defense - you both have an equal number of successes, meeting the criteria for a push without damage, but the additional ruling establishes that zero successes don't count as a number of successes. It would follow, to me, that zero survivors doesn't count as a number of survivors. That said, I totally agree that this needs an FAQ clarification. I'd just be surprised if they ruled that dead warbands can score Conquest.
  10. Objective card "Contained" explained

    To me, 'all surviving enemy/friendly fighters' suggests that there need to be survivors for either effect to trigger. Otherwise, as has been said above, you're interpreting 0 as a value - which is a stretch. I.e: at the end of the game, every fighter is either a survivor or dead. Both of these objectives specify the presence of survivors, not the absence of fighters. If every enemy fighter is dead, there are no survivors anywhere - so Contained can't trigger. Similarly, if every friendly fighter is dead, there are no survivors in enemy territory - so Conquest can't trigger. It would be a different matter if Contained was worded 'Score this in the third end phase if there are no enemy fighters in your territory'. But as it is, it doesn't feel particularly ambiguous. A FAQ would be great, though.
  11. Hi all - I'm not the event runner but I figured I'd let the community know that we've got the first monthly Shadespire tournament coming up at Bristol Independent Gaming (BIG) this weekend. Here's a link to the Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/197801597448627/?active_tab=about £5 entry, 16 players total, prize support from the official GW packs including participation prizes for every player. Four best-of-threes over the course of the day. Relaxed venue and the community around here's really friendly. Hope to see some new faces there!
  12. Man, that'd be an incredible deal - essentially a £5 discount on Tzaangor and Acolytes with a free £70 Lord of Change bundled in. I reckon a more likely DoT box would be something like: 10 Tzaangor 3 Enlightened/Skyfire Tzaangor Shaman (That's more or less equivalent to the Bloodbound SC! box.)
  13. The Rumour Thread

    Thought it might be worth pointing out that Neferata has featured pretty heavily in the recent books, as have her 'daughters' - elite vampire warrior women. That could easily be one of the new additions for Death, and it'd fit with the video.
  14. I would strongly recommend reading the recent Josh Reynolds books (Spear of Shadows and Nagash: The Undying King particularly) as they've got answers to almost all of these questions.
  15. The Name Game

    I have some concerns about this primarily because I most play narrative games, and the more named characters they add the more boxed-in player narratives feel. The biggest recent example of this are the Malign Portents special characters. They've been consistently referred to as generic examples of a new type of character - 'a' Darkoath Warqueen, 'a' Knight of Shrouds, etc - but we've just seen from the Open Day that the boxes have their actual names on them: 'Keldrek, Knight of Shrouds'. If they're treated as named characters on their warscrolls then I think that's a huge shame. It limits your ability to decide how the character fits into *your* army, and for me that's a big part of Age of Sigmar. I enjoy the breadth of the setting because it has allowed me and my friends to tell stories about our characters in our part of the Mortal Realms. Sorry - this comes across as a bit of a moan. If they do decide to treat them as named characters, we'll probably just pretend that they didn't. But it does feel like a strange direction to have taken - maybe they have data that suggests that special characters sell better, so 'Gavriel, guy you've never heard of' will do better than 'Lord-Celestant with Shield' simply because he's got a name.