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  1. I really like this idea! What we need is an Endless Deserts-esque fan-created corner of the Mortal Realms for 'The Grand Alliance' to call its own. Here are a few spitball ideas that are "TGA" themed: 1 - The Gleaming Archipelago: A sizeable chain of islands in Chamon surrounded by a sea of liquid metal. Tzeentch wants to conquer them as part of the ongoing conquest of Chamon, but the forces of Order have discovered vast deposits of enchanted ores that could be useful in the reforging process among other things. 2 - Tagrellancia: A large region within Hysh where wizards of all magical disciplines have weathered the Age of Chaos in their floating spires. Unfortunately, the various Grand Alliances have rediscovered them and come to harness their secrets. 3 - Ghur's Artery: This "watershed" area in the Realm of Beasts is formed by a massive river of blood that is naturally popular among the Orruks, Daughters of Khaine, and Khorne worshippers. However, Nagash has dispatched some of has launched warhosts in an effort to capture it as a necromantic locus. Also, I'm happy to help with document formatting and whatnot (I make nice looking battleplans and fluff pages and such for my FLGS' events).
  2. I really like the tga forums, but basically as soon as the General's Handbook dropped, all of the Grand Alliance boards became nothing but army lists. I don't even really look at them anymore because I don't do matched play.
  3. I'm guessing that when GHB2 comes out next summer, it will not have the compendium stuff in it. We have points totals to work with for them, we have warscrolls, and I doubt that GW wants to spend a lot of time supporting models they don't sell anymore. I love that people can keep playing with their old units, but i don't imagine that will continue to be supported in matched play for much longer.
  4. Awesome work! I'd really love to see a close-up of the bigger guys (Crypt Horrors?). What models are they made from?
  5. I would like to see: - A thematic Time of War rule to go with the Verdigris Plains (or similar) narrative mini-campaign. - More units labeled as Battleline or faction specific Battleline. - Rules for Skirmish play (similar to Warhammer World's Regiments of Renown).
  6. I made a third courtier. I went with a second Haunter Courtier on the off chance that I might ever want to field both the Abattoir and the Attendants at Court in the same army. Only one battalion that requires an Infernal Courtier (the Deadwatch). I don't think there's much to do with it besides a third courtier though, aside from crazy conversions.
  7. Efengie Campaign Book 1

    I have officially completed the first Efengie Campaign Book! This is the culmination of about six months of running themed Age of Sigmar events at my FLGS. It came about because I was creating battleplans for the monthly Age of Sigmar Game Day (like a tournament, but more casual) at my FLGS. In order to establish a narrative and give the events fun story-oriented stakes, I decided I would write a fluff piece after each event to describe what happened, and slowly flesh out the ongoing story of our not-quite-campaign. Efengie was the old tongue-in-cheek setting for my local store's Warhammer Fantasy campaigns, which we ran on a regular basis for roughly 10 years before Age of Sigmar was released. The store owner drew the original map (I drew this one myself) based on the layout of the store, which resulted in us having locations like Fort Snack, and Mount Cola. The Port City of Bludor was literally a blue door that was adjacent to a particularly flood prone area of the back storage area. Some, like the Trade City of Register or the cities of North Couch and South Couch didn't make the cut because they were a little too silly. I have given that setting a makeover to find it a home in Ghyran. This book includes five battleplans built on the framework of Warhammer World's Clash of Empires. It includes two new Time of War rules representing the Vale of Efengie as well as the Gates of Eucebium, a ring of ancient Realmgates erected by the Wanderers. It has plenty of fluff and photography from the events to round it out, and also includes a Map Campaign for use with the General's Handbook map campaign rules. Enjoy!
  8. Efengie Campaign Book 1

    Version 1.0.0


    The first book of the Efengie Campaign series contains 5 Battleplans based on Warhammer World's Clash of Empires framework. It also includes 2 Time of War rules for battling in the Vale of Efengie and at the Gates of Eucebium. But that's not all, each battleplan includes a fluff piece storying the event at which it was originally run, and there's even a map campaign for use with the General's Handbook map campaign rules!
  9. Thanks, she and her black knights haven't seen much battle lately as she's been waiting for a re-basing (and somewhat of a paint touch-up to be honest). I always intended to make a full undead Bretonnian army with a Mousillon theme, but the time for that may now have passed
  10. They call Lady Sabine “The Black Widow of Betone” because she has lost so many husbands to the sands; but in Shyish, everyone knows death. Eobard’s mother told him that the desert kings have a saying; “Show me one more reliable than death, and I will lie at their doorstep”. Something might have been lost in translation, but she said that it meant if you can find someone to trust, hold onto them forever. And so when Duke Eobard met Lady Sabine, they were wed not long after. Now Eobard waited in the desert for his new wife’s trader friends to arrive. She had been sparse with the details, but demanded that he take a full ten-strong lance of his house knights with him to “be safe. The deathrattles have been bold of late.” She was quite a worrier his Sabine. With his Lady’s blessing, surely no harm would befall them. But who would deny a widow her worries? His knights chatted quietly behind him. They watched the traders’ faded black banner move closer across the blowing sands. He counted about twenty riders on horseback. Their fluttering black banner and robes made an elegant silhouette against the blood red of the setting sun. As they approached the ruins where he had made his camp, he hailed them with an exaggerated wave, but they made no form of reply. Maybe the strange foreigners didn’t hold to the same traditions as those of Betone. Though still, it was odd that they should pay no heed. “Paulo, Florence, please go welcome our guests,” he commanded with a smile. The two mounted their thoroughbred warhorses and rode off to greet the trading party. Eobard felt a soft hand on his face. He turned, startled. His mind raced searching for an explanation. How was this possible? His beloved stood behind him. She should have been miles away, safe in their manor, yet here she was. And her hand; her hand was chill on his cheek where it should have been warm. Unable to speak, he searched her face for a sign, an explanation, but she offered none. The soft caress of her hand turned into a firm grip, unbefitting for a Lady. She turned his head back to the desert; back to the black riders. He watched in a trance. His knights Paulo and Florence reached the black riders, but the riders showed no signs of slowing. Paulo and Florence looked at one another and drew their swords. They turned nervously to flank the riders and guide them into camp. Paulo tapped his shield with his sword to signal distress. These riders were not who they appeared to be. As they neared, Eobard inspected their livery, searching for any sign of their origin. They wore black tabards and dirty clothes torn from age. As the cloth moved with the breeze, he could see flashes of what appeared to be bone beneath the tears. “What is this?” Eobard asked, trembling. He felt a sinking despair. He tried to shift, to move, but her unnatural grip on him was overpowering. “I need more knights for my honor guard,” she whispered into his ear. “You were a promising lover, but will make a better lieutenant.” She pushed her fingernails up against his hauberk. There was a grating sound as they pushed through the finest mail money could buy. He felt her cold fingers puncture his flesh and crack through his ribcage. His eight remaining knights, alerted by Paulo’s signal, scrambled into their saddles. Disordered and unprepared for an attack, they lowered their lances and made their charge. While the knights screamed curses and battle cries as they charged, the score of black riders made no sound. Wood splintered against bone and flesh. Eobard watched as Sir Florence fell upon the riders from the flank with her sword. She smashed apart a skeleton rider’s arm bones and splintered its skull, but the rider continued undeterred. Her comrades fell around her. Eobard stared on unable to act. Lady Sabine’s grip on her husband became a push, leverage to rip his heart, still beating, from his chest. She sank her pearly fangs into it and drank deep. Then, raising it above her head, she began to chant in an ancient tongue. Her words conjured swirling mists of dark magic to the battlefield, decaying everything they touched, until everything was still and silent. The flesh sloughed away from Eobard’s bones. His knights lay dead on the ground. “Arise, my minions.” The clean, white skeleton that was once Sir Florence climbed onto her undead steed. Duke Eobard stood and turned his dead gaze to his new master. None spoke, but they obeyed.
  11. When I first started playing, I made rules for playing with block units (along with some other old WHFB mechanics) because I wasn't ready for skirmishing yet. Nowadays I only really use the miscast table, but I've put it up here ( ) for other interested parties. If you're looking for something more involved, there was also a variant rule-set called Primo Victoria floating around in the early days of AoS.
  12. Awesome, thanks. That's what it looked like, but I just wanted to make sure.
  13. I'm not sure I understand how Despoil & Ruin is supposed to work. Does it accumulate over the course of the game? Or does it reset ever, or just keep increasing? Thanks for making this I think it looks like a lot of fun, I just want to make sure I'm using it right.
  14. I'm working on re-basing my old Vampire Counts stuff on rounds so that I'm not tempted to buy new Flesh-Eaters models. While I'm at it, I'm adding some new highlights since my painting skills have improved since painting my Grave Guard several years ago. I've been bringing up the metal, and I'm going to highlight the shadow grey on the robes and shields next.