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  1. What are you guys bring over with you?
  2. Event Title: Blood and Glory 2017 - Bad Dice Gaming Convention Event Author: Ben Calendar: Events UK Event Date: 11/03/2017 12:00 AM to 11/05/2017 12:00 AM Hi everyone. I want to share with you all the details for Blood and Glory 2017. THE BAD DICE GAMING CONVENTION ——BLOOD AND GLORY 2017—— THE ROUND HOUSE, DERBY, UK EUROPE’S BIGGEST AOS AND 40k EVENTS This is the 5th year we have ran Blood and Glory the event is being turned up to 11! We have brand new spectacular venue and will be expanding to include not only Age of Sigmar but also 40k and Horus Heresy. I posted a podcast about the event here - and you can also check out the video we recorded at the venue. This event is set to be the biggest and best Bad Dice event yet. We have an amazing new venue that can hold up to 700 players and we intend to fill it! The Age of Sigmar and 40k Matched Play GT’s are going to be huge but we also have plenty going on for players who prefer Narrative and Open play. Warhammer Achievements is a Age of Sigmar Narrative play event and we are welcoming the Imperial Truth team who are running a Horus Heresy narrative event. So if you want to test your AoS and 40k skills against the best players in the world, see amazing painted models and hang out for a weekend of gaming then grab a ticket before they sell out. GET TICKETS HERE Event Information Date: 3/4/5 NOVEMBER 2017 Location: THE ROUNDHOUSE, ROUNDHOUSE ROAD, PRIDE PARK, DERBY, DE24 8JE Systems: Age Of Sigmar, Warhammer 40k, Horus Heresy and more TBC JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP Warhammer Age of Sigmar – GET TICKETS HERE Generals Handbook matched play 2000 Points Battlehost using Generals Handbook 2017 including ALLIES and new Allegiance abilities. 6 games, 2 day event. Bad Dice Rankings Event Warhammer 40,000 – GET TICKETS HERE New 40k Rules Battleforged armies 2000 Points 6 games, 2 day event. ITC Event Horus Heresy – GET TICKETS HERE Warhammer Achievements – TICKETS ON SALE SOON Age of Sigmar Skirmish details to be released soon. All Day friday for open skirmish gaming. Seminars, specialist games, Painting Contests and lots more to be announced. More information to be revealed in the coming weeks. It’s worth underlining the Bad Dice Team’s aim for this whole event. It goes without saying that we want everyone to leave having had an amazing weekend. We also want to give players new to the tournament scene the chance to jump in without feeling total out of their depth while giving the regulars an event that they will be more than happy to recommend to their friends and can’t wait to attend again the following year. We want to celebrate all areas of the hobby but keep the competitive edge that is part of the fun of tournament gaming. My personal highlight from most of the events I have attended over the years is the social side. The events that stick in the memory are the ones that offer lots for the players to do and keeps them gathered in one place in the evenings. We will make sure that no matter your preference for a tournament evening, we should have something on offer to keep you entertained and having a great time. Between the Bad Dice team, and our huge list of advisors, helpers and contributors we have attended and organised 100’s of events, this lets us see what works well, what we like and dislike and what we want to bring to Blood & Glory. The event is taking place at the Roundhouse in Derby. A beautifully renovated listed building that is the perfect setting for a gaming event. The Bad Dice event ethos is firmly in place here, we want to see amazing armies on the best gaming tables with game mats and terrain on each board. Gamers of all levels of experience are welcome from total newcomers to the hobby right up to grizzled veterans, we have something for everyone. Check out the video below for a better look . Questions? If you have any questions at all about this event feel free to get in touch. You can contact Ben all over the web! Email – Twitter @baddice_podcast Facebook – Instagram – @bencurry  Blood and Glory 2017 - Bad Dice Gaming Convention
  3. Hello everyone. I don't like to have to make posts like this and its been a while since the last one, but unfortunately I keep seeing the same sort of things posted over and over, usually by a small group of people. This forum (TGA) was set-up by myself nearly 18 months ago to be a fun place to hang out and chat about Age of Sigmar. It is a safe haven for like minded gamers from all around the world to avoid the hate and bile that was present on almost every other Warhammer forum/website/blog online. I wanted to find all the people who were enthusiastic about AoS and bring them to a single place to create a worldwide community that shared a love for all things related to the mortal realms. Unfortunately it seem that along with the success of a thriving and fun community comes people who just want to moan and complain about the very thing that they spend so much time involved with. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and I welcome and enjoy lively debate but flat out moaning and complaining will not be tolerated here any more. I invite anyone who feels the need to spend time complaining to head over to another forum to do so. I recommend 4Chan as the bets place as it seems built for it but there are many others.;jsessionid=F75F6F37FA8705FD51B6E3965F4A96CA i'm sure there are lots more too but it is no longer welcome on TGA. This forum has a pretty robust reporting and reputation system. If you see a post where some is just complaining for the sake of it them please report it. I want to make this a fun forum to be part of and the community helping with that will make it easier. Thanks, Ben.
  4. Welcome to my Legion of Azgorh, Chaos Dwarf Blog. This is where I'm going to post all my progress with playing the Legion so as it gathers steam it should eventually progress into a mega thread of tips and tactics for crafting the best Legion list possible. This is the units I currently have painted. Unit Drazhoath The Ashen Shar'Tor The Executioner Bull Centaur Taur'uk Daemonsmith Infernal Guard Castellan Infernal Guard Standard Bearer Bull Centaur Renders Infernal Guard Fireglaives Infernal Guard Ironsworn Magma Cannon Deathshrieker Iron Daemon War host I will update this as I add more units to the army. This is the first list I used under the Generals Handbook since the forge world points were released. Unit War scrolls Cost # Total Drazhoath The Ashen 1 380 0 0 Shar'Tor The Executioner 1 240 1 240 Bull Centaur Taur'uk 1 180 1 180 Daemonsmith 3 100 2 200 Infernal Guard Castellan 2 120 0 0 Infernal Guard Standard Bearer 1 80 1 80 Bull Centaur Renders 2 160 2 320 Infernal Guard Fireglaives 3 100 3 300 Infernal Guard Ironsworn 4 100 4 400 Magma Cannon 3 140 2 280 Deathshrieker 2 120 0 0 Iron Daemon 1 200 0 0 0 War host 80 0 0 2000 I'll follow this up with some thoughts on my game and game plan and why I used those units.
  5. Today I talk about Skaven Clan Pestilens rules form the Generals Handbook 2017. Check out the episode it hear about the Battletrait, artefacts and Command Traits Get Blood and Glory tickets at Questions? If you have any questions at The post GHB2017 Clan Pestilens – AoS Daily 133 appeared first on The Bad Dice Podcast. View the full article
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    Thanks Greg
  7. Sounds like you have a great community there!
  8. Yes. Speak to @Mikey T or drive to derby for club nights it's only 45 mins!
  9. The new battle plans are one of the biggest new things that will shift the meta. on todays episode i give my thoughts on the changes. Get Blood and Glory tickets at Questions? If you have any questions at The post The GHB2017 Battleplans – AoS Daily 132 appeared first on The Bad Dice Podcast. View the full article
  10. lol, that won't happen! Glad to have you here!!
  11. Saturday is release day. Legion fans won't be disappointed.
  12. Acolytes are down in points. Anyone looking at a list with them?
  13. I like Skarr. It would be great to see him on the table more
  14. Hi Ned. Good to have you on here.
  15. Hej! im a fellow honorary Swede. I played in team ABBA at the 6 Nations and my brother lives in Linkoping. Welcome to TGA
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    Speak to @Jack Armstrong and @childoffang for that area welcome to TGA
  17. Welcome.
  18. It sounds like you are all set for GHB2. Whats your gaming group like in SA?
  19. I have the Generals Handbook 2017 to review and on todays episode I give my initial thoughts and also having a more in depth look at the Fyreslayers Battletrait Get Blood and Glory tickets at Questions? If you have The post GHB2017 Initial Thoughts – AoS Daily 131 appeared first on The Bad Dice Podcast. View the full article
  20. Thanks for the tip. Do you know at what time?
  21. Hello AoS fans. I have set up a new forum section. The section will be used in to have Q and A sessions similar to AMA (Ask me anything) on Reddit. In the perfect world we will be able to invite guests in to talk about their given topic. For now you have me 😎 I have the Generals Handbook 2017 to review. Head over to this forum section to ask me questions. let me know what you think to this format and who you would like me to invite to take part. Forum members can post questions and vote on other questions. Only the guest for each section can reply.
  22. I have opend up the Q+A thread to replies now. Not sure it that will work better
  23. There is no limit at the moment, but as it gets closer to the event I will be capping systems that are less popular and offering other ones, basically using the allocated space to give other games a chance Blood Bowl is probably the top of that list
  24. I have posted the entry lists to the Blood and Glory website. I'll update the first post too. 60 Players for AoS so far. 140 players across all systems so far. Its going to be a cracking event!