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  1. Chikout

    The Rumour Thread

    No. It's too soon after the aos open day. The focus will probably be on Titanicus with a little Necromunda and heresy.
  2. Chikout

    Path of the Changer

    I see you've been using liquid greenstuff. The general consensus is that it is not very good at its job. Have you tried using varnish instead?
  3. Chikout

    The Rumour Thread

    Bols is the second worst warhammer site on the Internet. As usual they have their facts wrong. Solbright and grimhailer are the same price. They are both easy to build. The dreadharrows are $25 and also easy to build. The throne guy is not easy to build which is why he is a bit more expensive.
  4. Chikout

    6 Nations take aways

    Since it was mostly his comments that started this thread, it is worth sharing this post from Jack probably the best aos player in the world Armstrong.
  5. Chikout

    6 Nations take aways

    Thanks for the explanation. I agree that putting 5 or 4 command points on one unit is overkill. I guess I'm not convinced that these rules are unintended. The double stack on the grots makes the army good, but I don't think it makes it broken. Do you think people will be winning tournaments with this strategy? I see it as a good way of making a grot list a competitive contender and as such a good thing. The new command point system will bring up a lot of powerful options for many armies. At this point it still seems hard to differentiate between very good and broken aside from a few very extreme cases like Kroak. I don't see the grot ability, however good it looks on paper, as falling into the broken category. The playerbase seems a little scared of powerful abilities. For me, the existence of these abilities makes the game exciting. The things that frustrate me are the abilities that limit interactivity which is why I am still not really in favour of alpha strike armies, despite being a Ko fan. I think generally aos2 is better in that regard, with the changes to command abilities, endless spells and wisely keeping the alternating combat activation system. I feel like GW is a perpetual struggle between creating unique fluffy rules and maintaining balance. I worry that the game will become homogenised and boring if too many of the rough edges get smoothed out.
  6. Chikout

    Time to go digital.

    On my ipad in iTunes Ko, Dok, doT, Idoneth Deepkin and malign portents got updated. These are the books I have on my ipad. There are probably more. You have to do it manually. They show up in the purchased section which has an icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  7. Chikout

    6 Nations take aways

    Genuine question. Why are interactions like this bad for the game? Is it simply that a grot should not be that powerful? To me it looks like the grot player would have to build a list around this exploit, not use command points on other things, get the the units in the correct position and make the charge against a suitable unit. Getting a massive reward for ensuring that all falls into place sounds exciting not frustrating. If someone managed to pull that off against me I would be impressed, not angry.
  8. Chikout

    6 Nations take aways

    Double flip side. It has been heavily hinted that we will get a new grot battletome very soon. It is probable that moonclan playtesting was set as a low priority if it was going to get its own dedicated playtesting a bit later. As for the mega powered grot, did we even discover if the grot list won the game? A horde list giving up inspiring presence in exchange for one super charged combat phase seems like a pretty big gamble. The ability is certainly extremely powerful but it does not seem to be an auto win. You will probably only be able to do a big stack on that combo once a game, and I can think of some pretty easy counters. Also a mega damage grot is hilarious. Part of me hopes it does not change.
  9. Chikout

    Time to go digital.

    Mine are all epubs, and they all just updated. I definitely don't think GW should go digital only, but if you are looking for convenience and are bothered by having to look in multiple places for up to date info, it is an increasingly good option.
  10. So I just noticed that the six or so battletomes I bought on ITunes got updated. GW have incorporated all the recent faqs into updated warscrolls, changed the points and added the new summoning rules. There have been quite a few complaints about rules bloat and confusion with all the faqs recently. This solves that problem. I went digital because I live in Japan and physical battletomes are extremely expensive over here but it does seem like the way forward with the new way GW are handling their rules. So, who is going digital from now on and if not, why not?
  11. @Vextol Are there hit buffs for bonesplittas? My maths says 90 arrow boys with 3 attacks each plus another 30 x 3 attacks for the Kunnin ruck ability makes 360 attacks a turn. On average 60 sixes get to attack again. This follows the one extra attack rule. Of those 60, 10 get a second extra attack and then one or two get a third extra attack. This makes about 12 extra attacks a turn on average compared to the regular one extra attack rule. Is this wrong? By the way I agree that the who goes first rule is the worst, as it obfuscated something that needed particular clarity.
  12. OK. My previous post was a little impulsive. My apologies. As it stands they attack again trumping the one extra attack rule. Is that so bad? It costs a command point now. Arrow boys went up in points. People have been complaining about destruction not gaining anything in the new edition. I don't think this would catapult them to the top of the pile. Even with 90 arrowboys using kunnin ruck it works out at an average of about 12 more attacks per turn. That's a good bonus but not crazy and it is affected by look out,sir.
  13. Here is the rule you are talking about. I'm pretty sure it says one extra attack.
  14. As someone who has read a fair few linguistics text books, being good at linguistics does not make you good at writing or at judging artistic merit. Also why would someone reading the rules, and not the lore, think it matters whether they sound cool or not? If your mum had said the rules lack clarity and economy of language in places, I would have agreed with her. As for the original question. That rule is fine, necessary even. Units can do what it says on the warscroll end of story.
  15. Chikout

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    I am curious why you and so many others are reluctant to use the points that come in the box. You have points directly from GW for the majority of the reduced size units. I understand that these might not be accepted by some TOs, but for the majority of other games they should be fine. I still think GW could fix the problem just by making these points more official.