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  1. Those are creepy/ amazing/ and some of the best conversions I have seen in a long while.
  2. Haha that's why I suggested practicing on one of the dryads first. You gotta learn it sometime. (Well you don't buts a nice hobby skill to have)
  3. That's what I meant when I said it's also in language 😁. Is there a difference between envy and jealousy? Or are they interchangeable? And then I'll stop because this conversation is kinda hijacking the thread.
  4. Isn't that the perfect moment to learn? A set of magnets is around €3. Try to magnetise the arm of one of the core models and see how it goes
  5. Haha really? That's very interesting. Of course the associations we have with colors are very much predicated on the culture you grew up in. But still. Are you in a position to look at a style document they usually contain some key words that show the reason? But blue is one of those base colors which i would assume has the same association at least in western culture. But cool to hear😁 But there are other examples. In some Asian cultures white is the color of death where in most western cultures it's black. Yellow is associated with jealousy in western cultures (France and Germany spring to mind, but isn't there also an American saying linking yellow to jealousy?). And I think it was Thailand where it's a lucky color. But don't pin me down on the last one. But a lot of this is also in language: white flag, black sheep, rolling out the red carpet, turning green, etc
  6. @elfhead yeah we are not doing much different strategy wise. One part must be down to skill by I really like your step 3. That might just be what I'm looking for! 👍 I'll give it a go tomorrow or tonight
  7. I find the necks troublesome for headswaps as well. Curse all those details But good to see that it is possible to get a clean and natural look. Well done!
  8. You could almost call it a 'grand alliance' ba dum tsss No worries, and just some website suggestions (but by no means necessarily the best): I would keep googling until you find a site you like because there are so many that you kind of see that a lot of sites develop their own style. (first one for example has very bright suggestions in the popular section while other are more 'pastelly')
  9. It's gotta be Wednesday in some realm. Remember they are infinite
  10. As someone who occasionally gets paid to do this... colors in logo's and corporate style* are based on core values. So a bank will most likely contain blue as this is associated with reliability and rarely orange (risk and aggression). An exception would be in the Netherlands where it is the national color. So that's how companies choose their base color(s) The other colors are there to make the first shine, or convey another value. A good easy tip is to google conplementary color sites. There are several around where designers submit their color combinations. The great thing about it is you search for your base color and you get hundreds of color combinations with your core color in it. And the combinations get feedback by the other professionals on the sites. * I don't think this translates well. It's usually a document which contains all style choices: colors, fonts, logo uses, adaptions of elements, visual style. Etc.
  11. I've been struggling to get that pale skin look with a slight glow of purple. What is your skin base color, if I might be so bold to ask? (So jealous I already did 6 test models and still can't get it the way I want and then you show me you already finished a unit )
  12. Thats amazingly done! But vikings is a fun theme! Make sure you start a blog so we can all see the progress.
  13. The new edition contains a GameMaster only booklet. Which gives you several playthroughs and helps you build your own campaigns (or so I read in a review of the box) But would definitly go for that. No need to invent a wheel that's already been invented
  14. This might be enough for me to buy into the Warhammer Quest. Silver tower did not do a lot for me but this really ties it to the lore as far as i'm up to date/interested in.
  15. They look amazing and the armour looks sublime