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  1. Hyhy and kharadron overlords arent over the top :p. As i like aos overall some things in it are just to hilarious.
  2. Last i heard they are sucking those souls from him.
  3. Also will consider swap for Dark Eldars or Tyranids.
  4. 950$ shipping included AlarielleDurthuTreeman AncientDrycha9 Kurnoth magnetized to carry all weapons32 DryadsBranchwychnot on picture Unassebled 5 Tree-Revenants, 5 Spite-RevenantsBoxes to carry the army
  5. Warszawa, Sylvaneth
  6. And another price drop 250 euro
  7. Price lowered to 300
  8. Nicley painted bloodbound Aspiring Deathbringer Slaughterpriest Bloodsecrator 5 Chaos Knights 10 Blood Warriors 40 Bloodreavers 2 Khorgoraths 400 euro
  9. Anyone used him?. I love the mini and the rules but he looks like big fire magnet prolly to die in first turn
  10. Mine 1k bloodbound looks something like 2x20 reavers, 10 blood warriors, 5 knights, 2 khorg, aspiring and bloodsecrator. Based mostly on starter sets.
  11. Atm im khorne only thinking hellcannon or skullcannon
  12. As im still new to AoS i would ask what artillery piece ppl consider point efficient?.
  13. Yeah one thing i noticed after reading their stats in app, they hawe problem dealing mortal wounds.
  14. Anyone used them in AoS, are they any good?. Price will be if i sometime start gathering them.
  15. Btw is there any reason this big cd deamon from thamurkhan is missing scroll? (no mini perhaps). And how you rank fireborns?, they look decent on paper.