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  1. Minisode 3 - Kidshammer and Stephen Duall A very special stand-alone Hero Phase interview. Get some real, long term growth in your gaming community! Won't someboy please think of the children! We'd love to hear from you! Drop us a line at Follow us on Twitter - Eric @stonemonkgamer, Davy @red_zeke, Paul @pjschard and Aaron @abohler. Support the Show Leave us an iTunes Review - so more people find us Status Tokens - Free DIY Download or $15 for 60 full-color tokens View the full article
  2. Episode 16 - Plague Garden: Josh Reynolds takes the Hallowed Knights to the Nurgle's Realm. Our second multi-cast format. You can watch our ugly mugs on our youtube channel. Apologies for the choppy start, we're still learning the new format! Community Phase: Path to Glory! GHB2017! AoS NEON page! Campaign Phase: Coalescence and our local narrative skirmish campaign. Story Phase: Plague Garden by Josh Reynolds... Good or Super Good? Signoff. We'd love to hear from you! Drop us a line at Follow us on Twitter - Eric @stonemonkgamer, Davy @red_zeke, Paul @pjschard and Aaron @abohler. Support the Show Leave us an iTunes Review - so more people find us Status Tokens - Free DIY Download or $15 for 60 full-color tokens View the full article
  3. Episode 15 - Coalescence: From the Global Narrative event down to the local And now for something... different. The first episode of the new multi-cast format (ask Eric). You can find us on youtube and eventually- livecast. Let us know what you think! Community Phase: Coalescence- a global narrative event! Story Phase: The tale behind Coalescence Hero Phase: Paul Wagner hosts the local Coalescence event Campaign Phase: What are we bringing? Signoff. We'd love to hear from you! Drop us a line at Follow us on Twitter - Eric @stonemonkgamer, Davy @red_zeke, Paul @pjschard and Aaron @abohler. Support the Show Leave us an iTunes Review - so more people find us Status Tokens - Free DIY Download or $15 for 60 full-color tokens View the full article
  4. If you signed-up to be a NEO prior to this morning you should have received a first peek at the Event Pack...we will release it publicly soon!
  5. until

    I've provided a link to the blog that will help you with preparation and lead up to the event. The Event packet will be dropping shortly!
  6. I will either be at NEON Secret HQ watching it unfold from my magical bunker...or playing Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. until

    So excited for all the interest here and on the other threads. We are officially opening up registration! If you're even just curious about being a NEO and running your own Coalescence event locally, please go sign up and get connected. We will be hosting a blog and numerous discussions in the coming weeks! Can't wait to start "talking shop" with you all.
  8. Hey NEOs! We're getting things moving and first order of business is to ask you all to register with your interest to run a Coalescence event in your area. Over the next few weeks, we will be hosting a blog and discussions around the various topics to help you get ready for this amazing inaugural event.
  9. Episode 14 - City of Secrets: Tzeentch and the Struggle for Sigmar's newest cities In this episode we take a look at the newest Age of Sigmar novel: City of Secrets by Nick Horth. We also pick through the story elements of the Disciples of Tzeentch Battletome and what both mean for the ongoing narrative in the Age of Sigmar. Also please welcome a new guest host- Aaron! Community Phase: Coalescence- a global narrative event! Story Phase: City of Secrets and Battletom Disciples of Tzeentch Hero Phase: Continuing your Monthly Game Night Hobby Phase: Terrain considerations Campaign Phase: Narrative list building with Disciples of Tzeentch Signoff. We'd love to hear from you! Drop us a line at Follow us on Twitter - Eric @stonemonkgamer, Davy @red_zeke, and Aaron @abohler. Support the Show Leave us an iTunes Review - so more people find us Status Tokens - Free DIY Download or $15 for 60 full-color tokens View the full article
  10. What's great about the auxilary chamber (and the named chambers) coming in over 2000, is that you have treasures to unlock for even bigger games of AoS. At 1000/2000 I think the Angelos Conclave is my favorite. And I'm eager to play the Palladors with so much movement potential. I wonder if spears may be better for harrasing as you'll get more shots in the shooting phase and trying to stay out of combat as much as possible. Those beaks and claws do want to tear at the enemy though...
  11. My Stormcast have cleared the Gigadroth Skeleton. Gonna secure the coast and then scout south for other threats.
  12. yeah, vampires lords are great heroes and 1 or 2 would be great. while the bloodknights are only 5 as objective grabbers, if they can eliminate other units while maintaining 4 or 5 in theirs, they're golden.
  13. So the named stormhosts are all above 2500 points to max out and get the full rules - which is a really cool thing to strive for and makes mega games worth trying out beyond just cool big battles. Question I have, if not answered - the named chambers have 1 required battalion, a handful of unrequired battalions, and then 'any number of additional STORMCAST ETERNALS units' does this allow me to take the required battalion, skip the unrequired ones, and add other battalions that are not listed? Or can I only add units that don't belong to any battalions?
  14. Looked for a thread for this and didn't find one. Please point me to it if my eyesight is bad. Figured we could start talking about the units and lists and role in the game here. Vanguard Palladors - So I'm geeking over the new Gryph-chargers of the Pallador unit, the paint jobs on the GW site are out of this world. They've also got some really cool rules to boot. The Wind Aetheric move creates some alternative movement than lightning strike type, while still being able to set these babies on the board in deployment which I like. The gryph-charger profile is similar to dracoth, but with better rend. And they mortal wound on a 6. No breath weapon but the movement is boss. So it seems like you could equip them with spears for an elusive shooty unit as you get to throw spears and shoot bolstorm crossbow. Or give them axes if you want them in combat. So the best answer is both. Vanguard Hunters - I like that setting them up in pursuit means they have flexible movement, are restricted when they come in, but won't be left behind by Palladors. But not having them on the board for setup means Palladors are gonna get shot at. So getting them on the board to run and shoot first turn and be chaff may not be bad. I'm into the Axe aesthetic, and it's easier to buff 'to hit' to make that 3+ 3+ - no rend on these guys means you're looking for the weight of numbers. Vanguard Raptors / Longstrike - I don't usually field a lot of ranged stuff, but these guys are cool with their monopods. 30" range if they don't move, great rend, and a chance to mortal wound. And some anti-charge rule that makes them interesting. Not a lot of shots so may need a big unit and focus on monsters and heroes? Vanguard Raptors / Hurricane - 18" range but if they don't move, 9 shots each, so a unit of 6 is 54 shots. That -2 charge modifier is crazy new and tasty as well. Aetherwing - Beautiful models. So the Watchful Guardians seem to make them a versatile backfield chaff unit. Alternatively, since they can retreat and charge, they could be a harassment unit. I've not played anything with that mechanic so maybe you have better ideas of how to use these offensively? Gryphounds - rules all stayed the same for these. As singles they are great defensive partners for the raptors and anything setting up nearby. But their ability to charge in, attack, and then run off is cool - but if you rull a 4 or lower you're still in combat pile in range. So you gotta hit 5+ to stump the enemy unit, or use it to pull the unit in a new direction? Will be hard to pin these dogs down. Knight Aquilor - Truly an amazing model. He has the Astral compass rule like the hunters. He has the Winds Aetheric and Aethereal strike like the Palladors. And his command ability lets him take any Vanguard unit (not gryphounds) off the table and into pursuit for mid-late game movement. I don't know another hero that works so specifically and broadly with this many units. Obviously a +1 to hit or save buff works with ANY stormcast, but again, this is so specific. So keen to field this guy. I'm most interested in running Palladors as the stars of this release. The Vanguard Angelos battalion is what I'm most interested in. Palladors and Hunters. Palladors go from 6d6 to 9d6 Wind Aetheric move - I love the potential of a 9" or 54" move - so swingy for such a powerful ability - as it should be. Hunters get the ability to shoot when they come in from pursuit in the movement phase, and then shoot again in the shooting phase. I think some flanks will get cleared quick. You can field this at 1000 points, but you only get one unit of 3 Pallador, and have to take 3 battleline - so not sure it's worth it. The Vanguard Justicar battalion looks cool if you like the shooty stuff. The Vanguard Auxillary chamber is impossible to field under 2000pts, maybe at 2500 but not sure if there's enough Palladors in there to be cool What units have you jazzed and why?
  15. Calling all NEOs (Narrative Event Organizers) or those who want to become a NEO! We want to try something that, to our knowledge, has never been done before. On June 10, 2017, NEOs from around the globe will be hosting their own local one-day events where local players will gather at local venues to play games of Age of Sigmar that will affect a global narrative. The Event Pack will be created through a collaboration of NEOs you may know (RAW, RealmHoppers, Holy Wars & Holy Havoc, NOVA, Mengel Miniatures, Mortal Realms Podcast, Rolling Bad Podcast, & Tales of Sigmar Podcast). Inside the pack will be the following: Insanely creative and simple narrative that will give players a feeling of impact on the global narrative Simple Battleplans, Times of War, and Pairing tables that will fit the narrative and be easy to organize NEO Support information on how to organize an event, make arrangements with a venue, and run the event the day of. If you think you might want to become a NEO for this global narrative 1day event, please raise your hand below to start the conversation. More will be revealed soon! Join the NEO movement!