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  1. Eurenil could be a "fixer" of sorts, making a living by helping vampires acquire encounters with specific figures (possibly nobility) within the city's pleasure houses. I like the idea of a disillusioned cultist using the seedy nature of the setting for a purpose that may be unwittingly helping a completely different god, in this case Nagash. That feels in line with the MP storyline that will be running simultaneously. Maybe his reach for power takes him to the DoK in search of a vintage for a given vampire. There's all sorts of directions you could then take the story as he uncovers the motivations of different groups he's in contact with. In particular, it would be fun to see him struggle with how to make personal gain while not contributing to a given group destroying/conquering his home, or maybe that ends up being his choice to spite Thalion. Anyway, just an idea about how to tie together the pieces you mentioned above. Loved your previous storyline, and can't wait to follow this one!
  2. Seems like the key to mixing flaming/normal swords is to make sure the flames are on the swords being swung and not the swords at rest. Beyond that it's really hard to say if it's working without seeing the paint, and as you said, the lighting effect. Love the idea though and based on your other models, I'd guess it's going to turn out great. The head swaps give you a chance to add a very grim, human angle to these warriors who are sometimes depicted as superhero-esque. A darker, more gritty look could balance well with the occasional magically flaming sword. Can't wait to see where this goes!
  3. Ahistorian's AoS28

    These bands are very interesting. Certainly capture the desperate & dark feel. I wonder if introducing some type of kharadron armorer might help you explain the tech helmets? Really creative conversions. Congrats
  4. Malign Portents

    The "campaign like we've never seen" idea feels important. Though of course new miniatures a exciting, what they did give us seems responsive to much of the AOS feedback I've read. They've given us more than just golden Stormcast against Khorne Warriors, they've given us a more clear scaffold for understanding the realms without confining them (or us), and they've continued moving the narrative. That responsiveness feels exciting. This has left me wondering how factions other than those shown (Nurgle, Moonclan, Stormcast, StD, GA Death) will be brought into the campaign. The painting contest or whatever that "muster" is seems to suggest everyone can join the fray, but thus far we don't know how. Anyone notice any clues as to how different groups will be engaged? Any ideas about the scope of this event? Is it the sort of thing that is so cataclysmic that you either participate or peril?
  5. The Rumour Thread

    Somewhere on these forums there was talk that GW had increased their production capacity. I'd love to believe that has something to do with the success of AOS and means we may see an increase in both the pace of the narrative and the models released alongside it. Releasing another stormcast hero feels like a missed opportunity, but I'm holding out hope that because he's not the traditional soldier type, MP will still be a game-changer and there will be exciting faction releases with and following it.
  6. Hi, I'm looking to buy or trade for the old, metal dwarf ironbreaker shields. Need as many as I can get for a large project. If you have any, please let me know what you're willing to part with them for. thanks!
  7. ORDER A. (5) Aelf Raiders, distinctly on the edge of society rather than having own kingdoms etc, benefit from MP evils somehow (like Moonclan below) B. (tie - 9th) Aelven Devout - cults, sorcerers, etc who are small in number but wield great powers. These will be tied to Slaneesh's capture, possible big box set C. (7) Free People - release of box with lots of options for customizing a few basic units, not very elite but tons of possibilities, maybe tied to some unifying hero or maybe released at same time as Darkoath as a contrast of choices D. (12) Root Kings, as described in think link above, because I can dream! And while we're at it some will ride bears! CHAOS A. (1) Nurgle's Children, sent out to expand the reach of his garden, rather than conquer a single place, so many die that it gives way to Nagash's MP campaign B. (6) Darkoath, unmarked faction, mortals pledge to ruinous powers in order to gain strength to survive, not really by choice C. (tie - 9th) Depraved of Slaneesh, return of this god after Aelven captors are influenced/corrupted DEATH A. (2) Ghostly elites - Knight of Shrouds leads Malign Portents (MP) campaign to reclaim souls denied to Nagash B. (4) Deathrattle, makes sense as horde army resulting from Death's resurgance C. (8) Trapped Stormcast... I have no idea. Death isn't my thing. Nagash is a ****** though so it could happen as some sort of culmination of the MP storyline DESTRUCTION A. (3) Moonclan re-vamp, build on existing faction but with more fungus (and resulting mysticism) emphasis, see Nagash causing havoc and try to take advantage B. (10) Troggoth Tribes - shown to have a bit more community than previously thought, variety serve different rolls in raiding parties that terrorize emerging settlements C. (11) Grot scrappers - main unit is ramshackle airships that transport huge numbers, ability to bring together all sorts of greenskins for mutual gain ...I have no basis for any of these guesses but all the chatter on these forums has me excited for another year of AOS!
  8. Dwarven Cities

    I imagine the dispossessed living in something far less imposing than they did in the Old World once they fled to Azyr. Outside of Azyr it sounds like their holds are similar, but inside my impression is that they're carving out an existence as outsiders. In one of the novels it described the immaculate portions of the city inhabited by the Azyrite nobility. This lead me to believe that since those not native to Azyr, such as dispossessed refugees, must be largely who have filled the more congested and turmultuous areas we've seen decribed. These duardin might live in slums or tunnel neighborhoods surviving on the income from their crafts but not having created anything of magnificence for themselves yet. I'd love to hear otherwise though! What have others read?
  9. Introduction post - what is Port Stellis?

    One of the best settings I've read here. Really creative stuff. Can't wait to see where you take this!
  10. Such a great project. Thanks @Ashendant!!
  11. What drew you to collect your Army

    Love the salty, unflinching nature of dwarves/duardin. It's admirable and somewhat relatable. Their flaws are equally relatable, which makes fluff-writing fun. I've converted and adapted my old WHFB dwarf army into my ongoing AOS project. I'm really thankful for all of the options for allies and emerging warbands because it let's me explore new ideas and tie them into my existing force rather than having to start over just to find freshness. For someone as narrative-driven as I am, that's very important.
  12. The Rumour Thread

    Agreed about Orlocks being great AOS conversion material. The long cloaks makes me think about a port city or trading post with harsh weather, maybe working as smugglers under the stormcasts' noses or as grunts alongside Aelven slavers/raiders. Another idea I'm more likely to pursue myself would be to use them as an apprentice unit under wiser Duardin engineers and master-gunners in the Ironweld Arsenal. Maybe arm them with homemade-looking muskets or something like that. Unrelated - Any more info on Gotrek? Does it fit with his fluff for him to emerge as a Demi-God? Are there other Demi-Gods in the setting that he'd be in line with or we have hints that we might be able to expect also to emerge within the narrative arc soon?
  13. AoS Wish For 2018

    @Mr. White I really appreciate this thread and the optimism about where the setting/game could be headed. At the very least it sparks new ideas for where we can take our own modeling and fluff. Thanks for getting it started. With all the 40k stuff we're due for a big release and Aelves in various iterations as part of a big campaign that drives the narrative would seem to satisfy a significant community demand. I'm all for that. But afterwards, I'd personally like something like what @angrycontra described, with the small sub factions of "hangers-on" from the old world flushed out. This is could be tied up efficiently with a few releases: An expansive realm guide like @Greyshadow describes could touch on locations or small groups that will be flushed out in the future so those folks who are invested in these forces have some direction in the meantime. It would also help exemplify the supposed boundlessness of the realms. The spiderfang example given, adding a basic "swifthawk trailblazers" battle line unit of scouts with little bird friends, or @Tailessine's idea for where Darkoath are headed (maybe add a battleline unit and elites that ride something chompy), all are examples of what could be realively small releases interspersed with 40k releases over the course of the year to keep AOS players engaged and again give an outline of where factions are headed long-term for the players hooked on them. finaly I'd like to see skirmish & shadespire used as a mechanic to kill off factions that won't be supported. Give them a 3-figure warband or lone character to lead the existing models and a single-page downloadable pdf telling us how they're the last remaining descents of ____ or lone guardians of the ____ temple, and how they've arrived in this setting to fight for ____ even though they know they face certain doom. Basically I want GW to continue fueling hobbyists imaginations by showing us a range of possibilities based on the models we have available and the races (Aelves) that have been mentioned before throwing us more cliffhangers that complicate an already enormous-to-grasp setting.
  14. This is awesome! While I'm horrified by this beard-shaving blasphemy, it's those details and depth of background explanation that really make the hobby work come to life. Congrats on the beginning a unique project. I'm really excited to follow where you take it.
  15. The Defenders of Greenwater - My Order army

    Love the overarching "Defenders" army that can break out into subgroups. Those subgroups add so much distinct character and can drive the whole project in so many different directions. Congrats!