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  1. Love it - very unique idea and great execution.
  2. Well...I don't think one precludes the other, Gaz It's a legitimate concern and a scratch not itched for two years. The could put a diligent intern on it for 3 months on slave labour rates.
  3. Events UK: Blood Tithe – AoS International Team Tournament

    Hi - please below and updated entrants list. All but two of the non-TBC teams are fully paid up - thanks to all. If you think any of the details below are incorrect please PM me. Also, could team captains with TBC players please PM me when you have names - no particular rush at this stage (this includes teams that I only have handles for in lieu of full names). If any Mercenaries - particularly non-England players - want to join forces please PM me and I will try to put you in touch. For any non-UK based teams - there is still time to confirm, or join as a late entry. @ChippyRick please PM if still keen. I will be updating the pack incrementally, if you have any players FAQs please PM me - these will be answered and publicised in the pack updates. Danny Dyer's Chocolate Homunculus ENG Chris Tomlin Gary Hennessey Gary Hennessey Tom Hewitt Paris Peacocks FRA Pierre-Gilles Stehr Romain "Eretz" Bdlt François Tassaint Rémi Heraud Team Norn NIR Andy Kane david neagle colin cochrane john dorrian South London Leftovers ENG Craig Bowles John @Gitli Dec @BeardedBaller Alex @Earthtremor Team Carry Jones - Aberdeen SCO Ryhs Inglis Scott Gray Mark Tootill Ruairidh Jones Cursed With Years ENG Paul Whitehead Rob Boyce Simon Eccles Max Halford SLL B-team ENG Leo Rautonen Rob Bradley Ben Savva Ben Murphy Only the Filthful ENG Nico Ben Raven James Grant Tom Lambert Ninja Badgers ENG Paul Buckler Richard Buckler Lauire Hugget Wilde Richard Morley 'Winners' ENG Jack Armstrong Gary Percival Joe Purcell Mark Wildman Crown of Champions GER Alexander Zwißler TBC TBC TBC Bad Dice ENG Ben Curry Ben Johnson Steve Wren TBC Team Norway NOR Alexander Nygård TBC TBC TBC Team Hydra ENG Greg Dann Dan Comeau Joe McGough Mike Wills Marauders ENG Tony Moore Tom Mawdsley Nigel Chorlton Mark Busby Team Rocksteady ENG John Southgate Tomasz Namielski Jamie Field Johnny Armstrong La Gauntinière FRA Guillaume Garnier Christophe Salemi Antoine Parrain Simon Blais Team Wales WAL Tom Loyn TBC TBC TBC Angel ENG Owyn Abrams Donal Taylor TBC TBC Legio Capitolina ITA David Macchi TBC TBC TBC TBC Team Chippy Rick ENG TBC TBC Team Romania ROM TBC TBC Team Greece GRE TBC
  4. Events UK: London Grand Tournament

    Great to see another AoS tournament down south - will you be providing all the terrain? (can be a pain to cart it around if using public transport)
  5. A few questions

  6. Scions of the Storm advice

    'Are we better off just running the Grand Alliance Order abilities?' - No, I would say certainly not, otherwise you lose traits like Staunch Defender, and items like Mirror Shield and Lantern of the Tempest. What are Liberators doing turn 1? If they're not securing a home objective or providing a screen they're not taking any part in the game. You may well be better off starting them in the sky and having the option of bringing them down on a neutral objective or threatening an enemy objective. In the latter case they don't have to have much of a chance of taking it - but rather cause your opponent to have to deal with them. As a general rule of thumb units without a function in the hero phase, and thsoe without an early game function make great candidates. Usually this means small units of liberators and prosecutors. I always start at least one unit in the sky not least to make my opponent have to think about it, and possibly throw them off a but.
  7. First game against stormcast, have some questions

    You don't get an extra shot if you roll a 6 on your extra shot. The extra shots on 6s only apply for the original dice you throw.
  8. First game against stormcast, have some questions

    Roll one 6 get an additional attack, roll two 6's get two additonal attacks.
  9. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    The Spellweaver's once-per game auto-dispel is amazing for 80 points.
  10. First game against stormcast, have some questions

    Hi - yep can be used twice / can stack. Not on additional attacks as stated above.
  11. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    If I may interject... most people are able to derive emphasis without the need for rampant capitalisation, which, in my day, was akin to shouting.
  12. Events UK: Honour and Glory, Portsmouth, 25th Nov 17

    Hi @chunk85 Marc wilson Hugh Halligan Seb Halligan Ben Savva Jimbo Green Nick Featherstone John Burgess are all members of, or are in some way linked to South London legion so would be great to not be drawn against each other R1. Ta!
  13. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    ETC preparation? Do you know something we don't?
  14. Events UK: Blood Tithe – AoS International Team Tournament

    Hey @Peegee, no - no supplements, just GHB2017. It was a consideration but due to players coming in from all sorts of scenes and with varying experience (not to mention first languages)... one complexity too many.
  15. Events UK: Blood Tithe – AoS International Team Tournament

    Not sure how the domestic teams are going to cope with so much Gallic flair and va-Va-VOOM! They'd better hit Primark for a new outfit first, that's all I can say.