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  1. The Royal Legion of Khahara is in. Anyone up for a game on the friday?
  2. He's a real fighter. But a lot of people judge him on "can he take a full turn of Kurnoth Hunters to the face". He's a named character though. So he'll be wierd to see in non-whatever-his-port-city-is.
  3. That's certainly possible. I just don't know what to think. The eyes make me think Tyrion (who is blind) or Malerion, but the headress is definitely Nagash. Where is the scooby doo crew to unmask this guy!? Because all Stormcast have well-defined sixpacks? Because she is likely ripped as heck under there, just like every other Stormcast?
  4. Is that Nagash' headdress on a regular (ish) face? WHAT IS GOING ON? This art is throwing me off. I don't know what to believe anymore. GW send help.
  5. I think the more interesting aspect here is GW's seeming commitment to the new army book style. This will be the second full book which is mostly rework of existing stuff. Updating older books to a new style. It tells me that they are very much enjoying the allegiance ability mechanic and that the new direction is working for them. You can practically feel the designers having fun when reading Tzeench/Stormcast. It's nailing the narrative and mechanical integration in a way that AoS couldn't at release, yet without restricting players from their Grand Alliance armies. Aelfs are obviously waiting for a proper model release, possibly the Adepticon reveal. So any updates there will have to wait. Death too seems to be waiting for something. Deathrattle could have been its own tome ala Bonesplitterz. Deathlords could have gotten an Archaon treatment (plus bonus formations). But it's not easy to speculate on GW's internal workings. The guys working there obviously can't comment on it. And you'd very quickly go from "informed speculation" to outright guesswork and wishlisting.
  6. GW right now: I'm not 100% sold on these guys, but I feel like the moment I see an actual model I'll love them. They feel like dwarfs made with a proper vision. Not just "steampunk dwarfs" or "classic dwarfs". It's a twisted, insane vision, but a vision non-the-less. And everything else they have announced seem like solid hits as well. GW is just doing the sort of stuff that none of the other miniature companies are doing right now. The rescue process of the "sinking ship" feels done. They aren't sinking any more. GW is back.
  7. Stormcast flying chariots. LIke they're going all Thor on the Mortal Realms. Yes please.
  8. IIRC, several of the old school rumourmongers just lost interest in GW/Fantasy. The End Times and AoS killed the passion, so they haven't bothered with it for a while. I may be misremembering though. Tile is definitely Nagash' head. But whether it's a tile for a board game, new battlemat or just some new art I can't say. Would love a Shyish-themed 6x4 battlemat.
  9. Doesn't the mask have the wind of magic symbols on it? That would mean AoS. It could be Malerion? Real eyes hidden behind a mask. What with Malekith always being masked in the old world.
  10. He's definitely high on the "nostalgic for the 80's/90's models" scale, while still being a reasonably modern sculpt. Also he's called Slambo. That makes him cool by definition.
  11. Ah, that is true. I had actually forgotten there was a human there at all. Definitely a possibility. But It seems the Devoted have been somewhat merged with the Order of Azyr, as they had fanatics in the City of Secrets. Freeguild are more heavily featured ATM. Eh... no. Let's not
  12. I'll be a little controversial here; I hope none of the current Aelf models become a part of the new Aelf factions. We have the Azyr-aelfs (phoenix temple, swifthawk etc), who have interesting concepts that can be expanded. I'd much rather see the new factions be entirely new, unshackled to the old aesthetic. Thought of the day: The aelfs are now the only models from the Silver Tower set without a proper release. That means that they are either based on pre-existing designs, or will be the defining models for a new set.
  13. It's worth mentioning that neither 40k nor AoS are mentioned as getting any new releases in that little blurb. And going all of April without either is absurd, so there's something they're keeping from us... Stealth Duardin.
  14. Top tier memery here. You need to make a Slambo paint version of the "good stuff" guy. I sorely feel it missing it here.
  15. You gave me a great idea. Use the drakes, but add the vampires from the Coven Throne kit for female Blood Knights. Hmmm.... Anyways, looking forward to the finished unit. The black eyes do a lot of work for the unit. Maybe have some colour variation on the flesh? Like some parts are rotting faster than other parts.