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  1. Lanoss

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    I’m a bit gutted now this edition with 6 bow hunters that just won’t be used... i also wish now I had built my Drycha with no bugs on her to use her as either
  2. Lanoss

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    @Darkundo I’m going through the same debate as you Im tossing between the same lists as you but can’t seem to decide Plus also throwing a Dreadwood list into the mix makes the decision even more difficult Let us know which list you pick and how it goes
  3. Lanoss

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    Why am I seeing a bunch of Min Chainrasp lists here of late? A blob of 20 or 40 rasps is a must IMO - except for maybe Cav lists Cheap Hordes FTW
  4. Lanoss

    Nighthaunt Army List

    Id Probably prefer 2x Gurdian Of Souls to follow the hordes instead of the second Black Coach... IMO
  5. Lanoss

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    So depends on what use you’ll have for it yeah? scythe for using it against hordes soulreach for armour pen
  6. Lanoss

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    Equipping The Black Coach -Cairn Wraith’s Reaper Scythe? or -Cairn Wraith’s Soulreach Grasp? Which does everyone prefer?
  7. Lanoss

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    So I had a 2k game against Daughters of Khaine (Morathi, 3 hags, 3 medusai, 2x10 witches, big blob of 30 snake ladies, 10 doomfires) I intented to run Bloodtoofs but instead opted for Ironsunz because I took the bskewer and goldentoof and he was going to come at me anyway so the extra bonus to charging wouldn’t really have come in effect we played “Three Places of Power” where only wizards and heroes with artefacts could score My list had MBMK, MB, 2xWC, 15xbrutes, 9xgruntas Gave him turn 1 Morathi blew my megaboss and warchanter off the board with magic - only giving me 1 guy left to score with Not much happened beyond that... ...till my turn 3 - going 2nd Everything converging in the middle of the board And my Megaboss on MK gave the biggest WAAAGH ever! 4 times the size of any WAAAAGH before (Because I used 4 CP on it) Giving every unit within 15” an extra 4 attacks each! So his big blob of snake girls and witches got nicely wiped off the board Next turn he transformed morathi and flung her into the centre (scoring a VP) and then blew apart my MK with ease. Having no units that could score and he already at 1VP I conceded FUN AS GAME THOUGH!
  8. Lanoss

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    Ruling please waaagh! Ability can it be used multiple times by one megaboss in the phase? ie. 4 command points to pull 4 big WAAAAGHS! Verdict?
  9. Lanoss

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    I’d trade a TLA for drycha or a TLA and branch for Durthu
  10. Lanoss

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    I’m regretting putting so much effort into my Ard boyz after first hearing they were getting a points reduction and now their abilities getting faq’d 😞
  11. Lanoss

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    I don’t see my Syl army behaving too differently this edition - command points I feel won’t impact them too much and I don’t feel they’ll rely too much on endless spells. Itll be all about their synergy and cheaper units... and Alarielle summoning a big ol Unit the game needs Just my thoughts
  12. Lanoss


    He counts
  13. Great podcasts guys! Very entertaining! How often can we expect shows?
  14. Lanoss

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    For me my Bloodtoofs are MK (artefacts, traits tbc) Megaboss (artefacts tbc) Fungoid Warchanter (artefacts tbc) Warchanter Brutes x5 Brutes x5 Brutes x5 GG 3 GG 3 Cogs I really love my brutes so would rather take more. Warchanters and Megaboss run with brutes fungoid casts cogs in our backline to avoid future dispelling Gruntas and MK go hunting Anyway that’s my take on my 2.0 bloodtoofs
  15. Lanoss

    Ironjawz AOS2 2018 Help Me Be Positive

    Oh god I couldn’t imagine sitting through building and painting all those ArdBoyz! 30 was enough for me But I find that to be a fun list! And certainly think the Cogs spells is a must with aggressive IJ lists (is there any other kind? Lol) i love my Brutes so mine will be brutes on brutes on brutes with cogs