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  1. These wings fit the model better! Good choice to make the extra effort.
  2. No it really didn't. But good to know about the FAQ. Now you mention it I remember reading it a while back. Time to re-read it apparently
  3. Quick question for everyone. Yesterday I introduced a friend to Hinterlands and had three amazingly fun games. But one thing came up. I always assumed the Chaos command trait 'Lord of War' could also affect the general himself. My mate was quite happy to accept that (him playing skaven) but I'm curious to see how everyone interprets this ability. Thanks!
  4. Very cool conversion and the backstory really sells the model.
  5. Looks very Cool! Looking forward to your next update
  6. You should also copy your backstory here. Really ties it together.
  7. Well this was fun 😁 I suddenly felt the urge to make something of my bitbox and had a lot of fun making these 3 jezzail teams (not to mention saving a lot of money)
  8. Very much agreed. Its amazing to see how much passion and work you put in this but as @Taffin said don't try to get the rules flawless. It's impossible to do so with such an immense variety of options available to players and also the freedom this ruleset offers lends itself perfectly to casual and narrative plays as is.
  9. And always wet said tool. I apply, wait a couple of hours to the point its setting and then with *insert random object here* smooth it out. And dipping it in water before touching the green stuff helps immensely.
  10. Vampire ogre? They have a lot of models in riding position? Or more subtle the old Malus Darkblade on cold one? I could take a picture if you want? Just spray painted it but I dont have a zombie dragen to compare it with (I do have the dark elf black dragon) But in general, if you are looking of rtough I would look at Chaos knight, Armoured orks, If you are looking at arrogant, slick and more subtle I would look at the elf range. Or maybe the Slaanesh lord on deamonic mount with a head swap. that model is brutal.
  11. haha the baby griffon is funny as hell. But I like the flow on the crossbowman on the left in the first pic the best.
  12. Cool call on the balancing on the staff. Curious to see it it would look cool to hide the contact point in a tuft when basing.
  13. As someone who wants to enjoy playing as well as building... dont Go corsairs [based on personal experience] What about a Ogre/goblin Pirate army? I find ogres offer a lot of conversion options. And they already got the hero I'll give your other concepts a thought.
  14. So effin cool. Someting in the combination story and model really sparks! well done.