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  1. You can include them as part of your army, but you can't view them without unlocking IIRC.
  2. It's okay, but not great. Cheap enough that I have it just go to my monthly phone bill (via google play) and can forget about it, but it's not really that good IMHO because other than units thing are still locked under a paywall. If it was a bit more but allowed access to all the books and things via it, that would be better (even say $9.99 a month like other subscription services).
  3. I've spoken to enough people to think it's more than just me. Anyways, despite being one of those people "complaining about this" I am excited about new narrative release, open war cards (especially these, I want to use them in all my AOS games), just it depresses me when I realize that among the people I game with/can game with, nobody else seems to care What am I supposed to do, just use TTS or something to play online since I can't find "like-minded people"?
  4. That's the issue. Most battalions were already not worth the points, even when they were dirt cheap. now they're even less worth taking.
  5. I bolded the important part here. Not many people have that. The same goes for the tired argument against people who dislike matched play changes of "just play open or narrative then". It's not something that one person can do, it requires others. If nobody around you wants to play 2500 but only play 2000 point pitched battles, you're SOL and either don't play at all or conform to the majority. That doesn't make the decisions okay because you can just do something else.
  6. Pretty much. There are a lot of maybe cool artefacts that already weren't used because you had to justify a battalion, and now all of those went up in points so they might as well not exist.
  7. @_@ How dare you sirrah! The noble kingdoms sup upon only the finest meats and wine!
  8. If Blightwar is $160 then I'm not so sure on it anymore, that's an awful lot to pay for that. I mean I guess it's functionally two start collecting sets which comes out to the same, but damn I was hoping closer to AOS starter price.
  9. Honestly, I think 40 ghouls is a trap. 30 work just as well, and with the points you save not going to 40 you can even take Ghoul Patrol again with the increase. I think other than a few outliers, you will see some variation of this as the Flesh-Eater Courts monobuild: Ghoul King on Terrorgheist or Zombie Dragon Haunter/Infernal Courtier (depending on Horrors or Flayers) Crypt Ghast Courtier 6x Horrors or Flayers 3 units of 30 ghouls Ghoul Patrol OR allied Necromancer
  10. With Blightwar I'm thinking of adjusting my concept of Stormcast so I can include the Vanguard units (which I did like at first when they came out, I briefly considered doing a mostly Vanguard army actually). Nerfing the battalions means that I'm no longer looking at Hammerstrike Force, so I'm thinking of doing a dual list with a Vanguard contingent and a Strike Chamber contingent so I can use both what I have and what I'll get in Blightwar (likely without Blacktalon unless she's really good as I prefer my own characters, also I'm doing Hallowed Knights not Hammers of Sigmar). But I no longer think that any battalion is worth taking with such big point adjustments. IIRC Blightwar will have: Naeve Blacktalon (Vanguard Hero, unknown stats) 5x Vanguard Hunters 3x Vanguard Palladors 3x Vanguard Raptors incl. 3x Aetherwings
  11. I think it stems from the fact that in a discussion you can only rely on "evidence" as opposed to "anecdotes". So looking at tournament results is the only common ground we have when discussing things; the fact that someone in their local meta can take a "weak" army and dominate doesn't indicate the army is good elsewhere, just in their meta against armies they face it is good. So I think relying on "major tournament wins" is used as sort of a default baseline to discuss. If I go and say that X list does really well locally so it's super good, what I'm not saying is that my meta is really casual and laid back and nobody plays tournament lists; as a result my anecdote doesn't apply elsewhere. But if you look at a big tournament, you can see trends and are discussing things that can be seen as less of a "well in my 4 person group I do X" and more "This establishes readily-available sources for discussion" However, this also proves to be a double-edged sword: When you start only discussing tournament environments, you discount everything else and start to get into reading trends and seeing "evidence" that isn't always applicable to everyone, but gets talked about as though it was. If you never see a Kunnin Rukk or similar tournament style list in your meta, then seeing and hearing talk about it and how you "need" to have a way to deal with it kinda not as useful.
  12. To be fair though a lot of battalions suffered from one of two problems: 1) Not even worth the points it was at when it was cheap (i.e. the abilities aren't good enough to justify paying any points) 2) The mega battalions that require several other battalions AND themselves, most of those weren't usable in 2000 points anyways, and increasing the cost makes it worse IMHO as you already couldn't fit them in.
  13. I was going to do Stormcast, and I also have the desire to do a Nurgle force as well (I'm doing Death Guard in 40k). So this box is perfect for me!
  14. The drops and a few egregious outliers (Hammerstrike, Kunnin Rukk) are what I can think of, but the decision is weird since a lot of battalions that were already terrible even costing a few points just got even worse. I honestly think only SOME battalions should have had points, not all of them (by which I mean getting rid of "it needs points for Matched Play", but some battalions that are really good cost you extra, while some are free if you meet the requirements). IMHO you will see barely any battalions now except for the few that are deemed "still good" enough to justify the cost, and nothing else. It turns into a situation like Warmahordes had with their theme forces in MK2: A handful were so good you always wanted to use them, and everything else were so terrible you never took them or saw them and they might as well have not even existed.
  15. These do not seem like nearly enough to compensate. Feeding Frenzy sounds cool but how many times do you wipe out one unit and are within pile in range of another unit? I think this is meant to be "another unit can pile in and attack again"