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  1. WiP Wednesdays

    I agree with you. They still are very good. But not as horrifying as one layer back. But like you said, make it a unit of 20 and they will add a welcome (but subtle) change in color of the unit.
  2. The Painting Contract - March 2018

    haha, for some reason my dyslectic mind read, step daughters of Khaine. Which is how my army is called henceforth.
  3. Sympathy for Morathi

    a song by the 'rolling stone trolls?'
  4. Kroot as Free Peoples

    I think @Trokair also meant the play style fits the models a bit better. More wild hunters, less ranked and drilled hans gunners
  5. Kroot as Free Peoples

    Go for it! Can look really dope and the realms are endless. But I would advise to convert them a instead of direct count as. So as to be crystal clear on the what functions as what.
  6. I play a double line minimum and always play on a table with minimally one piece of (LoS blocking) terrain per square. The double line offers me several options. counter charging, chaff units taking charges, board control, etc. But most importantly it gives me the ability to over extent and react. So with my Dark Elves I used (for example) my dark riders to run past the objective and block of spearmen behind it. Even if that's the top of the turn. He would have to charge my dark riders or shuffle around. And even then if he gets the double turn he would rarely punch through my spearmen. Allowing me the counter charge. Now if I get the turn I can either push my back up line, usually executioners, past my block of spearmen to get at his second line of countercharge. Of course there are a hundred different elements that impact those choices. but that's my general tactic regarding the double turn.
  7. Alarielle and the Aelves Question

    I understand the back story as described above. But I would also add, don’t forget the company in this story. Although the story might lead up to blowing up the world that was because of the cool story arc. Gw still needed to be able to include the old factions. So reasons for them to be there needed to be part of the story. Just like some weird story arcs during end times just to get to the new age. Interestingly enough though, I don’t think ogors nor orcs and goblins got any explanation how they ended up in the realms.
  8. Let's Chat Dispossessed

    Hi shorties! Quick question, I have 2500+pts of ogors, skaven and darkling covens and two more 1K armies i’m building up to 2,5K. And all of them have a cool centrepiece model! Except for my 3,5K dispossessed with ironweld arsenal. So my question to you! What would you suggest for a cool centrepiece model? Can be allies, can be a cool conversion, anything really. I have a couple of ideas but nothing that really gets me excited yet.
  9. Let's chat: Daughters of Khaine

    Ooh good call. I was so focused on those magnets I never thought about that. Thanks!!
  10. Let's chat: Daughters of Khaine

    Quick question for the magnetising wizards in this thread. Did anyone manage to magnetise the slaughter queen so you can switch her with the hag queen on the Cauldron? I managed to magnetise everything except that I don't have any idea how to get a magnet in her stiletto shoes (hag queen has one foot on a skull, so that is easy enough)
  11. Hinterlands if campaign, skirmish if one off battles for me. Hinterlands is better in every regard. Except that skirmish has less rules and is still a lot of fun for one off games. So just to make it more accessible I would go skirmish for those kind of battles. Otherwise always hinterlands.
  12. Let's chat: Daughters of Khaine

    Good point!
  13. Let's chat: Daughters of Khaine

    What about the 6 inch pile in? I rather like the sisters rulewise, especially as allies for my more shooty dispossesed, Keep it behind a screening unit, use the pile in and 2" range to get some extra attacks in there. Feels like a less useful tactic with the Daughters though.
  14. The Painting Contract - March 2018

    5 ladies done! How’s everyone’s pledge going ? Also i’m not sold on the sisters shields. A bit to fiddly and small. What do you think? Overcompensating or suitably brutal?
  15. 5 ladies up and running!