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  1. Efengie Book 3

    I've finished the third Efengie Campaign book. These books are put together from the battleplans I use for the Age of Sigmar Game Days that I run more-or-less monthly at my FLGS. In this one (as with the other two below) we've got five battleplans, a campaign system, and some fun little stories about what went down. In the aftermath of the Coalescence War of the Ring, Sigmar's followers have been convinced of Efengie's strategic value. Follow the story of Sigmar's invasion, interlopers from the grim darkness beyond the Eye of Terror, and an epic power struggle with Colossal Red, the Queen of the Monsters. In this book, I made some changes to the Clash of Empires battleplan framework. The biggest change for anyone playing through the campaign book is that each battleplan now has two different battlefields with different secondary objectives. This fits in really nicely with the campaign system since now the winner of each battle gets to choose the battlefield for the next one. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the book! Also, here are links to the first two books if you want to get the whole story so far.
  2. Efengie Campaign Book 3

    Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    In the aftermath of the Coalescence War of the Ring, Sigmar's followers have been convinced of Efengie's strategic value. Follow the story of Sigmar's invasion, interlopers from the grim darkness beyond the Eye of Terror, and an epic power struggle with Colossal Red, the Queen of the Monsters. Play through the action in a five battleplan two player narrative campaign. Book 1 Book 2
  3. AoS28 Finished Warbands

    Here are the Shepherds of Rot. The five Chaos Warriors are converted from Ork and various other bitz. Tallpox (guess which one he is) counts as a Plague Ogor, and the rats are really just decorative. If you'd like to see more pictures and/or read the characters' backstories, I've posted a bunch about them at my blog: http://hivefleetcharybdis.blogspot.com/2018/01/the-shepherds-of-rot.html
  4. My old Dogs of War Duelists say yes (sorry for the crummy picture, it was rushed as I'm on my way to work).
  5. Tell us your Christmas Projects!

    Got a box of Spite Revenants for Christmas, and I have a bunch of Ghouls waiting to be constructed, so I'm finally going to begin project Corpse Orchard in earnest (Ghoulish Sylvaneth allies for my Flesh-Eater Courts).
  6. Big Trouble in Little Azyrheim

    Version 1.0.0


    Overlord Grimni "The Grim" Goldbeard is dead, leaving a seat open on the Reaper King's council. Warbands amass in Reaper to attempt to claim it, and the streets will run red with blood. This book is a 5-battleplan skirmish campaign.
  7. Maps of Age of Sigmar

    Many of the maps are by Marina Ortez. The wildly cinematic maps of AoS are actually cleaving pretty close to a principle in Story-based RPGS of "Draw maps, but leave blanks". They provide us with cool artistic maps, but leave some intriguing looking features unlabeled and/or unexplained, and have even left larger "blanks" by virtue of having nigh-infinite Realms in which we can draw our own entire maps if we wish it. In story-gaming, it's all about spurring the imagination without bridling it, and I'm guessing that's what they're going for.
  8. What drew you to collect your Army

    A long time ago, I played Dogs of War (the White Dwarf book from 6e). Anyhow, eventually I got sick of crushing defeat, and I liked zombies, and I had Richter Kreuger's Cursed Company, so I switched to Vampire Counts and haven't looked back since. Now I play Flesh-Eater Courts primarily, but have decent contingents of Deathrattle and Nighthaunt.
  9. The Bloat (right)

  10. The Bloat (front)

    His brothers in arms simply call him "The Bloat". He used to have a name, but nobody uses it now that he's dead, his belly swollen with rot and Nurglings. Some suspect that he's actually just a meatbag full of the vile little creatures and that when he 'dies' again, they'll come pouring out. Whatever it is that keeps him walking, it's rendered him formidable enough that nobody has yet been able to test that theory.
  11. The Bloat (left)

    I glued a Blight King belly to the front of a Black Ork and just green-stuffed until it worked. Also, I'm inordinately proud of his gross rolls flopping over his scabbard.
  12. The Shepherds of Rot

    From leftish to rightish we have Leish the Drover and his two grotesque hounds Flybait and Mange, the champion Illrik the Alchemist, and Squagg the Krabulent. The halberd guy doesn't have a name yet, and neither do the plaguebearer or the rats.
  13. Let's See Your Ghoul Kings on Terrorgeists!

    I used 1/8"x1/8" magnets and 1/8"x1/16" magnets. I used the bigger ones for the wings and such, and the smaller ones for the GKs foot.
  14. Let's See Your Ghoul Kings on Terrorgeists!

    I used magnets in the following locations to attach the wings: - I drilled holes in the shoulder muscles and stuck magnets in them before attaching them to the torso. - I drilled holes in the shoulder bones and stuck magnets in them. To get the holes straight, I dry fitted each muscle to its shoulder bone and then drilled one hole that went all the way through the muscle and into the shoulder bone. - The rock being held by the right foot is magnetized to the base. No drilling required for this joint as the rock is hollow. - I did not magnetize the left foot to the big rock that it's grasping. I just glued that rock into place after aligning it, the claw fits to it very neatly so that it doesn't shift too much when everything else is in place. As for the Ghoul King, I drilled a hole in the Terrorgheist's back where the GKs back foot would rest and sunk a magnet into it (it turned out a bit lumpy, but it's not very noticeable after painting). For the Ghoul King himself, I honestly ended up destroying and reconstructing his back foot. I was trying to just drill a hole in the foot, but the foot isn't really big enough to support much magnet. I ended up basically breaking the foot apart and rebuilding it around the magnet with green stuff. And then there is a magnet on the 32mm base for the back foot to attach to. The base is cork, so I just kind of made a hole at the correct angle and glued the magnet in there.