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  1. Fastbear

    Summoning into battalions

    Thanks! Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  2. Fastbear

    Summoning into battalions

    Hi! I was wondering whether I could summon a unit and add it to an existing battalion in my army assuming there is a free slot for it. For example Tzeentch change host requires 9 units in the battalion to swap twice if you have less you can only swap once. If I fielded 8 units in the battalion and then summoned a unit of pink horrors could I add him into the battalion and then swap twice because I now had 9 units in the battalion? On the same note if a unit of pink horrors split into blue horrors, could the new unit of blue horrors be added to the change host battalion?
  3. Fastbear

    Terrain Question- SCGT

    Do you use realmgate rules if you field realmgates as terrain outside of the last scenario? Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  4. Fastbear

    Orruks are the Best! - A 2K List Brainstorm

    If you are using megaboss for command ability and bellowing tyrant I would rather have a talisman of protection on him. You have 25 Brutes so the 1+1+ isn't as relevant for smashyness as keeping him alive to make your arrowboyz into monsters I play the same list with a lot of success only instead of 2 units of Brutes I use 20 Ardboyz half shield half dual weapons. Great for putting a rock on you opponents objective with insane movement and very tanky stats. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  5. Fastbear

    The Arbaal's Iron Waaaaagh!

    I want to see the Ardboyz so bad! Got super inspired to make my own unique Brutes and do some conversions for my Ardboyz! Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  6. Fastbear

    How to handle winning to much...

    Just make him play a thundertusk or 2 and you're toast as bloodbound [emoji14]
  7. Fastbear

    Black ork warboss and more are now Ironjaws

    Grimgor is really good if you run Ardboyz in a unit of 20, had a lot of success with Half shields half dual choppa + grimgor for reroll 1s
  8. Fastbear

    Battleforce and Gargant Base Size

    90x52 according to the tga basing chart
  9. Fastbear

    Black Knight base size?

    60x35 according to the tga basing chart
  10. Fastbear

    New to AoS and Ironjawz

    He counts himself so 3 or less
  11. Fastbear

    2000 Point Mixed Destruction List

    I like it! it's like you took all the cheese and made a list , you probably won't need the extra mortal wounds from a second wizard. Would consider going 20 points under to 100 for a maniak wierdboy, that way you can get triumphs and he has a spell that makes savage orruk arrowboys reroll hits of 1 and if you roll double on the cast you reroll all failed hits. You are. Going to need a lot of small dice
  12. Fastbear

    First Tournament - Prepare me!

    For tournament play you have to remember its all about the objectives. With that in mind I think more models and more units is better also of the times, with 6 units and 24 models I think you will put yourself at a disadvantage for at least 3/6 scenarios. Considering what you have I would try to fit the Ardboyz and 2 units of Brutes with huskard on thundertusk, 2 if you can and ironfist battalion. With this you can charge straight up and cover your melee with strong shooting while holding objectives and still maintaining a model count that can contest objectives
  13. Fastbear

    The Rumour Thread

    Anyone know if the box battalion comes with points?
  14. Fastbear

    Iron & Ard Fist!

    Ardfist doesn't work like that in pitched battles sadly, you have to have Ardboyz in a reserved summoning pool to get them reinforced I think. And that completely defeats the purpose.
  15. Fastbear


    Can I have a battalion from bonesplitterz in a combined destruction army?