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  1. All formations have been increased across the board, not just the Bonesplitters. So it's tough to rearrange your favorite set up. But for me it keeps it fresh. Part of the fun right:D
  2. They look very cool, and well done on the cape.
  3. You sure? The last paragraph of the Warhammer community article reads: "If you want to try Shadespire for yourself, you won’t have to wait long – the Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire core box will be available to order next month, with the first of the warband expansions on shelves in November. In the meantime, we’ll be keeping you up to date with the latest news, insights and more right here on Warhammer Community."
  4. That's massive! And so cool! Great to see how so many bits come together to make something so awesome.
  5. True, I feel there should be some thought there as well.. but GW is making such a case for the three ways to play (which I personally love) they should test it in all three settings.
  6. One mistake you are making is the assumption that the whole hobby revolves around tournament play. That's just shortsighted. There is a big big difference between something being less effective and suddenly not being to be able to field a unit. In this example if I bought 3 hydra's because I think it's a fluffy and cool looking unit and army and gw invalidates 2 out of 3 €60,- models.... Those happen and GW doesn't need to guarantee it but it affects players even outside of the tournament scene. And yes those people exist And hello, now you do know of one. I haven't played a tournament in over 15 years. But I could have easily made a full unit with just mortars of fulmigators for that matter because I think it's a cool options. That's not being naive, that's simply playing around with the options available.
  7. it's a great point and weird policy. I agree that it should be a factor. But I can also kind of understand it if GW would decide it shouldn't be a factor. The percentage of KO players must be quite small, add to that that not every KO player has build their thunderers in such a way they need to rebuild a unit.... I do understand that they wouldn't want that to influence the overal balance. But a gesture towards players with a now illigally build unit would be a nice touch. maybe show us a picture of your thunderers squad and get a limited upgrade sprue or something.
  8. Well they havent teased it yet. And a change to the rules wouldn't have to be more than changing a paragraph in the four pages of rules. On the other hand... I don't expect it. I'm not a tournament player and for casual games shooting isn't broken in my experience. Non of us have the models to spam anything 😂 But we'll see
  9. Oh love that campaign. It's the basis of our current campaign. Another great one was the Albion campaign. Hero models that were allowed in almost every army, campaign rules to change up normal games and some crazy scenario's. gargantuan rock throwing games anyone 😂 Also the map campaign system in the lustria campaign was really good.
  10. Of course everybody should be welcome but come on... This was the first post after this one yesterday when I checked the forum and it opened like this. In one go you go from a faction getting a update, should be exciting, to not only invalidating the release if it isn't top tier competitive but also completely invalidating the last release. This isn't a 'critical attitude'. Luckily others were also excited and the thread got turned into something I enjoyed reading. My personal opinion is, of course everybody should feel welcome. But if the original post made you conclude you would get banned at some point than maybe you should consider the possibility that yes, it's also meant about you. And at @Auticus not trying to call you out but you were the example mentioned and I don't think you should be made a martyr.
  11. Well, war mammoth from forgeworld (chaos) is a good choice. What about Destruction. Stone elemental (rogue statue of gork, just got back into production): A tyrant: (Also I think it would be easier to convert ogors as they are bigger to fit this theme then humans, also timewise) Cavalry (although a bit more mongolian): A Thundertusk should be a good mammoth as well if you paint it brown. Als take a look at the monstous arcanum for elementals, the magma dragon, Incarnate Elemental of Beasts and incarnate elemental of wrath (not in production but maybe through ebay: And that's where my inspiration stop ps. From forgeworld the k'daai fireborn
  12. Fair point, but in general I think the 'bring back mordheim' bandwagon is more about bringing back the same depth of skirmish style play rather than bringing back the setting. At least for me that's the essence. So new setting, new story with the old depth of play
  13. I agree and more choices are always good. Especially if it's a two army set
  14. Also go pink
  15. Yeah, they just don't do it for me, they lack the dynamical poses the newer range has. For example the putrid blightkings are so cool . While the poxwalkers (i think that's what they are called) from 40K are also very good. But coolest Nurgle model of all time is this guy