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  1. I feel you pain brother! But it doesn't exclude the rumors for slaanesh shadow elves so that st least would be cool ๐Ÿ˜
  2. I was with you until you suggested the bigger factions. For me the utopia of this setup would be that every faction offer a certain play style with advantages and disadvantages, including the artifacts etc. that way players would have to choose between gaining the faction bonus for more synergies but with the faction drawbacks. Bloodhound is a good example to me. No magic no shooting but immense cc power. Add a Chaos sorcerer for magic? No worries but no Khorne alliegance abilities for you. If you add all dark elves together... you have an army with cheap battleline (spear men are 80pt for 10) elite infantry (executioners, black guard) monsters (hydra 2x, dragon, manticore) mobility (cold one knights, chariots, dark riders) 3 different sorceress options + doom fire warlocks. Only thing they are missing are war machines but with the reaper crossbows.... For me a faction like witch elves only needs a couple of abilities and artifacts to be a fun choice until they get a full tome. Same for order serpentis and covens maybe add another hero but then they are good until they get a proper release. But all free people or elves together doesn't fit the faction vs alliance to me. But to be fair. Just my opinion and a tremendous task for gw. Maybe even out of their league if they also want to add new factions in between.
  3. Those are sick! Love the expression on both of them and the maggots are a great touch!
  4. Thats impressive @Mr. White amazing result for such little time!
  5. Very true, but nevertheless I would be very happy of the choice for every faction became: do I stick with a faction (with all it's drawbacks and advantages) or do I choose a alliance (to negate the drawbacks). And the alliance abilities etc are key in that. That would finally complete the alliance faction set up in my mind. And of course that's a crazy difficult thing to balance. But lets be honest, the wargaming setup does not allow perfect balance and diverse playstyles to be exist hand in hand.
  6. the armour chipping looks cool! But I think you are right with your own critique. For example if I were only to see the chipping on his toe I might actually assume it's an honest scratch on a tin model. So I think I would try to darken it a bit. As always very nicely done and it's inspiring to see how you try to use every model to improve ๐Ÿ‘
  7. Well, I better be off to buy some pants then.
  8. With slaaneshi hosts! And Siege! And a separate PtG booklet! I think I might love this new GW... unless they increase the points on my favorite unit of course. Then i'll just ****** and moan But seriously such a good strategy and execution by GW.
  9. Seems fair to me. Double stacking feels a bit un-gentlemanly but this feels fair.
  10. Nope, the crew and warmachine are different units. So if he targets the crew, he hits the crew. In the same way the dreadlords ability targets exiles so you can only buff the crew but its the warmachine that shoots. So you don't get a buff in that manner. A lot of people haven't seen this but it was one of the first FAQ's. (just ctrl-f and search crew)
  11. Combine this with this: And you have an awesome model jumping of the throne into the fray! Might not be quite right for a god but would be a cool conversion!.
  12. haha love the paintjob and the comparison!
  13. Well then you have your first house rule For this scenario horrors do split and necromancers can summon 150 skeletons. Or whatever you feel what is the most fitting for the game. So yeah, we use points as a rough guide and then find the battleplan that fits the story, play the game, think about what would happen next. Narrative should only offer the boundaries that you see fit. So maybe only make choices that fit your generals backstory or only use it to set up the next battleplan. Hardest part is finding someone with the same mindset as you.
  14. Fully agree with this. Skirmish seems to be made as a rough structure rather than set rules that are made for competitive play. So if you want to try to break the game as much as possible check if your opponent feels the same. If you go full narrative also check with your opponent because he might feel different. Both can be fun but make sure you're on the same page Dang, now gw is making us talk to our opppnents and try to act like decent people ๐Ÿ˜ก ๐Ÿ˜‰
  15. Oh thats Cool! Really dig those hero bases. I'm currently doing a Chaos army with lava bases. Any chance for a close up? z