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  1. The Rumour Thread

    The Banshee on the cover is promising!
  2. The Rumour Thread

    https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/08/31/breaking-news-studio-preview-from-the-nova-open/ Introducing – the Knight of Shrouds: It’s been a little while since we’ve seen a new Death model for Warhammer Age of Sigmar. Patience is rewarded though – we hadn’t forgotten about you. Alongside this Herald of Nagash, each of the other three Grand Alliances will also be getting a powerful new hero. (my emphasis) so we know the Herald of Nagash is called the Knight of Shrouds. We don't know of the other "powerful heroes" are Heralds. Spikey Bits making assumptions? Probably.
  3. Shadespire in the timeline. Odd detail on Obryn's base.

    I assmed it was intensional. The statues in Shadespire were made long before Stormcast existed. The Stormcast were made to look like the statues of saints and heroes from the Age of Myth, so the free people recognise them as the good guys. It makes sense: it's the perfect PR for an invading army: make the people you are "liberating" believe you are on their side, just by looking at you.
  4. Calling all AoS skirmish lovers!

    AoS28 is an attitude to approach making models for Age of Sigmar that is story & background led, along the same lines as Inq28 (which is much more than just playing Inquisitor with 28mm models). Playing games with the models is (almost) secondary and the variation of Hinterlands that is often used for AoS28 games is not the only one. Jake explains the thinking behind AoS28 really well here: http://www.exprofundis.com/introducing-aos28-inq28-meets-age-sigmar/ +++ Me and a couple of friends recently played an AoS Skirmish campaign: The Harrowmark Run. We used the community Renown list (incidentally, the AoS Facebook page has confirmed this is the "official" way Renown was calculated) and changed all Renown earned after each game to half the amount in the Skirmish book (as we found that high Renown games took too long to play in our lunch breaks, when the campaign took place!). We used the campaign in the book as a "model" and selected a sequence of four Battleplans from the General's Handbook Triumph & Treachery section as the "A-pot" of the campaign. Every time all 3 of us could make it we played the next on the list. This meant the main story of the campaign was roughly scripted, so all of us could write our individual warbands' story within this framework. And we also chose a selection of other Battleplans from across all the available Age of Sigmar books as "B-plots". Whenever only 2 of us could make it we chose a B-plot that matched the story line or warbands had created so far. This fleshed-out what our warbands were doing the rest of the time and built up a lot of character and story. We will be using this format again for our next campaigns!
  5. The Rumour Thread

    IMHO definitely [Dark Elf] Darkling Coven / Daughters of Khaine / Scourge Privateers looking wrist and bracelet.
  6. Where to start?

    Hmmm. Yeah, you're right. They look weird to me but I guess that is the official base size now.
  7. The Harrowmark Run - an AoS Skirmish Campaign

    The Harrowmark Run - part 7 Triumph and Treachery: Tower of Screaming Death! The campaign finale! With the Helm of Authority in their possession, the Ogresuns rushed to the Freebooter's Tower where they planned to use the tower's fell power, combined with the helm's power, to wipe out the enemy warbands. Of course, the other's will do all they can to stop this from happening! The Ogresuns Kaptain Salty Ogbad - Orruk Warboss, Gem of Seeing, Helm of Authority Dredger Zug - Orruk Boss Dubloon Dreg - Orruk Fetch - Orruk Blackspot - Orruk Nastyface - Orruk Bad Hook - Orruk Fishgutz - Orruk Capsize Naz - Orruk Scupper Lug - Orruk Poxy Uzbad - Orruk Floggin Morr - Orruk Walker Plank - Grot Stormy Trug - Grot Dirty Morrgun - Grot Dread Pirate RogUrtz - Grot Mr Whalebelly - Ogor +++ An angry red sun was just visible through the heavy blanket of cloud. The Harrowmark was bathed in a strange dirt-brown light. The powerful gusty wind forced the orruks to hold on to their hats and swirled dust and leaves in their eyes. Squally showers periodically soaked them with freezing rain. Kaptain Ogbad and the Ogresuns made their way back to the Freebooter's Tower, where this whole expedition had been conceived and planned. The crew were in high spirits for once, even though the forests of the Harrowmark were even more ominous looking than normal in the ruddy light and inclement weather. The crew sand crude shanties and shouted at each other, exchanging tales of their recent adventures. As they cleared the tangled woods and entered the clearing around the tower they fell silent - their old adversaries were also here in force waiting for them: The Freeguild mercenaries of the Gilded Hand and the Nighthaunts of the Ordeshal Host. +++ The Ogresuns swarmed the tower under a heavy rain of crossbow fire from the Gilded Hand - Dirty Morrgun the grot, and orruks Capsie Naz, Dubloon Dreg and Bad Hook all went down with crossbow bolts embedded in them. The Grots were told to try to delay the crossbowmen and they took that to mean hurling insults and taunts at the mercenaries. The crossbowmen took the bait and charged the grots. A Freeguild Pistoleer charged up the hill at Kaptain Ogbad. Stormy Trug killed the crossbow's standard bearer. Walker Plank fled in panic. Ogbad killed the Pistoleer [his armour appeared to be made of paper! Look at those Save rolls!!]. The Ghost Ryders charged and killed Mr Whalebelly the Ogor. Ogbad killed the swordsman champion. Spirit horse killed Poxy Uzbad. The Whyte Lady charged Kalyustar of the Gilded Hand and she killed him. The Witch Hunter and the Vampire fight! She wounded him. Karol attacked Ogbad but no wounds scored. Ogbad "evil eyed" Karol and killed him. Nastyface and Dredger Zug were killed by Lyrd Radclyffe's Riders. Stormy Trug ran away. Fetch killed the swordsmen's piper. Crossbowmen's standard barer garrisoned the tower. The Whyte Lady's vorpal blade ripped through the Witch Hunter! Spirit Hosts attack the tower garrison, killed the Standard Bearer and replaced him as the garrison. Floggin Morr killed a crossbowman. By a heroic effort from the Freeguilder foot troops the Vampiress was slain! The Crossbowmen fell back after a hurried truce was called with the Ogresuns. They fired at the Spirit Hosts in the tower instead. A Spirit Host outside the tower killed one of the swordsman. The last orruk died as the Ghost Riders ran down the pirate crew. A Spirit Host was dispelled by crossbow fire. The riders closed in on the Kaptain. Kaptain Ogbad fell to the Hex Wraith's scythes! Just three Freeguild remained to face a Spirit Host (that still garrisoned the tower) and three Riders. The crossbow and bowman died and the lone survivor fled, which meant... The Ordeshal Host won the battle, the tower and the campaign! +++ The Ogresuns ran through the tangles forests, thorny branches grasped and tore their clothes. Most of them were wounded and all of them were shaken. They didn't know which way they were heading or where their boat was they just did their best to stay together as a group. In the growing darkness the unnatural noises of the forest grew louder... +++ This was one of my favourite campaigns so far! I really enjoyed the story and the atmosphere of the Harrowmark setting. I think the setup worked very well - the main story of the campaign was roughly scripted as four Triumph & Treachery battle plans to be played out in a pre-set order (the "A-plot"): Whenever all three of us could get together we played the next in the list. If only two of us could play we picked one of "B-plot" ideas to flesh out what our warbands were doing the rest of the time. These were in no set order and we chose which one to play based on what had happened so far. We will be using this format again for our next campaigns!
  8. Where to start?

    You need the General's Handbook for points. It's updated annually and the points for some things changed in the 2017 release.
  9. Where to start?

    Warriors and Marauders both should be on 32mm rounds (as they were both 25mm squares). Regular Ogors look fine on 40mm, but Heroes look better on 50mm rounds.
  10. Free Cities Generator - Bring your cities

    The village of Shadehallow, in the Realm of Death is inhabited by Humans, Aelves and Sylvaneth. It has grown around the massive mausoleum of Haroth, and the numerous observatories and orreries that surround it. The map generator really needs a "surrounded by forests" option so I photoshopped some myself, but this is zoggin ace! Shadehallow is now officially part of my homebrew Realm of Death region: The Harrowmark.
  11. The Harrowmark Run - an AoS Skirmish Campaign

    Triumph and Treachery: Artefact of Ultimate Power The most important part of the cargo was not on the shipwreck, rather it was flung not far away during the crash. Bruised and battered, the warbands rush to grab the fabled artefact. (The winner's General can generate an additional Artefact/Spell) The Ogresuns Kaptain Salty Ogbad - Orruk Warboss, Gem of Seeing Dredger Zug - Orruk Boss Dubloon Dreg - Orruk Fetch - Orruk Blackspot - Orruk Nastyface - Orruk Bad Hook - Orruk Fishgutz - Orruk Capsize Naz - Orruk Walker Plank - Grot Stormy Trug - Grot Dirty Morrgun - Grot Mr Whalebelly - Ogor +++ The cold light of an autumn dawn broke over the tangled forests that stretched on for ten thousand leagues in every direction. Wortbad stood under the path of the last voyage of the pirate skyship Rotmoon, and it was here that most of her cargo had been dumped as the ship careened out of control overhead, before it was wrecked a few miles away, somewhere beyond the next hill. Kaptain salty Ogbad chose to take the risk of harnessing the power of the Dreadfire Portal and ordered the rest of his crew to head for the chest that had been pushed off the deck of the crashing skyship. From the top of the stair he surveyed the edge of the village. Ogbad saw the Ordeshal Host's cavalry appear through the gates of the Rose & Scythe Inn. And he cursed as the Whyte Lady materialised right next to the chest. She opened it and revealed The Helm of Authority! The Orruk Kaptain roared with frustration and raced back down the stone steps, he chased after his crew. The Orruk Pirates continued towards the chest, but they were not undaunted: Several of the Ogresuns grumbled about old battle wounds playing up and urgent appointments elsewhere. Dredger Zug was having none of it though and the pirates pressed on under his baleful gaze and hard words. The Kaptain was not far behind them too, which reinforced Zug's orders. The Gilded Hand cavalry took on the ghost riders while the Whyte Lady and Kalyustar angaged in a magical duel! Arcane lightning flashed between the two wizards. While the Gilded Hand cavalry were dealt-with by the Host the Whyte Lady turned her attention back to the Orruks. Her Mask of Horror stopped three of the Ogresuns in their tracks; frozen in terror! The Vampire cut down two pirates then used the life force of the fallen orruks to heal the wounds Kalyustar had inflicted. Noisey William arrived but he was entirely distracted by his disappointment that the inn was closed. The Whyte Lady's power of Death Incarnate felled three orruks simultaneously. Only Blackspot held kept his feet long enough for the Kaptain to get close. Ogbad charged at the Vampress, kutlass flashing in the autumnal light. The Orruk Kaptain's merciless assault saw off the undead queen, his Ogor crewman only deigned to join him once the vampire was banished. The two of them gloated over the Helm of Authority and the riches it would bring them! +++ Major Victory to the Ogresuns! (+6 Renown) Triumph: Heroic Saga (+1 Renown) Added 3 Orruks (Scupper Lug, Poxy Uzbad, Floggin Morr) and a Grot (Dread Pirate RogUrtz) to the warband for 7 Renown.
  12. The Rumour Thread

    The sections are all viewable now: You can see that Stoneclaw's Gutstompas is pretty much all the old and new Orcs/Orruks, Troggoths, Gargants and Goblins/Grots ranges (so GA Destruction with no Ogres). The Wraith Fleet is a huge chunk of the GA Death range. I'd say there won't be new models, or even boxes of old ones, for the "attacking" factions. Just new rules.
  13. The Rumour Thread

    There is plenty of scope for non-volcanic geography (source: https://ask.fm/JoshMReynolds/answers/141802846175)
  14. AoS28 - The Dark Age of Sigmar

    The children of the Everqueen take root in even the most barren soil; fallow fields sown with bones and watered with tears. The wyldwoods of the Harrowmark are so cluttered with the remains of the unnumbered dead that the Sylvaneth that dwell within them have become amalgamations of wood, bones, burial goods and grave-shrouds. The often have skulls and bones tangled into their branches and limbs. The 2nd and 3rd model in the Graveroot Wargrove, Sylvaneth from the Harrowmark, in the Realm of Death. Still WIP - greenstuff shrouds & crackle texture added. More photos on my blog.
  15. AoS28 - The Dark Age of Sigmar

    Anethum, Branchwych of The Graveroot Wargrove, Sylvaneth from The Harrowmark in the Realm of Death. Most of the Harrowmark is virtually impenetrable forest: Seemingly endless miles of dark, tangled, twisted and unnatural forest. It is a corrupted land: the dead trees are warped by dark-magic, skull-formed rock formations and other symbols and motifs of death are everywhere. Things live in these forests: malignant, spiteful things. It is a brave soul that ventures under the dark bowers, brave or foolish, as few who attempt to navigate the winding pathways ever emerge again. The forests are shaped by the death magic that permeates them and the forest spirits that dwell within are equally affected. +++ This warband is intended as a small group of NPCs for The Harrowmark: a maximum of 100 Renown for AoS Skirmish. I plan on getting up to three boxes of models and a Hero. This Branchwych, Kurnoth Hunters, Spite-Revenants and Dryads. This idea owes a huge debt to Vikingpainting