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  1. What often confuses me, coming from Warmachine where you can decide to shoot Model X with this guy, then shoot Model X again with another guy, and Model Y with a third guy, is you have to decide beforehand how you are dividing the shots.
  2. You mean how much is wasted on things that won't be used in Matched Play, right? Because remember, the book has to support 3 styles, not just one. Anyways, count me in the "You will see balanced lists" camp, except for the highest end of competitive people who will always find something to break, in which case I think abusing those super longbows will be the new Kurnoth Hunter spam (and about as fun to play against, not that most competitive people care one lick about their opponent's fun). You edited it from your other post, but I was going to ask what a "leafblower" list is, since I've heard the term (in reference to 4th or 5th edition 40k Guard) but it sounds like just a different term for the "gunline" list.
  3. Yeah, I think the new stuff is great. They took away some of the egregious filthy things you could do, and provided more options. I am excited to start this army. @Fellclaw01 care to explain a bit more why you think they are terrible now? Or was that sarcasm??
  4. I use any model but I may be confusing warmachine's interpretation of "within" Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk
  5. I think it would still result in 1 attack. You would add 1 to the attacks characteristic BUT then the rules for star fated arrow would kick in, making it 1 again. The add comes before the ability, IMHO. So it doesn't do anything. Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk
  6. I would say yes, but mainly because they chose to ****** over Death (and others) by having similar items cost points, so no reason this shouldn't. Note I think it's stupid it costs points (same with like the Ring of Immortality or the Phoenix) but since those cost points, fair is fair.
  7. How about if you aren't facing monsters though? It seems like Protectors are better against Monsters, Decimators against very large (20+) units, and Retributors as an all-around general purpose unit.
  8. Interesting. I am really disliking that "you must roll every turn" for them. I think that might be the first thing I push to have house-ruled (beyond measuring from bases) because it seems absolutely stupid like it takes away the entire purpose of holding them back (i.e. being able to choose when they come in). I had thought in 40k you can choose whether or not you want to roll for your reserves to come in, it's not they might just decide "Hey we're showing up get ready!"
  9. I think Hammerstrike overrides the default in that you can choose. Not sure though.
  10. I may have to consider that approach as well, with the Hammerstrike. I have too many ideas I am considering right now However I think at 120 points it's pretty pricey, and from my initial listbuilding attempts, points add up quickly!
  11. I think Hammerstrike is going to be too much of a gimmick; either your opponent is unprepared and gets steamrolled, or he is prepared and the maneuver fails.
  12. I am now really considering taking a unit of Vanguard-Raptors with the heavy crossbows (the 6/9 attack one), keeping them in reserve, then dropping them behind enemy lines, preferably in cover, and shooting the ****** out of an enemy unit, while the rest of your force is moving forward and/or moving on the flanks (Hunters and Palladors?). Put the enemy on two flanks, especially if you drop a tanky type unit behind the lines too with the Raptors to screen them.
  13. Yeah, i can't say I'm happy about not being able to choose when I want my troops held in reserve to come on the board.
  14. IMHO this is a good thing. They aren't super strong, so there isn't that feeling of "But I'm hurting my chances of winning by not taking them" sort of thing.
  15. I think they have their uses (see my idea above) but don't replace Liberators/Judicators. They seem great for harassing flanks, which is where I think they will excel; being able to pop in (or redeploy via Lord Aquilor) to shoot out enemy characters or contest objectives.