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  1. Im also thinking about expanding my army into moonclan and gitmob goblins. Overall i was thinking about all goblin kind army.
  2. Yeah thundertusk is smaller, but allariele was bigger than him.
  3. So i played first AoS game today, and my first miniature battle since well dont remember. I played against Beastclaws and lost miserably, the big beasts -1 to hit negated my mortal wound chance, non of my spells activated and i forgot to activate my items, that spiders hawe 2 shooting attacks not one. And my overall feel of the game is notexistant :P. I menaged to kill his mounfangs and put some wounds on big boys and i lost my big spiders and half of the spider riders. Anyway as they say there are always lessons in failures.
  4. Yeah wfb, started 5th edition, guited 7th.
  5. Preparations for first AoS battle toomorow finished. Transportation chest is still wip i plan to make second level for more minis.