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Marc Wilson

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  1. Marc Wilson

    Events UK: Bloodtithe - International Team Championship 2019

    Heh Bedge, check back in July for any places which come up - you have me on twitter now also I think
  2. Marc Wilson

    London GT hype

    @Drats_hammer and the Angel guys are doing stuff at Magic Madhouse bar nearby Friday and Saturday
  3. Marc Wilson

    Events UK: Bloodtithe - International Team Championship 2019

  4. Event Title: Bloodtithe - International Team Championship 2019 Event Author: Marc Wilson Calendar: Events UK Event Date: 03/08/2019 12:00 AM to 03/10/2019 12:00 AM Placeholder for event. Venue booked, details to be added. Much the same as this years event. Places are reserved for last years entrants up until the end of June, any remaining slots will be advertised from July onwards. Bloodtithe - International Team Championship 2019
  5. Marc Wilson

    Bloodtithe - International Team Championship 2019

    Placeholder for event. Venue booked, details to be added. Much the same as this years event.
  6. Ben Murphy and I are facing off - Premium Grade Mixed Order v Premium Grade Mixed Chaos!
  7. Marc Wilson

    Tournament Death Lists Discussion

    This might be simplistic but for me matched play is objective play and objective control is about getting to them first and not dying, preferably mobbing them with bodies and denying space - you don't need to kill anything at all, or if you do only the stuff that can kill you. Everytime I start to think of a Death list I just think of multiple blocks of 40 Skeletons. There's mileage in just multiple cheap casters and then just Skeletons / Wolves.
  8. Marc Wilson

    My First Adepticon, A Tournament Report

    Put me on the spot why don’t you Steve Maybe we are so much more dulled from shenanigans in the UK that we are immune from surprise or outrage. I might have allowed it if it could have been put as an FAQ in the pack so no one got mugged on the day with it. I’m sure whatever SCGT decide will end up the de facto ruling.
  9. Marc Wilson

    My First Adepticon, A Tournament Report

    That escalated quickly and made for odd reading. I can't help feeling someone using Changehost (or whatever) to teleport a LoC onto a Balewind in a UK tournament it wouldn't cause people to bat an eyelid.
  10. Marc Wilson

    The Painting Contract - April 2018

    I pledge to complete my two Dread Quake mortars and one Magma Cannon complete with blast effects!
  11. I read on the community site the European 'Warhammer Heroes' winners but I don't recgonise any of the names despite being reasonably well immersed in the hobby. Can anyone shed any light on these luminaries and their magnificent deeds? I'm just genunely interested.
  12. Well laid out @Squirrelmaster
  13. Well, this event is done and dusted and I hope all had a great time. Despite the snow on the friday people travelled a long way to be here and it was very appeciated. Winners - 'The Winners' Jack Armstrong, Craig Namvar, Mark Wildman, Chris Myhill Runners Up - 'I am Brucius' Darren Watson, Will Barton, Dan Bradshaw, Kieron Allender Third - 'The Marauders' Tony Moore, Mark Busby, Nigel Chorlton, Tom Mawdsley Best International Team - 'La Gauntiniere Antoine Parain , Christophe Salemi , Guillaume Garnier , Simon Blais Best Sports - 'Crown of Champions' - Alex and Dietmar Zwissler, Charles Fryer, Andreas Steckmeier Best Painted - Adam Cunis Shadespire Winner - Guillaume Garnier Shadespire Runner Up - Antoine Parain Name Capped Uncapped Missions The Winners 470 515 65 I am Brucicus 435 500 60 The Marauders 435 470 50 Da Kunningest Rukk 430 500 45 La Gauntiniere 420 435 35 Angel 405 425 50 Team Norn 405 420 70 Ninja Badgers 385 440 60 South London Leftovers 375 385 20 Hydra 360 410 45 Crown of Champions 360 385 25 Team Wales 355 390 55 Team USA 345 385 30 Cursed with Years 345 335 35 Only the Filthful 315 325 65 Paris Peacocks 310 310 30 Team Norway 300 390 60 Team Rocksteady 300 330 55 Team Not Hot 250 215 40 Dogs of war 195 150 20 Hope to see everyone next year!
  14. Marc Wilson

    Total amount of warscrolls

    There are 248 different warscrolls at my event, I wanted to know what that was as a proportation, and because stats are cool
  15. Marc Wilson

    Total amount of warscrolls

    Anyone what is the total amount of current warscrolls with a points value?