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Matt Large

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  1. Matt Large

    Let's chat Grotz and Moonclan

    Im pretty sure that combo is why they nerfed battlebrew im the first place. So it is doable yeah.
  2. Matt Large

    Let's chat Grotz and Moonclan

    I wasnt sure about the warbosses rule about 6s when i played him. Is it unmodified 6s fail, how does it work with modifiers?
  3. Matt Large

    Best Basing Materials

    Its really easy! Open up some tea bags (black tea) into a bowl, apply PVA glue to base of model and either dip in the model or tip it onto the base. Then pva the leaves or any other foliage on top of the “soil”. They are the simplest bases I’ve even done.
  4. Matt Large

    Best Basing Materials

    I used tea on my Sylcaneth bases, its so easy and looks pretty good. Birch seeds make good leaves as well.
  5. Matt Large

    Let's chat Grotz and Moonclan

    So I have a couple of lists I wanted to share to see peoples thoughts. The first list, led my a warboss with some troggoth allies, is the list im currently using. But I just feel that the warboss isnt worth the 120 points and the troggoths, although cool, dont add much more than what all the big squigs already dish out. The second list, I have taken out the warboss in favour of an extra shaman and removed the troggoths in favour of an extra unit of fanatics and another unit of grots for another blocking unit to protect my squigs. Does the newer list look better? Or shall I stick with what Im using? Also, what 2k lists have you guys been running lately?
  6. Matt Large

    Let's chat: Garrek's Reavers

    It is. But I dont have the latest packs yet so rolled with it. Still getting my head round these cards let along two whole new packs worth! No idea
  7. Matt Large

    Let's chat: Garrek's Reavers

    Yeah thats the one I was trying, and I like most of it, but I agree there are a few cards that Im definatly going to swap out.
  8. Matt Large

    Let's chat: Garrek's Reavers

    So I played a few games last night with an aggressive deck and one thing that was driving me mad was “score at the end of round 3” it objectives and getting constantly getting them round 1. Maybe its just bad luck, but its made me want to take all objectivea like that out and have a deck of scote immediately or at the end of the current round one. Anyone else found this?
  9. Matt Large

    Let's chat: Garrek's Reavers

    Whats your advice on positioning then? Best choice of board? How to set them up etc? Im trying out the deck “Blood for the Blood God” from the Underworlds site so I’ll have to see how a more aggressive style goes for me.
  10. Matt Large

    Let's chat: Garrek's Reavers

    So would you forgo objective holding all together or have a hybrid deck of objectives and kill based ones?
  11. Matt Large

    Fellwater Troggoths repacked?

    I like them, I ally 3 with my moonclan. -1 to hit in combat and 2 damage attacks they can hit surprisingly hard. But I agree they are a little to much points wise.
  12. Matt Large

    Let's chat: Garrek's Reavers

    Have the new warbands Inspired anyone else to make new decks then? Just starting out really and im interested in whether these new cards have changed peoples decks. Atm my deck is heavily objective based, but I want to use one that feels a bit more “Khornate” but that actually works.
  13. Matt Large

    moonclan squig

    A heavy squig army won heat 3 of the Grand Tournament last year. If played well (very well), it can be very effective. Check it out here http://facehammer.co.uk/2017/07/06/gt-heat-3-winning-list-squigs/ This list was before GH17 tho, so a few changes would be needed, but at least it shows it can work
  14. Matt Large

    Malign Portents Destruction buff?

    The great thing about them is you can use them in matched play. The question is whether or not they are adopted by tournaments. It could be the case of it being a role off if you wanted to use them in your game, much like ive seen Time of War rules used in tournaments being rolled for (such as Realm of Fire rules for Chaos Dwarfs) for example. I for one hope they are, they look like they add a little bit of an extra layer to a matched play game, without out being too crazy overpowered. But of course I havnt actually played a game with them et so there must be all sorts of combos out there. I know there is a +1 to hit sign, which could make certain shooting units (looking at you Skyfires and Kurnoths) become really good. Who knows. Heres hoping!
  15. Matt Large

    Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    I can't find anything in the FAQs about it. It seems open to interpretation, like most rules I guess lol. I think the intention is just to use their standard movement. Making use of the Wyldwood move seems a little "gamey" to me if I'm honest. Whenever I have used the battalion I just use their standard move, but if you and your opponent agree otherwise, its all good.