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  1. Draxtar Games - March 18th 1375 Wind Energy Pass, Batavia, Illinois 60510 1000 Point Vanguard list for a free gaming event. Two 2 Hour Missions with a half hour break between games! Armies will be built using Generals Handbook 2017 Missions from Malign Portent Link to Facebook event can be found here.
  2. Warhammer Age of Sigmar Team Adepticon Primer Hosted by Imperium Games (Wixom, MI) 2000 Points using the Adepticon 2018 Championship Rules Entry Fee: $20See Rules Here: http://www.adepticon.org/wpfiles/2018/2018aosteam.pdf Link to Facebook event can be found here.
  3. Acropolis Games - 1500 Point Age of Sigmar Tournament 1,500 PointsMatched Play - Points Only (ignore Generals Handbook restrictions)Please pre-register here:https://www.bestcoastpairings.com/eventlanding/hnw31h96 Link to Facebook event can be found here.
  4. Shadespire Tournament Grognard Games $10 entry fee to go towards prizes. 4 rounds.Match play format (best of three games)Reg 10:30 o'clockStart 11:00 o'clock90 minute rounds. 30 minute lunch break. Link to the Facebook event can be found here.
  5. Holy Wars IV


    Based on posts from local forums, I believe there are a couple of openings for this coming weekend. I would check the website or contact the TO to find out if there are still spaces available.
  6. Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    Kind of a question dump, so I apologize if these have been addresses or discussed already somewhere in this thread or elsewhere. 1. Since the Knight of Shrouds is not in the Legions of Nagash Battletome, how does he work with any of the new legions? It can be the general based on the Harbinger rules, but I do not believe it can use any of the artifacts or command abilities since it cannot be assigned the appropriate Legion keyword. 2. If playing a Nighthaunt faction list with the new ethereal rule, is the Cloaked in Shadow command trait (+1 general's save) useless? (Credit Neck-Romantic for asking the question first) 3. As of right now, the Knight of Shrouds does not count for the Ethereal Rulers Battle Trait. Correct?
  7. Grognard Games Adepticon Practice Night Hosted at Grognard Games (839 N. Roselle Rd, Roselle, Illinois 60172) Dedicated night for Adepticon Team Tournament practice games. Link to Facebook Event can be found here.
  8. I spend about a week each month in WPB and was hoping to find someplace where folks play AoS on a regular night. Any suggestions?
  9. War Meet: Adepticon Primer at Games Plus! Age of Sigmar Primer! Games Plus (Mount Prospect, IL)BASIC RULES & ARMY COMPOSITION for the PRIMER:WE HAVE ENOUGH SPOTS for 16-20 Gamers! Please support this store for allowing us to host this event, please plan on making a purchase at the store, the day of the event.See Link for Adepticon Rules. The only exception is the rule about fully painted & based. See you there!!Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-OlgVhmz97CIkCbmlx3_BzixSio-55yt?usp=sharing Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/140405166649588
  10. Age of Sigmar Hard Core No Holds Barred Tourney Leisure Hobbies (Plainfield, IL) 1250 points. 3 games. Using the matched play scenarios. Sunday, February 11 at 10 AM - 5 PM (Check-in @ 10 AM) Bring your best lists and your best attitudes. $10 a head, all money goes to gift certificates for the top 3. Using 1k limitations. Facebook event is located here. (May only be visible to folks who are members of the store's Facebook page)
  11. Brewcity Brawl 2018 April 28th – 29th 2018 at the Crowne Plaza Milwaukee Airport Hotel An Age of Sigmar GT presented by Guys from Milwaukee Event Pack V1.0 Sign up by sending $35 via PayPal friends and family to brenmelnick@gmail.com Full refunds offered until December 31st and half refunds offered until March 23rd. Hotel info: Crowne Plaza Milwaukee Airport Hotel 6401 South 13th Street Milwaukee WI, 53221 Make reservations by calling (414) 764 – 5300 by March 28th and mention you are a member of the Milwaukee Grand Tournament. Special rate of $99/night. The event will be a five (5) game 2,000 point Age of Sigmar tournament. Primary missions will be taken from both the General’s Handbook 2016 and 2017. A variety of secondary objectives will be used as well. Missions and secondary objectives will be reveled at the event in the mission packet. Rules, releases, and FAQs after March 31st will not be allowed. All judgement rulings by the TO will be final. Players must have access to most recent version of warscrolls for their army (in a medium that can be read by your opponent if needed), their own measuring device, their painted army, a sufficient number of dice to reasonably play your army (no you may not play a Kunnin Rukk with 6 dice), and writing utensil All armies are to be on round bases, painted to a 3 color minimum, and WYSIWYG. Conversions/proxies must be recognizable for units they are representing. For judging please feel free to list any conversions or interesting items you did with the army, on your army list or a separate sheet to ensure your army is judged as accurately as possible (the best conversions are the ones you assume are part of the kit) Players are expected to bring a total of seven (7) copies of their army list for the event. One for day of submission (will be reviewed against original submission if you made changes tell me as it makes my life easier), one for each opponent, and one for themselves. Lists are to be submitted no later than April 21st 2018, legal lists submitted on time will receive 10 points towards sportsmanship, player induced changes after this day will forfeit the 10 points. Players are expected to bring three (3) objective markers on either 25mm or 32mm round bases, they do not have to be themed to your army but it is preferred. Players are also expected to bring a piece of terrain to be used during the event. Any questions or concerns regarding the packet or model/paint requirement can be made on the Facebook group (Brewcity Brawl), twitter (@hobby_bear), or to brenmelnick@gmail.com Venue rules: No outside food and beverage – there is a bar connected to the gaming room (there is literally only a door between you and a full service bar) and I can request it be opened as early as you may see fit and they will keep it open as long as it is being frequented. Please be smart about this rule. Don’t bring alcohol you bought at the hotel offsite Don’t damage the hotel No smoking physically in the hotel Schedule: Friday April 27th TBD (We will be doing set up, I am trying to confirm it as an open space to hang out in for paint/open play/etc) Saturday April 28th 8:30-9:30 - Check in 9:30 – Noon – Game 1 Noon – 1:00 – Lunch break / Paint Judging 1:00 – 3:30 – Game 2 3:30 – 4:00 Break / Player’s Choice Paint Selection for armies and terrain / carry over paint judging 4:00 – 6:30 - Game 3 6:30 – Midnight – Open hall 8:00 – Midnight – Shadespire tournament (more details to follow) Sunday April 29th 8:30 – 11:00 - Game 4 11:00 – Noon – Lunch break Noon – 2:30 – Game 5 2:30 – 3:00 Clean Up/Compiling Results 3:00 – 3:30 – Awards (We will have many to give provided we reach 30 players) Scoring General scoring – Major win = 20 points, Minor win = 15 points, Draw = 10 points, Minor loss = 5 points, Major loss = 0 points Secondary scoring (may only score one result per game as each secondary will have an exalted and a minor condition and you score the higher of the two completed) – Exalted secondary objective completed = 10 points, Minor secondary objective completed = 5 points, No secondary completed = 0 points Sportsmanship scoring – List turned in on time = 10 points, 3 points per game – 1 for arriving and starting on time, 1 for having all necessary gaming tools, 1 for playing your game/army in timely manner Painting – Points that count towards your overall score will be capped at 50 points but you may score up to the full checklist when considering awards for best painted. There is a total of 100 points available to score. Checklist on next page. Base Skills The army contains one or more unfinished models 0 The army is fully painted, but only to the most basic 3-color standard 15 The army is fully painted with obvious effort put into detailing the army beyond the minimum standard 30 Fine Details No conversions 0 Minimal: Basic conversions (head/weapon swaps), rough freehand/transfer work, simple unit/army markings, and or basic weathering on a single unit 5 Minor: Advanced conversions (kitbashing, putty, plasticard, minor sculpts), quality freehand/transfer work, clean unit/army markings, and/or advanced weathering on a single unit, AND minor details on 75%+ of the army 10 Major: Scratch built models, unique sculpts, outstanding freehand work, and/or realistic weathering on a single unit, and minor details on 75%+ of the army 15 Model Basing Bare plastic bases 0 Basic bases (1 or 2 materials/colors) 5 Realistic bases (3+ materials/colors or well-done highlights/shading) 10 Exceptional bases (3+ materials/colors, well-done highlights/shading, high attention to detail, a realistic variety of terrain heights and materials, and adds to the narrative of the army) 15 Display Base No display base, bare tray, etc 0 Basic : 1 or 2 materials/colors 5 Themed: 3+ materials/colors or well-done highlights/shadings that matches the player's army 10 Exceptional: A diorama style board that forges a narrative for the army (what is this army all about?) 15 Advanced Skills No advanced techniques 0 Models have a basecoat with a shade and highlight color 5 Models shaded using layering with high highlights/blending 10 Models have been shaded using seamless blending 15 Player's Choice The three armies receiving the most player's choice votes will receive an additional 10 points to their paint score on top of the 90 available from the rubric 10 Awards May only earn one of the following in bold. May earn any number of eligible awards in Italics (only available if we reach 30+ attendees, less than that I cannot guarantee availability of specialized awards). Prize support, if any, will have random drawings during the event. Best Overall – In game points + Sportsmanship + Paint (Up to cap) - Tiebreaker is kill points, if tied on kill points, foot race Best Overall in Faction – In game points + Sportsmanship + Paint (Up to cap) - Tiebreaker is kill points, if tied on kill points foot race Best Paint – Highest total paint score based on paint rubric – Tiebreaker is in game points then sportsmanship then kill points, if tied on kill points foot race Best Sportsman – Highest number of favorite opponent votes - tie breaker is sportsmanship then in game points then paint then kill points, if tied on kill points foot race Players Choice – Based on number of favorite army votes by players – Tiebreaker is highest paint score based on rubric then in game points Best Rookie – Highest overall score to player who is participating in 1st AoS 2 day event (participation is based on honor system) – Communicate this to event organizer at time of list submission. If there are no 1st event players this will be opened up to players who have begun playing AoS in the last calendar year. Otherwise I will continue opening the scope up until someone can win this award. Best Terrain – Based on number of favorite terrain votes by players – Tiebreaker determined by event organizer Strength of Schedule – Best finish based on strength of schedule calculation Sigmar Hardmode AKA the “Special Snowflake” Award – The player and army that best embodies the Guys from Milwaukee mindset of a unique and unusual army with at least a 3-2 finish. This will be selected by a secret cabal of voters, bribery will not work, only exemplary displays of generalship with unique and unusual armies. Get to 3-2 and you have a shot. (Blood)Thirstiest – Most kill points Wooden Spoon – Last place – Also receives free entry to event in next year 1. Measure base to base, and bases should never overlap. 2. Measure vertically by measuring the volume between two models, usually from one model’s base to another’s head (but don’t measure to limbs, wings, weapons, banners, and so on). 3. Models that can’t be attacked or targeted are unable to score or contest objectives, until they can be targeted (e.g., Changeling). 4. Only one of each command model per unit (e.g., champion, standard, musician), unless the warscroll states otherwise. 5. Players may not summon a Balewind Vortex within range of an objective. If over the course of the game it comes to be in range, players must move the Balewind outside the closest objective edge (i.e., it can’t be used to claim, deny, or contest objectives). 6. Sylvaneth Wyldwoods must be the exact size of GW’s Citadel Wood bases, including the holes for trees. Players must also have trees, but may remove them temporarily to simplify measuring. 7. GW clarified models are allowed to climb up and down any type of scenery. However, to avoid awkward model placement and simplify gameplay, models cannot end their move at the top of Citadel Wood trees – they must end their move on the ground. At the same time, you can lean model bases up against the base of Citadel Wood trees, as long as the model stays upright.
  12. Brewcity Brawl has posted some new information about secondaries for the tournament: No rivals to the king: Your army’s general must be the only leader model left alive in your army at the end of the final battle round. You score 5 points if your general is the only leader model left alive from your army. You score 10 points if your general is the only leader model left alive from your army and you lost at least 3 other leader models. Your land is my land: Select a single piece of terrain outside of your deployment zone. If you control this piece of terrain at the end of the final battle round, you score 5 points. You control a terrain feature by having more models on or within 6” of the piece of terrain than your opponent. You score 10 points if instead you have at least one model on or within 6” of the piece of terrain and there are no enemy models with 12”. Cut off the head of the snake: You score 5 points if you kill your opponent’s general (it is removed from play and does not return). You score 10 points if your general personally kills your opponent’s general (it is removed from play and does not return) and survives the game themselves. Total carnage: You score 5 points if you finish with more kill points than your opponent. You score 10 points if you finish with more than twice as many kill points as your opponent. Shut it down: You score 5 points if you dispel at least 3 of your opponent’s spells during a single game. You score 10 points if you dispel 6 or more. Break their back: You score 5 points if you completely destroy all of your opponent’s Battleline units. You score 10 points instead if you destroy all of your opponent’s Battleline units and they started the game with 5 or more Battleline units. Take away their toys: You score 5 points if you destroy the enemy unit with the highest point cost. If multiple units are tied for highest point cost, you may choose one. You score 10 points if that highest point costed unit started the game with 40 or more wounds. The bigger they are, the harder they fall: You score 5 points if you kill all of your opponent’s Behemoth units or units with the MONSTER keyword. You score 10 points instead of your opponent started with 3 or more Behemoth units or units with the MONSTER keyword. Linebreaker: You score 5 points if you have more units wholly within your opponent’s deployment zone than they have at the end of the final battle round. You score 10 points if you have at least one unit wholly within your opponent’s deployment zone and they don’t have any. Running away, eh?: You score 5 points if you move at least one unit worth more than 100 points off a table edge in your opponent’s deployment zone. You score 10 points if you can move off before turn 4. Only units that were deployed on the table at the start of the game and did not leave the table over the course of the way(not in the Celestial Realm, Summoned, etc.) can complete this objective. Showing up your boss: Pick one of your Leader models that is not your general. You score 5 points if the model scores more Kill Points than your General and survives. You score 10 points instead if this models scores more than you General and your General didn’t inflict any Kill points and survives. Someone brought their brown pants: You score 5 points if you cause at least 3 different enemy units to fail a Battleshock test (i.e. lose at least 1 model due to a Battleshock roll). You score 10 points if you cause at least 6 units to fail BrewCity Secondaries.docx
  13. Age of Sigmar at POLAR VORTEX - One Day Event This is a one day, 3 round event. This will be played on 4x6 tables. 1000 point armies from the General's Handbook will be used. We are excited to welcome Age of Sigmar to POLAR VORTEX! Awards will include Best General, Best Sportsman, and Overall Winner. Don't miss this special event! Tournament Missions: - Scorched Earth (GHB 2017) - Battle for the Pass (GHB 2017) - Star Strike (GHB 2017) Rules Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1BBGZNoSC3pOaqvn4hV0q5DsCTkTxEvaL?usp=sharing This will take you directly to the link, to purchase your spot for the game. $15.00 per player! Please go to the link below to secure your spot!https://polarvortex.games/event/age-sigmar-tournement/
  14. Any US AoS Facebook Pages out there?

    There are a ton of them. Are you looking for those based on a region of the country, a specific army or faction, competitive vs. narrative?
  15. What are your 2018 Objectives?

    When it comes to the hobby, I only have three real goals for 2018. Paint a 1000 points of AoS to a table-top standard for the Adepticon Team Tournament Make my way back to the UK and play at another AGoM Attend Lodgecon, Adepticon, BrewCity Brawl, Siegeworld, GenCon and Michigan GT in the US. I hope to continue to make progress on another army over the course of the year, but that is the goal every year, so not really specific to the next one.