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  1. Kugane

    Let's Chat: Verminus

    So, according to the faction focus, GW is pretty much requesting us to get a triple dose burnout painting mooooore clanrats! Well, what you are looking for sounds like a Skryre army to me personally - stormfiends battleline and lots of machines. From what I can tell they do not have the intention of having Verminus be a machine heavy army. All in all, unless that is to change in the new edition, a big unit of clanrats are favourable for screening and bubble wrapping important stuff, I think that'll be even more so the case with the whole "Look out Sir!" rule
  2. I think that kind of culture exists in many places, when people are not trying to get the aknowledgement of strangers (buying nice things to show off, facebook, etc), complaining about life is considered "the" way to communicate. I see it among my acquaintances all the time, I finally get to see them after a long time and would love to hear what they have been up to, I drop the "How have you been?" line and the verbal stress starts flowing about how bad life is treating them. I think suffering is something universal. So nowadays I personally just let people complain and don't think too much of it anymore, nor get worried or irritated. I offer solutions where I can think of any, but ultimately I guess people just need a place to vent out all their negative thoughts and experiences, be it face to face or on a forum. In the end, I highly doubt any of us on this forum or in our close social circles are enlightened beings, have higher realizations of wisdom and/or love, so we all are sort of struggling and getting by, be it in work, relationships, or that Games Workshop not providing us those damned rules we want haha. Everything and anything in life, no matter what it is, is a seed of suffering if allowed to ripen, just like any substance in life is poison if exposed to enough of it (so stop snorting those acrylics people!). I think the same goes for warhammer - when exposed and immersed into it too deeply, flaws and issues will sooner or later emerge, and people will get desperate. I myself do it too. I also complain a lot to friends and on this forum about my favourite army not having the support it think it needs, I get why people would get frustrated, but personally I choose not to get stuck in those kind of feelings anymore, it arrises, I recognise it, I let it out if needed, and then, I just let it pass. I hope more people can adept that kind of mindset though, because I think it would solve a lot of issues for many!
  3. I personally think its a choice if we want to feel annoyed about other people complaining or the negativity. In all seriousness, other than a neutral response, there are only going to be either negative or positive responses. While a lot of communities are extremely toxic, In TGA's case I feel the ammount of negativity is very little, and when things do get out of hand a mod will always step in. I think your best bet is to just report people that are getting out of hand, so a mod can check into it. If not, you are kind of falling into the trap of your #2 procedure ;), complaining about people complaining. So be careful you yourself do not become victim of this :). We live in a world where suffering is a universal truth, so lets keep it positive!
  4. Kugane

    Let's Chat: Verminus

    In the past I used stormfiends together with Sayl and they kind of stayed as a rule of cool in the army ever since. I have not had a single Skaven AOS game for a year now, so never had the chance to test the stormfiends with a warpgrinder personally now that Sayl is no longer a thing. I will go Spiteclaw, Grey Seer, Warlord on Brood Horror, Verminlord Deceiver, Assassin, Deathrunner/Ikit Claw myself. I kind of like the synergy of the verminlord swinging ikit in the opponent's face with an assassin inside... And now that the deceiver can command Eshin units even if its not your general, it'll be fun to include a unit of Gutter runners as well. Really looking forward to these new rules. I feel the new rules make every army at least playable
  5. Kugane

    Let's Chat: Verminus

    Still no reply from the FAQ team, but with the new rules coming out it seems Skaven will be a bit more playable! :) Now a grey seer will be able to use his command ability when he isn't your general, which is absolutely amazing and a huge fix we needed for our little rat friends. On another note: Is anyone still running stormfiends in their verminus list?
  6. Kugane

    Lets Chat: Idoneth Deepkin

    So far eels are considered better then sharks, so you may want to go full eels instead. Make sure you also get a soulscryer. A loremaster is a great idea
  7. Kugane

    GW Fantasy; various for sale

    You don't happen to have any of the weapon teams of IOB? (You didn't list them, but might as well try! :P)
  8. Kugane

    Lets Chat: Idoneth Deepkin

    Thank you! These thralls succesfully stolen the souls of some stormcast and high elves
  9. Kugane

    Lets Chat: Idoneth Deepkin

    Ah, I just photographed the thralls themselves and the Ochtar and his pet elf. I really wish I were better at green stuffing stuff. I have those rubber sculpting tools, but it just isn't enough without proper experience in sculpting for me. I hope it'll look clean enough once painted though.
  10. Kugane

    Lets Chat: Idoneth Deepkin

    I have primed them earlier, but no problem, what kind of shots would you like? front/back/close-up?
  11. Kugane

    Let's Chat: Verminus

    Is it allowed to take a battalion twice in the same list in AOS?
  12. Kugane

    Let's Chat: Verminus

    No reply yet! But man will I be happy if that clawpack is allowed to be used!
  13. Kugane

    Bienvenu en Belgique ! Welcome to Belgium

    Any players near Limburg?
  14. Kugane

    GB Sepulchral Guard.jpg

    The snow looks absolutely amazing on these miniatures. Really nicely done!
  15. Kugane

    Lets Chat: Idoneth Deepkin

    At 2k points your best bet kind of is to go with one of those 1-trick-pony kind of lists though. You either commit to performing 1 strategy well, then X ammounts of sub strategies poorly. Even though in the past we did see some random mixed order lists do quite well in the tournament scene, so its not impossible to create something absolutely random and still perform well (dice rolls and all). Overal ID seems like a fun army regardless.