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  1. Events UK: London Grand Tournament

    Have you got a list of entrants? Want to see which villains are in attendance...
  2. Pack v2.0 is linked in OP. All captains are now in the Whatsapp chat which will be used for important stuff; players should if possible channel stuff through their skippers. Shadespire hype indeed. Details will be added to the OP but for now here's a FB link. https://www.facebook.com/events/371869653274543/ Spare Players and Mercenaries attention! If you're looking for a team, or if you think you could pop down either day please let me know. At present we have 20 full teams but we all know things can go pear shaped for individuals at any time.
  3. Players who decry the double turn can just build a list that’s likely to second. Thereafter they can ensure that double turns play no part in the game. The power to remove the dynamic is already built into the game.
  4. Events UK: BOBO 2018 Bravery One British Open

    Paid my deposit the day after last years event... how do I pay the balance? i.e. how much is it?
  5. I’ll find out accurately what the situation is. I believe it’s microscopic in the context of the event but in either case blue-tac might well be appropriate but. # Update! No square bases - anything lingering models on squares will be mounted on rounds/ovals. # Updated entrants list moved to first post # FAQ/House Rules moved to first post # Updated pack in next few days to reflect these clarifications # There will be an organised Shadespire event on Friday evening - details to follow
  6. It effects both - +3 run and charge.
  7. Cheers Paul, will do. Shame for Rob but a relief to spoons the world over. I’ll check with the venue their PLI is in order as there are lots of stairs to negotiate for you guys
  8. Following on from the 2017 thread and by popular request. What are those hobby ambitions, nay, resolutions - for 2018? 1: To paint a model to a final satisfying conclusion for the first time since 1989 (includes a 24 year hiatus). I really do not think I have painted for the sake of it since getting back into the hobby, even once. Wrong, wrong, wrong - there's always been a reason, and usually an aggressive, compromising deadline. 2:To get my mixed chaos army done, whilst fulfilling goal 1. I have played SCE pretty much the whole time in AoS and it's time to move on. 3: To help my local club Eastbourne Elemental grow it's AoS presence. My other club South London Legion needs no such help! 4: I'd like to go to a narrative event this year - the Realms events have looked so good. 5: To make my own team tournament 'Blood Tithe' in March a success and fixture in the calendar in 2019 and beyond That's me; what about you?
  9. What are your 2017 Objectives?

    I can't edit the title so will create a new thread
  10. What are your 2017 Objectives?

    Since I was the OP it's only right that I 'fess up to my own abject failings 1 - I aspire to be fairly competitive. I'm bald and have a back like a matted fleece, hence I must surely have a testosterone overload. For this reason I yearn for a top 16 rankings place and a spot at the Masters. Can it be done? Maybe if... FAIL - had a decent finish at SCGT then a not great result at Bobo then downhill from, failing to actually make some planned tournaments due to life. 2 - My wife and children have photographs of me, surely they can just look adoringly at them for two or three days, six times a year? I'd love to do six 2-day tournaments. I'm already signed up for two so fingers crossed. I have wife points in the bank. Started off ok then petered out due to life and massive unplanned hobby deviations. 3 - I found in 2016 I had massive gaps between games, these being limited pretty much to tournaments. I really need to go to club nights once of twice a month to keep things ticking over, or have people over at the house. Bit cautious on this one, so will set a low bar at 15 club nights a year. Success - not only attending a reasonable amount at one club, but two - South London Legion and Eastbourne Elemental. 4 - This should be number one really... I need to finish painting my stormcast to a good standard! I don't get a tonne of time at home to hobby so I'm not planning any other armies - that would be wildly optimistic! - maybe a few dips into other Order units. Oh, and add snow to all my terrain. Ultimately, if I get a single 'Best' or 'Coolest' nomination I will be delighted! Utter fail as I lurched from one rash decision to another - not to mention jumping into other factions. In all, all too hurried and reactive. 5 - After relocating to the seaside, I haven't fully unpacked into my hobby room. Sorting it out would be nice, and is desirable but might suffer due to 1-4! More messy and chaotic than ever, larger due to aforementioned massive unplanned hobby deviations. In July I decided to run in early 2018 the BIGGEST AOS TEAM TOURNAMENT IN THE WORLD EVER - BLOOD TITHE. Which has taken up some time. I'm allowed to use caps 'n bold because it's true.
  11. Thoughts on Las Vegas Open 2018 Player Pack?

    I couldn't see 8 documents and 25 pages from that link, only one 4 page document for AoS? My initial thought is that there is a lot going on there for a 2.5 hour game. Non-scenario missions are cool to offer redemption in tough match ups but extrapolating that into tertiary objectives needs a lot of housekeeping IMO. I'm a big believer in keeping games interesting for 5 turns - for both players. Seven games? Ouch - hardcore! Hope they're giving out chapsticks in the player packs.
  12. Love it - very unique idea and great execution.
  13. Well...I don't think one precludes the other, Gaz It's a legitimate concern and a scratch not itched for two years. The could put a diligent intern on it for 3 months on slave labour rates.
  14. Entrants list moved to 1st post