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  1. @Gaz_T @akrakenbracken You do!!!

  2. RT @HeelanHammer: Right heading off to family time - entrants update in week! Initial count suggest still spaces so keep the entries coming…

  3. @rockchef25 @HeelanHammer DS Screenprints in Derby.

  4. @specious_theory I’m doing a Rewire in Derby. Happy to have you over for a Builder’s tea and chopping some sockets in.

  5. RT @BenJohnson0013: Took some better photos of the Great Unclean Ones this afternoon. #Nurgle https://t.co/l6guXLDXgy

  6. @AndySmillie @Hulk__Harvey I’ve seen a load of movies that start like that...

  7. @PatFlynn Ive been a listener of yours for years btw. I’m trying to work out how long but can’t place it. Maybe 2011ish?

  8. @JMTAndrewG @BenJohnson0013 @_devianttactics I still have mine too!!

  9. RT @Darth_Alec: Today in incredibly unnecessary conversions, a portal of skulls modded to fit the Everchosen symbol. Why? So my dumb army h…

  10. My Dark Imperium set is almost finished. Ready for transfers and a few details. https://t.co/kAmDOONBJj

  11. @CaseyNeistat @nathprescott

  12. @OldManMyke Thanks mike!

  13. Could we have an specific Spanish forum?

    Hi, I can get this set-up for you later this week.
  14. @__Wintersoldier Looking good mate.

  15. @the_black_sun Nose job? Looking like MJ? Glad it went well