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  1. Let's Chat: Free Guild

    '...can either shoot as if it were their shooting phase or charge as if it were their charge phase' Doesn't 'as if' transpose the activated unit temporarily to their shooting phase?
  2. Events UK: FaceHammer Grand Tournament 2 (30sep-1Oct)

    Are you doing the draw in advance or on the morning?
  3. Events UK: Blood Tithe – AoS International Team Tournament

    Pithy for the win, Paul Nice to see my old club mate Rob back in the game. #Quick update# 15/20 team slots are now filled; some of out International cousins are busy rallying their forces. On October 1st any remaining places will be opened up - also a proper pack will be made available the tail end of this week. The info in the 1st post is still good, however. On hotel rooms - I would urge people to book them sooner rather than later. Though we have a guest rate of £75 a night, they're freely available now on the usual hotel booking sites for £63 a night for a twin which is obviously a better deal. Cheers Marc
  4. The dreaded double turn

  5. The dreaded double turn

    Let's hope this thread focuses on mechanics around the double turn on a practical level and doesn't wander into 'I don't like...' territory, because that has been done to death in other threads : etc etc
  6. Events UK: Blood Tithe – AoS International Team Tournament

    Hi Tony, of course mate. Will be posting up a list of International entrants on Oct 1st - any slots remaining will be first dibs for the reserve list.
  7. Horde Meta

    Aetherstrike has many hard counters, including a number of hordes.
  8. Events UK: Honour and Glory, Portsmouth, 25th Nov 17

    Sounds good will circulate to south London legion whatsapp.
  9. Scorched Earth battleplan

    I humbly redact my erroneous statement - one game away I meant
  10. Scorched Earth battleplan

    It was Murderhost. Skybourne Slayers were second. If Ricky has won his last game we'd be talking about how bent and broken and cheap that formation is. Well, maybe not...
  11. Scorched Earth battleplan

    Great explanation @The Jabber Tzeentch People are bandying about this one-drop Murderhost army as a case study, which is adopting an extreme (and unlikely)position. No one wanting to do well at a tournament is going to take a 1 drop Murderhost because it's... just not very good in other scenarios - 3 drops minimum would be more like it. There are a good number of armies who can in the Scorched Earth scenario chose to go first and smash up DoK. I don't think crippling an army because it's great in one particular scenario is a proportional response. On the other hand I bet no one play-tested this scenario with a Murderhost either, otherwise I think, yeah, maybe burning objectives in T1 would not be a thing. There are noT so many DoK armies around, and most people who are running them aren't winning tournaments, or even doing well. Dan is top player who does well with all sorts of lists. There's a small chance of not even facing this scenario at a tournament, and a much smaller chance of avoiding the combination of Dok/Scorched Earth combo. Plus... it's only been a week, c'mon....!!
  12. Age of sigmar & terrain

    I've been making tonnes of terrain for my event (might also be used at Blood and Glory) @Ben It's very common to see a table devoid of any LoS blocking terrain so maybe 3 or 4 pieces per table will be. Also it's a bit boring seeing 8x8' sharper terrain - vary it up! It's not hard to do and looks ok. I always think the more terrain the better the narrative, the better the narrative the better the game - it isn't chess. Make it part of the game.
  13. Balewind Vortex

    I wonder if anyone else had ever clambered upon a recently vacated balewind to take advantage of it? Ha!
  14. Events UK: Blood Tithe – AoS International Team Tournament

    Of course mate - added.
  15. Events UK: Blood Tithe – AoS International Team Tournament

    Heh Greg. I can put you down as a reserve with no deposit no problem. I'm visiting the location in the next couple of days to see if it's viable to add more tables (increasing by 4 team). If so I would then take a deposit from you. In either event from 1st October more places may come up but it does look likely that the 20 slots will go by then. Cheers Marc