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  1. Spiderfang grots, are they any good?

    Thanks for the feedback guys! It's much appreciated! I know what you mean, they're awesome. I normally only play games at tournaments, so my matches tend to be pretty hardcore haha. Having said that I don't mind losing half the time, might just go ahead with the spiders :). How do you use the spiderfang grots? Do you hold them back and pepper the enemy with the bows or do you chuck them in CC? I agree there is a lot of overlap with the wizards, but that's just to ensure I have the spiderfang spell and the flinger seems pretty weak haha. I added the troll hag cause my model is all nice and painted and also cause she has the potential to cause mortal wounds on a successful dispel and her spell is pretty good (-1 to hit and -1 armour sve), plus her vomit attack can be really useful for killing characters with 6 wounds. I unfortunately don't own a goblin wolf chariot, I do have snotlings though haha. I'll see if I can kitbash something, I have a heap of wolf riders and stuff, might be able to come up with a decent chariot :). Cheers, Crispen
  2. Hi Guys! So I've been playing destruction for a while and usually field gutbusters backed up by a troll hag or a frostlord or go completely stupid and take min battleline supported troggoths. I purchased a second hand spiderfang grots army a while ago and I was wondering if anyone has been playing them and how are they faring? I've tried good ole google, but its not giving up enough info for me to make the jump. I was contemplating putting the following 2k list together: Heroes Arachnarok - Wizard Arachnarok - Wizard Arachnarok - Wizard Grot warboss on spider - General Battleline 5 spider riders 5 spider riders 30 spider riders Allies Troll Hag 60pts for Triumph roll. I've not thought about the command traits or anything. Still on the fence whether to spend time getting this army together or continue with the gutbusters. I'm not looking to win tournaments, but I'd like something that did better then my trolls which went 0-3 in their last outing haha. Thanks in advance for advice and/or replies :). Cheers, Crispen
  3. Troggoths and how to serve them with grots.

    I was going to test something like this: Grot boss on foot Grot boss on foot grot boss on squig Moonclan shaman Moonclan shaman 60 moonclan grots - spears 60 moonclan grots - Bows 20 moonclan grots - spears 3 fellwater troggoths 3 fellwater troggoths TrollHag
  4. Hey guys! So finally after trying to get to a tournament for the last few months I made it to one. The tournament was a one dayer and had an attendance of 32 players. Which is actually the second largest in Australia I believe. The largest AOS event I know of was 50 or so down in Canberra. I wanted to take a fun list with some of my cooler models and went with: Frostlord on stonehorn - Battle brew Troll hag - General, bellowing tyrant 6 fellwater troggoths 3 sour breath troggoths 3*3 Ogor bulls with hand weapon and iron fist 3 gorgers The idea behind the list is that you apply pressure with the gorgers and stonehorn and hopefully the second wave of troll hag and trolls can finish off the opponent. In practice most lists in the last few months have evolved to dish enough mortal wounds to kill a stonehorn dead turn one or two depending on who goes first, and obviously if they can do that then a troll hag is going to follow quickly behind! Here is a pic of my spruced up troll hag (she looks better in person I'm just bad with pictures) So with my newly finished trollhag backed up by her minions and trusty frostlord bodyguard I marched to my first table, table 1! *I made it! We're the greatest* My opponent for the first match was a great guy named Anthony. He was running a mixed order list that from memory comprised: Empire general on horse Damsel lore master 10 hand gunners 10 hand gunners 30 swordsman (might have been 20) Luminark Hurricanum Carmine dragon 2 units of 3 prosecutors with hammers We were playing the take and hold scenario. So right away I figured this was going to be a bad match up, there were a decent amount of mortal wound output models, shooting and buffing and healing magic in Anthony's list. Deployment wise I tried to bait down as many units as possible and then deployed my stonehorn across from the centre of resistance. The game started badly, with a few bad destruction moves from my stonehorn (1 for destruction and run) and then me just completely forgetting to move the stonehorn towards the dragon after clearing the way with troll vomit, a mistake that is deserving of a loss, this followed by a double turn ended in me getting tabled bar my gorgers who took 3 turns to beat down 3 prosecutors. Anthony secured my objective turn 3 with his buffed carmine dragon after killing 2 units of 3 ogors in combat and the other with a mix of hurricanum shooting and the dragons breath attack, which by the way is awesome against my army haha. I had a great game as Anthony was a great opponent, his army was beautifully painted and I got to spew on some things. Game 1: Major loss for the trolls and fatties Game 2 was on table 15 (Oh how the mighty have fallen :P) My opponent was a young guy called Jared again we were up against a mixed order army that comprised of: Skarvet on carno Sunblood Celestant prime Starseer hurricanum 5 liberators 5 liberators 5 judicators 5 paladin retributors 10 saurus with shield and swords Our scenario was border war I believe its called (the one with 4 objectives to catch) I was able to again bait out Jared's drops and place my stonehorn across from his judicators and skarvet on carno. I've never versed stormcast, but have heard that judicators are bad so had no intention of letting them wreck my frail trolls. Turn one the stonehorn does what stonehorns do and took out the judicators and 3 of paladin retributors. In return Jared buffed his Sunblood and got it into my 3 man sourbreath unit and charged the skarvet into my stonehorn (I did say it was risky to him), with re-rolls from that starseer he severely damaged the stonehorn (I think he inflicted about 9 wounds after halving) in return the stonehorn took out the skarvet on carno. The sunblood killed 2 sourbreath (even after some insane too dumb to die rolls) I was close to having 2 sourbreath alive, but Jared was a b@st@rd and made me re-roll the last too dumb to die which resulted in him dead. In this game the pivotal model was Jared sunblood which ignores rend 2 and with his re-rolls and general good rolling was able to at one point hold all my trolls for 3 turns, allowing him to drop down the prime (who I forgot about) and secure all 4 objectives for a major victory (the prime with help from his hurricanum and a double turn cleared off my 9 ogors guarding the objective). Jared played well and was also lucky enough to secure two double turns, which my army can't handle. The trolls rely on having a turn in between to heal up, but weren't able to do so at pivotal points resulting in heavy causalities and a dead troll hag. Game 2: major loss to the trolls and fatties Game 2 was on table 13, The trolls still climbing due to this tournament using the magic resistance mechanic to work out where people should be placed. Apparently my first two opponents were going well! I versed a fellow named Daniel with a mixed skaven list. Daniels army was pretty cool looking on the table. Had a nice battle line look to it when deployed and was well painted. His list from memory was: Pack master Skyre character with glaive, some sort of electric gauntlet and a mini flame thrower Skaven warlord 3 * 5 skyre acolytes with poison wind globes 4*10 clan rats with spears 2 warp lightning cannons 2*3 stormfiends with warpfire projectors 8 jezzails Scenario: 3 places of power Daniel had a lot of drops, so I wasn't able to manipulate where he placed the lightning cannons, I also had tow large pieces of deadly scenery on either side of my army funneling me up the middle... Was looking more and more like a turkey shoot. I had some tanky characters so could try and catch the places of power, but one of the places was on deadly terrain and I didn't fancy losing my characters to it, the other two were being guarded by 6 storm fiends, 2 warp lightning cannons, 10 acolytes and 8 jezzails... Yikes! My battle plan I figured would have to be to assassinate Daniels flimsy characters with the troll hag's vomit and go for a minor loss/minor victory. Things started off well with a turn one charge, Daniel realised my stonehorn could attack his warplightning cannon and moved it back a few inches... I mentioned this to him and he said it was unintentional and he meant to have them back 2 inches from the line of clanrats shielding them. Since I was not playing on table one I didn't want to spoil an enjoyable game with semantics! Into the killing! Stonehorn killed 20 rats in return daniel got a double turn and killed the stonehorn and troll hag with shooting.... He rolled 3 ones for his warp lightning cannons... It was game over from there, the dream was dead. Daniel Also passed all his mystical rolls and quickly finished up what remained of my army over the course of 4 turns, we played on as there would have been nothing else to do and the game was fun. One sourbreath troggoth managed to kill 2 stormfiends and fight all 6 for 4 rounds of combat! My too dumb to die keeping him standing way longer then he should have, the fellwater troggoths were gunned down by jezzails and warp lightning cannons and the 9 ogors managed to kill the skyre character after 3 rounds of combat before also being shot dead. So no wins on the battlefield I did however win best painted, which I was super surpised with. There were some very well painted death armies there at least two of them I felt were better then my own, but people loved the trollhag which I suspect carried me over the line. I want to thank my opponents (should you read this :)) for 3 great games! I don't think the troggoths will be going out for another spin until they get a massive reduction in points or are made battleline for their faction. 200pts for what is effectively 3 ogors with a low rng shooting attack and rend -1 on their attacks is too steep to justify them. The army certainly would have been better though if I took my night gobbos as support, but I haven't rebased them or finished painting them yet... I also need a mangler squig.. Maybe I should get one with my winnings from best painted, we shall see. Anyways thanks for reading! Crispy out
  5. Heavy troggoth list

    Yep, totally agree. The archnarok will have the shaman on top, so he gets to cast two spells. Will prioritise the ole mystic shield for one of those and probably super charge a unit of spiders with the other.
  6. Heavy troggoth list

    haha yeah they would be pretty good, thats for sure and would fit more in with the list look and feel. I only own regular greenskinz atm. I could take 3 units of 10 orruks with shield and choppa? gives me a 5+ all the time and re-rollable 5+ in CC. I took the ogors also for that 6inch move.
  7. Hey guys! So I was going to go to a tournament on the 16th, but alas real world stuff got in the way and I couldn't make it. I also wasn't able to get all the painting I wanted done so probably for the best. I was looking and it seems like the store might hold another on the 30th with any luck. So if that goes ahead then I was thinking of dusting off my trolls. Thinking this might be a fun list: Troll hag - 400pts Arachnarok (Spider shrine) - 280pts 6 fellwater trolls 3 sour breath trolls 3x5 spider riders - full command 3x 3 ogors - full command 1x gorgers I've used gitmob grots as batteline for the trolls previously and it didn't work too well. They tended to explode and then shortly after the trolls would also explode leaving the troll hag alone against the enemy. I think the ogors might do better, I plan on using them to screen and primarily do the dying. There is potentially a good combo with the troll hag curse and the ogors, but not too likely to get off. Spider riders are there to look cool and move fast, if they do some killing then thats a bonus :). Let me know what you guys think? Crispen out
  8. Hey guys, I recently picked up some dwarves from that set that was out a while ago where it had them and the goblins. What are you guys using this dude as now? I think he was a giant slayer or something in the set? Anyways thanks in advance for the help! Crispen
  9. Greenskinz big mob and friends

    Yeah love the squiggoth model. Here is mine: in 40k I run a dred mob (got the forgeworld mecha and mega dreds) and stick 15 shoota boyz in this guy. If only he had some AOS rules! that would be awesome.
  10. Greenskinz big mob and friends

    Haha I did see some of the old cyberboars for sale on ebay the other day! I found out through the tournament organiser that you can't use the big mob though in matched play unfortunately. The latest FAQ stops you from doing it. Which is a shame. The regular boyz are still good though, pretty rare to have a battleline unit with a rend weapon in the destruction alliance. The warboss with banner is good too if you run iron jawz as he effects all orruks and you could use some of the iron jawz as Nobz for 40k. I think I'll need to get some boar boyz though before I head to a tournament with the list with the battalion being gone, as without it. The army might be a little too slow to tie up key elements of the opponents army. I was looking at a possible turn 1 charge with battalion and without, turn 2 at best. Just my thoughts on it :). Good luck with the SnakeBites. Post pics on here if you do decide to get them, always loved that tribe as well for 40k. Squigs are too cool.
  11. Hey guys! So I've been painting seraphon for a tournament on the 16th, but the whole time I've been thinking about my game the other day with a friend and I think I might wait to bust out the seraphon... Need some more practice, I don't think the list I was going to take is for someone with as little AOS experience as myself. So I was back at the drawing board, looking at my collection I saw that I had a large collection of greenskinz sitting in the lunch bags they came in (bought them second hand) and thought maybe they might be alright. I know they're not as good as savage orruks with their shiny battletome, but 5+ re-rollable in CC seems alright (mine are the ones that come with shields, the snap together orruks). So the first thing I looked at was what battalions are available to me. Since I knew the army would probably have a load of drops I'd like to try and reduce these if I could. In the AOS app there is only one, the Greenskinz big mob. I noticed that the battalion uses different keywords for the units, but the app still says they're legal choice when selecting the orruk boyz, so that was good enough for me. The list: Greenskinz big mob battalion Orruk warboss - Waagh banner - General, talisman of preservation Orruk great shaman 30 Orruks with shields and choppa - full command 30 orruks with shields and choppa - full command Boar chariot - Would have loved to take boar boyz, but don't own any and I like the older models and can't seem to find them anywhere for cheapish 20 arrer boyz - Boss Frostlord on stonehorn - battle brew 3 gorgers Rock lobba So the list functions similar to my ogor list which incorporates the frostlord. You throw the frostlord and gorgers in the opponents face, causing as much disruption as possible. The other elements of my army move up and capture objectives and kill any survivors. Its a pretty effective strategy with my only losses coming from people who have accidentally cheated to kill the stonehorn (one guy used some plague spell, but dealt a mortal wound every phase instead of when he caused a wound (think its miasma?) and another used van hels in his and my turn as well as dual artifacts when he didn't have a battalion). I think that I might place higher this time around then with the ogors as the orruks feel like they might contribute a little more. Will see though! Crispen out
  12. Seraphon's first outing

    That does look like a very cool list. I was looking at the all saurus cav battalion. Just lacking the cav atm. I've got plenty of skinks so I could field them. I just really wanted to try out a solid Saurus list. I think I'm going to put the seraphon on the shelf until I practice with them some more. I think my 2k list could definitely do alright, but might be a rough ask to jump in after one game into a tournament full of beastclaw raiders with kunning rukks and tzeentch lists haha.
  13. Hi Guys, Figured it might be a long shot, but does anyone have a gotrek and felix model they would part with? Preferably after these ones, but will take the older ones (anything really haha): I'm in Australia, payment via paypal preferred. Thanks for looking! Crispen.
  14. Hi guys! So a friend of mine dropped around today and we decided to bust out a 1200pts game. My seraphon vs his undead. I wanted to test the core of my 2k list so I took: Sunclaw starhost Sunblood - General, obsidian blade, tenacity, phoenix stone 30 saurus with spears 10 saurus with swords 10 saurus with swords Oldblood with great weapon Skink starpriest Skar-vet on carno My friend took Vampire lord - book of -1 to hit, general Necromancer 10 skeletons with swords and shields 30 skeletons with spears and shields 20 grave guard 2 morghast archai 10 zombies sitting in his summoning pool (I didnt know this in the game). We decided to play take and hold as I think this might be a scenario I'm going to struggle with. Deployment wise I placed my carno on the right hand side of the battlefield, one 10 man saurus unit screened my 30 man unit and the other 10 man saurus was deployed on the 12inch line on the far left. All my characters were deployed on the back board edge as I wasn't sure how fast my friends army was. He occasionally runs these black knight bombs that get a first turn charge and wasn't sure if he had something similar planned with this army. I was able to win the priority and went first, in hindsight I shouldn't have. I couldn't make use of the saurus march ability as that would put me in a bad position if my friend double turned me. So instead I pushed the 10 man sword unit that I deployed on the left up the flank and cast mystic shield on them and moved the carno forward. My middle battle line re-positioned themselves. In my friends turn he summoned some zombies to block my carno and moved his entire battle line forward. His skeleton unit he buffed with the vampire's command ability (+1 attack). The archai flew into the centre. I won the priority for second turn. I started by casting mystic shield on my 10 man swordman unit shielding the spearman and using inspiring presence on the spearman. I knew that next turn I was going to probably take a beating haha. Everything in my army shuffled forward a little. My saurus on the far left flank charged a 10 man skeleton unit and the carno rolled a double 1 for his charge... In combat I rolled badly and only managed to kill 3 skeletons and lost 4 saurus in return. In my friends turn he ran his zombies out of the way as much as possible and positioned his spearman unit for a charge into the carno. His wights prepared for a charge on the losing 10 man saurus unit on the left and the archai set themselves up for a charge into my 10 man screening unit. The vamp threw his command ability along with cursing my carno and the necromancer gave van hels to the skeleton spearman. The saurus on the left only just managed to die, the wights only killing 5 and with the skeletons managing to cause the one wound needed to remove the remaining member. The carno surprisingly held up to the double attacks from the spearman only losing 5 wounds from about 100 attaks, in return I only managed to kill 3 skeletons due to the vampires curse and my inability to hit anything. The archai ate through 6 saurus.. Those dudes are brutal when you can't ignore their rend haha. We rolled for priority with me knowing if I lost, I'd lose the game. Luckily for me priority was on my side and I was able to secure it again. I was finally able to use the sunblood command ability! And only just! I threw it on the skeleton unit that was currently beating up my carno. I tried to cast mystic shield on the 4 saurus fighting the archai, but it failed. I moved my old blood up to try and get a charge off on the archai, it was desperate, but I needed to try and stop them from getting into the spearman. the sunblood and skink priest moved over together towards the carno and the spearman prepared themselves to charge the skeleton spearman. Charges started badly with the old blood not making it into the archai, it was so bad as this meant his re-rolls of 1 to wound buff would still be in range of the spearman. The spearman made their charge into the skeletons. In CC they managed to delete 18 of them and took 3 causalities in return. With the carno ability and battleshock the skeletons were wiped. The 4 man unit of saurus unsurprisingly got slaughtered by the archai. In my friends turn he positioned his archai and wights for a charge into the oldblood and spearman and the zombies for a charge into the carno. The necro used arcane missile to take 2 wounds off the carno putting him at 7 and the vamp used his curse thing to remove 1 attack from all the saurus spearman weapons... Which is brutal since that basically negates the 80 point battalion. Charges went off with only a small amount of wight making contact with the oldblood and spearman. The archai easily made it into the spearman centre and the zombies went into my carno. My friend activated the archai first and proceeded to delete 12 saurus. In retaliation I managed to kill one archai, bing the other to 2 wounds remaining and do nothing to his wights. He then activated the zombies who caused 2 wounds to the carno! My old blood whiffed and missed with all his attacks before being deleted by the wights, I also lost a further 10 spearman from the wights. In battle shock the saurus disappeared. We rolled for priority and my friend got the double turn. I conceded, but we played it out to see what would happen. The carno was arcane missiled off a decent 3 mortal wounds caused. The wights moved up to charge the sunblood and the archai went after my priest. My friend wanted to see what the sunblood could do and charged him, as soon as the sunblood died I would lose anyway as he was the only thing holding my objective. My friend was able to get van hels off in the hero phase on the wights (forgot to mention that). In combat he caused 7 wounds to me, luckily because I was tenacious I was holding in there and caused 6 back at him, we didn't roll for the second round of attacks from the wights and ended it there. Learning curves I came away with a few things learned. The additional wound on the Sunblood probably isn't worth it and might be better replaced with reckless. I shouldn't have been so timid and should have tried for a double turn, myself. By not doing so meant I just doomed myself to die slowly (which I did great!) Saurus old blood is really sad as far as his profile goes, but the re-rolls to 1 for all saurus within 5 inches is good. I will say though the high elf loremaster could probably kill this dude 1 on 1.. Seriously the mage has a better to hit roll haha. Sunblood command ability is super hard to use. 15 inch range is surprisingly low and when you do get to use this ability its generally only going to be for your turn as whatever you hit with it is likely to die anyway. I may need to consider making the slann my general, I'll ponder some more. All your abilities are single targets, which means you have to anticipate exactly what your opponent is going to do and if you're fighting on multiple fronts like I was, you're probably going to be overwhelmed. Saurus are great chaff, but might not work in the way I'm hoping. I planned to use them sorta like a chaff and hammer with the 10 man units slowing the enemy so the 30 man unit can obliterate them. Coming to find this might work once, but that's it... Carnosaurs look awesome, but don't seem to be very killy... at least not the skar-vet anyway. The 30 man saurus spearman unit is super hard to maneuver, the large bases are just killer for 1 wound 5+ sve models. The next games I play will be at a tournament on the 16th. After this game I had considered going over to chaos or back to my ole trusty stonehorn haha. But I think I'll just stick to Seraphon to get the army based and painted. Here is my WIP old blood: Thanks for reading. Crispen out!
  15. Hi guys, Just creating this post to place all my pics of my army as I move it to rounds and finish painting it. First guy finished is my carnosaur and old blood. More to come soon :).