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  1. I am still the guy updating it. Unfortunately I don't have any exact dates at the moment, but when we do it will be announced on the Warhammer Community site.
  2. My first warband: Had a great time playing, and I'm also confused as to why Chaos Hounds / Dire Wolves are only 2 renown.
  3. Yay! This is the first release, so there are still a few things to be worked out. I'm happy to hear all feedback, either here, DM'd or at Thanks!
  4. This is awesome! Super happy for you dude!
  5. I'll be there! I'll be playing my mixed Order (Seraphon/Sylvaneth) list in the 1k on Thursday and the team tournament on Friday.
  6. Hey @Nico, Must have been lost in all of the reorganizing I've been doing. I'll get him/she/it back in tonight. -Tony
  7. I am also very eager to see the app as well!
  8. You can only put one of the units into the Shadowstrike Battalion. The olblood on carnosaur is definitely more potent in close combat, but he also is less defensive and more expensive. I'm not sure I have a solution to replace my carnosaur in my list yet since there is a lot of synergy that can buff saurus units going on. He just seems to look a lot scarier than he actually is in the game :).
  9. Hey there! It was great to meet you and your army was stunningly painted! I can't exactly recall the priority rolls of those first turns but with the rippers + bastiladon w/ hand of glory + Engine doing 5 mortal wounds to your general... it ended up being a really good first couple turns for me. I think there are a few of things that could have changed (bastiladon dying, eotg not getting the mortal wounds) that could have changed the outcome of the game pretty drastically.
  10. I play Seraphon!!! Although I'm not an expert general or anything like that, I'll give you my opinion on the list since it's somewhat similar to the list I ran at LVO. I think Shadowstrike Starhost is really powerful for matched play. My 3 Rippers did amazing things in all of my games and I don't think I'd ever run Seraphon without that battalion. I think it should be a little cheaper and hopefully in GH II it will see a points reduction. I might even consider splitting your 6 into 3 for double bloat toads, so you can cover more area for when you drop in from the sky. Skinks are great battleline units. If I didn't prefer the look of my saurus, I'd probably run all skinks (blow pipes + shields) instead. Saurus just don't do that much in close combat, and skinks have the same bravery and marginally worse save to the saurus. The nice thing about Seraphon battleline units is they never run, so you can block or hold an objective pretty reliably. If I wasn't a stickler for having a "themed" army, I'd consider dropping either of these choices for better battleline units like Judicators. Lastly, I'm not sure I'm sold on the carnosaur. He looks awesome, and can potentially get pretty nuts with hand of glory + serpent staff, but I feel like there are better options out there for dishing out close combat power. His battleshock roar thing IS awesome though, you just have to find ways to make units take bravery checks around him.
  11. At LVO I got smacked by 9 Peg knights (with buffs) first turn, which hit pretty damn hard. Unfortunately for my opponent, we were playing three place of power, and his lord on peg with two damsels had a hard time stopping my Seraphon riding dinosaurs. Still, I was pretty impressed with the mobility and power of his units.
  12. I've sent Ben an email. Hopefully we can figure out the best way to integrate Warscroll Builder with whichever tool gets created.
  13. Wow, thank you everyone! I'm very honored to be on this list of fantastic people. Warscroll Builder has been a really fun side project and I'm glad so many people have found the site useful. I hope to keep it updated and running for as long as I can and look forward to adding more functionality in the future. Also, a big thank you to everyone involved in making the AoS community so great. It truly is an awesome time to be a warhammer/Age of Sigmar player!
  14. As some folks have seen, Disciples of Tzeentch are up on Please send me a DM if something is incorrect. Spell lores, warscroll links and weapon options are coming soon! -Tony P
  15. I'll be there with my Seraphon!