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  1. Thanks for the tip. Do you know at what time?
  2. I have opend up the Q+A thread to replies now. Not sure it that will work better
  3. There is no limit at the moment, but as it gets closer to the event I will be capping systems that are less popular and offering other ones, basically using the allocated space to give other games a chance Blood Bowl is probably the top of that list
  4. I have posted the entry lists to the Blood and Glory website. I'll update the first post too. 60 Players for AoS so far. 140 players across all systems so far. Its going to be a cracking event!
  5. Just to add to what Gaz has said. Discussing the changes is fine, but a list of content of the new GHB is not OK.
  6. I'll be posting the entrants lists this week. Been a bit busy the last couple! Back on track now baby is here and settled
  7. I answered a bunch of questions this morning. Ask away and don't forget to vote for the other questions that you like.
  8. Some warhammer history for you. In 2009 myself and @Ben Johnson played a White Dwaf battl report. My general on manticore had his mount killed and I didn't have a suitable model painted for the photographs. We played out the game using a unit champion and I went home and painted up my Maleus on foot model in a day so they could use him in the pictures as my general. He still never got used! But i least i got the model painted
  9. Hello AoS fans. I have set up a new forum section. The section will be used in to have Q and A sessions similar to AMA (Ask me anything) on Reddit. In the perfect world we will be able to invite guests in to talk about their given topic. For now you have me 😎 I have the Generals Handbook 2017 to review. Head over to this forum section to ask me questions. let me know what you think to this format and who you would like me to invite to take part. Forum members can post questions and vote on other questions. Only the guest for each section can reply.
  10. I hope this is what I think it is.
  11. Don't complain. None is going to listen to 'death is rubbish' or 'oh no, another realise that's no death' but a well structured post on why you think death would benifit from upgrades, followed by ideas for said upgrades and maybe even some fan made suggestions would be sure to reach GW eyes. I know for a fact that this is true.
  12. I would have thought it was entirely obvious what I'm talking about. I don't want to single out posters at this stage but things like 'the allies rules are just for commercial reasons' is clearly a post that is purely a moan/troll and has no need to be posted. GW are a business every single release, action, post or anything they do is a commercial reason . Posting this in reply to a GHB2 debate is a troll post like wise, 'oh great, another Stormcast release' is a troll post. It gives nothing to a discussion about a latest release
  13. It is deliberately vague. Hard and fast rules will be pushed to the limit and a 'debate' ensues when I try to enforce them. Vague rules means I can bend them to suit what I feel is best for this community and the moderators word is the only hard limit If a person can't self moderate their posts and honestly doesn't know that they are coming across as a troll I hope the community will report them and out moderator team can have a word.
  14. If I'm off the mark with this please feel free to tell me why. Again, healthy debate is encouraged.