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  1. Moonclan grot unit weapon options

    60 with spears is my typical loadout.
  2. MoaR Squigs: 2k Moonclan

    Warboss with Great Squig Warboss with Moonslicer (or possibly swapped for Mounted Warboss) Shaman Shaman 60 Grots with Pokin' Spears 3 Fanatics 10 Squig Hoppers 20 Cave Squigs 4 Herders Mangler Squig Colossal Squig Squig Gobba 1980 The basic idea is to have a high squig count to deal damage with an block of grots to hold ground. Havnt had a look at the artefacts and whatnot so any suggestions on those would be grand.
  3. Sylvaneth v Clan Skryre, how to beat it?

    I cannot think is a worst match up between two armies. Clan Skryre almost exclusively inflicts mortal wounds, Sylvaneth have NO save against mortal wounds. I'm looking for advice off any Sylvaneth players with experience in facing the 2000 point Clan Skryre lists that have been floating around. What do I take, can I do anything?
  4. Seperate Mangler Squigs?

    Cheers for the responses guys! Cool idea with the lego too. May look at doing something similiar then just incase.
  5. Seperate Mangler Squigs?

    Afternoon. Quick question as I cant find the answer on the web. Whats the consensus with having Mangler Squigs running on two seperate bases at events and tournaments? Essentially getting two squigs for the price of one? I reeeallly dont like the original standing on top of each pose and was hoping to just pop them on seperate bases (cos it seems to make more sense)