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  1. NOVA Open Warhammer Age of Sigmar Events

    All registered and signed up for the GT! It will be my first major GT and I am really looking forward to it
  2. My two cents, a lot of which has been touched on already: -Celestant-Prime is my favorite model in the army, but he never sees the table. I would really love to hear the reasoning behind his points cost because I just can't see it, certainly not in matched play. Now I know narrative gaming is a thing, and I also enjoy a good narrative to games when I can, but he is still way too squishy and a complete non-factor for half the game while he waits to boost the measly two attacks on his profile. Also when he was released damage 3 was incredible, now not so much. Needs to be cheaper by a lot or have the scroll changed to be outright better. I would settle for cheaper. -Storm hosts should be like sky ports. I mean really, why not? I painted my guys in the celestial vindicators scheme, AND I still have to pay points? How about you only pay points if they aren't painted in the correct scheme, lol. All kidding aside, this just seems like the battletomes have evolved and the skyport/temple/legion design space could and probably should apply to the storm hosts. - Dracoths are pretty much my spirit animal and I would love to be able to field a whole legal army, like say an Extremis Chamber? I have taken as many as 9 dracoths(1 lcod, 4 temps, 4 fulmis) and it was awesome but still nowhere near broken or even competitive against top tier lists. No body count for claiming objectives and mortal wounds in any concentration just blow holes through them but dang it looked great and was a ton of fun. I also like the Templar version of the drake better model wise and he has some synergy with the dracothian guard but at a quarter of your 2000pts he is too pricey to fit in with a list full of the models he has the synergy with, and no thunder shield. Thats it for me really. If I could have only one, it would be a cheaper Prime. Please.
  3. Interview with Mike of Steel City Sigmar

    Just wanted to say thanks again Chuck, I had a blast talking Sigmar over a few beers with you! See you December 2nd in Ohio!
  4. NEW death model - thoughts?

    Love it! This and the shadespire skellies have me daydreaming about a Death army. If there is a bigger death release behind this mini I think the wait for an update will have been totally worth it.
  5. The Rumour Thread

    The shadowy female Stormcast character has me pretty excited, probably just a character release like the Veritant I'm thinking, which is just perfect. Everyone in my club keeps asking when I am going to start something other than stormcast, and I keep saying every time I get the itch they release some more SCE models I gotta have, lol
  6. Real Talk about the Double Turn

    This I can get on board with. If you couldn't drop an entire army in one drop it might mitigate the problem somewhat.
  7. Real Talk about the Double Turn

    This can't happen right? Can't have two double turns for one player without giving one up.
  8. Real Talk about the Double Turn

    I agree that fulminators are pretty good, but the range attack is 6" and is still d3 attacks, hitting on 3's. It does get nasty within 3" but is still subject to the d3, 3+. The armor isn't a rerollable 2+ either, you only re roll 1's unless it's buffed by something other than stormcast but I don't know what that is. So rend is your friend not counting mortal wounds which bypass the armour completely and it doesn't take many to seriously knock down the effectiveness of their mortal wound output. Even a casual list could probably dish out some mortal wounds. And it is not unreasonable at all to expect to not get rolled by a power list at a casual narrative event but it can still happen, happens to me when I play my buddy at chess all the time, it's as balanced as can be but he is really good. Not saying "git gud" just saying that getting rolled can happen in any game and you never know unless you roll them dice. That said, wish you all the luck turning the tide in your area. I know you said the group is small, but is that really a problem? Before AoS dropped I had the same garage group of 4-5 guys for almost 20 years. I never thought of it as a problem. If you have 2-3 other like minded guys and some variations in armies... well, you got enough to game on.
  9. The Rumour Thread

    Yep, me too. I have some store credit I am now really happy I didn't spend last club day : )
  10. Real Talk about the Double Turn

    Can you provide the Stormcast tournament list for context please? I get that in a campaign setting there are certainly some undesirable types of lists but not all "tournament" lists are equal. It sounds to me like you are just as competitive as these guys you speak of, for instance throwing your hands up without ever rolling dice just by judging your opponents list, but wish to dictate what constitutes broken to other folks. I know you have a math formula by a Phd but I am starting to think that you have a really liberal idea of what is filth. For instance complaining about judicators in some past thread. Like everyone else I feel bad that your area is ruled by power gamers, but as I said before your idea of a good game is coming across as pretty rigid as well here. Maybe some lists for context will help, but I have never refused a game of Warhammer because my opponents list was tuned up. And the only game I have ever not had fun was against a double Rukk, but I lived through it and went on to have 2 fantastic games against fairly strong lists. Note that the Rukk player didn't win the tourney, that was won by a mixed order player with fyreslayers and seraphon, so the idea that you might as well not play IS kinda an elitist attitude. The mixed order player also runs a FEC army that I have read here is non-competitive yet he beats all the big nasty lists with it. Every time. Truth is I don't think he has lost a game locally and does it with lists I've seen dismissed by internet wisdom. My current Stormcast list is LCoD, 2x Relictors, 3x5 Liberators, 2x2 Tempestors, 2x2 Fulminators, and 6 Longstrikes. I have had great games with it and no one locally has a problem because it's weakness is pretty easy to exploit being low model count and any concentrated mortal wounds will kneecap any of the units easily. Most tuned up tourney lists will eat it alive, but Dracoths are pretty much my spirit animal so I put in as many as I could. Is this list welcome at any of your campaigns?
  11. Where Do You Game AoS?

    Once a month at the FLGS and once a month at home( twice if I can sneak it in)
  12. Real Talk about the Double Turn

    that makes more sense Certainly would make for a swingy game. I am in a weird position where I like the priority roll, but would be OK with it going away in matched play. Maybe one of the new rules of 1, only one turn in a row?
  13. Real Talk about the Double Turn

    How does your opponent get a double turn 3 times? I have had games where I've had a double and then won all the roll offs after to deny any doubles to my opponent, I've had games where I've been doubled and then lost all the roll offs, and games where we each have gotten one, but I have actually never had any games where someone got more than one double turn in a game. I know two doubles turns is possible, but not without giving one up in between right?
  14. Yeah....play testing the Game without virtually any knowledge of the actual changes and declaring it busted. Seems like sound proof to me. Tell me what points values were the skeletons at? How about the discount? How about your opponents armies? This was a conclusion in search of an experiment to justify it. Hordes seem to be a natural answer to the shooting heavy meta you've been banging on about and now it's hordes that are supposed to be the most broken thing ever? Sorry man, I'm sure we would get along great over a game, but these posts are getting ridiculous. Hope you find what you're looking for in KoW.
  15. Better nerf them before the WAAC players get hold of the models to run the latest cheddar, lol . Seriously though I think the facehammer guys said the moon clan player played the same list at multiple heats and finished better each time. Clearly still something to be said for player skill and experience