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  1. I would prefer if he was on a round base. It makes my job harder, but the result is better. Great stuff man! Would love to have some of that in the tome. Will send you a PM so we don't clutter up the thread Will send you a PM! Both your Empire and the Chaos are of interest
  2. Conversions are fine! I would like them to be on rounds though. Squares are so 2015. So if you've got something cool lying around, it's all cool. Or if you feel the need to paint up an older model or convert an old favorite, it'd earn a place of honour in the tome
  3. This would be a great help! The Elf standard Bearer and Orghotts are a must have for me. Exactly the sort of stuff I'm looking for! I'm sure I can find a good use for a unit picture of Warlocks and the Giant Rats as well. Sure you don't have some Malekith's lying around with round bases? I can promise a very prominent place in the tome This is amazing! I would very much like to have these in the tome. I'll PM you my mail, if you don't mind sending me some higher res versions
  4. Hey guys! Creator of the End Times battletome here. I'm currently in the middle of a massive overhaul of the tome. One of my main goals is to replace all art with pictures of models. Your models. There's room for 2 pictures on every battleplans, which means 98 pictures! And since these are taken from all sorts of armies, I can't fill all the blanks myself. So I turn to you awesome people. I need a huge amount of pictures, from all sorts of armies. You can get your models into the tome, and help out the largest community project (in word count) on the scene! To show you guys what I'm looking for, here's a preview of a couple of pages: Obviously, these are both WIP. But you get the idea. And you might see just how many models I need for this project! It's crazy, but it's also going to be crazy cool when its done. And you can be a part. The only requirement is that the models are on round bases. This is Age of Sigmar, after all! As you can see, I need single-model pictures for the left page and multi-model/battle scene pictures for the right. So, what armies do I need pictures of? Empire Bretonnia High Elves Dark Elves Wood Elves Lizardmen Nurgle mortals, daemons Khorne Mortals, daemons Generic Chaos Mortals Skaven Beastmen Forest Goblins A pretty long list then. That's what I'm looking for right now. But if you have an awesome model not on this list, I'm happy to take a look. Special characters are especially appreciated! Anyone mentioned during the ET will have special priority, Malekith, Imrik, Karl Franz, Queek etc. Gotta have them all! Thanks for your time, and I hope you guys want to contribute!
  5. I love this book. Plain and simple. I've said loads about it. So to not repeat myself, I'll just link to the minisode where I talk about it. This is just the review of the book, no extra fluff for those of you who don't want more https://fjordhammer.podbean.com/e/nagash-undying-king-review-with-kye-baker/
  6. Congratulations man! Well earned. Couldn't have happened to a better guy! Won't be able to watch though. The 17th of May is Norway's Constitution Day, so no chance of watching twitch
  7. The Grot stuff is interesting. But the Stormcast stuff is really as expected. GW has been going that way since the very first fluff pieces. It's going to to be super interesting to see how it pans out though. I expect that Stormhosts will have even more tangible differences, like chapters of Space Marines have now.
  8. So you guys want some narrative? I've got it for you! Me and @HobbyHammer do a little reading of the coalescence background. You can also find out more about the event pack by checking out the full episode: https://fjordhammer.podbean.com/e/fjordhammer-v/
  9. Yup, editing the episode now. Also includes a cool (maybe) reading of the Coalescence narrative!
  10. Nagash isn't a nice dude. He wants everyone to be dead so only his will exists. All are one in Nagash... What I've gotten from the book is that souls, by default, go to Styggyx. Which the "underworld" beneath the Realm of Death. This is a deathier death realm, effectively Hell. Though it is much more like the greco-roman underworld than christian eternal damnation. If you are bound to the chaos gods, your soul goes to them. Sigmar can take your soul as well. Nagash considers Sigmar's activites as a "theft" of his right as the god of death.
  11. We know that plastic moulds are super expensive. Hence the complete lack of "special" models in the last 10 years. No anniversary, limited run (Storm of Chaos), event-exclusive stuff, because GW proper wanted to go 100% plastic and limited runs can't support that. We have seen them change their minds here though, as there have been loads of them the last 2 years. Notably though, they're all in resin. Resin molds are super cheap comparitively. A Nurgle book would undoubtably include either Pestilens directly, or at the very least a Pestilens artifact/spell lore/command trait section.
  12. GW will definitely make a new Death faction. Deathlords is effectively the backbone of all death going forwards. Narratively, and aesthetically, if not mechanically.
  13. Twitter is usually the best place for @Ben Johnson's stuff. Here's one of the tweets: You can see pictures of Mengel's army here: http://www.mengelminiatures.com/2017/02/showcase-vanguard-nighthaunts-army.html He's got a solid painting guide for the army here: http://www.mengelminiatures.com/2016/12/tutorial-nighthaunts-cairn-wraith.html
  14. People who don't like painting should try planning out their painting a little more. If Ben Johnson can paint 2000 points of Daemons in 4 days, anyone can do the same in a month. But as he's been saying on twitter, it was all in the planning. Washes and drybrushes were 80% of his army, and it still looks really nice. It takes the thing you don't like about painting, breaks it down into manageable chunks, and gets you done really fast. Rather than thinking "I want to paint these good", you should think "I'm going to paint these done". If you've planned well, they'll look good when they're done! And his army does not look dipped. Neither does @Mengel Miniatures's Nighthaunt army, which was also painted incredibly fast.
  15. Are those low wall ruins new? I can't remember seeing them anywhere before. Might be a kitbash, but might not be.