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  1. I think I'm going crazy, I'm trying to get a mate back into AOS using all of his old 7th and 8th ed High Elf models, but I can't seem to find the warscrolls anywhere for things like his Anointed on foot, the new High Aelf pdf gives loads of substitutes but are they in one easy place that I'm missing?
  2. Tzangor (WIP)

    Way too much detail on these
  3. Kairic Acolyte

  4. Ogroid Thaumaturge (side)

    Just in time for event at local GW
  5. Morning all

    Hi, my names Andy, I'm from Peterborough in the UK. I've been playing since about '88, dropped out of the hobby in the late 90s then got back in in 7th ed. I've just had my whole hobby collection (mainly lots and lots of lizardmen/seraphon) destroyed in a house fire so I'm getting hyped to spend loads of lovely insurance money on something new. Hoping to get to my first tournament later in the year and thinking of starting a blog to document the route from nothing to that. Any advice on upcoming events would be cool, until then, keep it foolish.