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  1. Dave

    GH2017 - Beastclaw Raiders Review & Discussion

    Yeah , hunter would be the general
  2. Dave

    GH2017 - Beastclaw Raiders Review & Discussion

    This is what I've been thinking about using , the main decision I need to make is whether to keep the tyrant or swap him out and make both mournfang units 4 .
  3. Fake News my Duardin were just doing market research with the Ghost Wolves with a view to setting set up new outlet of 'Thryngs' , the shop for all your battle needs. In all seriousness, it was a great game even if the result seemed to set the trend for the weekend! I learnt a lot about my own army and have now gone back to the drawing board to improve it . I'm still impressed with the barak thryng ability, I've never seen so many one's get refilled onto fours!! Thanks for the great game and I'll get you next time 😄
  4. Dave

    16mm Destruction Dice - SOLD OUT

    Mine came through the post today . Thanks , I really like them!
  5. Dave

    Yet another beastclaw thread!

    Brief update , finally got the first 3 gruntas done . For some reason they took me ages compared to the rest but hopeful the next unit won't take as long now I know how I want to do them Just need to finish off the bases on these . So here is the army so far , all I've got left to do is the other unit of gruntas and a thundertusk . I'm torn whether to do the rider as a huskard (for the heal) or as another frost Lord to be bang on 2000 points and have someone else good for fighting . I'll have to have a few games until I fully commit to how I model it .
  6. Dave

    Yet another beastclaw thread!

    Started on the pigs , decided to go for white fur on the so they match with everything else . Still very much WIP but I'm pretty pleased with it
  7. Dave

    Mixed Destruction Army

    Did you go for more mournfang than in the lists or are the extra ones ready for expansion? The whole army looks cool though!
  8. Dave

    Yet another beastclaw thread!

    I've finished my first 2 mournfang (all bar tidying up the bases) I've got 2 more almost finished and 2 more to build . I've also got the first 3 gore gruntas built and ready to go , so I'm tempted to start them next . After that I just need to get the thundertusk and 3 more gruntas (anyone looking to get rid of some out of the SC box let me know!) . I was thinking about this and I'm tempted to get a couple of wolves as the frost lord's hunting dogs (mainly as I don't like the sabre models)
  9. Dave

    16mm Destruction Dice - SOLD OUT

    They look great! As soon as payday comes round I'll be in for some
  10. Dave

    Yet another beastclaw thread!

    I'm not 100% on the gruntas status . As i understand it they count as Beastclaw for the purposes of remaining a pure beastclaw army but but dont get any benefits of being a beastclaw ingame (I hope that makes sense!). But I think I'd want to take the general destruction ability for the movement anyway. Yeah that sounds better , a hint of the white/wintery feel but not exactly the same .
  11. Dave

    Yet another beastclaw thread!

    @Chris Tomlin I'll probably just try and tie the orruks in with paint scheme . I've started the mournfang and have done their fur like the stone horn , I'm not sure whether to do the gruntas like that or just try and tie them in with those big armour plates .
  12. Hello , thought I'd start plog showing my army as well . I've loved the ogre models for ages and have decided to take the plunge with beastclaw . I want to make an army with the braggoth beasthammer battalion , I realise it is probably not very good in game but I think it looks cool (plus I've got a built in excuse for losing!) So far I've finished painting my frost Lord and have started on the mournfang So what I'm thinking as a list is LeadersFrostlord on Stonehorn (460)- GeneralHuskard on Thundertusk (340)UnitsOrruk Gore Gruntas x 3 (180)Orruk Gore Gruntas x 3 (180)Mournfang Pack x 2 (200)Mournfang Pack x 2 (200)Mournfang Pack x 2 (200)BatallionsBraggoth's Beast Hammer (160)Total: 1920/2000 There's not a great number of models there which might be bad in game but at least I've got a decent chance of finishing an army soon.
  13. Dave


    After lurking here for a while I thought I may as well take the plunge and actually sign up . I'm new to AoS (haven't had a game yet!) and have been collecting beastclaw raiders . I had an interest in warhammer before but never took the plunge and actually finished an army . My main game over the last few years has been blood bowl and I have been a regular tournament player . I also play a bit of bolt action .