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  1. Gutbusters Gunline 2000

    And and... how did it go?
  2. What are your 2018 Objectives?

    I won't be doing numbers pledges, but finishing everything in the to-do box by summer would of course be a very big plus... First to start off with doing some inventory work. I have a lot of stuff left unpainted, that I got from friends, my brother (as he doesn't mind grey plastic on the table, 'shudders') and more that I want to paint over the year. And either give back the stuff i'm not painting or put it all into a 'long term to do box'. As a consequence, i'll only be buying something to add to that box if I finished something in it. secondly: I recently grabbed a small box which fits about 5/6 models. That is now my 'i'm working on this box'. I found out that working on bigger groups really hurts my motivation and this 5/6 models allows me to grab three from two factions etc. I will only be adding to this box for the 'long term to do box' if something is finished! Also it helps me to start something new while working on the fiddly details of something new. Thirdly: play more games, Shadespire is looking to really help with that, but also i'll be looking towards more one of games as I tend to play in gaming weekends, but those are becoming few and far in between.
  3. The Rumour Thread

    Oh cr*p, I just made myself the person to blame if it doesn't happen didn't I . But we can only hope.
  4. The Rumour Thread

    Well the site doesn't promise to tell the whole story. So it might be January 3d, announcing basic set up new chapter in the narrative, februari faction/fluff release around death herald, keep that rhythm with the other 3 heralds and you have a nice build up to summer campaign start/announcement early June. Do not necessarily think this will happen but just an example to show that the site doesn't negate an summer campaign as part of the new storyline chapter. Their are pretty much limitless options for a company willing to experiment.
  5. The age of hope is dead....

    Just this year I painted the one eyed giant and dark emissary from that campaign! I think that would be an amazing set up! remember the lustria campaign? You had to love that as well. Not to mention grimgir and archaon’s Assistant saw light in the same manner. I think storm of Chaos ?
  6. I done did finish a stretch goal before anything else 🤨 (re) basing the whole army will be a January goal
  7. Let's Chat: Mixed Order?

    get a unit of executioners. Within range of the hurricanum they hit on 2+ and every 5+ are two mortal wounds. Very elite, and elves. Giving you man, stormcast, dwarf and elf. And 180 points for 10
  8. The Rumour Thread

    Doesn't say much but at least we know that it's coming! https://malignportents.com/?utm_source=GamesWorkshop.com&utm_campaign=738f2005ad-GW+14th+December+Malign+Portents+EU1&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_c6e14e39d2-738f2005ad-119316213#
  9. six games is maybe my quarterly so well done
  10. Halfway through the month, how is everybody doing? Going back and forth on what I want to paint but so far great start for me. Last details on the lord of slaanesh, bulls close to finished and yesterday green stuffed a whip on my chariot. And based around 30 models! Quick and dirty pic of The work table yesterday.
  11. WiP Wednesdays

    Khorne’s motto right? Capes, skulls and bling 😂
  12. WiP Wednesdays

    Good tip! already did a bunch up but i'll be definitely be looking for it later! Added a bit of 'Rocks' to give it a bit of depth.
  13. WiP Wednesdays

    just working on my lord of Slaanesh and two bulls. I painted the two on the left to match the two on the right. I bought them painted but two were missing details and two unpainted. Happy to get it to match (roughly). Now onto the last details.
  14. Gutbusters Gunline 2000

    Cool idea: I personally would go with @heywoah_twitch's list (see below) with one change. Changing up one unit of leadbelchers for two ironblasters. A range of twelve ain't going to force you opponent to come to you . A more practical argument, Leadbelchers have out of stock for a while, and Ironblasters are still available. And maybe I might lose 3 ogors and the 4 mournfang freeing up 360 points. Just enough to get a thundertusk. Just because of the theme Also nine Ogors is a good enough roadblock. Tyrant, Butcher, Butcher 12 ogors with double weapons 4 mournfang ally unit w/ gargant hackers 6 leadbelchers 6 leadbelchers 6 leadbelchers 2k exact
  15. Mayple's Skaven science

    SO much better than the pink skinned version!! Well done!