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  1. I personally think they are cool. But I also think the "right" way to play AOS (or Warhammer in general) is in a more laid back, fun way rather than cutthroat competitive "must be 100% balanced". Sadly I see most people think the way a lot of posts go in this thread; they focus too much on the "what ifs" of unbalanced rules than actually realizing they make the game more interesting and fun. I barely see anyone even use the scenery table for the same reason so you end up with a board that has a lot of terrain that has zero purpose other than looking pretty.
  2. wayniac

    AoS 2 - Maggotkin of Nurgle Discussion

    No, the entire video is basically math between PLague Cyst vs. Blight Cyst.
  3. wayniac

    AoS 2 - Maggotkin of Nurgle Discussion

    Here is the video: His points seem valid enough. That said though I'd really like to have the Harbinger of Decay (I love that model) but can't find the points for him; dropping the Lord of Blights puts me 20 points over, and I think Horticulous is too good to get rid of.
  4. wayniac

    AoS 2 - Maggotkin of Nurgle Discussion

    I watched a Youtube video mathing out the Plague Cyst vs. Blight Cyst, and it was showing that the Plague Cyst maths out to being better, at the cost of the fact your Lord of Plagues needs to be alive and near the Blightkinsg to benefit, while the Blight Cyst is across the board regardless. Has anyone given PLague Cyst a shot? I'm thinking of what to finish building out to really get my Maggotkin started. I currently have: 10 Blightkings Lord of Plagues (technically two of them) Lord of Blights 30 Plaguebearers Poxbringer Spoilpox Scrivener Horticulos Slimux Morbidex Twiceborn 1 Feculent Gnarlmaw 6 Nurglings 3 Plague Drones I'm thinking of running something like: Allegiance: NurgleHorticulous Slimux (220)Great Unclean One (340)Lord of Plagues (140)30 x Plaguebearers (320)10 x Putrid Blightkings (320)5 x Putrid Blightkings (160)5 x Putrid Blightkings (160)Plague Cyst (200)Total: 1860 / 2000Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 141 This leaves me 140 points. Thinking a Lord of Blights so I have the option to put Plague Flies on the Plaguebearers when they reach combat; a -2 to hit in combat seems like it would make them an amazing tarpit. Any suggestions? Also about how many Gnarlmaws should I have? 3?
  5. wayniac

    AoS 2 - Flesh-eater Courts Discussion

    It's a mortal wound on a 6 to hit, right? So a -1 would, unless something changed in the rules for 2.0, be applied after the roll of a 6, changing it to a 5, and therefore not causing the mortal wound. Or it is a 6 to wound, I forget and don't have my battletome handy. In which case you are right, a -1 to hit would not affect it.
  6. wayniac

    AoS 2 - Flesh-eater Courts Discussion

    My FEC has been my major army since I started AOS. I felt they were incredibly weak before, and the traits in GH2017 felt more like being thrown a bone. The changes in 2.0 seem like the army improved (but it was hard to be worse) but I can't help but feel it's still far from good. Majestic Horror is the best trait, but that restricts you to a Ghoul King as general, meaning that you only have Ghouls as battleline. Free summons are good, even if 1/game, but I still feel like the army lacks stability and hitting power. My games in 1.0 showed that even a block of 30 ghouls backed with 2 Crypt Ghast Courtiers could get absolutely destroyed by anything that puts out lots of attacks (which is plenty of things now). The overall lack of rend in the entire army. I have yet to think of any lists for 2.0, so I'm curious what my fellow noble monarchs come up with.
  7. wayniac

    Can Age of Sigmar 2 be a competitive game?

    Honestly I don't feel that any GW game is suitable for a competitive game, despite people trying (and mostly succeeding) to make it look that way. It's always been my viewpoint that GW games are best played in a relaxed social environment where you aren't just trying to theorycraft and metagame everything down to the "best" choices. But everything, it seems, has to cater to that "e-sport" type of thing, no matter what it is; this goes far beyond just wargaming so is a much broader topic. So basically: Can it be a competitive game? Yes, absolutely. SHOULD it be a competitive game? In my opinion, not at all.
  8. wayniac

    Lets Chat: Flesh Eater Courts

    So with the fact we get shafted completely in Legions of Nagash, anyone have any ideas for the army, or are we just left in the dust? IMHO Flesh-Eater Courts are now the weakest army in the game with a battletome, and probably contenders for weakest army in general. Has anyone had any luck with something other than like 18 flayers? Are our noble kingdoms doomed to fall into ruin? Has the favour of our Lord God Nagash left us? I wish I could think of what would help this army out. At first I thought it was just lack of any variety (we essentially have just 3 units) but like Fyreslayers and Ironjawz have very limited unit selection as well, and seem to be doing fine.
  9. The hilarious thing here is the guy who wrote that, auticus, was banned from here for being too critical/negative about GW's direction they were taking AOS and pointing out flaws in their logic. And yet this guy wrote one of the first pre-General's Handbook comps (and it was way better than SCGT/GH from what I saw). Just an amusing anecdote.
  10. wayniac

    LVO Top 10 Army Lists

    They have the Nurgle keyword. So they aren't even allies. Many of us saw the maggotkin book and immediately figured the competitive players would just use hordes of plague monks to get the most; with blades of putrefaction and a 40 man plague monk unit with dual knives I think, you average like 12-13 mortal wounds; something ridiculous like that.
  11. wayniac

    Lets Chat: Flesh Eater Courts

    Yes, the courtier as general is probably the most annoying thing besides not getting a real command ability due to it being summoning. I wish they'd redo the scrolls to be more conducive to Matched Play, but I doubt it will happen.
  12. wayniac

    Lets Chat: Flesh Eater Courts

    FEC are not likely to get anything in Legions of Nagash, sadly. I am disappointed too as I have been trying and trying and trying to get FEC to work without going Deadwatch, and so far I've come up with nothing that really works.
  13. wayniac

    Let's chat : Maggotkin of Nurgle

    Yes as long as everything in your army has the nurgle keyword. Re: summoning I think it's just one of those things that can never properly be balanced because there will always be the crowd whining that it's "not fair" you can do something that they can't. Plus the general mindset that getting something for free is vile and Evil and must never be allowed in a truly competitive game.
  14. wayniac

    Let's chat : Maggotkin of Nurgle

    I 100% agree. I think they should have just not allowed Contagion Points (and Blood Tithe) to summon greater daemons, and waived the reinforcement points. It could have been a way to make summoning more worthwhile. As it stands IMHO summoning is even worse in Maggotkin because you need to not only accumulate enough Contagion Points to summon but also set aside points. The combination is almost never going to be worth it.
  15. wayniac

    Rolling for first turn

    I'd like to see it happen. There was a reason they added it to 40k.