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  1. I bought myself Gorechosen for Taxsmas (a traditional American gift giving holiday that occurs around February or April or whenever you get your tax returns), and decided that I would try out LAVA BASES!!! I wouldn't post this tutorial unless I thought I'd come up with something I hadn't seen elsewhere. After doing my research, I found a bunch of advice for doing lava, but nobody doing the super easy thing I had been envisioning, so I tried it, it worked, and I figured I'd share it with the world. Step 1: Put your model on the base, trace out where you want your lava floes to go. I'm leaving flat spots on the base for this guy's feet, but you can do whatever you want for that (I think it depends heavily on the model). Here are my traced out lava floes and spots for feet. Nothing too wild and crazy or inspired, just some rivers of molten rock. Step 2: Glue down sand everywhere you didn't outline. Basically, we're putting sand anywhere we don't want LAVA! (or feet, feet are good too). I just took this picture so you'd know what you're even looking at. Which in this case is a headless Slaughterpriest. Step 3: Paint the lava. I started with Wild Rider Red (which is really a nice red-orange). This is the first step where I'm doing something kind of original, it is very important that we paint a wide margin of the sand with the Wild Rider Red, because this is going to get us a cool glowing lava effect later. Step 4: Fairly straightforward progression, we're going to paint the center of the lava flow with a brighter orange. I'm still using a pot of Fiery Orange that's probably 10 years old, but I think the newer GW color that compares to it is probably Troll Slayer or Fire Dragon Orange). Step 4.5: Continue to highlight the center of the lava, I used Yriel Yellow. Step 5: Paint the sand black. I've separated this into two steps. First, paint everything that isn't orange with Abbadon Black. Step 5.5: Then, drybrush Abbadon Black over the rest of the sand. Step 6: Drybrush the black parts of the sand with Dawnstone (dark grey) to make it look kind of ashen. And you're done! Here's another finished one below. The WIP Slaughterpriest standing on it (the flash on my camera is really bringing out the Wild Rider Red on this one, it isn't nearly this harsh in real life) This is the only one I've finished so far, so this is what the finished product looks like (this pic looks more like real life, probably because it's just well lit and has no flash). Last but not least, here are some related ideas I tried out when experimenting, first one with cork basing on the White Dwarf Slaughterpriest. And then the Damsel of Distress, who I wanted to match aesthetically, but had already been fully based. I just painted the lava colors in a few spots here and there, and then drybrushed the sand black to taste.
  2. My brother and I have been battling lately using a battleplan I'm working on for pick-up narrative play. So far we've come up with a fun story running through it about one of his Brayherd Heroes undergoing the transformation into The Everbray, the favored champion of the Great Horned Skull. Soon, Gnarloc the Flenser will ascend to Daemonhood and go from being an ancient pewter Wargor to a Reaper "Minotaur Demon Lord" (also presumably from a Wargor to a Daemon Prince).
  3. If I were running a competitive tournament, I would require players to choose their warscrolls from one book. So they could either play from a single compendium pdf, a Grand Alliance book, or a battletome. I think this would control use of older warscrolls pretty effectively (and some of the newer ones too for that matter). It would resolve concerns like Death players ability to summon Ghouls, Chaos fielding Hellcannons, and so forth while also allowing people to play Tomb Kings or Brettonians if they so desire it.
  4. I've got a Start Collecting box for the Nurgle Daemons and have found them to be a bit boring. The slowness is definitely a hurdle since they are pretty strictly melee. That said, they are pretty tough. The "Disgustingly Resilient" 5+ save is quite nice. I think that to make good use of Nurgle Daemons, you would probably want to supplement them with something hard hitting.
  5. I got to play a battle with this battleplan today. It was fun despite us rolling up a fairly dull objective. I will definitely have to rework "monument" into something slightly more interesting. That said, we had a good time. I took some pictures and wrote up a kind of battlereport thing.
  6. I played a battle tonight using my Narrative Battleplan "Stuff of Legends". We rolled up about the most boring thing we could have, so I'll have to do a little work to make sure that things aren't boring, but even so it was a pretty fun battle. On the Victory Conditions table, we rolled up "Monument" for the Objective, which is what made it a bit dull. I had Flesh-eater Courts and got "Command" for my motivation while my brother brought Beastmen and appropriately got "Ruin". We brough artefacts and since I picked the Cursed Book, I decided that my heroes had read the book and were trying to use the Dark Magic TM of Dreadstone Blight to reanimate Uncle Ivan's deceased wife, the Ghoul Queen. We also picked the Ashlands Time of War from Godbeasts. Fortunately, my local game store has a nice selection of battlemats, so we were fighting over LAVA! I was glad we chose a large central objective because it helped break up the big battle in the middle that would have otherwise ensued. We ended up having a Bullgor fight on one side of the Dreadstone Blight, and a Bestigor fight on the other side. Uncle Ivan is on the Terrorgeist, commanding the Dreadstone Blight. Rurkar Festigor (Beastlord) is on the other side smashing the building to pieces. The Bestigors were determined to bring the tower down. Sadly, in the end, the Brayherds were completely tabled. We ended with 5 Victory Dice for the Flesh-eater Courts and 4 for the Brayherds. After rolling, Uncle Ivan managed to resurrect his dead wife, for whom I will now have to find a suitable model. The Bestigors after they met Crypt Horrors (also got Death Shrieked by a Terrorgeist). I look forward to trying out the battleplan again. The most cinematic moment the battleplan created was on the first turn when I offered my brother a Victory Dice to sacrifice Skreet the Warlock Engineer to the Pyroclasm (it's an Ashstorm thing). The reason Skreet is not pictured is because it killed him poor little rat. However, I think that the low number of available Victory Dice applied downward pressure on our level of interest in awarding them to eachother.
  7. I've noticed that a frequent topic of discussion is how difficult it is to get a narrative pick-up game because of the amount of planning and being on the same page required. I'm working on a battleplan to aim to rectify that by using story-gaming principles to make a low-prep story oriented battleplan with a lot of replayability. It's not 100% finished yet, but the basic idea is that there are a bunch of options for 'objectives' that are thematic objects to fight over, and 'motivations' that are the things your army wants to do to those objects. So for example, if you have an objective that is the buildings in a village, an orruk army might want to burn them to the ground, while their opponent is trying to scout the village for supplies. It's an easy way to have evocative, mismatched victory conditions that help tell a story. The other important thing I'm focusing on with it is shifting the focus from tactical victory to storytelling. First off, instead of having Victory Points, players have Victory Dice, so you can't really know if you're winning/losing until it's over. Players also have a pool of Victory Dice that they can use to reward their opponent for cinematic gameplay, or to create their own objectives on the fly. I haven't gotten to playtest it yet, but I'm planning on trying it out this weekend. I'll come back and let you know how it goes. If anybody else decides to try it out, I'd love to hear any feedback!
  8. I like it.
  9. I really like this idea! What we need is an Endless Deserts-esque fan-created corner of the Mortal Realms for 'The Grand Alliance' to call its own. Here are a few spitball ideas that are "TGA" themed: 1 - The Gleaming Archipelago: A sizeable chain of islands in Chamon surrounded by a sea of liquid metal. Tzeentch wants to conquer them as part of the ongoing conquest of Chamon, but the forces of Order have discovered vast deposits of enchanted ores that could be useful in the reforging process among other things. 2 - Tagrellancia: A large region within Hysh where wizards of all magical disciplines have weathered the Age of Chaos in their floating spires. Unfortunately, the various Grand Alliances have rediscovered them and come to harness their secrets. 3 - Ghur's Artery: This "watershed" area in the Realm of Beasts is formed by a massive river of blood that is naturally popular among the Orruks, Daughters of Khaine, and Khorne worshippers. However, Nagash has dispatched some of has launched warhosts in an effort to capture it as a necromantic locus. Also, I'm happy to help with document formatting and whatnot (I make nice looking battleplans and fluff pages and such for my FLGS' events).
  10. I really like the tga forums, but basically as soon as the General's Handbook dropped, all of the Grand Alliance boards became nothing but army lists. I don't even really look at them anymore because I don't do matched play.
  11. I'm guessing that when GHB2 comes out next summer, it will not have the compendium stuff in it. We have points totals to work with for them, we have warscrolls, and I doubt that GW wants to spend a lot of time supporting models they don't sell anymore. I love that people can keep playing with their old units, but i don't imagine that will continue to be supported in matched play for much longer.
  12. Awesome work! I'd really love to see a close-up of the bigger guys (Crypt Horrors?). What models are they made from?
  13. I would like to see: - A thematic Time of War rule to go with the Verdigris Plains (or similar) narrative mini-campaign. - More units labeled as Battleline or faction specific Battleline. - Rules for Skirmish play (similar to Warhammer World's Regiments of Renown).
  14. I made a third courtier. I went with a second Haunter Courtier on the off chance that I might ever want to field both the Abattoir and the Attendants at Court in the same army. Only one battalion that requires an Infernal Courtier (the Deadwatch). I don't think there's much to do with it besides a third courtier though, aside from crazy conversions.
  15. I have officially completed the first Efengie Campaign Book! This is the culmination of about six months of running themed Age of Sigmar events at my FLGS. It came about because I was creating battleplans for the monthly Age of Sigmar Game Day (like a tournament, but more casual) at my FLGS. In order to establish a narrative and give the events fun story-oriented stakes, I decided I would write a fluff piece after each event to describe what happened, and slowly flesh out the ongoing story of our not-quite-campaign. Efengie was the old tongue-in-cheek setting for my local store's Warhammer Fantasy campaigns, which we ran on a regular basis for roughly 10 years before Age of Sigmar was released. The store owner drew the original map (I drew this one myself) based on the layout of the store, which resulted in us having locations like Fort Snack, and Mount Cola. The Port City of Bludor was literally a blue door that was adjacent to a particularly flood prone area of the back storage area. Some, like the Trade City of Register or the cities of North Couch and South Couch didn't make the cut because they were a little too silly. I have given that setting a makeover to find it a home in Ghyran. This book includes five battleplans built on the framework of Warhammer World's Clash of Empires. It includes two new Time of War rules representing the Vale of Efengie as well as the Gates of Eucebium, a ring of ancient Realmgates erected by the Wanderers. It has plenty of fluff and photography from the events to round it out, and also includes a Map Campaign for use with the General's Handbook map campaign rules. Enjoy!