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  1. SilverJelly

    AoS 2 - Free Peoples Discussion

    Is this the correct representation of wholly within 12in? Picture is not to scale....
  2. SilverJelly

    AoS 2 - Free Peoples Discussion

    Meta is still new. It seems like magic is a must. What are everyones thoughts on Free People Allegiance with: General on Horse 100 General on Griffin 240 Great Company: 20 Guard 160 20 Greatswords 240 30 Handgunners 300 D Knights 140 30 Handgunners 300 Hurricanum 380 GC to hold objective and G on Griffin, Hurricanum, Handgunners and D Kights to attack opponent.
  3. SilverJelly

    AoS 2 - Free Peoples Discussion

    What does everyone think of magic in this addition? Is it going to be necessary to take wizards? There is no way tournaments are going to use realm rules. They vary to game TOO much. I am not really a fan of magic with my Free People army. I like the powder and man power feel. But you have to adapt to survive. Thoughts?
  4. SilverJelly

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    Has anyone looked at a Heavy Cav list using 2x 3 EoVs, Palladors 6, Hurricanum, Everblaze and Lord Aquilor, Liberators as Battleline. The mortal wound output seems really good with the Lord Aquilor and Palladors taking pot shots and constesting the rear and flanks of my opponent. I normally run Free People and its REALLY strange not having 170 models on the tabel.
  5. SilverJelly

    AoS 2 - Free Peoples Discussion

    I havent played around with Great Companies in AOS 2.0, yet. Its going to be harder to get the bonuses. BUT really you dont need the Great Company to get shots in your opponents turn. With pipers you can still shoot during your opponents turn if they hit a chaff unit of yours and your ranged units are within 3. Might be time to revisit pre Great Company lists for greater movement flexibility and area denial.
  6. SilverJelly

    Let's Chat: Free Peoples

    What are everyone’s thoughts on using Militia instead of Sword and Shield? This is for a second Great Company. GC2 will consist of 10 archers, 40 guard (either militia or s&s) backed by 30 handgunners. With Militia, save is a 5+ rerolling 1’s, 4+ with Mystic Shield and 6+ ward save from Luminark. Adding 14in range attack and melee attack. S&S, 4+ save reroll 1’s, 3+ with Mystic Shield and 6+ Ward Save from Luminark. Keeping just the melee attack. Depending on General placement save could be a 3+ for militia and 2+ for s&s.
  7. SilverJelly

    Let's Chat: Free Peoples

    Demigryph Knights are good for tying up units a couple of turns or scoring objectives. First thing to know about Freeguild is that they are not anaggressive offensive army. I have had more luck holding an army for turns one and two and then counter punching the rest if the game. You would probaby have better luck keeping your general out of combat. Then, use him to clean up any staggling unit that might be left behind. Very fee things can beat getting held by a unit of 40 guard and gettig riddled twice a turn with 120 to 240 shots depending on your Handgunner/ Crossbowmen configuration.
  8. SilverJelly

    Let's Chat: Free Peoples

    From the quore you had above, I was saying the Great Company benefits from going first because it allows or units to run before your opponent can move. Or units are so slowit would take a Guardsmen 3 turns running to contest your opponents objective. This is better with the Great Company because it allows you to react during your opponents turn and still gives you two rounds of shooting if they do double turn you. With archers, they are meant to hold your oppoonent in place one turn. First it prevents you from getting Alpha Striked with 120in blood letter madness and keeps it at bay. Now, lets split the numbers for this because i dont want to do percentages. Archers can move before the game starts so you run 8 (5+3). You get first turn you run your archers again 8. In one turn you 16 inches closer. At 16in you are holding your line 4 inches onto your opponents side of the board. You opponent charges your archers and kills them but are stopped 4in from the center of the board. You go next you move your guard up supported by handgunners and crossbowmen. Guard charges and hold your opponent on their side of the board. Move your handgunners in position to support. Now your crossbowmen you have a choice. Stay to support or dont move to get double shots. I would say if there is not a long range threat leave then for double shots. If there is a long range threat move your crossbowmen to the line at the middle of the board or as far as you can move them. Since the have a 20in range you should be able to hit most things in their backfield and gives you a better position to leverage double shots. This board position also puts your Gen on Griffon or Demigryph Knights in position to move on your opponents objective in one turn instead of two. If your opponent does get a double turn, you opponent will be hitting your main force at the top of the second round and you will still be able to shoot during their charge phase, the strength of our army. I hope that explains my thinking... A single list that covers most all scenerios............ To be continued...
  9. SilverJelly

    Let's Chat: Free Peoples

    I see our options as limited to 2 choices in tournaments. One, out shoot and two, out man. I have two lists right now that I am going to run in an upcoming tournament. My shouting list is made up of 4 Rocket Batteries w/ Ordinator and the other is a spam of bodies made up of two Great Companies. These lists are written also playing the GHB 2017 scenarios. Also, in the tournament I will be attending, we are allowed to take two lists. I think our army can be competitive but has a problem in trying to win major victories. The combination of movement and destroying your opponent to get across the board is difficult. With that being said, our army benefits from going first with the Great Company. If you have get to go first and have archers you are able to easily contest the middle of the board before your opponent gets to start. Other thing I am doing is layering my Guard behind my archers. So, they would have to go through a layer of 10 Archers, a layer of 10 Guard and finally a layer of 20 Guard backed by 2 30 man blocks of handgunners and crossbowmen. If there is a threat of deep striking, I position my unit of 10 guard in my back field to deny deployment. I think this helps increase the life of my units and puts me in position to where my opponent is facing the toughest part of my force in middle turns instead of at the beginning, while being able to pick off some of their units in the first 2 or so rounds. The other other list i have is made up of 4 Rocket Batteries, 5 with Ordinator as the general, Archers, 4x 10 Guard, 2 Gen on Griffon, and Lumiark. The principals are the same. I want to control the middles of the board with archers and 2 layers of guard. While that is happening I want to blast everything that comes my way into oblivion using the Gen on Griffon to plug holes and mop up danged units. The rocket batteries with a 36in range will blow the ****** out of some Sky fires.
  10. SilverJelly

    The Painting Contract - April 2018

    I pledge 30 table standard Crossbowmen....
  11. SilverJelly

    Let's Chat: Free Peoples

    You need Sword and Shield Guard. They tie up the enemy and protect your more valuable units. I would take them in 30-40 in numbers. Any foot soldier I would max their unit size since numbers increase their bonuses. Keep your Greatswords in a unit of 20. That maximizes their attack since 25mm is slightly less than 1 inch. They dont gain bonuses with increased numbers. They make a great counter charge unit when using the Great Company. Helblaster is good for 1000 pt games but the Rocket Battery is better for 2000 pt games. 36 in range is a must to out shoot your opponent. I have a list that takes 4/ 5 with Ordinator and it is boss. Look at either a Hurricanum or Luminark. They complement the army and come with a free mage. You only need a General on foot or on Horse “ Little Sebation”. Foot is good for hiding to prevent being sniped. I prefer on “Little Sebation” because if he survives I can make minute minute runs for objectives. You could probaby cut down on the Gryphhounds but could come in handy with the Alpha Strike and Deep Stike meta changes. Two Generals on Griffon are boss! Look at the Great Company rules they will help shape your army unless you are taking mixed order. Hope this helps.
  12. SilverJelly

    Let's Chat: Free Peoples

    If your maxing out your units take the Luminark, otherwise take the Hurricanum for the +1 to hit. Thats the short answer.
  13. SilverJelly

    Let's Chat: Free Peoples

    This is a good link for people who are completely new to Free People. It does a general overview of how the army plays and a run down of each unit. Reece at Front Line Gaming also has an article about Free People that helps unlock Free People a little more by talking about buffs and synergies that work well for Free People. https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Age_of_Sigmar/Tactics/Order/Free_Peoples
  14. SilverJelly

    Let's Chat: Free Peoples

    They are a lot of fun to play. Painting can be a pain... so many models... so much detail... but I digress... At a 1000 points, the games are a lot of fun to try out new units and combos, epecially adding Ironweld and Collegiate Arcane. At 2k your definetly competitive. I have never found myself tabled by turn two and never felt like i didnt have a chance at some point to win the match. I have always been able to trace my losses to a choice I made earlier in the game or just came down to the Dice Gods. The thing that really hurts Free People is the lack of mortal wound and high rend, -2+.
  15. SilverJelly

    Let's Chat: Free Peoples

    A good place to start would be reading the 4chan Free People Tactics. It gives you a brief overview of the army as a whole and runs down all the units and their abilities. The next place to go would be Front Line Gamings: AOS Tactics- Freeguild. Reece does a good job discribing synergies and bonuses from Allegiance Abilities. Last place I would look would be this thread. This thread shows how the Free People Army has evolved from Compedium to now. Not all of it is relevant now but it's worth a read. To answer your specific questions, I have accepted that I will probably never be able to contest my opponents objective. I play to win the middle of the board and hold my own. I have found some benefit to taking one unit of Archers for area denial to start to game, eventhough they die quickly. Archers give me the chance to run a unit of guard to hold an objective backed by two units of handgunners. I was running all infantry units but movement was too much of a problem. I added Demigryphs to grab last minute objective, support a flank, and cover the rear and board edges where needed. I take enough models that it doesnt hurt too bad if i take some losses. The Luminark has helped being out ranged by Skyfires and what not and also with sniping characters. Hope this helps. I would supply links but Im on mobile. https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Age_of_Sigmar/Tactics/Order/Free_Peoples https://www.frontlinegaming.org/2017/08/23/reeces-free-peoples-on-the-warhammer-community-site/