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Files posted by KHHaunts

  1. Old World Battle Doctrine

    This is a Supplement design to work alongside the AOS rules to incorporate some of the elements from WHFB.
    They still need tweaking but each section should be usable by itself (If you only like a particular part of it) and should work in concert with the AOS rules.
    This is a development of:
    Age of Warhammer
    By Nacnudllah
    So check that out also.



  2. Custom Hero Template (1st Draft)

    A 1st draft for a template from which to make custom heros.
    Very rough draft.
    More to guage reaction of the system more than my judgement with regards to balanceing points.
    Give it a try.
    Help and input would be great.



  3. Battle Report Visual Aid

    A beta for a visual aid program for Battle reports and just general visual representation of the games required.



  4. The Crown of Chenrulak BATTLEPLAN

    Will you be the one to claim the power of the Daemons crown?
    This is a Battleplan ive designed based on a mixture of 'King of the Hill' and 'Artifact of Power' styles of play. have tested it a few times and prooved to be a very fun battleplan with quite a few twists and shifts inthe battle.
    Would be great to see what others think both from first impressions and from trying it out. please let me know of any glitches or errors in the game that you spot