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  1. Fellwater Troggoths repacked?

    I like them, I ally 3 with my moonclan. -1 to hit in combat and 2 damage attacks they can hit surprisingly hard. But I agree they are a little to much points wise.
  2. Let's chat: Garrek's Reavers

    Have the new warbands Inspired anyone else to make new decks then? Just starting out really and im interested in whether these new cards have changed peoples decks. Atm my deck is heavily objective based, but I want to use one that feels a bit more “Khornate” but that actually works.
  3. moonclan squig

    A heavy squig army won heat 3 of the Grand Tournament last year. If played well (very well), it can be very effective. Check it out here http://facehammer.co.uk/2017/07/06/gt-heat-3-winning-list-squigs/ This list was before GH17 tho, so a few changes would be needed, but at least it shows it can work
  4. Malign Portents Destruction buff?

    The great thing about them is you can use them in matched play. The question is whether or not they are adopted by tournaments. It could be the case of it being a role off if you wanted to use them in your game, much like ive seen Time of War rules used in tournaments being rolled for (such as Realm of Fire rules for Chaos Dwarfs) for example. I for one hope they are, they look like they add a little bit of an extra layer to a matched play game, without out being too crazy overpowered. But of course I havnt actually played a game with them et so there must be all sorts of combos out there. I know there is a +1 to hit sign, which could make certain shooting units (looking at you Skyfires and Kurnoths) become really good. Who knows. Heres hoping!
  5. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    I can't find anything in the FAQs about it. It seems open to interpretation, like most rules I guess lol. I think the intention is just to use their standard movement. Making use of the Wyldwood move seems a little "gamey" to me if I'm honest. Whenever I have used the battalion I just use their standard move, but if you and your opponent agree otherwise, its all good.
  6. WiP Wednesdays

    Been working on my Warboss today!
  7. Malign Portents and The Bad Moon

    Im actually really tempted to take the warboss on squig due to his bravery 6. I only tend to use Inpiring Presence anyway, and Bellowing Tyrant a second unit to use his higher bravery seems a good option.
  8. Malign Portents and The Bad Moon

    I like most of this guys they gave him, two things that stand out to me is tre bravery, was hoping for a decent number considering hes meant to be off his nut on mushrooms, to make good use of Bellowing Tyrant. His spell, D6” range.... wat. Ill probably stick him in the middle of a unit of grots, a row or two back and hope I role high enough to reach whatever the grots are in combat with.
  9. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    I think I saw only one or two Sylvaneth Players in the list for the weekends Heat 1. With only one in the top 40. Honestly thought we were more popular than that! Is this a fair reflection of where we are in the competative scene?
  10. Let's chat Grotz and Moonclan

    I would go with a 40 strong unit over 2 20s and Inpiring presence it every turn. On the same point I would have a 20 strong unit of squigs, or 2 10s, rather than a 15 and a 5 Also, on Azyr the Gobba is 140 not 180 (unless I need an update)
  11. Starting a Moonclan.

    I've recently starting playing my Moonclan again, working on my own 1000 points as well. My List is: Warboss (Skarsnik) Shaman Shaman 40 Grots (6 Nets, Spears) 10 Cave Squigs 3 Fanatics Mangler Squig. Big blocks of grots supported by all types of squigs is whats hot, small units can melt quite quickly, although they are useful for just sitting on the backfield objectives. Mangler Squigs are insane, always try to bring at least one if you can. Spears are deemed better than cuttas due to their 2" range complementing the large size of the units, they attack with an extra rank of grots and its easier to get more attacks in. Fanatics can be used either defensively to block charges or aggressively to jump out and hit something hard. I use them mainly to counter charge units threatening my squig units. Check out the Lets Chat Moonclan thread there is loads of advice on there mate and good luck!
  12. Dryads vs Spyte-Revenants.

    Although the Spite Revenants rules look underwhelming on paper, I thought the same when first saw them, in practise the battleshock effects they bring can come in quite useful. With all the Wyldwoods we can set up onto the table the two dice for battleshock can spread quite far. I have had a few games now where it has meant a few extra enemy models fleeing off the board,or preventing daemons coming back on a role of 1. Spite Revenants are for sitting a little behind your lines and making the most out of their special rules.That being said, I wouldn't fill my Battleline purely of Spite Revenants unless I was aiming at fielding a Dreadwood Wargrove. Dryads and Revenants, despite both being batteline, have very different roles to play on the battlefield and if you were to use Spite Revenants the same way as you would Dryads they would fail dramatically. Dryads are a better all round choice to fill up our battleline slots, but I find having a unit of Revenants (Spite and Tree) in the mix is always useful and fun.
  13. Moonclan grot unit weapon options

    60 with spears is my typical loadout.
  14. MoaR Squigs: 2k Moonclan

    Warboss with Great Squig Warboss with Moonslicer (or possibly swapped for Mounted Warboss) Shaman Shaman 60 Grots with Pokin' Spears 3 Fanatics 10 Squig Hoppers 20 Cave Squigs 4 Herders Mangler Squig Colossal Squig Squig Gobba 1980 The basic idea is to have a high squig count to deal damage with an block of grots to hold ground. Havnt had a look at the artefacts and whatnot so any suggestions on those would be grand.
  15. Sylvaneth v Clan Skryre, how to beat it?

    I cannot think is a worst match up between two armies. Clan Skryre almost exclusively inflicts mortal wounds, Sylvaneth have NO save against mortal wounds. I'm looking for advice off any Sylvaneth players with experience in facing the 2000 point Clan Skryre lists that have been floating around. What do I take, can I do anything?