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  1. Nope 10 miners + 1 cart per unit if you want it.
  2. I think regardless of the greenish color (which is often used to indicate evil magic/sinister setting) Death would be very likely seeing the subtitle: Warhammer underworlds
  3. I'll try not to disappoint
  4. Even though I painted 56! models this year I finished not one for my 1K army goal. Until now! I'm very happy to introduce to you the leader of my merry Slaanesh Spartan themed army. I'm trying my hand at writing a bit of fluff for everything as well, you can find it here: Still struggling with larger surfaces of metal and small details but it's getting there. On to the first units 10 warriors and 20 daemonettes.
  5. Oh you're totally right! It's Golfag that has a pistol slung on one side. The paymaster doesn't have a gun!
  6. From memory you have only the pirate one and the paymaster with a pistol. The ninja one has only one thing that looks like a throwing star and thats tied to his gutplates. But that's it. But again agreed just talk with your opponent or TO
  7. In general I agree. But for those occasions when there is no suitable model (or not enough different sculpts as in this case) is not going to force an opponent to convert his models. But agreed beforehand that's an opinion.
  8. If you tell your opponent before hand it will be fine. If they are going to nitpick they might say no. But I doubt it. But yeah if you want to be sure make them wysiwyg. Maybe add a gunholder gnoblar if you don't want to mess up the aesthetics. Small magnet so you can take it off easily. Problem solved
  9. We played a couple of games with similar obstructions and we played it as: when running or charging over dangerous terrain every roll of 1 means d3 mortal wounds. (Edit: on the running or charging dice that is) Makes for interesting gambles without slowing the game down that much.
  10. Careful Femir stalked through the forest. Dead and burned branches lay everywhere, one wrong step would cause the tell tale snap of a twig and warn his quarry. He wore blood red to blend in with his surroundings. A great fire had ravaged this forest, as happend every season in the Firerealm. Every season while the forest regrew the fire lizards hatched and grew as well. During their mating season their territorial battles grew so fierce the forest fires were inevitable. Yet his clan lived, and thrived, here. Their god had commanded them to guard this area as it contained a very important Realmgate. Although this Realmgate to the Shadowrealm had lain dormant for generations it was still a very prestigious task. Deep in the forest you could still find the remains of the last clan defending the portal. They, in their vanity, had stepped through the portal. Foolishly believing it to be better defendable from the other side against the accursed ‘Golden Boys’. Femir spat on the ground at that thought. The thought of their cowardice and their hated enemy made his blood boil. *SNAP* Cursing, he realised he had given his position away. He quickly readied his shield and unsheathed his axe. The time for subtlety was over. He would charge forward like his patron god, Khorne, would demand of him in the years to come. He could now see the outline of the Realmgate. The place were his older brother, Gimi, was on guard duty. Unlike his little brother, Gimi was already on the path of becoming a chaos warrior blessed by Khorne. But if Femir could defeat him he would finally take his place, his rightful place. For weeks Femir had gathered his strength and courage building up to precisely this moment. This would not be a brotherly battle, this would be a battle to the death. Khorne cared not whose blood flowed as long as it flowed. With a battlecry: ‘Blood for the Bloodgod' on his lips he charged only to trip on the head of Gimi. Sprawling on the ground and feeling no sadness only fury Femir looked around. But what he saw froze him in terror. With a sly grim on his face, looking majestic in a golden suit of armour, the most elegant man Femir ever saw looked down on him from the steps of the Realm gate. With a cry on his lips, Femir turned an ran: “ The nameless one has returned!” This is one of the two models I always wanted but I never bought as a kid because I didn't really like the rest of the range. So it was an absolute joy to finally paint it. (first soft resin model though, not a big fan) I'm pretty happy with the paint job but I keep struggling with larger surfaces of metalics. I wanted his skin to be very pale so I might go back for another highlight of Eldar Flesh. I wanted to get the Spartan red (from the film 300) coat in and also wanted to pink to make occasional appearance. The base will reflect the fire realm in time but I want to to all bases at the same time so that has to wait. All tips on clean metalic surfaces are very welcome.
  11. Last summer I returned to the hobby after a 15 year hiatus. Before that I collected Dwarfs and Dark Elves, had an combined army of Ogres with my dad and had just started on a Skaven force when I lost interest/went to university. Since last summer I've been painting things left over and i'm still not done with the backlog. But I've decided to do the one army that has always been on my list but I never started on.... A Slaanesh army. The heroes are just fantastic and with the daemons the faction became gritty. The arrogance and bravoure but without it looking misplaced is what I liked in the models and something I would like this army to show. My inspiration to get started on this theme was an old episode of QI: Greeks. In this episode the weird story gets told of why you should run to the hills if you saw a Spartan doing his hair, makeup and applying perfume. Spartan Warriors did this before a battle to the death because they wanted to be sure to look their best in death. Further building on the similarities, and differences, between the Slaanesh Lore and Spartan history I have a backstory in mind that inspired me to start. But you will have to discover that for yourself through the blurbs with the models/units I post. (also the made to order deamonettes came at a perfect moment as I don't really like the new models ) So i'm using this plog and the realmwars campaign thread and site to keep me going. So all C&C is welcome and all questions will be answered. First up the Slaanesh Lord on Foot.
  12. That's what i'm planning
  13. To be honest I never said anything. I just copy-pasted it.
  14. Quick google search gives me this (just copy pasted it from ): The lawsuit went on for years, but finally ended mostly in ChapterHouse's favor -- since Games Workshop had never actually produced any depiction of many of the units in question, it was ruled that ChapterHouse (and anyone else) weren't violating any copyrights by making their own models (it would be like Games Workshop trying to bring a lawsuit against every person in the world who made conversions for Warhammer). However on balance, GW took around 200 specific articles of alleged copyright infringement to court with them, and won about 30% of those. Forcing ChapterHouse to retire many of their own models, as simply making "variations" (such as female versions of existing GW models like Farseers & Aspect Warriors) still counts as infringment. Plus ChapterHouse was ordered to pay damages for these breaches of copyright and pay court costs, which they were still appealing as of early 2014. In October 2014 Chapterhouse shut down their website after having their assets frozen by Games Workshop. On 14 November 2014[[1]] the case was settled between the companies. The appeals from both sides were dismissed "with prejudice" (cannot be re-litigated) in a "Joint Dismissal" (meaning they both agreed to it): The $25,000 damages sought by GW were waived and the asset freeze was lifted. Each side has to pay its own legal fees (Chapterhouse was represented pro bono, of course). On 18 November 2014 Chapterhouse announced via Facebook that "the web store will be up and going by the end of the week and I will ship out any orders that were not disputed this week as well. Hopefully the site will be able to stay profitable and I am hoping the defense lines will sell as well as some new products as well."
  15. I would just take the repeating crossbow rules from the dark shards . Change the movement a bit but then you should be set (and you have a reference points value). Love the 'Death by thousand cuts' title