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  1. Nice write up. Check out for my thoughts on gaming clubs. Lots of that will apply to finding a 1 day venue.
  2. Access updated again.
  3. You have probably all seen the new about Shadespire by now. It looks to ba an amazing new games for matched play. I’m throwing this out there now, but I’m willing to be this is going to be as big The post Shadespire Incoming! New Facebook Group and TGA Forum sections appeared first on The Bad Dice Podcast. View the full article
  4. Whats on your shade spire wishlist? Top of my list sis an expansion box for every faction. I'm also hoping for monthly single Figure + Card expansion packs similar to Netrunner and similar card games that have fast releases.
  5. Hi, Welcome to the Shadespire area of The Grand Alliance Community. We also have a Facebook group -
  6. Awesome coverage to wake up to! thanks guys!!
  7. The Adepticon announcements are imminent. Lets keep it all in one easy to find place in this thread.
  8. In this episode of the Tales of Sigmar Podcast, Dan and Adam chat hobby and cover the recent reveals of the Kharadron Overlords. The whole team will be back next week with plans for a fortnightly episode schedule in the meantime catch us on Twitter. As always, stay easy! James - @talesofsigmar Dan - @dangermouse425 Adam - @elfordminis Email – Get the episode here.
  9. I didn't say that! I said with and with out points.
  10. As the title says. Who is the best combat character in the game that's not a Behemoth. I'd be interested in knowing your thoughts on this with and without taking points into account. So Open and Matched play (because this does make a big difference! I'll start with a couple. Lord Celestant on Dracoth - 220 points so decent value in open and matched play. dishes out the damage but suffered with rend. Has access to some traits and artefacts that add to survivability and damage output. Shar'tor the Executioner - A bit on the expensive side but great in open play. 5 attacks at rend -2, Damage 3 and a few from his hooves too. Chances for more damage and a good horde clearing ability. Any thoughts?
  11. Mark and Steve return to the Bad Dice Podcast to chat about the disciples of Tzeentch. We recorded on the same day that the Karadron Overlord photos were released so gave our thoughts on the new toys. In this episode we The post Disciples of Tzeentch review – Bad Dice episode 152 appeared first on The Bad Dice Podcast. View the full article
  12. Todays episode is the last before a short break and I throw out a list idea built around 4 Daemon Princes. I like the idea of relying on the characters to do the heavy work and would love to see The post Monster Character Lists appeared first on The Bad Dice Podcast. View the full article
  13. I've had some great use from Stormvermin. Their retreat and charge ability is a game changer in some instances.
  14. IMO Sylvaneth are a hard counter to Skyfires!! Jump out of the woods with your Gunline and shoot him first.
  15. Today we bring you the news of the new Kharadron Overlords release. Announced at the Gamma Trade show by Games Workshop this looks to be an amwzing new faction for Age Of Sigmar. From games Workshop Community blog – The post Kharadron Overlords appeared first on The Bad Dice Podcast. View the full article