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  1. Hey All, sorry I've not had more developed on this. Before Adepticon i was working on finishing up my Death army and since then I've been working on designing a Narrative event for the Mid-west USA.
  2. Expanding Expansions for the Expansion!I have 2 ideas for the next couple Renown or Ruin pages. One is about using maps (how to navigate space), the other is about politics (how groups react to each other in that space). I put up a poll on twitter thinking it would help me focus on one over the other...but it came out a dead tie. Thought i'd put the question to you lot and see if this community had any interests. Happy to explain more if you have questions. Or if you have other ideas for pushing RoR further, i'm all ears. You can respond here, which i'll be more likely to hear. And you can vote on the poll i posted to the Skirmish Facebook Page.
  3. Looking forward to taking a look at this. Love the idea of creating “questlines” great idea.
  4. Thanks for the feedback Amurayi! I'm glad you like the artwork. Before I respond in detail, I am planning on creating videos for all aspects of this document which may be easier to send to players to get them up to speed. Yes, this document is first and foremost for the RM. The RM has a lot of responsibility so I definitely wanted this document to speak to the them first and foremost. I tried to keep it pretty short and to the point, that said, I never asked my players to read any of this, I just introduced it little by little through our games. There is a cheat sheet with all of the current dice tables on Page 4. It shares all the ways to get renown, the mechanics for finding relics and what you can do with the relics. It also provides some Roleplay encouragement. Again, this is intended for the RM so they can instruct the players what they need to do and when. Take a look at this again and read from a player PoV...would printing out just this page for players help them out? The excel sheet I use looks identical to the Warband Journal on the last two pages. Just 4 columns. The only difference would be that the left two columns would each have a sum formula at the bottom. I did not think that would be helpful as a written instruction, but I am planning on sharing my google spreadsheet layout and use in an upcoming video.
  5. Thanks man. I'm glad you dig the layout and design and it was worth a bit more effort for 1.0 release. Renown level is the least fleshed out as my players are just getting their warbands close to 50 renown. This is referring to the overall amount of renown a hero has gained and at 50 renown they gain some additional benefits. Hexes - This has to do with the map add-on that i'm working on next. I use hexes but it could be other measurements of distance using a campaign map from one of the books. It'll affect how far their renown reaches from their basecamp. I don't have mechanics yet for how this affects them, but as a RM if they become more widely known it will influence how opposing factions (NPC factions) may respond either in deference or aggression. Relics - Heroes start off able to carry 2 Relics while followers can carry 1. At 50 Renown a hero can carry 3 Relics. Quests - I could see Quests being moved over to the Renown heading. I put them in Roleplay as they are up to the RM to come up with and spawn from NPCs and the like. But that could easily fit in the Renown Section. Warband Rating - a Player's warband rating is the renown value of the hero + followers + relics the player is fielding. They may have 40 Renown, but until they get to a place of respite they cannot recruit, so they're only fielding a warband with a rating of 35. NPC Warbands - for battleplans I try and bring an opposing force equal to the sum of my player's combined warband rating. There are so many variables in skirmish that I don't get too caught up on balance but take what's fun to play and narrative for my story. So yes the NPC warbands can be whatever the RM desires. Respite Warbands - When crafting the Grim Exchange, I wanted to set up some warbands to tell some of the story of that area. You can see by the warband rating how much strength the stormcast have there. This could be repeated for any section of a map, or any number of locations. Moving forward any actual battleplan or respite sheet will be suggestions for the RM, but as you'd expect, they're free to change as they need. I appreciate hte questions @Thundercake I hope i was able to answer them. It's certainly giving me some more ideas for the first FAQ
  6. I started creating this because my gaming group wanted to explore the Realm Master idea from the Hinterlands expansion from @bottle (Thank you dude!). The only reason I formalized it into a shareable ruleset, is because my gaming group doesn't want to play anything else but this (and a bit of shadespire). If it's good enough to get 5 busy dads to set aside a late late night every month for the last 8 months, then I hope it's good enough for you. Thank you to @Pjschard, @Red_Zeke, Aaron and Kenny for the many fun hours of rolling dice. This is from us to you! Renown Or Ruin RPG Campaign Expansion Download Four heroes take their first step towards their own legends, each shadowed by a small group of followers. Together they journey into the spired city to unlock the challenges and riches that have been entombed within. It's not gold they seek, but Relics and Artefacts of old, but even those are a means towards something greater. Even great battles will suffice in transforming them from just another fighter in armies of their homelands into great leaders whose names resonate throughout the Mortal Realms. The only path suitable to reach great Renown crosses over the pit to terrible Ruin. Renown or Ruin is run by a Realm Master (RM) who leads 1-4 players and their warbands through a setting using battleplans and roleplay, to weave stories of legend. Shape their world and challenge them to overcome Battleplan Objectives, find Relics and Artefacts, take on Quests, and make decisions faithful to the character of their Hero. Between excursions into the city of Shadespire, give them places of Respite where their followers drink, eat, share stories about the Heroes they follow, and their legend grows. When a Hero grows in Renown, more people seek to follow them. But fail in the objectives and quests you've set before them, and their followers lose faith and find someone else to believe in. Features: Warbands increase and decrease in Renown which allows the Hero to gain and lose followers. Explore a city full of ruins through simple skirmish battleplans that are instantly more fun with 3-5 people around the table. A Simple Relic hunting mechanic that gives warbands a choice to aid their party or seek treasure for themselves. Heroes and followers can wield relics and artefacts to give them buffs and abilities. Use a Warband Journal to track your player's journey of Renown 6 steps to getting your first game started without any fear! Dusk Plains Skirmish Battleplan for your first night. Master Relic Hunter Skirmish Battleplan for interesting plot hooks. Grim Exchange Respite sheet to serve as your party's first base camp. 8 Sessions, 24 hours of playtesting by 5 devoted gamers with half decent intelligence. There are so many interesting and cool expansions available for playing Skirmish in more rich and interesting ways. Renown and Ruin brings something a little bit different that I hope is worth you trying out with your gaming group. We've had a good amount of time to play and think about improving this. We need your help to make it better!
  7. I appreciate that stance. How do you keep it simple and streamlined while feeling like the hero (at least) has a unique growth path.
  8. Great feedback man. I'm hoping that there can be a module/layer at some point that allows for granular progression. In Renown and Ruin, the warband is equivalent to a D&D character. So as the warband grows and gains new followers, its like the hero is gaining those skills. I'd be interested in hearing more about your idea of what you mean by 'weak' hero having a warband that's 'too much' for them. Are you thinking narratively? For instance one of our heroes is a warchanter and another is a aether navigator. I think it's suitable for them to lead an warband of as many as 10 or 20 followers as on the AoS battlefield they could be leading 3-4x that many soldiers. Also, in a narrative game, that navigator or warchanter accomplishes things that become real parts of their story. They're no longer a generic underling of a greater hero. Perhap, per the first part of your statement, you are interested in a stat change that helps signify that. In Renown or Ruin ATM, those deeds are what justify the larger warband and wielding more powerful relics. Love that these discussions are already starting.
  9. Same, Renown or Ruin uses base Skirmish but simply adds a layer for increasing and decreasing renown, battleplans that pit 1-4 warbands vs a Realm Master's warband, and ways to encourage Roleplay and narrative development. Still lots to fill in and build to make it more intuitive to run for a not-so-experienced GM/RM. I'd be grateful for any feedback when it comes out. Thanks @Thundercake
  10. Hey Man! I'm working on a thing off of Sam James' Realm Master Hinterlands stuff as well - releasing here on Friday. I love the idea of adding undead things to your army, maybe regardless of your alliance...Looking forward to seeing more stuff.
  11. Thanks Sam! Hey All, I'm finally ready to share the 1.0 of Renown or Ruin. I'll be appearing on Warhammer Weekly with Vince and Tom to share more about it. And I have some videos explaining the concept here. The PDF will be available on TGA on Friday and I hope to host some more discussions here on TGA as well. Really hope you all like it. Sam's Hinterlands were a huge inspiration for me and my crew. We're having our 8th session prior to the review and I can hardly get them to play anything else but this. Here's hoping that this resonates with all of you as well!
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  14. Episode 18 - Spear of Shadows Review In this episode we're cracking open Eight Lamentations: Spear of Shadows by Josh Reynolds. We'll be trying out a new book review format where we'll cover the broad plot, key figures and what the story could mean for the future of the Mortal Realms. If you're watching us on YouTube, please like the episode and subscribe to this channel. And if you're listening on your favorite Podcast app please leave us a review to help us share more stories with the AoS community. Status tokens: https://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/mortal-realms-status-tokens Eric Twitter: https://twitter.com/StoneMonkGamer Davy Twitter: https://twitter.com/Red_Zeke Paul Twitter: https://twitter.com/Pjschard Aaron Twitter: https://twitter.com/ABohler View the full article