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  1. My first fully built unit is my Grundstock Thunderers. These guys were a rough kitbash from the 40k poxwalker models and the weapon components from the Thunderers set. I think they have a bit of a Davy Jones crew feel to them with all the tentacles and bits. I still have most of the rifles remaining so will hopefully get round to building 4 more at a future point. Since the GH2017 has made the rifles a good choice I am just weighing up wether I want to do the remaining as my pox guys or add them to a different race.
  2. First part of this project was to see wether waster basing was possibly, as if it was not then having a water free sea based army would not feel worth while. I bought some Water Clear Casting Resin (do not recommend opening this in the house, took about a week for the smell disappear) for the base effect. I had previously tried pva as well as some water effect basing stuff which did not need any catalyst, I found both were prone to clouding when going for a deeper than a few mm water source. I part assembled a Gunhaulers and painted it very minimally with just red and a bit of silver in the water. This is not the planned scheme it was just two light colours so I could get an idea of visibility through the resin. I cut off most of the models keel, filed the stub flat and glued this to the base before painting. For this attempt I used frog tape to build a barrier around the base to contain the liquid resin. And poured in the first layer of resin. This was just as thin "see what happen" layer For the next layer I mixed in some nuln oil GW wash, I noted that they GW washes made the liquid colour quite merky. This worked quite well to mask where the ship was glued to the base. The merky effect worked well for the lower layer, but I didn't want it for the rest. I switched to using Vallejo blue and green inks which reacted much better with the resin. i built up about three layers of this to get to the desired depth. It set solid after around 2 hours, but took about 4 days to harden to the point of no longer having a tacky/sticky surface. The end result was better than expected, success was not an expectation. My one regret. Was not painting the gunhauler fullly before the attempt. Next time I plan to do a larger batch of resin with the inks so that I have better control of the amount of clearness.
  3. Project introduction

    To start with this project seems like a totally crazy goal well above my current hobby skill levels, but I have wanted to do it since I first heard that the Kharadron overlords were coming out so I figure give it a go and worst case outcome will be some fairly pricey AoS scatter terrain. Related to this I always welcome any comments, suggestions and criticism (constructive is good, but I accept it in all forms). Currently my narrative is in its early stages but I will try to outline its concepts and expand in later posts, Faction is based out of a single port city currently named Lucegate. The city is costal and ran by a council made up from two members of each race (or subfaction, yet to decide) who is an accepted formal group in the city plus each fleet Admiral. The Freeport population is made up of break away groups who left their starting faction for various reasons such as disagreeing beliefs, dreams of wealth and prosperity or exile. Many will be next generation rather than initial joiners. All now live or fight for interests of the port rather than base faction interests, though rivalries still exist. Two main characters are two Stormcast characters "The Guide"(Veritant) and "The Light"(castelant). Their story is based on them being twin brothers in the old world. The veritant by chance finds his and recalls his brother on the battlefield but the castellant no longer recognises him, due to the effects of reforging. The veritant takes his brother and flees with him to try to not lose him for ever. Now long standing members of the Freeport "The Guide" is a strong spiritual leader for the members of the port, while "The Light" stands at the bow of a vessel and illuminating the way forward and warding away the darkest dreads of the sea. Plan for the hobby side of the project. Overall theme is a Freeport sea/water based faction where the port will be Order based but be built from all 4 Grand Alliance races, general idea being runaways and deserters from their original factions. Currently planning to have each vessel based mainly around a single faction from within the game (grots and goblins will be part of all crews as ship hands, mostly for ease as they are about the correct scale for the models) Scourge Privateers, Fyreslayers etc. Plan to then have each unit to be tied to a single race, so like may have witch, corsair and wyldwood ranger based models making up one "Arkanaut Company" and Fyreslayers and Dispossessed making up another. This is partly to make it easier to keep track i.e. If I make 40 Aelf based Company models with 10 of each from 4 base kits then is easier to break down into small units or run as a blob without having confusion, it is also as I want the faction to feel a bit more like disordered raiders than a martial military faction. To start with I am planning to be doing Order based starting units then spreading out into other factions. I currently have a lot of ideas in the air for repressing the other units/characters.
  4. Khorne Bloodbound Aspiring Deathbringer in Red Headsman colour scheme variation
  5. Hi, what is the ruling on how to deal with multipliers and additions to the attack profile as far as BODMAS vs BADMS. Specific question related to Khorne Mark of the Destroyer *2 attack characteristics interaction with other abilities that increase attack characteristic on weapons (Slay the Worthy, Slaugher Incarnate, Rage of Khorne, etc). i figured it would be BODMAS, so base*2 the add, but many players on FB are saying its controlling players choice. What are people opinions, is their an official ruling and if not is their a tournament ruling? Generally want to get the best out of my guys but don't wish to be cheating.p
  6. Mourngul as General

    Indeed I more feel that if you were running one it fits well into the general role than a weedy necromancer more than promoting cheese balls lists.
  7. Mourngul as General

    Slightly OT but I prefer having any model be general, although often for narrative reasons. Like the mourngul leading in smaller games often makes sense to me as it's the most powerful thing in the force, like the nercro summons it they then have a short lived stare down which ends in a smushed necro and a mourngul in charge as much as raging around the battlefield is in charge anyway. also find it fits with other factions like fyreslayer Karl probably has more leadership skills and purpose than a grymwrath bezerker.
  8. Thanks this is what I figured. Just wished to check as I did question it as BS, but when people come up with stuff like that it tends to get stuck in the mantra of our local anti AoS militia. And trying to disprove things that don't exist very difficult, which is why the community gets blessed with questions like this.
  9. Does seraphon engine of the gods ignore summoning costs in matched play? This to me is a daft question, as the answer should be no. However a local seraphon player says that a FAQ states that it does. i have skimmed the FAQ's from December on the GW site and not found a rule saying so, but I also am aware that it is possible that for some crazy reason a FAQ would say this and I have just missed it.
  10. Does seraphon engine of the gods ignore summoning costs in matched play? This to me is a daft question, as the answer should be no. However a local seraphon player says that a FAQ states that it does. i have skimmed the FAQ's from December on the GW site and not found a rule saying so, but I also am aware that it is possible that for some crazy reason a FAQ would say this and I have just missed it.
  11. Behold the Kharadron Overlords!

    I personally don't play tournaments as I currently find can't the time, but I do listen to the podcasts about them. i think recently one of them was saying that one/some of the larger uk ones require a unified army colour scheme, which I think for table top display is a good thing. But if I have to paint my models a certain way to get rules for them that will very quickly limit the grand alliance order, for example, options if I wish to attend an event.
  12. @Kramer The explicit point restriction is not a way I wish to go but it is a good idea, for the campaigns I am attempting to fix they are store wide and mixed age of which many struggle with points and so most campaigns try to mask, hide or avoid. Also is a secondary "mini game" where sales are are good for the store so points being to low won't really work. If I went the way of using points would be looking to use the Tzeench and Stormcast books as a benchmark as @mhsellwood says they appear to be much more balanced, would try to rewrite other tables based around those points. This I agree with in fact the first games of path to glory that we ran were the pre GHB black library path to glory supplement which was just written for chaos, of which the chaos tables are pretty much a cut and paste job from.
  13. Currently I am trying to find ways to guide campaign in my local store to be a bit more balanced an sustainable. The general worst case is you end up with a 5k army a 2k army and a 600 point army at the ends of the spectrum and games become enjoyably for 0-1 person which tends to lead to a high drop out rate. The campaign is always open to anyone in store who wants to join, rather than a close knit group of friends. My current ideas for path to glory are to have a dice roll for your reward which you can reroll, as long as it's not a duplicate, at the cost of a Glory Point. If you roll a duplicate that you have already rolled you get no reward for, the game. This should limit to a max of 2 of each upgrade a week but make getting the max unlikely, also giving some incentive for people to play more than the ~2 games a week, which is what happens if their is a hard cap of 2 games a week where weekend players find it hard to get a game because those who have played to the cap in the week are not overly interested in playing a campaign game with no personal benefit. I also was planning to at a cap on the number of units that you can field in one game . Basses on the start units for leader +n. I.e. Durthu 4 base + 4 for n = 8. While branchwraith base 6 + 4 for n =10. The warband can have more units than this but can only use a maximum of the cap number in any game. When you roll for a new retinue unit of the roll is for a warscroll already in your warband you can chose to add extra guys to an existing unit. This only counts as one unit for cap purposes and is capped at matched play unit sizes. Also planning to add some form of restriction in summoning, possibly one successful "Summon *" spell per turn. Initially I would plan this campaign to run for 8 weeks. Every 2 weeks it would move realm ( using the realm rules from The Realmgate Wars campaign) at the end of the 2 week period the player with the most GP's faction will claim the area within the realm that is being fought over. Their reward for the campaign is only narrative and possibly character will gain ability that only works in that realm in narrative games out side the scope of this campaign. Glory points reset to 0 each time players move realm. Also is their any community work to more balanced party to glory retinue tables for multi faction. I don't really worry about wanting it to be fully balanced but I do find the table comparisons a bit loopy i.e. 5 druids vs 10 liberators. Also many factions are not represented. In general I am looking to have a campaign system which is enjoyable for most involved and does not fizzle out due to some players outscaling the majority. All help, feedback and criticism will be much appreciated.
  14. Around 250-300 maybe 280 as a number if guessing. seems similar to other monsters treelord etc, paying a bit more for hero and unbind.
  15. Advice for a 13 year old painter

    IDICBeer 40k is doing a back to basics series currently, is not all about painting but is quite good.