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  1. keeper of secrets v EDOS

    Or go for a daemon prince of slaanesh. Works very well and the pre-emptive strike ability is very cool.
  2. Super nice! Also do a test model to see if it works. I saw someone on this site using it for a Kahadron diorama. Looked very cool with the airships...
  3. The Rumour Thread

    Cqre to eleborate for the non 40k players?
  4. The Rumour Thread

    Hahaha, if GW/FW ever made everything they teased there wouldn't be enough plastic in the world (or money in my wallet)
  5. Mortal Khorne path to glory help

    oh that's annoying. You got lucky with you opponent then. Good on him and means you at least had fun. What army are you playing next?
  6. Can I..?

    What @SpiritofHokuto said. The reason that it is phrased so wierdly is (i think) to also deal with units that gain or change keywords during the game. Varanguard spring to mind.
  7. The red/brown shading works really well with the gold armour. Will you be going barehead or helmet? Just one question. What's the hollow area in the fur on her left shoulder?
  8. The Painting Contract - October 2017

    Looks perfect for photographing miniatures. Diffused lighting from both sides means you counter shadows on the model, adjustable background also means it should be relatively easy to place some artwork there for a different background! Well done, it's just sold out... So how many did you actually buy
  9. Converting Stormcast Eternals?

    Oh man, if you manage to let the stormcast seem as the more 'elite' knights that could really tie the mixed force together. Make sure you start a plog to show the progress. Would love to see the results (also a good way to get tips if you run aground while converting.)
  10. The Painting Contract - October 2017

    You can do so and they will work but.... I'm going to save myself the trouble. You can buy them starting from €30,- which seem perfectly functional. Only thing is I haven't tested any yet and will probably go for a slightly higher price range one as I can claim the VTA as I will most likely use them businesswise as well in time.
  11. The Painting Contract - October 2017

    Okay, don't know enough about samsung telephones to tell you how to fix it but heres the issue (very very boiled down and in a second language, haha). The depth of field is indecated by the F-stop. The higher the F value, the more is in focus. Meaning that things in the foreground and background can be both in focus, to a certain extend of course. But here's the issue: in doing so less light can come into the sensor meaning picture will become very dark. A simple way to negate this effect is buy lowering the shutterspeed. Meaning the sensor will be exposed longer to the light, therefore creating a better lit picture while still maintaining a high enough F-stop. Now, here's the phone's issue. Phone camera's usually do all this automatic. So three practical tips: 1. Try to google if you can manually set your F-stop on your phone. 2. Use a very brightly lit room. Your phone will most likely do two things. One raise the F-stop and two use a higher shutterspeed. Hopefully, more will come into focus. 3. By tapping the screen you can usually decide what your phone focusses on. Try not to focus on the closest model but one in the middle. If the Fstop is high enough it should help. Hope this helps. edit: depending on you camera it might have a portrait/landscape/sport/etc setting. Try to use landscape instead of portrait or sport. The first will lower your f-stop to create a smooth picture and the second will try to get the fastest shutterspeed to catch movement. Both won't help your issue. If you take a picture of single model a low F-stop (portraid mode) will usually improve the picture.
  12. The Painting Contract - October 2017

    What's the camera you're using?
  13. Bugbre Flintbreath's Mercenaries

    seconded, i'm always partial to a bright red on clothes.
  14. WiP My Second Army!

    Such a cool conversion! And yes keep the bald head! It makes a nice contrast and it's no less imposing
  15. The Sainted Court of King Gargantula - FEC

    It looks amazing! And brutal. only CC I can think of maybe adding a few broken of tiles scattered around the lifted tiled parts. Might tie it a bit more together or it might become to crowded. Don't know yet, but if the model is half as good, you can better start working on that trophy cabinet