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  1. Some good looking stuff guys! Loving the pale Bloodbound and purple nurgle.
  2. My list for the year was probably not the most ambitious, but let's see... 1. Launch and make the secret project a success. Considering that I've launched Fjordhammer and released 5 episodes in good succsession, I think I'e achieved this. It's not a huge podcast yet, but it wasn't expected to be. Another 6 episodes to drop this year, so plenty of room for improvement! 2. Finishing the tome to near-GW standard? Well, work is well on its way. I'm editing and deploying the new stuff ATM (with a short break). It's looking really good so far. Not GW, obviously, but pretty good. 3. Painting 2 1k armies? I guess I can say I did that... I've painted more than 1k in Tomb Kings for SCGT. The Skaven force also technically has 3 colours on it. But I'm working on a project for RAW and will fix up the Skaven some more. Definitely well on the way. 4. This one isn't really for me to judge. I do hope, and feel, like I've done things for the community. But the efforts may have amounted to nothing for you guys. 5. My local community is thriving ATM. AoS is growing, 40k is booming. There's a lot more enthusiasm than there was before. Which is great to see, even though I'm moving away from them now. 6. No blog. Failed this one out the gate. I've podcasted regularly, but no blogging. It just isn't for me. So this is a fail. Ah well. 2 out-and-out successes, 2 strong WiP's, 1 unknown and 1 fail. Solid effort for the 6-month mark!
  3. Not really done with it, but so far Plague Garden is a high-water mark for AoS fiction. This book once and for all dispells the wrongful accusations of one-dimentionality of the Stormcast. Even the Stormcast's reactions to Tornus (who used to be Torglug) would be enough. And yet Reynolds fills the book with a distinct set of deep supporting characters.
  4. Sending you a PM. Easier to keep the chat going on that. Anyone got a Karl Franz lying around? So far the big E himself on Deathclaw has proved elusive!
  5. Some repacks have rebates, some don't. It seems most of the newer ones are "ran out of WHFB boxes, lets just make AoS ones" rather than some overarching plan. Given how haphazard the choices are, I doubt it's working towards anything. On the other hand, that Disspossessed name with the hammers is pretty sweet. Minor thing, but cool.
  6. This is awesome man. There's a lot I could use here! First up I really need the special characters. Korhil, Caradryan, Eltharion and your Malekith conversion would be fantastic! Been struggling to find people with those models, so I'd much appreciate it if you could put them on round bases. You'd earn a great spot in the tome with those There's also some High Elf units I'd like. I'm looking for a spot for the White Lions and Phoenix Guard, so a nice picture of them would be cool. The dragons, Tyrion and Teclis are always nice to have more pictures of as well. But these are less important than the special characters! Your Khorne stuff would be cool as well. I'm imagining a place for the FW bloodthirster already. The rest I don't think I need ATM, as there aren't a lot of Khorne-specific battles in the story. Really looking forward to your stuff
  7. Ace model man. I'll send you a PM Got your mails. Just been so busy I've not done much but see that they're in the inbox
  8. The 40k core rules really aren't That much more than AoS. It's spread over 12 pages, but with huge amounts of air on the pages. The AoS rules pages are packed. Most of the 40k changes are focused on shooting. Overwatch, can/can't shoot, weapon types, characters etc. Designed for a game designed to have much more shooting. Even the charge rules change is designed for this, to give melee a clear cut advantage over shooting once all the downsides of being a fighting force have been overcome. AoS isn't designed for this level of shooting. That AoS has a problem with a shooty meta ATM is a balance issue, not a core rules issue. The best shooting units are simply far too effective for their points, or have much too good rules. Skyfires having both.
  9. Oh, that box. That's the one with the carboard building as well, IIRC. Not that interesting then. Still, Vandus and Khul getting their own scrolls is dope.
  10. Blood and Thunder? Anyone care to post THAT rumour?
  11. If you can grab some nice shots of non-AoS models, that would be ace. Both Nurgle and Khorne are plentiful in the End Times. Trying to keep this to models only from the Old World though, so please keep that in mind
  12. Sent you a PM! Get ready to travel though, as I'll be running some great events in Oslo I've also got a youtube channel. So far it's mostly uploads of book reviews and lore overview. WIth any luck I'll have the capacity to add more cool stuff to it later.
  13. I am currently based in Bergen, though I'm moving to Oslo this summer. There's solid Warhammer communities in all the major cities. Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger, Kristiansand and several others are well established. Feel free to PM me if you need FB links
  14. Hey guys! I figured it's about time I made a thread here. I host the Fjordhammer podcast. It's about narrative, gaming and the community of AoS. I host it alone, but have guests every episode. There's book reviews, lore overviews, cool interviews and all sorts of other views. I'm up to six episodes now, so I'm halfway to having a real podcast! If you guys want a monthly show which isn't so much about gaming as it is about all the aspects around that, give it a listen! It's monthly, but I've split it into two formats. The main episodes come out every month, full length. It is also split into shorter segments which come out weekly. It's the same content on the same stream, but consumable in two different ways. http://fjordhammer.podbean.com/
  15. Conversions are fine! I'll send you a PM You are a hero. I need all of those. Especially the elves. Will be sending you a PM. You might be my saving grace here! Those pictures are brilliant! Exactly the sort I'd like more of. I'd be happy to take a picture of that Great Unclean one off your hands as well.