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  1. What if it's a GA: Death player who says it?
  2. "competitive list" "Meta" Those are the two that bug me especially the first one because it's usually code for waac ****** Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk
  3. Just.. the small board with cards. It seems strange. But if it's competitive and organized and the rules are solid, I might jump on it. I'm definitely going to want to have a demo of it, i think.
  4. I'm going to wait to see the actual rules. If it's actually competitive maybe, but it just looks weird to me (although I have not played Gorechosen) right now.
  5. A friend of mine asked me this yesterday, and I didn't have an answer for him. If you have a unit that can have multiple weapon types, then they only benefit if they have it, right? I mean for example, if you have a unit of Chaos Warriors with shields, and a standard bearer who doesn't have a shield, how does that work? You keep getting the shield bonus until only the standard is left, and then when it's just him he doesn't? What about if he had a shield but no weapon, does he not get an attack? That's how I figured it would work, it's just a bit confusing.
  6. I agree @Criti, just saying one of the discussions that Mark and I had last night about how to handle it.
  7. From seeing auticus' posts here and elsewhere, his group seems to be mainly competitive type players who loathe anything that isn't 100% even, including scenarios that must be simply line up and play. Anything that could even remotely be unbalanced, such as varying forces or a scenario where you start with less on the board, gets refused outright on the grounds "but it's not fair!"
  8. Oh I am not the one worried, just everyone else I've met/talked to seem to be of the "must have balance" mindset, you recall that talk about "I can bring 40 guys, you can bring 400 guys" I'm sure. I'd 100% be willing to try out a default PtG campaign, just not sure about any of the others.
  9. Man I was thinking of doing an Ironjawz army because they are cool after I put some money into my Eldar for 40k, but with a possible Aelf release shortly...
  10. Very interested about aelves, dark aelves in particular. They were my original army in 5th edition. If they get a cool gimmick and aesthetic I might jump on that, but it will suck beyond suck that they are still in Order (although hopefully a newer tome will mitigate it with specific traits/artifacts)
  11. The main point of further discussion was that we don't want to see people proxying entire armies (the example given was using Mantic's "Empire of Dust" as Tomb Kings) with third party models. Conversion parts and even the occasional 100% third party hero/monster I feel should be fine, provided that they look approximately close to what they are meant to be and are the same size, but I do agree to a point there has to be a limit on what is acceptable or not, especially in a tournament, to minimize arguments that come up when things aren't exactly right. I feel in AOS for example you can have more leeway because often a warscroll only has a couple of weapon options, so if the warscroll says they are armed with swords does it really matter if your models have axes instead since they will count as swords anyways since that's all the unit has, but it's open to abuse.
  12. And you aren't trying to balance it? I can just imagine this discussion with us...
  13. I may actually have to try this list it looks pretty good. It is a shame that the Crypt Haunter Courtier has to be the general due to stupid battle-line restrictions (it is so unfluffy to me that it makes me aggravated every time I think about it) but it looks really solid. I could see that it might struggle against good armor saves because you don't have a lot of rend, but that is basically flesh-eater courts regardless of what you do Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk
  14. While I normally agree with this to a point, most stores don't carry things like Scibor/Mierce/Avatars of War miniatures anyways, so this becomes an implied restriction due to "I can't buy this local" which I often find to be self-defeating for any serious club, as you indirectly limit yourself to what a store can stock (which is often in and of itself limited to a tiny handful of what's available)
  15. I want to. Most people around me only want pickup games (not even competitive gamers) and in my experience many campaigns tend to fizzle out because people can't always show up, and feel that they will fall too far behind to bother, or because they have hefty map requirements (e.g. moving flags on a map) that requires logistics. I have yet to find a really solid, non-map campaign with little logistics but allowing for games, most of the time these turn into more or less leagues with a bit of a story behind them, and not full fledged campaigns.