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  1. Getting into the home stretch now. There's not much left to do. But I still need a few models! If anyone can help me out, I'd much appreciate it! Share it with everyone you know.! I'm also happy with suitable conversions. I'd just love to get these heroes into the tome.
  2. I know enough good things can't be said about that Shadespire Stormcast model, but I'm loving the Bloodreaver with a beard. Grampa's going to war! And the "assassin" Stormcast is interesting. The Vanguard chamber is explicitly not "shadowy assassins", and yet here's one that is. She might not be Vanguard, but that's what was shown in the video... Mysterious. Oh, and she's the first Named Stormcast model since the Celestant Prime!
  3. ++ MOD TALK ++ We're obviously all excited about the new releases. But if you're just going to say something negative, back it up with some solid arguments or don't say anything at all. We're here because we LIKE the game. Let's keep this place either positive or filled with constructive criticism.
  4. Looking forward to this. Not that There's any lack of AoS stuff to do, but this sounds really neat.
  5. #BardLife
  6. So here's a question, what format do you guys want the fluff in? Short story, textbook entry, poem?
  7. So I didn't get the RAW mail. But I did get it when @HobbyHammer pressed "reply all" when sending in his mail... Don't know how that works, but nice fluff Sean!
  8. Looks like we might get a pair of Norwegian teams then If people don't flake that is...
  9. Let me get the dates straight: We have until september 30th to get in our deposits (for internationals), and the 31st of oktober for the full payment?
  10. Hence the cheating! I'll figure something out... Just need to find a batallion that works with something I want to bring. Maybe fill out my Deathrattle.
  11. Soooooo, can I cheat? There's a certain batallion in the Tomb Kings battletome based on my Death army. Would love to be able to bring that to the event 100% officially unofficial narrative!
  12. Checking to see if I can get a team from Norway on this.
  13. Some good looking stuff guys! Loving the pale Bloodbound and purple nurgle.
  14. My list for the year was probably not the most ambitious, but let's see... 1. Launch and make the secret project a success. Considering that I've launched Fjordhammer and released 5 episodes in good succsession, I think I'e achieved this. It's not a huge podcast yet, but it wasn't expected to be. Another 6 episodes to drop this year, so plenty of room for improvement! 2. Finishing the tome to near-GW standard? Well, work is well on its way. I'm editing and deploying the new stuff ATM (with a short break). It's looking really good so far. Not GW, obviously, but pretty good. 3. Painting 2 1k armies? I guess I can say I did that... I've painted more than 1k in Tomb Kings for SCGT. The Skaven force also technically has 3 colours on it. But I'm working on a project for RAW and will fix up the Skaven some more. Definitely well on the way. 4. This one isn't really for me to judge. I do hope, and feel, like I've done things for the community. But the efforts may have amounted to nothing for you guys. 5. My local community is thriving ATM. AoS is growing, 40k is booming. There's a lot more enthusiasm than there was before. Which is great to see, even though I'm moving away from them now. 6. No blog. Failed this one out the gate. I've podcasted regularly, but no blogging. It just isn't for me. So this is a fail. Ah well. 2 out-and-out successes, 2 strong WiP's, 1 unknown and 1 fail. Solid effort for the 6-month mark!
  15. Not really done with it, but so far Plague Garden is a high-water mark for AoS fiction. This book once and for all dispells the wrongful accusations of one-dimentionality of the Stormcast. Even the Stormcast's reactions to Tornus (who used to be Torglug) would be enough. And yet Reynolds fills the book with a distinct set of deep supporting characters.