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  1. I totally agree with this. I get tired of Destruction factions being portrayed as one-dimensional societies that do nothing but fight or wander round looking for the next fight. I've always portrayed my Orruk Pirates (that are now Orruk Sky-Pirates!) as having bases in Destruction settlements of various sizes: those settlements are mostly (but not always) captured from Order factions but they will always be at least partially rebuilt by the pirates (normally using whatever materials they can find: shipwreck timbers, sailcloth and rigging for the most part!). I imagine semi-ruined buildings with a layer of shanty-town added all over them. They spend a lot of time exploring the Realms and sailing over the dark Harrowmark forests looking for skyships to prey on. But the rest of the time they will need to carry out repairs to their flying galleons, eat and drink, trade for supplies, recover from injuries, swap news with other ships from the fleet, etc. While all those thing could be done in the wild, I find it more interesting if they have somewhere more permanent to do them.
  2. I got some Brutes! I've converted them into Pirates! I haven't painted them yet... Amber I started converting Ork Nobz into Pirate Ard Boyz! I haven't painted them yet... Amber I built the rest of the Deathwatch army (apart from a flyer) I haven't painted them yet... Amber I got the models I need for the Tzeentch warband! I haven't painted them yet... Amber I finished painting two Citadel Woods (bring my total to three), a Numinous Occulum kitbash (The Charybdis Occulum) and a Temple of Skulls / Deathnell Watch tower kitbash (The Freebooter's Tower). They were going to be for the tropical island scenery for my Pirates but I changed direction with the whole project and they are painted to match my Wortbad scenery. Green (and Red for the tropical scenery) I made more Necromunda scenery and I am playing in a second Inq28 campaign this year! (The Guardian's Network followed by The Sal’s Ford Connection) Green In addition to these plan, as expected I got distracted and work on a few other things: Court of Spades - completed AoS28 Flesh Eater Courts warband Green The Realmgate Wardens - completed AoS28 Freeguild Warband Green The Slipgibbets - WIP Inq28 Warband for Tor Megiddo Amber I still hope to make more Necromunda and AoS scenery this year, and I expect to pay in an AoS Skirmish campaign as soon as the Inq28 one is wrapped up. Beyond that (and finishing the outstanding stuff above) I have no idea what the next 6 months will bring, but I look forward to finding out! But not bad for only half way through the year!
  3. @Wailslake, Godfather Viktor, @Blessed Knight and I are Manchester based. We are planning an AoS Skirmish narrative campaign, to be played at Viktor's house, mostly at lunchtimes.
  4. Thanks @cb_rex! Fantastic! That's exactly the kind of look I was going for
  5. I have enough scenery now for two locations in the Harrowmark (my own setting for our games set in Shyish) but only one 4x4 matt. Wortbad (a haunted village with a "Sylvania" feel; lots of graveyards and old-school buildings) Blackrocks (an overgrown ruined city, deep in a malignant forest)
  6. Thanks @Trout! It is a kit-bash of two GW kits that are both no longer available: The tower is part of the Skullvane Manse (that was also available separately as the Deathknell Watch) and the hill is most of a Temple of Skulls. Both can be found on eBay sometimes but they have normally silly prices on them. I bought them from my local GW in 2013!.
  7. I don't understand why they used a formula for Renown rather than GHB points, and I don't understand why they missed out so many choices that seem perfect for small scale games (I mean: no Witch Hunter? Ahhhh, come on!) but there is nothing wrong with Skirmish as a book. It has basically codified how my main opponent and I have been playing for 2 years: small warbands, pre-scripted campaigns (using a storyline we come up with to select Battleplans, usually from multiple books and adjusting things as we go along according to what happens on the table). We will be using the modified Battleshock test, the campaign system and the change to "unit coherency" and pretty much carrying on as we have been before. AoS scales -down really well any way and it doesn't need much to make it work. With the work done by @Rafal Maj (on the Full Points List) and a bit of thought there are no limits to the adventures to be had. It's not Mordheim true, but I don't want it to be. I don't have time to play Mordheim: if I did, I would! But we will be playing lunchtime campaigns for a long time now!