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  1. Looks like I might be bringing my RAW Slaanesh army. Disspossed don't really have a batallion to use any more. We'll see after RAW though, need to bring something I enjoy playing!
  2. Crooked dice

    You can check this by floating the dice in some water. Add salt for buoyancy if needed. If your dice aren't showing random-ish results, they're weighted one way or the others. Chances are the fancy dice are weighted a bit wrong. It's hard to make custom dice also roll evenly. Might not even be a priority for GW.
  3. Age of sigmar & terrain

    I believe one of the keys going forward will be large, open terrain pieces, possibly with LOS-blocking bits. A lot of terrain still has that WHFB-feel where you just walk around it. It's rare to find a table where you are fighting on the terrain, as opposed to around it.
  4. The Rumour Thread

    If it was all a copyright move, where are there still "Spirit Hosts", "Skeleton Warriors" and 1000 similar names. Don't overplay the copyright card. What rumour engine stuff is currently unaccounted for?
  5. Scratch Built Idol

    I think "centerpiece model" isn't quite cutting it for this guy. Looks amazing.
  6. Is Karl Franz the Celestant Prime?

    There's no textual evidence that Franz' soul remained with Sigmar. The Sigmar of the End Times was at best unaware of the true extent of his powers. And until he had Ghal Maraz, was not even Sigmar at 100%. There's no reason for it to have remained with him. In fact, the Sigmar of the Mortal Realms sees no reason to keep the souls of Mortals for any other purpose than the Stormcast. Everyone else who dies goes to Nagash. We can reasonably assume that this attitude would extend back prior to the Eternals, and so Sigmar would release any soul he had because there was no purpose to keeping it. In fact, keeping the souls subverts the natural order of the Realms, annoying Nagash to no end (which was a major concern until the Betrayal). There's a bit of poor storytelling in how Gutrot Spume, the GLottkin, Scylla Anfingrim and all the minor chaos characters survived. They should have been made generic, or not been brought over at all. Like Vlad and Isabella. However, there's also a major mechanic that allows these characters to be brought over. Chaos and Death naturally bind people's souls. They all belong to Chaos/Nagash already. Except Archaon, who is probably just too badass to die. We also know each of the "minor" survivors, including the Glottkin and the Mortarchs don't remember TWT. Even Nagash doesn't think about Mannfred as the guy who cost him the Old World. There's also this. I'll quote you this; Page 1, line 1, every single campaign book, battletome and novel, "From the maelstrom of a sundered world, the Eight Realms were born." The Mortal Realms were born when the WTW went under. Sigmar no doubt floated around for countless aeons, it's one of those mythical elements, where time doesn't mean a whole lot. Hence why when he was awakened, the realms were already populated and old. Much simpler both for us and GW to write. It's a lovely theory, but it doesn't match up. For one, where did the winds go? The Great Vortex was cut off. At the end of Khaine, several years before the end of the world, the Vortex is unbound. Were the Mortal Realms self sufficient at this point? Secondly, we saw the inside of the vortex. Teclis, and Morathi were there. Guess what they found on the other side? Slaanesh' giant crab arm. "psychic impressions" is 40k speak. Fantasy hasn't had that stuff for ages. The chaos gods are real, malignant and their own entities independant of other forms of life. They are not psychic reflections of emotions. The reason the mortal realms have some similar creatures to TWT is because magic. There is no deeper explanation. The Sylvaneth didn't even make it over! Alarielle had to replant them before they sprung into existance. Ultimately, I'm not saying that any of these theories are impossible. GW can always retcon it. I'm just saying that it's far more likely that GW wants to keep AoS, AoS. Any references to the Old World are vague whispers meant for Longbeards. Arkhan thinking about himself as a gambler is an intreguing tidbit for new players and a great callback for old ones, but nothing more. The Celestant Prime being a major character from the Old World means that they can never explore him. Exploring his character would take you out of AoS and into a game and setting that isn't AoS. And before anyone says it, this doesn't apply to the other "survivors", because they have history between TWT and modern AoS. Nagash remembers being thawed out and has X thousands of years as as character. We don't need his Old World history to understand him, because there are plenty of AoS-stories to tell about him. The god's characters in AoS and in TWT don't rely on each other. The Prime, if Franz/Settra/Bretonnia King guy, would have nothing between TWT and reforging.
  7. Is Karl Franz the Celestant Prime?

    Not this again. Karl Franz died at Altdorf. Emphasise mine. Unless Sigmar hung around to Karl Franz' soul for thousands of years, there's no way it's him. This happened before Sigmar became a fully fledged god (when he grabbed his hammer). This happened before the Mortal Realms were a thing. This happened before the pantheon of Sigmar. This happened before the chaos invasion, the battle of the burning skies, the retreat to azyr. This all happened before the Stormcast were even a twinkling in his lightning-wreathed eyes. It would be poor storytelling for it to be Karl Franz. It would be even worse from an AoS metanarrative, as the Prime becomes a character that new fans of AoS have literally no connections to. I'd honestly be dissapointed if it were him. I get that it's cool, in a sense. But it's not Franz. A much better candidate would be the King of the Lantean Empire. Or some other king who we will no doubt get some backstory on one day. Chances are GW don't even know who he is beyond who he's not.
  8. The End Times Battletome needs YOUR help!

    Coming soontm
  9. Gutbusters is a great candidate for a new release. Everything except their heroes are plastic. Still really solid models, loads of rules potential and a solid mix of troops. Deathrattle seems to be more and more likely. Not garantueed, but likely Nurgle feels like a given ATM. Moonclan Grots suffer from a large finecast range. Not necessarily a huge deal, but with only 2 box sets and relatively limited variation it's not a given. Though both Beastclaw and Boneplitterz have similar issues.
  10. AoS podcasts

    If you like shorter formats, Fjordhammer also has you covered. Weekly 30-minute episodes. They're segments of the monthly 2-hour episode, so you always get the full amount of content. Can't claim to be as good as TBS, but if you have limited time to listen it's an alternative that also goes straight to the content with very little preamble. It's very hobby/community/Narrative focused as well. http://fjordhammer.podbean.com/
  11. The End Times Battletome needs YOUR help!

    Those are some awesome looking models. I'd love to get some pictures of them. I will need them on round bases though, as this is a round base only project! If you're willing to rebase them, I'd love to chat about what we can do
  12. The End Times Battletome needs YOUR help!

    Getting into the home stretch now. There's not much left to do. But I still need a few models! If anyone can help me out, I'd much appreciate it! Share it with everyone you know.! I'm also happy with suitable conversions. I'd just love to get these heroes into the tome.
  13. The Rumour Thread

    I know enough good things can't be said about that Shadespire Stormcast model, but I'm loving the Bloodreaver with a beard. Grampa's going to war! And the "assassin" Stormcast is interesting. The Vanguard chamber is explicitly not "shadowy assassins", and yet here's one that is. She might not be Vanguard, but that's what was shown in the video... Mysterious. Oh, and she's the first Named Stormcast model since the Celestant Prime!
  14. The Rumour Thread

    ++ MOD TALK ++ We're obviously all excited about the new releases. But if you're just going to say something negative, back it up with some solid arguments or don't say anything at all. We're here because we LIKE the game. Let's keep this place either positive or filled with constructive criticism.
  15. The Shadespire News and Rumour Thread

    Looking forward to this. Not that There's any lack of AoS stuff to do, but this sounds really neat.