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  1. I'm a little confused, what are these subreddits? Some more info would go a long way towards making it easy for us to understand and help you. I'm sure there's someone out there who'd like to help, but some explanations are in order. Are you looking for someone to help you generate AoS content on the subs? There is also an established AoS sub, namely reddit.com/r/AgeOfSigmar. You can try to ask there for some help as well. We don't mind cross promotion here at TGA, but it's important that there's some AoS in it
  2. Nurgle-corrupted Realm of Life. Done deal.
  3. That banner is so simple and so, so nice. @Oneyah Wow! Look great. You may feel that they're quick and dirty, but I can garantue you that your opponents will love to see them on the table. @Centuryslayer Welcome aboard. I might consider reposing the entire army. The crossed-arms pose is cool, but not great with fantasy models. Drop his arm down and give him a hand with a chalice, secondary weapon or something like that. Empire Wizard kit is a gold mine.
  4. These pictures don't even do the tables justice. It was almost surreal. Great job guys. Can't wait until next year!
  5. Now this might just be me remembering the good old days... But we did literally hear this sort of commentary every time a new army book came out. It's nothing new, and shouldn't be unexpected by either the players of the armies or the people around them. Being annoyed that the stuff you liked changing is only natural. We all grumble a bit when our toys change Adjust, live and learn. The book looks amazing, and exactly what the doctor ordered for everyone who isn't playing Warrior Brotherhood.
  6. Loving those Stormhost-specific bonuses. Great marriage of narrative and rules. Makes me want to buy and paint up a specific force for each one!
  7. Stormcast Eternals are, for all intents and purposes, human. Large, powerful and soul-bound to Sigmar, but mortal. Flesh, blood and tears. So don't worry about any of that "automaton" business. If you'd like to hear the Stormcast, check out the Audio Dramas. They're quite good. You can just listen to the free samples on Black Library's webpage if you'd like. http://www.blacklibrary.com/aos/whaos-audio/prisoner-of-the-black-sun-cd.html http://www.blacklibrary.com/aos/whaos-audio/beasts-of-cartha-mp3.html
  8. Simple as the topic. What's been your best game, in a narrative sense? Did you play a specific plan, armies or something else? Played with a friend or random? Let us hear!
  9. IIRC, Forgeworld wasn't informed about the change to AoS until veeeeeeeeery late in the process. Hence the late warscrolls. It also means that the fantasy forge, which they had already scrapped, had to be rebuilt with a completely new aesthetic in mind. One that doesn't mesh with 30k or 40k-gritty-esque models. Combine that with GW's massive increase in quality since the End Times, Forgeworld is likely going to flounder for a while before they find their niche. Honestly, proper upgrade kits for models (Stormcast chambers, anyone?) might actually be the best way for them to approach this. Oh, and Forgeworld-made Tomb Kings
  10. It seems a lot of armies which have these guys either have guys who are just as fighty but better at buffs, or spend their points on buffs rather than killing. It doesn't help that a lot of "fighty" heroes have damage 1 (lolchaos) or "D3 on a 6" (Wight King). Better to go straight for the higher damage dealers or better buffers.
  11. My guess is that GW is going to move the SCE towards a chapter/legion structure similiar to 40k marines. Eventually, this could lead to unique boxes, upgrade kits and models. But for now, it's not there. We'll probably see more hints of where this is going in the new SCE tome. It includes special rules for running each host (Hammers, Celestial Vindicators etc), which is likely the first real step in that direction. Vandus then, will be our first Lord-Commander, aka chapter master/Primarch. He'll be the boss of the entire Hammers of Sigmar, not just the Hammerhands. As much as there is potential in the "corrupted SCE" route, I believe GW would have mentioned it in All-Gates if that was the plan. Archaon had his hand literally in Vandus' soul. Instead, it's Archaon who has been talked about turning against the chaos gods. A relationship with the Lord-Commander, or at least an understanding of who and what the SCE are may further that along. Not that I believe Archaon is turning any time soon. But they're set him up, specifically mentioned the possibility. And that's fascinating.
  12. My Doomwheel is finished! That's another one down. 2 and a half warscroll complete. Going slower than I'd like, but it's going.
  13. IIRC, the original plastic GUO turned into the Glottkin, so I'm a little sceptical. But it's hardly impossible. They're half way through already.
  14. As fun as handegg ( #thataintFOOTball) is, it's not actually Age of Sigmar-related. So I'll have to lock the thread
  15. Hey guys, Looking for the last few models to fill out my Tomb King collection. Anyone have these two sets available? Can't afford eBay prices, but they're going to a home where they'll get painted and played. Sphinx, Knights or Stalkers are all of great interest