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  1. Let's Chat: Free Peoples

    As long as there are no enemy models withing 3" of the crossbows then they can assist. I would suggest moving the handgunners further back from the swordsmen to the 6" maximum to assist rather than using the piper ability; that way to they the +1 to hit from not moving as they'll be more than 3" from the enemy.
  2. Let's Chat: Free Peoples

    Just one, if the enemy is withing 3" of the Handgunners triggering the piper ability they can't also assist as they have to be more than 3" from the enemy to do so.
  3. Let's Chat: Free Peoples

    @Blitzel Yeah I was looking at bolstering the numbers to around 30, I think if i reduced one unit to 10 I may drop them for some Archers to help cover a flank and add the Greatswords to the Company. Alternatively, dropping the Halberds and reducing the Swordsmen to 30 men i could make both units of hand gunners 30 man - this may open up some holes in my defence so I'd maybe have to drop the wizard for maybe some Archers again to cover a flank. Since I've got plenty of people to play against I'll try each setup, see how the 20/20 goes to start then 30/10 as you suggest, not used the Luminark at all in AoS so looking forward to giving it a go, Hurricanum was always my go to..
  4. Let's Chat: Free Peoples

    Ok well that's why you don't listen to 1d4chan hah doesn't matter anyway, ignore that company.
  5. Let's Chat: Free Peoples

    Well these changes are really something hah, really liking the new Allegiance abilities etc. Anyway I've got a few 2000pt games coming up so looking for some feedback on the lists I've put together. They're all a variation on my old list which includes a Celestial Hurricanum / Luminark for Mortal Wounds and buffs etc. General concept of this list is to have the great company front and centre with the general and greatswords from setup around the Hurricanum in between the handgunners protected by a front line of swordsmen, able to then move up to support the swordsmen and counter attack or cover a rear assault. the halberds are there to cover a flank and hold an objective. The Demigryphs and general on Gryphon covering the opposite flank able to move quickly to where they're needed. List 1 (Hurricanum): List 2 (Luminark #1): List 3 (Luminark #2) I'm probably going to go with list 1, what do you guys think? Any suggested changes? Cheers. Edit: Removed a great company.
  6. Yeah can be quite decimating to artillery. One of the reasons I've not been taking any. It's pretty much at the point that you need a Hurricanum to be competitive in most games. I know what you mean, I somewhat get away with it as part of my Nuln esque army.. Oh you should defiantly check out this thread: Lots of discussion about Empire there.
  7. I usually have a unit of Demigryphs and a Steamtank covering my flanks that deny my opponent a flanking move. The bigger concern is units 'teleporting' behind your lines. Best counter to this I've found is a couple of Gryph hounds positioned behind my Handgunners so if something does drop in behind then there's a good chance my Handgunners will get a free shot at them. My usual list also incorporates a Hurricanum as well just behind my gunners giving them another +1 to hit, meaning I'm still hitting on 3s when I've not moved my units, but even the 4+ hit when they have moved seems to do just fine.
  8. A variation of the Pike Box is a solid tactic that works well, generally you won't need to surround your ranged troops, a front screening of melee usually does the job and you'll want to use Swordsmen as your front line as they're very resilient. I usually run 3 units of 10 Swordsmen as my front row with 3 units of 10 Handgunners just behind. This setup allows you to incorporate Platoon Firing as well since they're setup in 3 columns.
  9. Let's Chat: Free Peoples

    I found that the smaller sizes units give a lot more flexibility, with the larger units having them locked in combat really opens up holes in the line that the enemy can exploit, with the smaller ones however it's unlikely all 3 units are going to be charged in one turn so you'll quite often have 1 or 2 out of combat to push for objectives or manoeuvre for a good flank, but also as well in combat if you unit takes a big hit and suffers a lot of wounds you're only going to lose a maximum of 10 models in a worst case scenario. I usually deploy the swordsmen single rank with the handgunners just behind to take advantage of the stand and shoot bonus special rule. Hurricanum just behind them in the centre with the gryph hounds either side positioned for maximum coverage. Tank and Demigryphs cover a flank each, wizard usually sticks with the tank so it becomes quite impossible to kill and the arcane bolt really helps when it gets into combat. The Greatwords and general go wherever I feel like I'll be needing to hit the enemy hard.
  10. Let's Chat: Free Peoples

    Hey all, been a while since I've posted, my baby decided to make an appearance meaning the hobby had to be put on the back burner.. Anyway did manage to get a few games in with the below list, using the SCGT battlepack against Seraphon and Beastclaw Raiders scoring a Major Victory and Minor Victory respectively. I found the list to be very good at holding the line while the ranged did most of the damage, with the General and Greatswords coming in to mop up. Didn't have too much trouble playing for objectives against the Seraphon, his list wasn't the best for facing me so it was very much him throwing his army into a meat grinder.. Beastclaws did some damage however, ended up having my army locked in combat from turn 2 and failed to capture any objectives, despite being a bloody fight the army performed admirably clearing the table and taking remarkably few casualties considering, my General and Greatswords came out unscathed.. Definitely had lots of fun playing this list, might make some changes in future, seem to find the Greatwords to be under performing in most games but I think that just be bad deployment on my part, steam tank is 50/50 as well but does seem to very useful at holding the line and also provides some good firepower. I might try swapping them out and adding in 2 Helstorm Rockets and another unit of Guard to hold the flank that would be exposed by the loss of the Tank. Got a game against Stormcast coming up soon so I'll give this list another go and then possibly try it with the changes. Was meant to go to the SCGT this weekend which really would have put this list to the test, but alas life get in the way sometimes.
  11. Let's Chat: Free Peoples

    @MrCharisma that's quite a snazzy list I must say.. Let us know how that plays I've got a couple of games on Saturday so will report back with how they go.
  12. Let's Chat: Free Peoples

    @Blitzel Like your thinking with that list, I've made a few changes that I would consider for myself which makes it more a gunline esque list. Put this together with no formations being used. Still feel like it would be pretty solid. Allegiance: Order Leaders Freeguild General On Griffon (300) - General - Trait: Legendary Fighter - Artefact: Obstinate Blade Celestial Hurricanum With Celestial Battlemage (320) - Artefact: Phoenix Stone Excelsior Warpriest (80) Battleline 10 x Halberdiers (80) Freeguild Guard 10 x Swordsmen (80) Freeguild Guard 10 x Swordsmen (80) Freeguild Guard 10 x Swordsmen (80) Freeguild Guard 10 x Freeguild Handgunners (100) 10 x Freeguild Handgunners (100) 10 x Freeguild Handgunners (100) Units 3 x Demigryph Knights (200) - Lance and Sword 10 x Freeguild Greatswords (160) 1 x Gryph-Hound (40) War Machines Steam Tank (300) Total: 2020/2000 Flanks would be covered by the General and Demigryphs on one and the Steamtank with Halbardeers on the other. Hurricanum would be the centre piece with the Warpriest staying close and the gunline setup behind the swordsmen just in front. Greatswords would be there to move to whichever area they're needed. Lot's of small units supporting each other, something I've never really done so will be interesting to see how it plays out.. I put a Gryph hound to counter hostiles popping in.. Although I'm not sure being 20pts over is allowed in tournaments.. Never been to one but I hope to.
  13. Let's Chat: Free Peoples

    I think you've misunderstood what I was trying to say. You are correct that Free Guild and State Troops are not the same, no arguement there. Therefore to use the State Troop battalion you will need to use the Empire Compendium to run the army. This is in fact viable according to the GW Store Manager I spoke to, he stated that the Freeguild Guard and State Troops share the same point values, therefore the State Troops do in fact have a point value for use in matched play. I think this makes sense as why would the battalion have points in the GHB if you can't even use it? Even though it's all a bit of a mess, for now I'm going to assume the above is correct. Hopefull GWHQ will get back to me with the official answer soon enough.
  14. Let's Chat: Free Peoples

    @MrCharisma @Blitzel Just spoke to the store manager at my local GW about this, he's an old empire player so a good source. Going off what he's said you are able to use the formation in matched play. But there are some restrictions. The battalions require state troops therefore you have to use the compendium warscrolls, which do in fact have points. Going back to my previous post about State Troops being Freeguild Guard, this is indeed the case and therefore the State Troops get assigned the 80pts per 10 the same as the Guard. This may just be his interpretation so waiting to hear back from GWHQ in regards to this as well. Attached the conversation for the record.
  15. Let's Chat: Free Peoples

    @MrCharisma ah I must have missed the latest FAQ then.. If you could find it that would be great. This is slightly annoying if I have to run the Freeguild Regiment instead. It's a lot more limiting at 2000 pts. I think for now I'll have to roll without any battalions if that's the case, mainly because I don't have any Outriders, Pistoleers or Demigryphs at the moment hah. I would rather have things running as is in the GHB without house-rules as I'm planning on attending some tournaments so everything would need to be straightened out.