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  1. Do you use the same strategy for your leadbelchers?
  2. Well the second picture is an command ability so that logic does not apply. But I get your drift. I would have assumed it was just vaguely worded and the intend was to protect against wounds and mortal wounds as the 'direct' result of the spell. Or something like that.
  3. Your English is great don't worry about it. 👍
  4. Ah, got it👍 @BaldoBeardo
  5. I compiled and converted a lot battleplans for the map campaign we'll be playing. (it's linked in my signature). One of them is rescuing/sacrificing a prisoner on turn three. The sacrifice takes place 12" in front of the supporting army making it very tricky to play the defenders. Also narratively a great start
  6. Good question. Let me think: The one thing that annoyed me about the change to AoS felt like 'my' armies were broken up. I still limit myself to units that were in those armies while making lists. Even more than synergy. But that annoyance reduced over time and I appriciate the faction system more and more (especially with the bright future that all faction will get bonuses for staying within them.) So yeah that would be cool. Witch elves that after ages of being distrusted that finally snap and massacre a part of the capital and open a portal to Khorne. Hellz yeah. Also building an Slaanesh Chaos army. Would love to give them and my dark elves a similar theme. As if they were the same people with a decade of corruption between them So for personal reasons. Yes! In general: I think it's a tricky concept. If you have Cold one knights because you need cavalry support for your duardin and suddenly you can't field them together. That sucks for models that you pay €30 per five for.
  7. We do the same. Works perfectly fine. Aren't those house rules? Even if they are unintentionally.
  8. Oops, formatting defeated me. Curse my fat thumbs. It should have read: 2. The points mean it's fair And so the responsibility lies with GW. (as in that is how people seem to feel) Hence the epilogue arguing that people should claim responsibility and play how they have the most fun.
  9. I agree wholeheartedly with this. For me it stems from two misconceptions: 1. It's about winning as much as possible. 2. The points mean it's fair and so the responsibility lies with GW. I've said it before and i'll say it again. I like points. They are a great indication. With the campaign we are playing, we consistently break some of the rules because we don't like them but they are still a great indication. And if we don't have fun because one player keeps winning (even if it's just because of skill) we give the other player slight advantages to keep it challenging for everyone. As long as everyone has fun.
  10. Nice read! Love the Commentary. Would love to see some pictures next time but well done!
  11. I would link this post in the past report Lot's of interested people there. Also Love the boats and report, but sadly a lot of pictures are missing.
  12. The Ritual is a brilliant suggestion! Beast lair is in the list. Where is Site of Power? Can't find it Will definitely place photo's!
  13. You are most likely right on the reasons but I don't feel destruction is a good fit. I feel order is right, mostly. The scourge privateers are the raiders and slavers of the DE. Delighting in slaughter and cruelty. So you good argue that they should be in Destruction. The Daughters of Khaine worship a chaos god. (I long had the suspicion that it wasn't Khorne but Slaanesh in a sub form, but in more recent years they just came out and said it was Khorne) But in general the DE are concerned with building a grand empire because they are convinced that's their rightful place. They hate everybody because they manage to resist them and their fate of being outcast of their once great empire. Also they are very much oppose Chaos and used to function as a wall against the invading chaos barbarians and daemons. I like them in Order because they add that grittyness to a alliance that would otherwise be so squaky clean. Chaos= Wants to turn the realms into chaos realms Death= Wants the world to be static and well... dead. Destruction= Live for the joy of battle and are not interested in ruling just destroying Order= Resists the above factions and tries to re-create a world with grand cities and progress. And I think the Dark Elves are a very good (and cruel) part of this.
  14. My contract consisted of two parts before the campaign day (Saturday) and after. With these additions I only need to finish 5 corsairs to tabletop standard before Saturday. After that the fun stuff starts 😁 Although the giant was a joy to paint and will be based after the next campaign day.