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  1. Age of Sigmar Soul Wars Celebration Tournament Misty Mountain Games - Madison 4672 Cottage Grove Rd, Madison, Wisconsin 53716 The Soul Wars are almost upon us! We will be celebrating by having a tournament on official release day! Entry will be $15. ALL entry money will be redistributed in the form of store credit. We will also be giving out prizes for various categories, including "Best Painted Mini" and "Best Painted Army".We are also doing a special promotion with Soul Wars. If you preorder Soul Wars with us at $159.99, you will receive the new General's Handbook FREE, as well as FREE entry into this tournament!Official Tournament Rules:- 1500 pts- Vanguard Match Play restrictions- NO paint restrictions (feel free to quickly assemble your 2.0 models and use them!)- We will be using new 2nd Edition rules and points- Games will take place in the Realm of Shyish, so choose spells and items from that list Facebook event can be found here.
  2. What- Age of Sigmar New Edition Vanguard Tournament! When-July 1st 10am Sign in 11am start time Where- Game Nite!!! • Each army will be comprised of up to 1000 points using the General’s Handbook 2017 or points values listed in Battletomes following that release, using army composition for a Vanguard in Pitched Battles (pages 106-108). If a model does not have a points value (such as Beasts of the Grave Terrorgheist or the Wardens of the Realmgate battalion), then it may not be used. • Compendium entries can be used following the point values and entries in the Compendium Update released with the General’s Handbook 2017. • Each player must bring four (4) copies of their army lists to the event (one to turn in at registration, one for each of their opponents, and one for themselves). These army lists must be made with Azyr or Warscroll Builder. Handwritten army lists will not be accepted. • If units and models have choices of what they can be armed with, this must be clearly indicated on your army list and modeled appropriately. • Bases cannot overlap for purposes of piling in and making attacks. Attacks are measured from base to base from the attacking model to the target. Base sizes for models should be within reason, but no smaller than the bases the models were supplied with. For attacking models on different levels of terrain, measure the range of weapons from shoulder height of the model attacking to the base of the model being attacked. • Allegiance Abilities, Command Traits & Artefacts, as well as Battletome specific spells/prayers, must be chosen when you turn in your list for the tournament. These will not change throughout the course of the tournament. This includes Collegiate Arcane Battlemages. • A unit with no more than 20 Wounds worth of models and a single model with the Hero keyword may garrison a building. Behemoths cannot garrison buildings. • The additional Allegiance Abilities from the Firestorm supplement will not be in use. • Any Sylvaneth Wyldwoods must be included on your army list, including any you will be summoning. Any Wyldwoods must use either Citadel Sylvaneth Wyldwood or a custom feature the same size footprint as the Sylvaneth Wyldwood kit and including at least 3 trees of the same approximate sizes as the Sylvaneth Wyldwood, and any custom trees must be the same locations as the Citadel Sylvaneth Wyldwood. Any custom features will require organizer approval prior to the event. • If at any time you or your opponent has no models left on the table with no additional units to set up after the game begins, the game is over immediately. • The Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Rules, errata and all relevant Games Workshop Errata and FAQs will be used, unless an event FAQ specifically overrides.
  3. Bring in your Age of Sigmar Army and Destroy your enemies, see them driven before you, hear the lamentations of their people. 1000 pt. Army lists, round robin style tournament.1.5 hours per round.$10 entry with all entry fees going towards prize support (in gift certificates) based on wins. Painted, unpainted doesn't matter. This is meant to be a fun experience for new and old players. I'm wanting to create a community here at the fantasy shop.Any questions please contact the fantasy shop w/ email fantasyshopstc@gmail.com. Link to Facebook event can be found here.
  4. Just did a massive photo dump on the Unstable Dice Facebook page. Not all the images are the best quality, but plenty of good ones to show the range of armies and atmosphere from today's tournament. https://www.facebook.com/pg/Unstabledice/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1981161021953902
  5. Huscarl Hobbies and Games llc 1930 SW Westport Dr Ste2, Topeka, Kansas 66604 It's store championship season!Bring 2,000 points of your best Age of Sigmar list and battle it out for the awesome title of Store Champion! Get your picture on the wall and a sweet 20% off everything in the store for 6 months!Entry is $10 and rounds start at 12:00pm sharp! Link to Facebook event can be found here.
  6. Per Grimdark Live... Gang – Please read the below in its entirety. I wanted to write this update to the Armed Forces Day Age of Sigmar Tournament on May 19th, this in regard to how the event will be scored. For scoring this tournament will move away from the Major / Minor win-lose type of scoring and score directly on a Tournament Points (T.P.’s) type scoring. There will be scorecard (example listed herein) attached to every scenario (there will be three scenarios). Please read through the below, and please let me know if there are any questions. Scoring your games: Each game will be scored out of a maximum 20 Tournament Points (TP’s). These are scored by completing Primary and Secondary Objectives. After a game is completed each player is given 10 TP’s. If you won the Primary Objective, then you receive an additional 5 TP’s. If your opponent won the Primary Objective, then you lose an additional 5 TP’s. For every Secondary Objective you complete you receive an additional 1 TP. For every Secondary Objective your opponent completes you lose an additional 1 TP. For example: Jack and Thomas play a game. At the end of the game they both receive 10 TP’s. Jack completed the Primary Objective. So Jack receives an additional 5 TP’s and Thomas loses 5 TP’s. For their Secondary Scenarios, Jack completed 4 of his and Thomas only 2. Jack receives 4 TP’s and loses 2. Whereas Thomas gains 2 TP’s and loses 4. So the final score for Jack is 17 (10+5+4-2). The final score for Thomas is 3 (10-5+2-4). Jack beats Thomas 17-3. ** See example Score Card attached/below in the comments.... ** Also – scoring for Best Overall (& Best General), Best Sports, and Best Painted will be scored separately form each other. Finally – remember the SPECIAL RULES in the tournament Pack: All players wearing patriotic clothing, pins, patches, military emblems, etc. (non-offensive) during this event will at the beginning of each of their games, get D6 re-rolls that may be used at any time throughout their game. This player may re-roll any single D6 result at any time during the battle. Note that the second result always stands, and you may never re-roll a failed re-roll. Link to Rules pack: https://drive.google.com/…/1tLxpttcSmlSXwaaDR5N35_0W4ckfhOs… See you all May 19th!!!
  7. Age of Sigmar Miniature Game Night Thursday, April 19 at 12 PM - 9 PM EDT Hosted by Immortals Inc. 20545 Center Ridge Rd. STE LL38, Rocky River, OH 44116 Facebook event can be found here. Store website can be found here.
  8. Posted on Facebook "Did you want to get on our Age of Sigmar wait list? Go ahead and email us at flyingmonkeygt@gmail.com. Find out who is playing and if you haven't pick up your con badge be sure to get it soon! Find it all on our website! http://www.flyingmonkeycon.com/p/age-of-sigmar.html"
  9. Siegeworld 2018 AOS 2000 pt Sat event $20 One day 3-round event using 2000 pts. Additional details will be provided. 30 spots available for players AOS 1000 pt Sun event $10 One day 3-round event using 1000 pts. Additional details will be provided. 30 spots available for players Additional information and registratio at www.gateway-gamers.com
  10. Imperium Games - Age of Sigmar Doubles Tournament May 12 - Wixom, Michigan (Imperium Games) 1000 Points Per Player Details coming soon! Link to Facebook event can be found here.
  11. 1000 Point Age of Sigmar Open War - Draxtar Games 1000 Point Vanguard list for a free gaming event Two 2 Hour Missions with a half hour break between games! Official Rules Apply, Generals Handbook 2017 ed Link to Facebook event can be found here.
  12. 2,000 PointsMatched Play Please pre-register here:https://www.bestcoastpairings.com/eventlanding/5g59wmwfWe will use the Pitched Battle the Generals Handbook 2017Acropolis Games is excited to host its monthly Age of Sigmar tournament! Entry for the event will be $10 to be used towards prize support for the event. Prizes will increase based on participation.We request that players come prepared to keep their army near them and not on top of our other tables in the store to ensure all gamers have ample space to play. We apologize for any inconvenience. Additional Information 2,000 Point Maximum Triumphs may be used Advanced terrain rules will not be used All points costs must be out of the 2017 Generals Handbook Missions (From the Generals Handbook 2017) Round 1: Knife to the Heart (p.80) Round 2: Battle for the Pass (p.83) Round 3: Scorched Earth (p.85) If you have any questions regarding these restrictions please feel free to contact Acropolis Games via phone 517-577-6192, or the facebook page. Tournament Schedule: 11:20am - Registration closes, 1st round pairings announced 11:30am - 1st round begins each player has 15 minutes to deploy and 2 hours to play 2:00pm - Turns called for 1st round 2:00pm - 2:45pm - Break 2:45pm - 2nd round begins each player has 15 minutes to deploy and 2 hours to play 5:15pm - Turns called for 2nd round 5:30pm - 3rd round begins each player has 15 minutes to deploy and 2 hours to play 8:00pm - Turns called for 3rd round 8:15pm - Tournament prizes awarded All of our events are listed on our Facebook event tab make sure to subscribe here: http://tinyurl.com/h3mu28h Acropolis Games is on the web! Website: www.acropolisgames.net Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/acropolisgam... Twitter: https://twitter.com/AcropolisGames Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/acropolisga... YouTube: http://tinyurl.com/gl826om Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/acropolisgames Invest: https://localstake.com/businesses/acropolis-games-llc/preview Link to Facebook Event can be found here.
  13. A 2,000-point 1v1, 3-game tournament to support our troops to be held on Saturday May 19th, 2018.$ 20.00 per player. All proceeds will go towards prize support & U.S.O. (United Service Organization).Pizza’s will be ordered to the store for lunch, or players can make other arrangements in the time allotted between games. Schedule Check in at 10am (Store Open) and dice drop for game one at 11am.Game 1: 11am – 1pmLunch Break & Paint Scoring 1pm-2pmGame 2: 2pm-4pmBreak 4pm-4:30pmGame 3: 4:30pm-6:30pmAwards & Close-out: 7pm – 7:30pmRules pack link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1tLxpttcSmlSXwaaDR5N35_0W4ckfhOsH?usp=sharing Facebook event can be found here.
  14. Black Dog AOS Tournament - April 22nd (Loves Park, IL) A fun day of battle and competition! Format is 3 round Swiss style. Games will be played at 2000 pts using the Knife to the Heart, Duality of Death and Battle for the Pass missions. Doors open at 12 noon for registration and list checking, dice will roll at 12:30. A $5 entry fee gets you prizes and a whole day of fun! The Facebook event can be found here.
  15. From Dakkadakka thread: We are starting to run low on our other GW events: *We have 10 spots left for Shadespire *We have 12 spots left for our Age of Sigmar GT